Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Withdrawals from the Party

The Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been hailed as the only publication that presents a comprehensive view of the CCP by historians and leaders of the democratic movement of China; it is also the only publication that sends tremors of fear throughout the CCP. It's so shocking that the CCP has never dared to openly mention the words " Nine Commentaries," for fear those words may rouse the curiosity of the mass population.

Four months after the publication of the Nine Commentaries, there were one million party members who declared their withdrawals from the party. Today you would not be surprised to see announcements of withdrawal in public places, such as public bulletin boards, telephone poles, market places, and even the walls outside a security bureau. The largest announcement bears more than 250 names.

What all this means is the awakening of the consciousness within and the acknowledgement of the despair toward the CCP.

The popularity of the Nine Commentaries shows that the thirst for democracy has reached a different level. In order for the Chinese people to be saved, they must first remove the "Party culture" that has permeated their body, mind, and soul. The declarations of breaking away from the party fully demonstrated their courage and determination.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is unbelievably encouraging and full of hope. I'm so glad to hear this news.

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