Monday, May 30, 2005

Yesterday's Practice

Yesterday I went to Mill Creek Park on
the Plaza topractice. (Kansas City)

I was joined by two other practitioners
and we all practicedthe exercises together.

Since it was a holiday, a lot of people
were out and many ofthem took literature
from the sign board that silentlywaited while
we all practiced.

At the end - a man from Iran who knew
some of the exercises came by. We decided
that even though we had all done the exercises
already, that we would do them again with this man.

None of us hesitated, we all enjoy doing the
exercises andwe were all happy to help
someone who hadn't quite learnedthem all yet.

In the future, I suspect this type of scenario
will beplayed out all over the world.

More and more people willwant to practice
and because many of us receive so much joy and
happiness from the practice of Falun Dafa, we will
be glad to help them to learn - for free -!


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