Friday, June 10, 2005

The Confession of a Defector

Mr. Hao Fengjun, the ex-610 Office member who has defected, has told reporters how he witnessed the actual torture and coercion of Galun Gong practitioners from inside.

When he refused to go along with lies and brutality, he was put in solitary confinement for an entire month. His work unit refused to tell his family members that he was locked up. Instead, they reported that he was out of town for job-related trips. He suffered tremendously both physially and emotionally while in jail.

He was very lucky, because the higher-ups were afraid that he spilled the beans about how Falun Gong practitioners were tortured in China. He was let out without further punishment.

In China, police or members of 610 Office are not allowed to travel abroad until five years after they resign from
their posts. It took him a lot of effort to get over that obstacle and secure a passport to travel as a tourist to Australia. He was fortunate enough to bring with him a few MP3 files which contained many documents to reveal all the evil deeds that truly happened in China.

He also explained how the CCP sends out spies to western countries to infiltrate different facets of the society.
In just Australia alone , there are thousands of spies. Special agents are classified into three catagories:
1. The secret agents--who have graduated from the police academy.
2. The special agents--who often pose as businessmen.
3. The working relations--businessmen and college students sent to collect information form overseas business. technology , etc.

His true life story is like a magic mirror on the wall, and pretty soon we'll see that those evildoers, with their well documented evil deeds, showing up in the world courts.


Blogger Mona said...

This news is very eerie. I hope the evidence is enough for people to demand changes.

12:30 AM  

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