Sunday, June 19, 2005

Crying for Help

This is a heart wrenching story.

Yesterday, two women and twelve men in a Chinese refugee camp in Sydney, Australia, tried to carry out a group suicide attempt. Due to the painful process , the whole group of women screamed and asked for help so the two who tried to cut their wrists were sent to the hospital to be rescued, however, the rescue for the men was delayed for 2-5 hours. This is the biggest group suicide for the last thirty years in Australia.

It was reported that there was a signed letter by the group of thirty-four, out of their desperation and they decided to commit suicide together to get help for others who are in the same situation.

All of them are asking for political asylum. Unfortunately, the Australian immigration office has colluded with the Chinese Government, and disclosed their names and personal information even though it is against the United Nation's refugee laws. On May 13, four Chinese goverment officials visited about 40 of the refugees, and taped their interrogation. After the visit from those officials, all of them were locked up and isolated. They were not allowed to call their relatives and friends, or allowed to receive any phone calls. They have been told that the Chinese government had requested that these restrictions be imposed on them.

Sixteen days later, they were allowed to return to their groups. They were very frightened and felt hopeless and group suicide was their way of crying for help.

Thirty-four of them signed a letter to let the outside world know that the refugees need help. Due to interferences, only fourteen had the opportunity to carry out the suicide plan.

This event once again demonstrates the evil nature of the CCP, and also how the Australian government again has given up human rights for economic gains.


Anonymous boewe said...

That makes an astonishingly strong statement. I hope the world hears it.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is terrible. Obviously, Australia is making some serious mistakes here. They need to wise up and realize that China isn't "all that" and that there is no reason under the sun to abuse people just to placate Chinese 'authorities'

4:34 PM  

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