Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Significance of Breaking Away From the Party

Americans do not realize the importance of a recent event: namely, Chinese Communist Party members have been leaving the party in droves.

Why is this so important? Because this is a tidal wave that would collapse the current regime in a most peaceful manner. The collapse of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) would have a huge impact on world peace, and the world economy, if nothing else. Isn't this impostant?

What Americans do not know is that Chinese cannot withdrawal from the party once they joined. The CCP will not accept resignations. The declarations of withdrawal can now be posted in public places in China, certain websites, the Dajiyuan newspaper, or in many places overseas where help is available to assist in withdrawal. In five months time, two million people have withdrawn from the CCP by Dajiyuan alone. Currently, twenty to thirty thousand people per day continue to withdraw from the Party.

People here have the freedom to join a party today and leave tomorrow. It takes tremendous courage to declare their intention in China, and enough determination to ignore the undesirable consequences.

I hope everyone here cherishes our freedom of belief, speech , press etc. There are countless people in different corners of the world would give their lives for some of the freedoms we enjoy.


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