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33 Year Old Female Post Grad Student Killed in Chinese Labor Camp

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Ms. Lin Tiemei, a 33-Year-Old Postgraduate Student, Was Tortured to Death by Forced Labor Camp and Mental Hospital Authorities

Guangxi Falun Dafa practitioner Ms.Lin Tiemei died as a result of torture on December 8, 2005. Authorities from Guangxi Woman's Forced Labor Camp and Guangxi Demobilized and Retired Serviceman Hospital are responsible for her death. She was only 33 years old. Statistics show that three other practitioners were persecuted to death at the same hospital.

Ms. Lin from Bobai County in Guangxi Province, was a post-graduate student from Beijing Medical College. Because of her unyielding belief and persistent efforts in clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa, she was arrested twice between 2000 and 2004. The Bobai Public Security Bureau took her to a forced labor camp where she was subjected to various inhumane torture methods. The authorities tortured the previously robust practitioner to the point where she weighed approximately twenty-seven kilograms (55 pounds) and was emaciated. Once during her imprisonment, Ms. Lin was taken to the Bobai County Hospital for treatment. However, the Bobai County Public Security Bureau ordered her to return to the labor camp for further torture before she had recovered from her injuries.

On October 1, 2000, Lin Tiemei was en route to Beijing to appeal to the central government. Police arrested and sentenced her to three years at Guangxi Women's Labor Camp. Liang Suzhen and Lv Dengyun joined with prison guards to conduct so-called "strict management" on steadfast practitioners, including Lin Tiemei. Criminal inmates were ordered to take turns watching practitioners around the clock and did not allow Ms. Lin and other firm practitioners to sleep. Sometimes she spent the entire night sitting on the ground, handcuffed behind her back, and she was also hung by the handcuffs. Lin Tiemei could not shower or relieve herself without the permission of the prison guards. Family members were not allowed to visit or bring daily necessities. The prison guards did not allow anyone to help her.

Lin Tiemei was subjected to inhumane torture at the labor camp. With her hands and feet tied tightly, her arms and legs were stretched out as wide as possible on a bed and she was forced to relieve herself on the bed. The prison guards also incited criminal inmates to beat Ms. Lin. They forced cleaning rags and stinky socks into her mouth, used rubberized fabric to seal her mouth, put a helmet on her head, handcuffed her, and took her to the so-called "dragon palace." This treatment and these conditions caused the skin around her mouth to become rotten.
In order to resist the torture inflicted on her, Ms. Lin went on a hunger strike, and prison guards force-fed her. According to a witness, Lin Tiemei was cruelly tortured by prison guards. She was handcuffed behind her back, forced to wear a metal helmet, and her mouth was sealed with rubberized fabric. Her entire body was black and blue as a result of the torture, and she was shocked with electric batons and other cruel torture devices.

At Guangxi Women's Forced Labor Camp, she was tortured until she became unconscious, and her life was in great danger. The guards started a rumor that she had gone insane because she practiced Falun Gong. During the 2004 Lunar New Year, the guards in the labor camp spread another rumor, that Ms.Lin Tiemei was released on bail for medical treatment. In reality, she was locked up in a secret room and totally restrained. She was handcuffed daily, not allowed to sleep, not given a blanket, even during the cold winter, and was forced to sit on a wooden board.
Lin Tiemei was then transferred to the Yulin Demobilized and Retired Servicemen Hospital in Gnuangxi, which is a district level mental institution.

On November 25, 2005, Lin Tiemei's family went to the hospital and demanded to see her. Hospital authorities rejected their request without giving a reason. Ten days later, on December 8, Ms. Lin Tiemei died as a result of the torture at the Demobilized and Retired Servicemen Hospital. The death report presented by the hospital described Lin Tiemei's death as a "sudden death."

After her death, the staff in the hospital dared not face the media. Ms. Tiemei's family refused to sign the cremation paper. To cover up the facts and deceive the public, the Bohai County Politics and Law Committee and the local 610 Office paid Lin Tiemei's family 16,000 yuan to avoid further trouble.

While Lin Tiemei was being held at the hospital, the physician-in-charge was Zhou Xiong. The nurses were Liang Zhanwei, Chen Wenlan, Jiang Beilian and Min Jiaai.

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