Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My Experience on World Falun Dafa Day

This was my first time participating in World Falun Dafa Day. I had already requested the day off work since my mother (also a practitioner) was planning to be in town visiting me. We set up our posters at the park and began to send out our righteous thoughts. The moment we finished, my car alarm had been set off. I went to the parking lot to see two people drive off after hitting my car. I instantly called the police without even thinking about what my next step would be. Seven people all saw the incident, noticed that it looked as though a young woman was getting a driving lesson and when she hit my car, she panicked, got out of the car, and then switched places with the man who was with her and he drove away. These people gave me the story, the description of the people, a description of the car, and a license plate number.

As the police were on their way, I realized that the damage to my car was absolutely minimal, and if the people hadn't driven away, I wouldn't have even made the call. I began to wish that none of this was even in process.

Once the police officer came to the park, I was told that the license plate number wasn't valid. The man who gave it to me couldn't seem to remember any combination of letters and numbers that registered as an accurate license plate. I made the decision to refuse my right to file the report and the rest of the afternoon continued with truth clarification. This felt to be exactly the thing to do, even though others may have handled the situation differently.

Being a Falun Gong practitioner has shown me that my life works in certain ways, every single minute of the day. When I am truly cultivating, with my mind and body, everything harmonizes--my schedule, my plans, my purpose, my health, my thoughts, and my actions. Nothing is random or accidental.

I am still finding my role in the efforts to end the persecution in China. For all of us who are continuing to push ourselves to be active, we can still find ways, no matter how large or small to contribute our efforts. If certain actions are not comfortable, perhaps we can find alternative methods. There are many, many ways to reach others and to clarify the truth. We have the luxury of practicing Falun Gong in this country. We can work toward justice in the world.

You have the freedom of choice. You have the freedom of belief. If your choice and your belief is to make change happen, then keep Mahatma Gandhi's words close to you and "Be the change you want to see in the world." Do not lose hope or faith that your efforts are in vain.

- Mona


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