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Organ Harvesting in Chinese Death Camps Discussed at Auschwitz Forum

Organ Harvesting in Chinese Death Camps Discussed at Auschwitz Forum
By Jan Jekielek
Epoch Times Staff on assignment in Poland
May 10, 2006

AUSCHWITZ: Professor Sen Nieh, surrounded by three panelists and panel
moderator, speaks at the "Never Again: Appeal to the World" forum discussing
illegal organ harvesting in death camps in China, held in Auschwitz, Poland
on May 9, 2006. (Jan Jekielek/The Epoch Times)

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AUSCHWITZ—There is compelling evidence of widespread illegal organ
harvesting in China, said a panel of human rights advocates from the United
States, Israel, Australia, and Poland, at The Epoch Times -sponsored "Never
Again: Appeal to the World" Forum in Auschwitz, Poland on May 9. Panelists
speaking at the Center for Dialogue and Prayer, also called for an urgent
independent international inquiry into the allegations, to stop a possible
accelerated slaughter of camp inmates in advance of a new Chinese law
restricting organ harvesting from prisoners.

"The numbers just don't add up," said Dr. Jianmei Yu, Project Leader of
Pre-Clinical Research Collaboration at the US Iomai Corporation. An
"unexplained" organ bank is the only way to account for a large disparity
between Beijing's published numbers of executions, and the orders of
magnitude-larger numbers of transplants advertised by organ transplant
centers in China.

Massive Organ Bank

Chinese Deputy Minister of Health Huang Jiefu admitted in November 2005 that
95 percent of organ transplants in China come from executed death row
prisoners, though other Chinese authorities have recently denied this

However, in just one of the over 400 hospitals performing organ transplants
in China, Tianjin Orient Organ Transplant Center, more organ transplants are
performed than could reasonably come from the sum of all executions across
China, said Dr. Jianmei.

NEVER AGAIN: The Chinese panelists at the "Never Again: Appeal to the World"
forum on organ harvesting death camps in China walk through the infamous
"Work Shall Set You Free" gate at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and
Museum, on May 9, 2006. (Jan Jekielek/The Epoch Times)

After initial allegations of an organ harvesting death camp in Sujiatun,
Shenyang Province surfaced last March, the Chinese communist regime waited
for three weeks before denying the charges. Then, on the following day, it
announced a new law that would restrict future organ harvesting from
prisoners. Chinese insiders have suggested that the law could be a message
to those involved in illegal organ harvesting to close up shop, because of
increased international attention.

The two sources exposing Sujiatun have said that the organs were taken
almost exclusively from incarcerated Falun Gong practitioners. Panelist Ms.
Zhizhen Dai, whose husband was captured, tortured, and killed by Chinese
authorities in 2001 because he practiced Falun Gong, urged the world to act
to stop the torture and slaughter of innocent people.

Journalists calling various organ transplant centers around China in late
March and early April discovered many hospitals were urging prospective
patients to come in as quickly as possible for their transplants, as fewer
organs would be available in the near future. This led investigators to fear
the worst: That people are being slaughtered for their organs at an
accelerated pace before the new rules come into effect.

PAIN LINGERS: Ms. Zhizhen Dai, panelist at the "Never Again: Appeal to the
World" forum discussing illegal organ harvesting in death camps in China,
speaks of the 2001 torture and murder of her husband at the hands of Chinese
authorities. Her daughter Fadu naps in her arms. The forum was held in
Auschwitz, Poland on May 9, 2006. (Jan Jekielek/The Epoch Times)

Victims of Genocide Speak Out

Israeli panelists brought with them a petition signed by over 10,000 Jews
urging the discussion of Chinese organ harvesting death camps specifically
in Auschwitz.

They included Larisa Vilsker, whose father was one of two members of her
Polish Jewish family who survived the holocaust.

"My whole existence and consciousness would not accept or believe that this
phenomenon can still happen," she said, speaking about learning of the
recent evidence of organ harvesting in China.

"Hundreds of thousands of people are submitted to harvesting their internal
organs for sale…I see it as my moral obligation to call, with your
assistance, to the international community, to expose the heart of such evil

INTERESTED: Dr. Jianmei Yu speaks to a captivated audience of over 20 Polish
congressmen and senators at the "Law and Justice" Party club in the Sejm,
the Polish Parliament in Warsaw, Poland on May 9, 2006. (Jan Jekielek/The
Epoch Times)

Engage the People

Professor Sen Nieh, President of The Epoch Times Washington, DC Bureau,
spoke of political and social instabilities in China today, of an enormous
inequality between the affluent and the poor, and of the growing phenomenon
of communist cadres in China quitting the Chinese Communist Party.

"The party is like a shiny red apple on the outside, but totally rotten at
the core," he said, suggesting that the world in engage the Chinese people,
as opposed to the Chinese regime, which in his view does not represent them
at all.

Following the conference, the panel toured the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial
and Museum, and then left for Warsaw to present their findings at a meeting
in the Sejm, the Polish Parliament, with over 20 Polish congressmen and

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Blogger bobby fletcher said...

I guess they don't know Epoch Times NY's "Auschwitz" story has been discredited:

The hospital Epoch accused is a joint venture with a company affaliated with the Malaysian government. Malay officias have visited the site in previous years:

Did Auschwitz advertise for foreign investment and official tour too?

2:18 AM  
Anonymous BradT said...

Yeah, been discredited after 3 weeks of silence.

3 weeks - that's enough to move everything and leave it totally empty!

I am Malaysian, and am shocked to know that the Malaysian Ministry of Health funded Shenyang Hospital.

There is no excuse for any government to fund Illegal Organ Extraction.

Feel free to check on the website again and many would realise that the poor Malaysian government may not have been aware in January 2005 of such atrocities.

Neither are their funding directed at Organ Transplant issues.

Anyhow, the Malaysian Health Ministry has an obligation to the world to stop funding Shenyang from now.

Well, that's the difference between a communist system and one which practices an elected government.

Communism brainwashed the Chinese to rely heavily on the "Party", and to belief that the "Party" represents the Chinese soul.

I call it nonsense!

All people of other non-communist nations seem to understand that there is a difference when we speak of loving the culture/country to embracing the government without question.

And that's assuming if we can call the "Party" a "government".

I don't recall the "Party" being chosen by the people.

If an election would to take place, I am very sure that the "Party" wouldn't stand a chance.

Why else would the communist force itself upon the Chinese soul (a.k.a Rape) and only practise a single party system?!!

Answer: Fear (of Freedom to the Chinese)

7:59 AM  

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