Tuesday, May 31, 2005

After the Nine Commentaries...

One month after the publishing of the nine commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, people in China started to break away from the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). That was in January, 2005. The first month, there was an average of 150 resignations per day.

By April 23, 2005, that number passed the one million mark. Currently, there are about 30,000 withdrawals per day. Withdrawing on this large scale is unprecedented.
This morning, another million has been added , right now, there are over two million party members who have withdrawn.

This is very exciting news for the people who are engaged in the democractic movement, as well as people within China who has suffered so much after the recent land and housing reform.. The tidal wave of withdrawals from the Party brings hope for people from different levels.

China actually has crises in many areas.
On the economic front: the stock market , real estate market, the banking system and embezzlement.
On the social front: poverty, hunger , high unemployment rate (over 21%) and violent protests.
On the environmental front: desertification, contamination of the earth, water and air.
On the political front: Party members withdraw in droves, all that conveys their despair toward the CCP.


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