Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Dear Mr. Giuliano Berretta .......

Dear Mr. Giuliano Berretta and all other board members of Eutelsat Inc.,

I am very disturbered by your planning on terminating transmitting signals of NTDTV to China this Friday (May 21st.).

Right now, inside of China, medias are completely controlled by the Communist government. RFA, VOA, BBC, CNN are all blocked. Recently, the Communist regime even shutdown most Internet connections with the outside world.

Countless innocent Chinese people have risked their lives and blood for freedom of expression and human rights. NTDTV is the major free flow of ideas and thoughts for people inside of China. The flow of such independent programming, including news and important cultural and entertainment content, helps promote democracy and freedom which is very important for the future of China.

Please think about it: By doing your normal business with NTDTV, you are help 1.3 billions Chinese people's future! You will be remembered by all Chinese people and the world! However, bowed to the dying Communist government of China's pressure / bribery, and help the evil will definitely bring a bad future for you and your company.

Please read a series of articles called " Nine Commentaries on Communist Party " at: or . By broadcasting the series articles, NTDTV has be more well welcomed by all Chinese people and over 1.60 millions of Chinese people have declared their withdrawal from the evil Communist Party of China.

The ending period of Communist government of China is coming, please choice your future wisely! Please follow the internationally guaranteed rights of free expression and universal free flow of information.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to hearing right decision from your company.




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