Monday, August 22, 2005

Upcoming visit of Hu Jintao to Canada


On the occasion of the upcoming visit to Canada by the Chinese leader Hu
Jintao, we would like to get your support by writing to the Prime
Minister, asking him to call on Hu Jintao to end the persecution of
Falun Gong in China immediately and to free all practitioners, including
the 18 family members of Canadians presently jailed. A sample letter is
attached for your reference.


Human rights groups have well documented the terrible violations against
practitioners where over 100 methods of torture are being used in the
escalating persecution including rape, forced abortion, force-feeding,
electric shock, etc. Between May and July of this year, 757 Falun Gong
death cases were reported.  Over 2,780 deaths have been verified despite
the information blockade and cover-up by the Communist regime. Hundreds
of thousands are incarcerated. The persecution of Falun Gong targets not
only Falun Dafa practitioners but also harms all ordinary citizens and
the whole society.


Furthermore, please ask Prime Minister to express the Canadian people's
distress over the recent reports of espionage, hate incitement,
intimidation, and harassment from Chinese agents and consular officials
against Falun Gong right here in Canada.


It's an opportunity for Hu Jingtao to learn that Canadian people support
human rights of Falun Gong practitioners, which will definitely help him
to make a constructive move to put an end to the persecution, which was
initiated by his predesessor.


I attach a sample letter for your reference. I also enclose a few links
of recent persecution reports.


Thank you very much for your time and efforts, Please feel free to
contact me for more information.




Xun Li,

President, Falun Dafa Association of  Canada

90 Belleview Dr., Kanata,
Ont., K2L 1W3
613-599-7494 (Tel)
613-599-7034 (Fax)



1. Sample letter to Prime Minister (attached)
2. List of 18 Family Members of Canadian Citizens/Residents Jailed in China
3. June 2005: Deaths of 230 Falun Gong Practitioners Verified
4. United Nations Special Rapporteurs Reports on the Persecution of
Falun Gong 2005
5. List and Case Description of the 2781 Falun Gong Practitioners Who
Have Been Killed In the Persecution



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