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  • Falun Dafa Association Seeks U.S. Entry Ban for China's Minister of Commerce
  • Vancouver, Canada: Prior to Hu Jintao's Visit to Canada, Practitioners Make a Greater Effort to Clarify the Truth (Photos)
  • Denmark: CCP Procurator General Jiang Chunwang Sued for Crimes of Torture (Photos)
  • Northern Taiwan Experience Sharing Conference -Sharing and Progressing Together (Photos)
  • Detention of Hong Kong Reporter's Family Members Captures the Attention of the United States Consulate
  • Enduring the Cold and Welcoming the Warmth of Summer - Clarifying the Truth in Manhattan - Part 5
  • Finland: People in Kauhajoki Learn about Falun Gong for the First Time (Photos)
  • Germany: Introducing Falun Gong at the Pocking Town Citizens Festival (Photos)

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  • Reuters: UN Rights Chief To Push For Reforms - Beijing Visit Will Focus On The Much-Criticized Justice System

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    News and Events Around the World

    Falun Dafa Association Seeks U.S. Entry Ban for China's Minister of Commerce

    ( Chinese Commerce Minister Bo Xilai will accompany Chinese President Hu Jintao on his upcoming visit to the United States. Representatives of the Falun Dafa Association have written to the United States government seeking to prevent Bo Xilai from obtaining a U.S. visa. Bo Xilai is the former Dalian City Mayor/CCP Secretary and Governor of Liaoning Province. He is being sued by Falun Dafa practitioners in many countries for torture and other crimes against humanity committed during his term.

    The U.S. Falun Dafa Association cites section 212(a)(2)(G) of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Act, which states that foreign government officials who have engaged in particularly severe violations of religious freedom (as defined in Section 3 of the International Religious Freedom Act) are not allowed entry into the country. Hence, based on U.S. law, Bo Xilai is included in this category of not welcome.

    According to the reports of the World Organization to Investigate Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG), it is evident from meeting minutes and reports that Bo Xilai plotted and assigned many aspects of persecuting Falun Gong during his term as Dalian City mayor and as the Governor of Liaoning Province. Liaoning Province is one of the Chinese provinces with a history of severe persecution of Falun Gong

    On July 28, 2004, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia found defendants Bo Xilai and Xia Deren both guilty of torture and genocide.

    In 2004, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) obtained a list of names of 45 Chinese officials from different government levels who are responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong. If anyone on the list attempts to enter Canada, a prompt investigation would take place, resulting in potential refusal of visas to Canada, cancellation of their Canadian citizenship, deportation, and charges and punishment based on Canada's laws governing crimes against humanity and war crimes. Bo Xilai's name is on that list for crimes related to persecution of Falun Gong.

    On August 26, 2005, the Canada Falun Dafa Association held a press conference at the Canadian Parliament building, requesting that the Canadian Government refuse to grant Bo Xilai a visa. The Falun Dafa Association also requested that the current Dalian City Mayor Xia Deren, scheduled to visit Canada in late September, be denied a visa. At the press conference thirteen page document was presented with detailed proof of the actions of Bo Xilai and and Xia Deren in persecuting Falun Gong in Liaoning Province and Dalian City.

    Vancouver, Canada: Prior to Hu Jintao's Visit to Canada, Practitioners Make a Greater Effort to Clarify the Truth (Photos)

    ( Correspondent Li Hua from Vancouver reports: Hu Jintao is about to set off on his trip to North America. Falun Gong practitioners in Vancouver held a series of activities including a press conference, clarifying the truth, collecting signatures and other activities, in the hopes that more people can learn about the truth of Falun Gong and the unprecedented persecution of Falun Gong in China that has lasted for six years. The practitioners also hoped that during Hu Jintao's visit to North America, people who have learned the truth would send out more voices for justice and work together to stop the persecution.

    • Press conference calls for denying Bo Xilai and Xia Deren entry into the country

    Press conference

    On August 27, 2005, practitioners in Vancouver held a press conference in front of the art gallery in downtown Vancouver, requesting the Canadian government to bar entry to Bo Xilai and Xia Deren. Bo Xilai is Minister of Commerce of China and Xia Deren is Deputy Governor of Liaoning Province. Recently, based on the systematic and widespread nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong, the Canadian IRB ruled that the persecution is a "Crime Against Humanity." Several local Chinese and English media outlets came to cover the activity.

    A local practitioner said in a speech that Bo Xilai and Xia Deren are among the major perpetrators of the persecution of Falun Gong. Liaoning Province is one of the provinces where the persecution is most severe. In Vancouver, at least three practitioners' relatives are suffering persecution in Liaoning Province. Bo Xilai was listed on a monitor list by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in January 2004 for participating in the persecution of Falun Gong. Xia Deren, deputy governor of Liaoning Province, is also on the list. The Canadian government must not open the door to these criminals. Practitioners ask the international community including Canada to conduct an investigation into the serious crimes against humanity, including the incitement of hatred, economic destruction, torture and murder, and join together to stop the persecution.

    A letter from renowned international human rights lawyer David Matas to the Ministers of the Canadian Ministry of Security, Ministry of Immigration and Ministry of Foreign Affairs dated on August 25, 2005 was read at the press conference. Mr. Matas requested the Canadian government to deny Bo Xilai and Xia Deren visas and stated that his request was proposed on the basis of Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Program, and Canada's implementation of international law concerning these issues.

    Mr. Matas pointed out that based on Canada's Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, one would be denied entry to Canada if he is found guilty of crimes against humanity. He said that if such officials entered Canada, a message would be passed to the public, and Canada would be sanctioning genocide and human rights persecution.

    MP David Kilgour, former chairman of the Commission on Diplomatic and Human Rights, said he supported David Matas' conclusions and "[I]...agree fully that these individuals should not be permitted to enter Canada on the basis of their complicity in the violation of the human rights of Falun Gong practitioners."

    Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Chunyu expressed that his mother and elder sister are illegally incarcerated in Liaoning Province for practicing Falun Gong. He said that the CCP is the prime culprit for suppressing Falun Gong practitioners, and also the prime culprit for destroying Chinese traditional culture and other religious groups. The CCP by no means can represent the Chinese people. At present, degeneration of moral standards has led to systematic corruption. The CCP has completely lost the trust of the people, and is on the brink of collapse. The relations between Canada and China are not at all the relations between Canada and the CCP. He called for the Canadian government to uphold Canadian's principle of freedom of beliefs and justice, and urge Hu Jintao to stop the persecution and seriously punish the perpetrators.

    Bo Xilai was former Vice Secretary of Liaoning Party Committee, Governor of Liaoning Province, Secretary of Dalian City Party Committee and Mayor of Dalian City. Since the initiation of the persecution of Falun Gong, Bo has managed and directed the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Liaoning Province. When Bo was in charge of Dalian, the city was one of the cities where the most severe persecution occurred in China. Fifteen practitioners were tortured to death. When he was governor of Liaoning Province, one billion yuan (about $123 million) was invested in reconstruction of prisons. More than 500 million yuan (about $61.6 million) was invested in Masanjia Labor Camp, Shenyang City. In 2003, Masanjia was built to be the number one prison in China. Many Falun Gong practitioners have been imprisoned and tortured in the camp.

    Xia Deren was formerly the mayor of Dalian City and supported the persecution of Falun Gong in the Chinese People's Congress on February 9, 2004 while representing the Dalian City Government. Xia was sued in the United States on February 7, 2002 for crimes of torture and anti-humanity, and found guilty by a U.S. court in June 2003.

    • Anti-torture exhibit touches people's kind nature

    Anti-torture exhibit

    Anti-torture exhibit

    Anti-torture exhibit

    On August 27-28, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners in Vancouver once again held an anti-torture exhibit in front of the art gallery downtown. By reenacting the torture methods used on Falun Gong practitioners in China, the practitioners showed the public the brutal torture and abuses imposed upon Falun Gong practitioners in the past six years under the CCP autocratic ruling.

    Clarify the facts and collect signature

    Clarify the facts and collect signature

    Clarify the facts and collect signature

    While clarifying the facts, Falun Gong practitioners collected signatures for a petition letter to be delivered to Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin. The petition requested Martin to propose to Hu Jintao during his visit to Canada to stop the persecution of Falun Gong. At the same time, the petition requested the Canadian government to deny Bo Xilai and Xia Deren visas, based on international human rights law and Canada's "Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes" program.

    People who have learned about the truth signed the petition and many people left messages on the petition, condemning the CCP's brutal persecution of people who believe in "Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance," and calling for the Canadian Prime Minister to help stop the persecution.

    The following are some of messages on the petition:

    "This (persecution) must be stopped immediately!"

    "Immediately stop the persecution!"

    "Call for humanity and freedom for everyone!"

    "Mr. Martin, please help Falun Gong practitioners. Stop the brutality!"

    "Martin, please not abet the dictators."

    "I request you to immediately take action-help stop the persecution!"

    "China should have democracy."

    "Why? Why? Why? Why do we do business with such a government?"

    "Stop committing such atrocities against our fellow people!"

    "Prime Minister, please do not permit the perpetrators to enter Canada!"

    "You (Falun Gong practitioners) are a good group of people, only that many people do not know you."

    "Bless you! Your spirits will accompany you forever!"

    "Everyone has a right to live a beautiful life."

    Upon hearing that many cheap products made in China sold in Canada are produced by Falun Gong practitioners and prisoners imprisoned in forced labor camps, who are forced to work 10 to 15 hours per day but are not given any income for their labor, many people were shocked and thanked practitioners to let them know the news. They expressed that they would consider carefully if they would buy products made in China in future.

    A teacher from Brazil viewed the anti-torture exhibit and said seriously, "This is too sad. I want to help you." She said she would show the photos taken today to the Brazilian embassy, and tell her students about the persecution happening in China. She said that the media should cover this event and let all people learn about it. She also said that her friends worked in the media.

    Practitioners answered people's question on why the CCP persecutes Falun Gong, and recommended they read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The practitioners told people that the book is about CCP history, and is conducive for them to learn why the inhumane persecution is still taking place in China, and why the CCP is the biggest threat to the world's peace.

    Many people expressed that they would check information about Falun Gong after going back, read the Nine Commentaries and help spread the truth.

    • Four years' anniversary of peaceful appeal in front of the Chinese Consulate

    Activity commemorating the 4th anniversary of peaceful appeal

    Activity commemorating the 4th anniversary of peaceful appeal

    On August 21, 2001, Falun Gong practitioners in Vancouver started their 24-hour round the clock peaceful appeal in front of the Chinese Consulate. It has been four years today of nonstop appeal. After experiencing cold winter and hot summer, rain or shine, practitioners know clearly the hardships they have gone through, and the people of Vancouver also have seen this.

    Countless people have learned about the facts of Falun Gong, and countless people have learned about the CCP atrocities from practitioners who have been peacefully appealing here. People have thus generated kind thoughts in their hearts.

    On August 20 this year, practitioners held a candlelight vigil in front of the Chinese Consulate to commemorate the "4th anniversary of peaceful appeal." The practitioners wanted to express their confidence and courage for persisting in their belief and justice and resisting the persecution without fearing brutality.

    The practitioners expressed that the persecution has lasted for six years, and their fellow practitioners have endured so many tribulations, but they still want to give Hu Jintao an opportunity to do good. The practitioners hoped that during Hu's visit to North America, he can make himself clear headed, make a prompt decision, and immediately stop the persecution of Falun Gong.

    Denmark: CCP Procurator General Jiang Chunwang Sued for Crimes of Torture (Photos)

    ( Renowned Denmark lawyer Tyge Trier filed a lawsuit on behalf of Falun Gong practitioners on Sunday August 28, 2005 against Jia Chunwang, procurator general of CCP Supreme People's Procuratorate and one of the central figures in China's Gestapo-like 610 Office -- for crimes contravening the UN Convention Against Torture. Jia Chunwang was sued the same day he arrived in Denmark to partake in an international conference for prosecutors being held in Copenhagen.

    High Resolution Picture
    Practitioners submit lawsuit at Copenhagen Police Station
    High Resolution Picture
    The media interviews Danish Falun Gong spokesperson

    Tyge Trier, a well known human rights advocate, represents the Falun Gong practitioners in the lawsuit. Mr Trier told the press, "It's a serious case. What we hope will come out of it, is that there be a thorough investigation by the State Prosecutor, that Jia Chunwang will be questioned and that he be apprehended if that is necessary to keep him in the country while the case is investigated."

    Defendant Jia Chunwang, deputy head of the 610 Office, has been directly responsible for illegal detention, torture and murder of Falun Gong practitioners in China since 1999. Also, while he was minister of public security from July 1999 to December 2002, Jia Chunwang organized, ordered and encouraged the large-scale arrest and torture of Falun Gong practitioners through the police force and the national system for public security. During his term in office, thousands of Falun Gong practitioners were tortured to death, at least 6,000 people were illegally sentenced to prison, and hundreds of thousands of people were sent to forced labor camps. Jia Chunwang has also spread lies and slandering propaganda against Falun Gong to attempt to justify his horrible crimes.

    Plaintiffs filed the lawsuit on behalf of Falun Gong practitioners in China and around the world who have suffered tremendous tribulations during Jia Chunwang's term in power.

    Among the plaintiffs is 19-year-old Liu Xiaotian, whose parents were tortured to death for practicing Falun Gong when Jia Chunwang was minister of public security. Yang Tianle, another plaintiff who currently resides in Esbjerg in Denmark, saw his family shattered by persecution when his mother was illegally sentenced to a three year prison term in harsh conditions.

    The local Falun Dafa Association called for the Danish government to arrest Jia Chunwang, and bring him to justice.


    Northern Taiwan Experience Sharing Conference -Sharing and Progressing Together (Photos)


    (Minghui reporters Zhou Rong and Fang Hui report from Taipei) On the weekend of August 12, Falun Dafa practitioners from Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Jungli and various cities and counties of Taipei as well as Penghu Pescadores gathered at the Jian Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center in Shihlin, Taipei to take part in the 2005 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference of Northern Taiwan. The conference lasted for two and a half days. Practitioners participated in group exercises, group Fa study and experience sharing. They shared extensively in line with The Three Things that Teacher Li Hongzhi asked practitioners to do, namely cultivate ourselves well, clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts.

    High Resolution Picture
    A banner reading "Falun Dafa is Good" hangs outside the main entrance of the Jian Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center

    Jingguo Auditorium where the experience sharing conference was held on the afternoon of August 14

    Ms. Zhang, one of the organizers, said that originally the annual Falun Dafa experience sharing conference of Northern Taiwan was held at the Taipei National Military Hero Auditorium. After the latter half of 2001, the number of participants increased dramatically. Since it exceeded the capacity of the National Military Hero Auditorium, the venue was changed to the Jian Tan Youth Activity Center. About 2000 people participated in this experience sharing conference. Among them nearly 170 were little disciples. The youngest was only two years old.

    High Resolution Picture High Resolution Picture

    Serene expression of a little disciple

    Cherish the Environment of Group Fa Study

    Every practitioner cherishes the opportunity to share in learning, share in cultivation and to make progress together.

    One elderly lady from Tao Yuan said she always looks forward to opportunities like this, so she comes to the conference every year. Although she is busy looking after her grandchildren, she always manages to come.

    Besides the veteran practitioners there were many new faces. Many of them came with the entire family. Some families came with three generations. The children attended the children's group, parents joined the adult group and the grandparents participated in the Taiwan Dialect group. Every one of them melted into the Fa and shared their experiences to their hearts' content.

    One family of three that had been practicing Falun Gong for less than ten days came to the experience sharing conference. The couple learned about Falun Gong from the Internet. They went straight to the practice site to learn the exercises. Their daughter Yuci, who is about to go to the fifth grade in a primary school, also came to the conference and joined the children's group. She is a very quiet girl and likes to read books. She has already finished reading all the lectures Teacher gave in various places. She also asks her parents to wake her up every morning so that she can go to the practice site to practice the exercises with them.

    Practitioner Ms. Hong Chulan is disabled. In order to attend the conference, she had to ride her wheelchair for two hours from Jungli to Jian Tan together with her daughter. She looked a little tired but was in high spirits. She said she gained a great deal during the two days of sharing. She said that she had found her shortcomings and her gaps. For example, her inferiority complex and her fear made her feel regretful that she felt inferior to others. She realized that she must come out to share with others. Only by doing so could she keep up with the process of Fa-rectification.

    She said that she had overcome many obstacles both physically and mentally when she first started to practice Falun Gong. At the very beginning, the two handles of her wheelchair could not be lifted up to assist her in doing the exercises. She bought another chair, and she brought the chair to the practice site every day so that she could sit on the chair and do the exercises.

    High Resolution Picture
    Morning exercises on August 14 (Ms. Hong in her wheelchair)

    High Resolution Picture High Resolution Picture
    Morning exercises on August 14

    Witnessing the Supernormal Power of Falun Dafa

    One lady used to suffer from calcification in her heel. An operation was scheduled for her to have her heel removed. After she practiced Falun Gong for three days, the doctor said no operation was needed.

    A taxi hit one practitioner who was riding a motorcycle. She was thrown off the cycle. The X-ray showed no fractured bones and the practitioner did not suffer from a cerebral concussion either. After about 20 days of practice, the practitioner recovered without taking any medication.

    Other practitioners used to suffer from insomnia, asthma, and a sore back. After they practiced Falun Gong, however, all their illnesses disappeared and they all felt energetic, as if they changed into a new person.

    Study the Fa, Cultivate Xinxing and Let Go of Attachments

    Besides talking about the physical changes, the participants also talked about the importance of studying the Fa and cultivating xinxing.

    One practitioner talked about her experiences in memorizing the Fa. She said that after she witnessed the changes in the xinxing of another practitioner who memorized the Fa, she began to recite the Fa whenever she had time. She has recited the Fa for several months and said, "When my mind is filled with the Fa, then I can measure myself with the Fa all the time."

    One elderly practitioner said that when memorizing the Fa, age should not be a problem. She said when she went to China to share with the local practitioners, before the suppression of Falun Gong, she was so touched by the way they studied the Fa. They were not reading but reciting the Fa together. She cited a practitioner for example to encourage other practitioners to recite the Fa. This lady was over 80 years old and could not read or write. However, she was able to recite the entire book Zhuan Falun.

    Other practitioners talked about the process of looking inward when confronting conflicts.

    One mother said that after she learned Falun Gong she wanted to pass it on to her child. No matter how hard she tried, she failed. Then she became very angry and asked her child why he refused to learn such a good exercise. Her child replied, "You have learned the exercises, but you have not changed one bit." She was really shocked on hearing this and realized that she should use her words and actions to validate the Fa. After she corrected herself, her child began to accept Falun Dafa.

    As for sickness karma, the participants enlightened that it was not only a test for the practitioners concerned, but also for their fellow practitioners and family members. Only when they had very strong righteous thoughts, firmly believed in Teacher, were diligent, and cultivated solidly as well as let go of human notions could they pass the tests.

    A Solemn Experience Sharing Conference that Helps Practitioners Make Progress Together

    High Resolution Picture
    The 2005 Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference of Northern Taiwan

    High Resolution Picture High Resolution Picture High Resolution Picture
    Practitioners speak at the conference

    Mr. Cai Souren and the three members of his family had just returned to Taiwan after spending one month on a summer vacation in Manhattan to clarify the truth. When they first arrived in New York, they moved into the dormitories with other practitioners from Taiwan. Seven females shared one room and one bathroom. At first, his wife and two daughters were not used to that, so a lot of human notions appeared. They complained from time to time. In their minds they were thinking about when they could go back to Taiwan and how they could endure that for one month. Such a state of mind, of course, affected their truth-clarification activities. We all understood that we must improve ourselves through studying the Fa and sharing with other practitioners.

    He also mentioned his role in the anti-torture exhibit during that month. He played the role as an evil policeman who was persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. At first he felt a bit uneasy to just stand there straight like a security guard. He also wanted to maintain his appearance. Sometimes he would use the reflections from the shop windows to check and see if he looked OK. He realized that he was rectifying himself. Later on through sharing with other practitioners who acted as evil policemen and the enlightenment from his Fa study he broke through a lot of psychological obstacles. He also took the opportunity when he acted as a policeman to recite Lunyu. In one hour he could recite Lunyu about ten times. He found that many bad thoughts were eliminated automatically during the process of reciting the Fa. Therefore the number of bad thoughts was getting less and less.

    A practitioner who works in the banking and financial sector said that May and June of every year are the busiest months for shareholders of the Taiwan listed companies to have meetings. It is also a good opportunity for the small shareholders to talk to the company management about the unstable political situation and how it might lead to investment risks. He said he was good at writing but dared not speak in public. At the first meeting, although he was reading a script, he was still trembling. When he went to the last meeting, he was able to clarify the truth freely. The pace of change was beyond his expectation. During the process, he realized that in clarifying the truth to save sentient beings, we should use everyday people's techniques wisely and strengthen basic skills on top of our righteous beliefs and great compassion.

    One young female practitioner talked about how she overcame the comfort seeking mentality and the demon nature of laziness to walk on the path of cultivation. By the end she said that she did not have the experience of vigorously validating the Fa like many other practitioners, nor did she have any heroic and moving stories, or a solid foundation of Fa study, but she had a heart for helping those fellow practitioners who still had difficulty in stepping forward. She said that Teacher has always given her the chance to keep up with other practitioners. She hoped that she would study the Fa more diligently and do a better job in clarifying the truth in order to keep up with the process of Fa rectification.

    Psychiatric Doctor Li Zhengxun discussed how he had passed three tests of sickness karma, from which he learned a deep lesson. He said that although the tests appeared in the form of sickness karma, weren't they the opportunities for him to improve his xinxing? He also said that while suffering from the pain of sickness karma, he was able to enlighten from the Fa that he still had many shortcomings.

    Practitioners also shared their experiences of phoning people in China, the staff in the forced labor camps and in saving the orphans of Falun Gong practitioners. They felt that sentient beings were getting more rational and longing to learn the truth. They realized that it is time for us to step up our truth-clarification in a more painstaking manner.

    The two-and-a-half-day experience sharing conference concluded successfully at 6 p.m. on August 14. When practitioners walked out of the conference hall, they were all full of happiness. They all expressed that they would join group Fa study more. They thought that experience sharing helped them to find their own shortcomings and gaps. They would therefore use their time to cultivate even more diligently, and walk every step steadfastly and righteously.

    Detention of Hong Kong Reporter's Family Members Captures the Attention of the United States Consulate

    ( Hong Kong resident Ms. Liang Xiaofeng is a United States citizen. She is a reporter for New Tang Dynasty Television under the air name of Liang Zhen. Her mother Ms. Yuan Yuju, 62 years old, and her elder brother, Mr. Liang Jinhui, 36 years old, were illegally arrested in Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. This situation has come to the attention of the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong. Ms. Liang has asked for help from the U.S. consulate and briefed them on the situation.

    Ms. Yuan Yuju and Mr. Liang Jinhui were detained on July 19 by the Chinese Communist authorities for practicing Falun Gong. The police also confiscated property valued at approximately 20,000 yuan. They are currently detained at the Luzhou Detention Center. The incident was first revealed in the July 21 issue of the Epoch Times in Hong Kong, and it captured the attention of the Hong Kong people. Some VIP's in Hong Kong such as, Szeto Wah, the president of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movement in China, and Legislator Leung Kwok Hung, joined in the press conference on July 27.

    On August 9, the U.S. Consulate officials in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province sent out diplomatic correspondence to the authorities in Luzhou City to express their concern. They also made phone calls to follow-up. They first called the Police Department of Sichuan Province, but the latter refused to reveal any information, saying the people involved in the case are Chinese citizens and they are not obliged to provide any information to the U.S. Consulate. The U.S. Consulate again made many phone calls to the Luzhou City Police Department, but their calls went unanswered. They said they would use other ways to contact the authorities of Luzhou City.

    As a result of the attention by the U.S. Consulate and other organizations, there has been some improvement. On August 10, the Naxi District State Security Police Squad of Luzhou City Police Department called Ms. Liang Xiaofeng's father and promised to return some of their confiscated property, such as his computer and a digital camera. He claimed these belongings on the morning of August 11. However, without any legal documents, the police requested the accounting books of his computer shop for further investigation.

    On that day, 24 days after Liang Xiaofeng's mother and brother were detained, news finally came forth that her mother Yaun Yuju was okay.

    Presently, Liang's father is not allowed to visit them. The Naxi District State Security Police Squad of Luzhou City Police Department is investigating the case and just changed their phone numbers, which they are not revealing.

    Detailed Information about the Arrest:

    At 9:30 a.m. on July 19, Ms. Yuan Yuju (62 years old) and her son Liang Jinhui (36 years old) were arrested at Yinghui Computer Shop, their family business in Anfu Town of Naxi District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. Three or four policemen searched the shop and their home, confiscating belongings worth nearly 20,000 yuan (approximately $2,600), including three computers. Ms. Yuan and her son are now illegally detained. They are detained in Luzhou City Detention Center and visits from family are not allowed. Left alone at home is Ms. Yuan's 70-year-old husband who has hypertension.

    More than ten other Falun Gong practitioners were arrested on the same day. It was said that later on, more practitioners were arrested. No one has been released. The police sought to substantiate their fabricated charges by gathering evidence through pressure and torture. It is said that the Luzhou City Police Department directly gave the order for the arrest. The practitioners' work units did not receive any notice in advance. The people in charge of the case refused to reveal details for the sake of "state security."

    The arrest was likely planned a long time ago, as the warrant was issued on July 15. According to Minghui (the Chinese version of Clearwisdom) website's report, at the end of May, 610 Office personnel in Sichuan Province had meetings in Luzhou City to prepare for another round of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

    Background Information of the Case:

    Lutianhua Group Inc. is the largest producer of urea (compound used to produce plastics, animal feed, and fertilizer) in China. Ms. Yuan Yuju's husband is one of the major founders of the company and an important figure. He is a well-known expert and professor in the local area. Yuan Yuju is a retired technician of the company. She is a very kind person. In 1995, she started practicing Falun Gong and benefited greatly. After the persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, she didn't stop practicing and she often tells people how good Falun Gong is. The police searched her home many times and bugged her phone. She applied to visit her daughter in Hong Kong many times, but was refused.

    Ms. Yuan Yuju's son, Liang Jinhui, had a high fever in 1994 and suffered brain damage from the medical treatment. He wanted to practice qigong, but his family didn't let him practice Falun Gong, as it is not recommended for mentally ill people. Still, he practiced on and off. After 2001, he appeared to have recovered, but still needed to take medicine regularly. Since he is knowledgeable about computers, the police see him as a major figure in the case and plan to sentence him to imprisonment.

    Unit in Charge of the Case:

    The State Security Police Squad of Luzhou City Police Department in Sichuan Province
    Address: Anfu Town, Naxi District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province
    Zip code: 646300
    Telephone: You can call Naxi District Police Department 86-830-4292632 and ask for it.

    The unit responsible for arresting Falun Gong practitioners
    The Domestic Security and Protection Branch of Luzhou City Police Department, Sichuan Province
    Address: 19 Jiangyang Road, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province
    Zip Code: 646000
    Telephone: 86-830-3199200 86-830-3199175
    Captain: Hu Zeshu
    Policemen: Ma Jinchuan, Chen Ge (who arrested Mr. Liang Jinhui), Luo Ning, Li Xinhua (who arrested Ms. Yuan Yuju)

    Place of detention: Luzhou City Detention Center
    Address: near Xinanfu Bridge on Dana Road of Anfu Town, Naxi District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province
    Zip Code: 646300
    Telephone: 86-830-4270570, 86-830-4270572, 86-830-4270642

    Police Department of Naxi District, Luzhou City
    Telephone: 86-830-4292632
    Chief Officer of the State Security Squad in Naxi District of Luzhou City: Huang Zhongjie

    Luzhou City Police Department
    19 Jiangyang Road, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province.
    Zip Code, 646000

    Telephone of the Commissioner and Party Secretary of Luzhou City Police Department: 86-830-3199006
    Du Baoping, Deputy Commissioner (in charge of persecuting Falun Gong) 86-830-3199002
    He Wenjun, Deputy Commissioner: 86-830-3199007
    Ji Xiaomin, Deputy Commissioner: 86-830-3199008
    Domestic Security and Protection Branch (persecuting Falun Gong) 86-830-3199200
    Prison Management Branch: 86-830-3199156
    Luzhou City Detention Center: 86-830-3111681

    August 13, 2005

    Enduring the Cold and Welcoming the Warmth of Summer - Clarifying the Truth in Manhattan - Part 5


    New York is one of the biggest cities in the world. Walking down a busy street, one meets people of different races and from different countries around the world. Our anti-torture exhibits were set up on one of those busy street corners. Every day, huge numbers of people flowed past. Regardless of their nationalities, their countries of origin, or their social status and background, as soon as they understood our intention, they gladly signed the petition without hesitation.

    Of the overseas travelers who kindly gave their support, some had come from as far north as Iceland, and others had come from as far south as South Africa. As for the locals who visited our site, we met many Latin Americans who called us amigos. There were government and non-government officials from different states and from countries overseas. Their social status did not seem to matter. Everyone who gave support demonstrated a very basic human nature - love for one's fellowman. I was deeply moved by their sincerity, and their moral support and encouragement lingered in my mind long after they had left.

    After hearing what was happening in China, a bewildered Indian family of six found it hard to believe that such atrocities still exist and that some Chinese have had to sacrifice their lives to practice self-cultivation. The six family members were only too eager to put their names down in support. As the crowd thinned out, I noticed that the family was still there standing. "Perhaps they had questions to ask," I thought. As I approached them, the mother said, "I would like to make a donation but could not find your donation box." I explained to them that we did not accept donations. Our desire was to call on the support of all kind-hearted and righteous-minded people to help end this ongoing persecution and to restore basic human rights in China.

    Caught by the displays, a young Austrian girl stopped by. Not only did she put down her own name, but also the names of all her friends and relatives. "Shouldn't you get permission from them first?" I asked. "I am sure they would be more than happy to support this righteous cause. I am signing on their behalf," she replied.

    A young man in his early twenties asked us what the exhibit was all about. After giving him an explanation, he still didn't seem to understand, so I went further and explained the inherent evil nature of the Communist Party, which was responsible for this inhuman persecution. He told me that his ancestors were from North Africa and that their family was a Christian family. They were taught from the time they were children to love everybody, even their enemies. Consequently, the Communist concept of "combating heaven and earth" and being against each other was something he could not comprehend. He told me that there were more and more Chinese migrating into his country, which could be a worry. I told him that the Chinese were kind by nature. It was the Communist ideas that had brainwashed and distorted the people's minds. Since he returned to his home country very often, he was happy to take some truth clarifying materials for his Chinese friends.

    A couple stopped and stared at the display board. Pointing at the victims on the board, I told the couple that human rights did not exist in China under the Communist regime and that those brave people did not submit even under pressure. The man told me that he could understand what it was like under Communist rule. He said he was from Cuba. Cuba is another country ruled by Communism. "Many Cubans," he said, "had risked their lives and escaped across the sea to the United States." He added that he was most displeased with the US government for ignoring the inhuman persecution in China for too long, instead letting trade with China come first.

    One day, a shabbily attired man stopped by. When I asked him if he would sign the petition, without hesitation, he picked up the pen with his left hand and signed the petition slowly. While he was writing, I noticed that his right hand was incapacitated. Noticing my curiosity, he told me that after an illness three years ago, he had lost all control of his right hand and, because of that, he lost his job as well. I turned around and picked up a handmade lotus flower, which had a label "Falun Dafa is good" in Chinese and handed it to him. "Hang up this flower in your house and recite those words a few times a day. It will help you." After repeating those words with me, making sure he could pronounce the words correctly, the man smiled and left.

    More and more Chinese signed the petition voluntarily, and more and more of them accepted the truth clarifying materials handed out. In the beginning, many of them were reluctant to accept them. After explaining to them and telling them moving stories of Falun Dafa practitioners, our words seemed to strike home. Many of them happily accepted the materials and thanked us for them.

    One day, two ladies stopped by. Pointing at the picture on a display, I said, "Look at them! These people just wanted to live a healthy life but were deprived of their rights." The ladies nodded their heads. I told them that many of these people had been dying of illnesses before taking up Falun Gong practice. Falun Gong had saved many families.

    One of them asked, "Is it true that practitioners are not allowed to seek treatment from doctors when they are sick? There is a statement in the book Zhuan Falun which says Dafa disciples aren't allowed to do healings." I replied, "When the Chinese government banned the practice in 1999, the state newspaper twisted the facts around in support of the government propaganda and said that practitioners were not allowed to see doctors when they were sick. The intention was to defame Falun Gong and our Teacher and to instill hatred in people towards Falun Gong."

    The two ladies seemed to have got the message. I hope they will pass it on to their friends.

    Finland: People in Kauhajoki Learn about Falun Gong for the First Time (Photos)

    ( On July 8 Falun Gong practitioners introduced Falun Gong in Kauhajoki, a small town in southeast Finland.

    Talking to passersby about Falun Gong and the persecution Practising the first of five exercises taught in Falun Gong

    It was the first time for many of the local people in Kauhajoki to see or hear about Falun Gong. Many people were attracted to the music playing at the activity and the beautiful performance of the slow moving and meditative Falun Gong exercises, but when they saw the pictures depicting the torture experienced by practitioners in China they fell silent and were truly shocked. The practitioners took this chance and clarified the facts behind the dreadful persecution, after which people signed their names on the petition to help stop this atrocity. The local newspaper also attended and conducted an interview with one of the practitioners. With more support from the kind people who have learned about the persecution the culprits will soon be brought to justice and the persecution stopped.

    Since the Chinese Communist Party's crackdown on Falun Gong, a practice which cultivates mind and body through practicing five gentle sets of exercises and follows the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," 2781 Falun Gong practitioners have been verified via relatives, eyewitness accounts or victims' photos, etc, as being persecuted to death. Most lost their lives after enduring prolonged inhumane torture including continuous beatings, shocks with high voltage electric batons, sleep deprivation, force-feeding, and the injection of nerve damaging drugs, all which take place in forced labor camps, jails and brainwashing classes all over the country. The United Nation's 2004 Report on Human Rights Persecution of Falun Gong pointed out that the brutality and cruelty of the torture "defies description."

    Originally in Finnish:

    Germany: Introducing Falun Gong at the Pocking Town Citizens Festival (Photos)

    ( To give the locals of Passau, Germany a chance to learn about Falun Gong and the persecution taking place against the practice, Falun Gong practitioners in Passau applied for a booth at the Pocking Town Citizens Festival, which was held in the south of Germany close to the Austrian border on the 16th of July, 2005.

    An informational stand so that people could find out more about the practice and the persecution Practicing the second Falun Dafa exercise Performing the exercises on stage

    During the day's activity, a Chinese lady approached the booth to find out about Falun Gong. One of the practitioners happened to know her and had tried to talk to her previously about the practice and why the persecution is wrong, but it seemed that she still wasn't so clear about this issue. During our activity this time, she was fortunate enough to have another opportunity to find out more about the practice and what the true reasons are behind the persecution initiated by the evil Chinese Communist Party in China. After we chatted for a second time, she was a lot clearer about Falun Gong and the persecution, and she later returned with a Chinese acquaintance, saying that they would probably come to learn the Falun Gong exercises at the local exercise class.

    In the evening, the practitioners demonstrated the five sets of peaceful and slow-moving Falun Gong exercises on the stage of the plaza in the town. They also performed the dance, "In Praise of Lotuses," that they had choreographed themselves. At the beginning, the host doubted whether such a performance would be suitable for the Citizens Festival. After we spoke to the host about the practice and the nature of the dance, together with sending forth righteous thoughts, the practitioners were allowed to perform on the stage. It was a successful performance and gained the audience's applause. The technicians in charge of the stage also provided their support by incorporating some of the visual effects that they had to add color and aesthetics to our performance. As the practitioners strictly abided by the rules of the festival, they left a good impression on the host.

    Those practitioners who took part in the activity all felt that it was a good decision to go to Poking and hold this activity.


    Media Reports

    Reuters: UN Rights Chief To Push For Reforms - Beijing Visit Will Focus On The Much-Criticized Justice System

    August 30, 2005

    China's widely criticised justice system, with its police torture, arbitrary courts and heavy use of the death penalty, will be the focus of the UN human rights chief's visit this week.

    UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour is due to meet China's justice minister today and the head of the Supreme People's Court on Thursday. She planned to discuss reforms to the legal system needed before Beijing can ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, a UN spokesman said.

    Beijing signed the covenant, a cornerstone of global rights law, in 1998 to coincide with the first visit by a UN high commissioner, but has yet to join 154 other countries in ratifying it.

    "The high commissioner would like to at least see some kind of timetable for ratification of the covenant," Jose Diaz, a spokesman from Ms Arbour's office, said in Beijing.

    "There still needs to be quite a few changes or reforms to the justice system in order for China to be able to comply with the covenant on political rights."

    Topics Ms Arbour would raise with Beijing officials would include the system of re-education through labour and the use of the death penalty, Mr Diaz said.

    Beijing has talked this year about reforming the re-education through labour system that allows dissidents and government critics to be sent to re-education facilities for up to four years without trial.


    China has the world's biggest prison population with 1.5 million inmates held in 670 jails. Rights groups see its judicial system as subordinate to the ruling Communist Party and an instrument to maintain its grip on power.


    Mainland courts, police and prisons have come under closer public scrutiny this year after a series of high-profile wrongful convictions, including a butcher executed for murder in 1989 and proven innocent when the "victim" turned up alive this June.

    More people - up to 12,000 - are put to death in China each year than the rest of the world combined, rights watchdogs say.

    Mr Diaz said that while Beijing had made some moves to improve human rights, the country was still not in a position to adopt the UN covenant.

    "There has been progress, but I think everyone would acknowledge there is quite a bit to be done," Mr Diaz said. "That's why she is here."

    Ms Arbour, a former international war crimes prosecutor, is to stay until Friday.

    Practitioners Exchange Insights and Experiences

    A Young Disciple Saw Hu Jintao in Other Dimensions

    ( Hu Jintao will soon visit the US and some other countries. A young disciple and I sent forth righteous thoughts last night to eliminate all evil beings, evil elements and evil dimensional field that interfere with and control Hu Jintao. I have compiled here what the young disciple saw in another dimension.

    After I got into the tranquil status, I saw two sides in front of my eyes. One side was bright and illuminated with golden light, while the other side was dark and filled with thick dark air. I saw Hu Jintao (his manifestation in other dimension), and he was on the dark side. He was sitting on a lotus flower with both legs crossed. But his body was somehow polluted and a large mass of black air encircled his head, which made him in a state of the stupor of a deep sleep. Many evil beings and evil elements were floating above him. To prevent Hu Jintao from getting in touch with the bright side, they used dark energy and installed a round shield around him. I walked over and said to him, "Although your human side is confused, you know the truth. You should handle things correctly!" (I forgot what else I said to him.) He pondered after hearing my words. I saw an extremely large number of evil beings and evil elements above his head, and suddenly I obtained a mysterious energy, which I transformed into an enormous Falun the size of the universe. I pushed the center of the Falun with my palm and shot it upward with all my strength. Instantly, the Falun turned clockwise and released incredibly strong energy that completely cleared out all the evil above Hu Jintao. (Maybe it was one dimension that had been cleared.)

    The above is a transcription of the young disciple's narration.

    My personal understanding is that we, as Dafa disciples, cannot be attached to any ordinary person and we cannot have an attachment to expect ordinary people to give us anything. The people including those high-level CCP officials who are still salvageable are all our objects to be saved; how can we expect anything of them? Although we don't have attachments toward any ordinary people, many people among the high-ranking CCP officials came from high levels of the universe; some even from extremely high levels, and some might have come with important missions. But after they entered ordinary society, they went into the maze, disappointed unprecedented historic opportunities that will determine their life and death, and that of innumerable beings related to them, and they are wasting the limited time gods are giving them. Some even consciously or unconsciously play a negative role in the evil camp. Whether they can awaken in a timely manner and escape the control of evil is in essence an issue of whether they can grasp the opportunity to having a continued existence and a bright future. Of course, on the level of human being, it's hard for ordinary people to understand these principles.

    At the same time, the evil force does not want to be eliminated right away and wants to destroy sentient beings. Therefore they exhaust all means to interfere and control these people. They form a large evil field around these people to prevent them from learning the truth, and to make them continue committing crimes against Dafa, to sustain this evil persecution. The evil is dragging these people and the beings related to them down, to the edge of a cliff that leads to complete destruction. The old force's arrangements are unfair to these people.

    We Dafa practitioners completely negate the old force arrangements, including all of their arrangements for high-ranking CCP officials who are salvageable. We have tried ways to save all beings. If we don't think of ways to rescue them and help them learn the truth, if we don't eliminate the evil field around them, it would be hard for them to awaken on their own and it's hard for them to make their own decisions, then they will be truly in a dangerous situation. Therefore, we should send forth righteous thoughts on a frequent basis, eliminate the old force elements, get rid of the dark minions and rotten demons, and the CCP specter that interfere and control those people, and eliminate the evil elements in their surrounding dimensional fields. This is a demonstration of benevolence towards them. As for what course to follow, it is up to them to choose.

    We, by all means, hold a pure heart and send forth righteous thoughts and think of ways to clarify the truth, the situation will develop as it should. We will obtain naturally without pursuing.

    The above is my personal understanding. Fellow practitioners, please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.

    Who Is Being Tested by Sickness Karma?

    ( Lately, I often hear fellow practitioners discussing two situations. One is how to send forth righteous thoughts together to help practitioners who are interfered with by severe sickness karma. Another is analyzing what attachments the practitioner experiencing the interference has. These remind me of a well-known veteran Falun Dafa practitioner I used to know.

    There was this veteran Falun Dafa practitioner who was a coordinator of a particular district. She was well-known in China, and practically everyone had heard of her. She was not only steadfast in her cultivation but also excellent in spreading Falun Dafa. She also organized practitioners to cultivate together. This had very strong and positive effects on the whole body. She was a well respected practitioner. According to some practitioners, on April 25, 1999, when she said that practitioners should go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, many practitioners went without any hesitation. If she had said that there was no need to go, everyone would stay home. Although this may be just a description of her, it shows that her words had a strong influence on other practitioners. About a year after the persecution of Falun Dafa started, she suddenly developed severe sickness karma. As the news spread to the local practitioners and many other practitioners who looked up to her, her condition became the center of attention. Many practitioners were worried about her safety and perplexed about what to do next. Consequently, many practitioners also got into arguments due to different opinions. Everyone was moved by sentimentality. She passed away not long after, and many other practitioners who respected her, looked up to her, and followed her were quite shocked, depressed and confused.

    After her death, everyone finally realized that the severe sickness karma was not only a severe test for her, but also a test for those practitioners around her. Did they follow the Fa, or her?

    When the test appeared, everyone was moved by sentimentality and channeled all their energy into helping her. In fact, every practitioner should clarify the truth, expose the evil, and at the same time cultivate themselves. Many practitioners considered her personal welfare even more important than our heavenly missions. Seeing this, the gods immediately increased her tribulation and arranged for her to leave this world earlier to test if others would still be firm and continue to cultivate despite her absence.

    Fortunately, many practitioners enlightened to this issue and let go of their attachments. They also realized that she had consummated to a very high level as well. This veteran practitioner, nevertheless, left this world before the Fa rectifies the human world, and it was indeed a great loss.

    Of course, I am not saying that practitioners should not help each other, or care about other practitioners. When other practitioners encounter any severe tribulation, we should definitely help them. The crucial thing is how to help them and at the same time handle ourselves properly, and that is what righteous thoughts and righteous actions really are. In many instances, when severe sickness karma appeared, it was not meant to test that particular practitioner but the practitioners surrounding the practitioner with the tribulation. It was to test whether others would persevere and continue to cultivate.

    Upon repeated introspections, I noticed two things. First, we are walking on the path of godhood and whatever we do, we should not pursue quantity over quality. What is important is whether our thoughts and actions are based on the Fa. Second, no matter what happens, we should never stray away from the mission bestowed on us - that is to clarify the truth, and save the sentient beings. This is the heavenly mission of the Fa-rectification practitioners.

    The practitioners being tested must have some attachments which they did not let go of. Their tribulations become severe, and it becomes difficult for them to pass the tribulation by themselves. If other practitioners were not attached to the practitioner under attack or the sickness karma itself, and continued to focus on the things that Master requires us to do, then the tribulation might not be so severe. In the eyes of God, to continually use one practitioner to test the others would be meaningless, if everyone can follow the Fa, is firm in their cultivations, and understands what is important.

    In fact, the situations of other practitioners suffering from these severe sicknesses are all different, especially now when the evil specter of the Communist Party is being cleansed. There is so much interference that is caused by this evil specter to distract practitioners and extend its living days in this world. The crucial thing is that whenever a problem occurs, we as practitioners should not simplify the problem or perceive it with a fixed model. When practitioners leave this world due to sickness karma, we should not discuss whether they cultivated well or not, because this is not what a practitioner should do. Instead, we should use this opportunity to learn a lesson from or find out what attachments that we still have. Currently, there are many different cases of practitioners leaving this world because of the sickness karma. Some cases are similar to what I have just mentioned, and some are influenced by many other factors. Conflicts do arise, and symptoms of sickness karma do appear in practitioners. If we are allowed to see or to hear those occurrences, we should know that it is not coincidental but is directly related to our cultivation and attachments.

    I will only write this much. The important thing about this article is to discuss the factors related to cultivation when facing severe sickness karma. In regards to the old forces, evils, and the communist scepter, they will not be discussed in the content of this article. It does not matter who is behind the test or interference. As practitioners, we still need to have a correct understanding so that we can cultivate better.

    Eliminate the Notion of Atheism with Righteous Thoughts When Clarifying the Truth


    Atheism is a big obstacle when clarifying the truth. Therefore, when we clarify the truth to an atheist, we cannot directly talk about Buddha or God. How can we resolve this?

    For a long period of time I felt that I could not do anything about this. Whenever I came across rigid atheists, I would often hesitate on the issue of God or Buddha. I worried that talking about this issue would exceed their ability to accept what I was saying and that I would end up having a negative effect.

    Later, I realized that this is another attachment, and an attachment that can easily be exploited and taken advantage of by the evil. This attachment is a manifestation of the atheist notion of "invincibility," which was formed by the CCP Party culture permeating Chinese society. It was also a manifestation of my lack of understanding the Fa.

    At that time, I only thought of how to clarify the truth or persuade people from the human side, while ignoring, or forgetting to use righteous thoughts to validate Dafa. I did not realize that on the human side, I can, (for the time being), not mention the existence of God, while in the meantime, I could be sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the corrupt elements of atheism behind the person, thus helping to save him.

    After I understood this, as I clarified the truth, I was not so passive towards those elements. On the surface I conformed to the person's attachment to atheism and correctly grasped the bottom line of his understanding. Then I tried my best to point out and open up for him the possibility of the "unknown" using examples similar to what Teacher taught in Zhuan Falun related to science. I also firmly and specifically sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the atheist materials behind the person so as to awaken his main consciousness and true nature, and his compassionate and clear side, as well as his awe of God. In practice I proved to myself that when the person to be saved is under the control of atheism, only by combining clarifying the truth and "eliminating atheism," can we really comprehensively "clarify the truth with wisdom" and get twice the results with half the effort. At the same time, I suggest that while sending righteous thoughts collectively, we take atheism as an object to be eliminated.

    August 20, 2005

    Don't Cultivate on Assumptions

    ( A while ago, I read Zhuan Falun aloud, paragraph by paragraph. There was a paragraph that struck me for the first time:

    "As you know, when a person reaches the Arhat level, in his heart he is not concerned about anything. He does not care at all in his heart for any ordinary human matter, and he will always be smiling and in good spirits. No matter how much loss he suffers, he will still be smiling and in good spirits without any concern. If you can really do this, you have already reached the entry-level Fruit Status of Arhatship."(Zhuan Falun, published in 2000)

    I read it several times and compared it with my cultivation state. I was astonished and felt as though I had awoken from a dream.

    I obtained the Fa a little late, but I have cultivated for over six years nonetheless. I experienced many hardships and evil persecution. With the compassionate help of Master and his protection, I have made it to today in spite of stumbling frequently. Sometimes, I felt happy and took it for granted. I thought that I had cultivated pretty well. However, compared to the standard of Dafa, I was too far away. Actually, the Fruit Status of Arhatship is the lowest Fruit Status. To reach this level, it means that

    "He does not care at all in his heart for any ordinary human matter" and "No matter how much loss he suffers, he will still be smiling and in good spirits without any concern."(Zhuan Falun)

    Reflecting on my cultivation state, I had not done well at all and sometimes wasn't even cultivating. Moreover, I could not remove my anger toward the authorities that initiated the persecution or toward the CCP and its followers. Later, after studying the Fa, I found that I was regarding the persecutors as enemies. Due to many years of the poisonous influence of the CCP evil culture and concepts such as "love and hate clearly distinguished" and "hating evil like it is an enemy," I had formed twisted mentalities. Practitioners have no enemies. Nobody is qualified to be the enemy of Dafa disciples. If someone hates the persecutors just like an ordinary person hates his enemies, then does he not lower himself to the level of ordinary people? I recall that, in those days, I often tried to look like a "hero," with a frown and angry eyes, which was actually a degenerate expression of a hero that was propagated by the CCP. It is a stark contrast to the compassion and benevolence required by Dafa. When I felt that I had cultivated very well, in actual fact, I was far away from the level of the entry-level Fruit Status of Arhatship.

    Upon finding the omission in my Xinxing, I tried to make up for it by doing the three things well as Master told us, and my Xinxing gradually improved. My hot temper cooled down, and that the enemy in my heart disappeared. I will not be angry no matter what happens, and I will remain smiling and in good spirits without any concerns. I do not even think about how well I cultivate because I understand that "Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master" (Zhuan Falun). You only have to cultivate diligently. I realize that any kind of human mentality could have terrible consequences. It's like a mooring rope and anchor that will keep us in the abyss of misery with "capsized boats and torn sails!" It is only by studying the Fa more diligently that can we find our attachments and recognize our incorrect mentalities and let go of them.

    August 20, 2005

    By Validating the Fa with a Righteous Mind and Righteous Actions I Walked Out of the Detention Center in 25 Days

    ( On May 21, 2005, I delivered some materials and Teacher's new articles to some fellow practitioners in Beijing. While waiting for the train home, I gave a truth-clarification flyer to a vendor. The vendor reported me to the police. At around 10:00 a.m., a group of policemen surrounded me in the waiting room, and some of them tried to pull my bag away from me. I held the bag tightly and sent forth righteous thoughts continuously. The persecutors took me to the train station's police station, even pushing me as I walked. My mind was very calm and I had no fear, I just thought about Teacher's words,

    "Don't take a detour when you run into difficulties. When you see something that does us harm, or when you see something blocking our validating the Fa, don't take a detour-you should face it, and clarify the truth and save those beings. This is the compassion (cibei) of a Dafa disciple, and it's our saving lives." ("Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference")

    When we arrived at the police station, I first told them, "Those who treat Dafa well will be rewarded. Good is rewarded with good and evil meets with evil. You should release me." They said, "As long as you are honest and tell us everything you did, we will let you go. I replied, "I have nothing to say -- I did nothing wrong, so you have no right to arrest me." They started to ask me questions such as where I was from and where I got the truth-clarification materials. I refused to tell them anything.

    Seeing that I would not answer their questions, the police took a photograph of me. At the time, my mind was filled with Dafa principles and righteous thoughts. Believing that "one righteous mind suppresses a hundred evils," I had no fear at all. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the rotten demons, dark minions, and the evil spirit of the communist party that were controlling the police. My righteous thoughts also blocked the policemen's evil human side, so they did not curse or beat me. Dafa practitioners are here to save sentient beings, not to be persecuted.

    The police continued to interrogate me, but instead of answering their questions directly, I told them about the true nature of Falun Gong and how it was being unlawfully persecuted. Because I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously, the atmosphere was not tense, and the persecutors did not get the information they wanted. After some time, one of them called a superior at the Beijing Railroad Public Security Division. By then it was lunchtime and all the police officers went out to eat. They also asked me to eat, but I refused to eat or drink anything.

    In the afternoon, some people from the Beijing Railroad Public Security Division arrived. They continued to interrogate me and tried to make me sign some paperwork. I refused to cooperate with them and told them, "Don't complicate things -- it will benefit everyone here if you simply let me go." Finally they said, "How should we address you if you don't tell us your name?" I said, "I am a Dafa practitioner, which means I am a particle of Dafa. You can call me 'a particle'." From that time on, they called me "a particle." They chatted with me afterwards, and I took the opportunity to further clarify the truth to them. At around 5:00 p.m., they escorted me onto a train and took me to the Beijing Railroad Detention Center.

    In the detention center, their evil sides were completely exposed as they interrogated me every night. They tried to pressure, tempt, and deceive me, and then they threatened me as they tried to get some information. They went to the Zhangjiakou City Police Department and used my picture to identify me and get my home address, after which some officers ransacked my home -- their usual tactic. The persecutors found and confiscated several Dafa books, a few truth-clarifying VCDs, and CDs and tapes containing Dafa music and truth-clarifying songs. They also threatened my family and interrogated them. At around 10:00 p.m. that same night, they secretly abducted another practitioner and detained him/her in the same detention center for over 20 days.

    The police were hypocrites: they looked nice on the surface and talked politely. Yet the evil elements that controlled them were still at work. From the beginning to the end, I maintained a clear mind and talked with the officers rationally, trying to save them with wisdom. I tried not to give them any excuse to persecute me, which prevented them from creating more karma for themselves. I tried to let them know about the solid, unshakable determination of Dafa practitioners. Furthermore, I tried to show them the good Dafa brings to people who cultivate the Law and Principles.

    With Teacher and the Fa present at all times, the evil cannot be feared. My own human attachments were of more concern. When I first arrived at the detention center, I refused to eat or drink anything. After several days, a doctor in the detention center checked me over. Upon finding that my body was completely normal after several days of hunger strike, the doctor said sincerely, "It looks like I should practice Falun Gong too!"

    One week later, the wicked police officers interrogated me again. The interrogation lasted for about 30 hours, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. the next day. They continuously pressured and threatened me. Six persecutors divided into three teams and took turns interrogating me. By then I had not eaten for over a week, and was feeling weak. The persecutors did not let me rest at all during the interrogation, so I was very tired. They used every opportunity to ask me about the source of the truth-clarification materials I had, and every word they spoke carried evil power. Still, I was fearless, thinking that no matter how rampant the evil became, Teacher controls it.

    I answered their questions with wisdom, and at critical times, I warned them, "Coercion cannot change people's heart. Only when people treat each other with compassion can a peaceful environment be formed. Human beings go through reincarnation: all of you might have met me in your previous lives. I am fulfilling my wish in this manner, so I don't mind your attitudes towards me. People should obey the will of Heaven when doing things and dealing with people. Now that the cosmic climate has changed, everyone should make the right choice. You said I violated the law, but I don't agree -- I haven't done anything that violates the law."

    When the interrogation was over, a police officer named Liu asked me, "Do you hate me?" I told him seriously, "As a Dafa practitioner, I have no hatred towards anyone. I hope you can do a lot of good things and have a good future as a result." Around noontime, a hailstorm followed a few sudden and loud thunderclaps. The hail was huge. I told them, "See, this is a warning sign from heaven. You should behave yourselves!" A guard on duty also said, "Heaven is angry."

    The persecutors could not deceive me, so they detained me indefinitely. I searched inside for attachments to dig them out at the roots. I also asked for Teacher's help to eliminate my human notions so that the evil would destroy itself and I could walk out of the den of evil. Finally, on June 15, 2005, I was released. I resumed regular practice, Fa study, and truth-clarification, and returned to the Fa rectification.

    These are some of my experiences and understandings. Please kindly point out anything that is incorrect.

    Facts of the Persecution

    The Unlawful Arrest and Mistreatment of a 16-year-old Girl


    Sun Yanpei, 16 years of age, is a student at Zhaoyuan No. 1 High School, Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province. She is a junior in high school. The 610 Office arrested her on August 11, 2005. August 14 was a holiday, but Sun Yanpei failed to return home. Her uncle then called the teacher in charge of her class and found out that the 610 Office had arrested her three days earlier.

    Some Background about Sun Yanpei's Family and Her Arrest

    Sun Yanpei's 43-year old father, Mr. Sun Guo, is a former employee of the Electric Power Bureau of Zhaoyuan City. Her 46-year old mother, Teng Yingfen, is a former employee of the Automatic Instrument Plant of Zhaoyuan City. The whole family has followed the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" since they began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. Sun Yanpei's father worked as a supervisor at his job. Due to his excellent work, he was sent to Nankai University in Tianjin by his employer in 1998 to do further study. Sun Yanpei's mother used to suffer from all kinds of diseases, but she completely recovered after she began practicing Falun Dafa. The entire family lived a harmonious life. Since Sun Yanpei began her cultivation of Falun Dafa, she became an outstanding student. She was ranked No. 2 in the whole city of Zhaoyuan after her 10th grade year-end examination.

    Since the nationwide persecution of Falun Gong practitioners began in July 1999, launched by the former Chinese Communist leader Jiang Zemin and the Chinese Communist Party, Sun Yanpei's family has suffered terrible hardships one after another. Mr. Sun, who refused to give up his practice of Falun Gong, has been persecuted for the past six years. He was arrested, detained and tortured. He was also fired from his job. He is still detained at Shandong Provincial Detention Center since his arrest in 2003. Ms. Sun Yanpei's mother has become homeless, as she cannot return home or she will be arrested. As a result, Sun Yanpei was left at home without parents. She was constantly interrogated and her life as a student was affected dramatically.

    On August 11, 2005, policemen from the 610 Office at Zhaoyuan arrested Sun Yanpei at her school. One kindhearted bystander said: "She is a good girl and an outstanding student. Be careful not to ruin her life." A member of the 610 Office replied: "Zhaoyuan No. 1 High school has no shortage of good students." Sun Yanpei's main teacher and the school principal covered up the arrest under pressure until her uncle called the school.

    It has been quite a while now since Sun Yanpei was detained. She is being detained at Lingnan Goldmine Brainwashing Center of Zhaoyuan City. The perpetrators threaten her every day and try to force her to inform them of her mother's whereabouts. They also try to force her to write the so-called Three Statements. Sun Yanpei started a hunger strike to protest such treatment, demanding an unconditional release so that she could go back to school. She is now very weak. Her grandparents and other relatives are very worried. They went to the 610 Office to ask for the return of their granddaughter, but they were refused.

    Kindhearted citizens of the world, please pay attention to Sun Yanpei's situation and give your moral and legal support to her so that she can be released soon.

    Some important contact phone numbers:

    Wang Shiliang: Communist Party Secretary of Zhaoyuan City, 86-535-8232868 (office)
    Zhang Wei: Mayor of Zhaoyuan City, 86-535-8211771 (office)
    Jiang Zhongqin: (Deputy Secretary of Politics and Law of Zhaoyuan), 86-535-8210955 (office), 86-535-8236878 (Home)
    Xu Linhong: (Head of the Public Security Bureau), 86-535-8216988 (home), 86-13808910011 (Cell)
    Cai Ping: Head of the Public Security Bureau), 86-535-8213899 (Office), 86-13705358566 (Cell)
    The Education Commission of Zhaoyuan City: 86-535-82213513
    Zhaoyuuna No. 1 High school: 86-535-8214002
    Teacher-in-charge of her class, yang Chengxing, 86-13954531609 (Cell)
    Teacher-in-charge of her grade: Li Bingmei, 86-535-8187829 (Home)

    August 17, 2005

    The Cruel Persecution I Suffered in the Shijiazhuang Second Detention Center

    ( On April 3, 2005 at around 7:30 p.m., in Shijiazhuang City, I was arrested and taken to the Huaidi Criminal Police Team. Five other practitioners were arrested at the same time and sent to other places for detention. At the police team, they locked me on an iron chair and cuffed my hands to its back with one hand over my shoulder so that I could not move at all. In addition, they didn't give me anything to eat. On the fourth day, when they uncuffed me in order to send me to a detention center, both my hands and feet were swollen and as a result I had great difficulty walking.

    On the afternoon of April 6, they sent me to the hospital to have my blood pressure checked and to get a chest X-ray. After that, they sent me to the Shijiazhuang Second Detention Center. The detention center authorities refused to accept me because I had pneumonia, according to the X-ray. The police turned me over to the Police Department, Yuhua Branch, and when they sent me to the detention center, I was refused again. The Yuhua Branch authorities talked to the gang who had a close relationship with the detention center and asked them to bribe the detention center authorities by giving them gifts and treating them to dinner. On the afternoon of April 7, the detention center accepted me. I was held in Cell 314 and was under surveillance.

    To protest this illegal arrest, I started a hunger strike. During roll call on the second night in the detention center, I suddenly passed out. They carried me to the detention center hospital and diagnosed me with having serious heart disease including myocardial defect, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, etc. They hastily treated me by injecting me with some cardio-tonic. Even under such circumstances, the police department authorities did not allow me to be released. Moreover, they sent over 300 yuan to the hospital in order to cover my expenses, intending to have me detained there long term. They wanted to find out my name and address, and used the hospital stay as an excuse to get it, because I never had told them anything from the beginning. On the third day, they started force-feeding me. Every other day, they would insert a tube into my stomach through my nose and force-feed me with two bags of soy powder mixed with 300ml water and salt. They called this force-feeding, but in fact it is a brutal torture method. I was in great pain during the whole process. Four people would hold me down by pressing on my legs, twisting my arms and locking my head in a certain position, and then the doctor would insert a tube as thick as a small finger into my nose and down into my stomach, causing me to choke and vomit. Instigated by the authorities, the doctor (her name was Li) would insert the tube and take it out of my stomach repeatedly to cause even more pain. While doing this, she would threaten me by saying, "Refuse to eat? We have lots of time. We will ensure that you will be fed so well that you'll gain a lot of weight." She wouldn't stop doing it until she was satisfied. Then she would pour the 300ml of liquid into the tube. To make me thirsty for water, they would put a large amount of salt into the tube as well. Once, an inmate named Jiang Guang even poured half of a bag of salt into the tube and caused me to have violent pain and nausea. In order to prevent me from having a heart attack, each time they started the force-feeding they would stuff a few pills into my mouth. After the force-feeding, I was not able to feel my body until more than half an hour later.

    Once, they injected me with an unknown drug before they did the force-feeding. Then, instead of inserting the tube into my stomach, they inserted it into my lungs. The pain was indescribable. At that moment, as soon as doctor Li's hand moved, my whole body convulsed violently and I shook with a constant dry cough while gasping for air. She would jostle the tube while threatening me by saying, "Will you eat or not?" and wouldn't stop until I was at the brink of death. Even the inmates grew indignant and blamed her for being "truly inhumane." Later, in order to prevent the inmates from seeing it, three times they dragged me to the relief yard and tortured me. In the beginning they force-fed me with soy powder, but later on they switched to corn powder. In just ten days I had lost weight and was only skin and bones. The skin all over my body began to peel, my legs became numb, pain developed in my liver area, all of my muscles were sore and I could not sleep. The force-feeding was intensified from every other day to every day, and the pain became worse and worse. Up until ten days before my release, I would throw up upon force-feeding. When I suffered from a heart attack, the doctor yelled and cursed at me. Later she ignored me and just ordered the staff to give me some pills. I had to consume three bottles of pills.

    Since I was sent to the Cell 314, I did not have a single peaceful day. The inmates, Jia Guang and Cai Huiting, would constantly change their methods of torturing me. Fearing that they would be held responsible if I died, they then eased up on the beatings. They would spit and pour water in my face, spit phlegm into my shoes, throw objects or shoes at me, and kick, step on, or hit me. Even when I was asleep, they would drag me onto the floor. Once, Cai Huiting, who was on night duty, poured water on my face while I was sleeping. When I woke up and asked him why he did it, he slapped me in the face. Jia Guang said, "We can get term reductions for punishing Falun Gong practitioners." My health deteriorated faster and faster until one day, I was not able to walk anymore.

    In early June, I was released unconditionally. They carried me to a van, drove me to the bus station and even paid the fare for me. But they didn't set me free completely. I found out that I was monitored closely. When I saw that several familiar faces were following me, I realized that I could not go directly home. I circled around for a day and a night, but failed to get rid of them, so I took a bus to Dachenzhuang at Xi'an County. However, as soon as I got off the bus, I noticed that plainclothes police officers as well as a lot of vehicles were already waiting for me, and someone even followed me to the bathroom. I had to take another bus to Cangzhou. Upon arriving at Cangzhou, I noticed that the surveillance was even closer. Plainclothes police were riding around in sedans, vans, taxis, motorcycles and bicycles in order to watch me. I had only 4 yuan left, which wasn't enough for me to go home, so I had to beg for money for food and sleep on the street.

    Two days later, in the middle of the night, I finally lost those who had been following me. I went to a fellow villager's home and got in contact with my workplace. They came the next night and took me home. When I got home, my family members could hardly recognize me, and they all cried. After sixty-three days of persecution, I went from weighing 165 Jin (about 180 lbs) to 110 Jin (about 120 lbs). People all asked why. I said, "It is just because I believe in 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance' and try to be a good person."

    Aug. 9, 2005

    Exposing the Crimes of National Security Bureau in Jilin City (photos)

    ( The address of the Jilin City National Security Bureau is No. 51 Beijing Road, Jilin City. It is in the same building as the Jilin City Police Department. The signs reading "Jilin City National Security Bureau" and "Jilin City Police Department" are on opposite ends of the front gate.

    The Office building for both the Jilin City Police Department and the Jilin City National Security Bureau

    After July 20, 1999, the Jilin City National Security Bureau actively participated in persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners. The CCP allocated a large amount of money to the Jilin City National Security Bureau, allowing the NSB to build an office building with more than 10 floors at No. 59 East Songjiang Road. This building is used to persecute Dafa practitioners and it is the public address for the Jilin City NSB. To cover up their what they do, the NSB doesn't even hang its sign at the office building at No. 59 East Songjiang Road.

    Exterior of the Jilin City NSB at No. 59 East Songjiang Road

    In fact, the officials working for the NSB keep their workings secret from each other. Subordinates are absolutely not permitted to ask about classified information from their superiors. The NSB "superiors" usually work in secret inside the Jilin City NSB Jiangnan Family Dormitory. The Jilin City NSB and the Jilin Province Department of National Security invested a huge amount of money to build two offices by the beautiful Fengman District in Jilin City. It then used them to train "top national spies" and to persecute Dafa practitioners. One office is located at the former Jilin City NSB Retirement Center on the east bank of the Songhua River. Although this office claims to be open to the public, the Jilin City NSB never allows tourist boats or tourists to get close to this office.

    The former Jilin City NSB Retirement Center, viewed from a distance, located on the east bank of Songhua River, currently being used to persecute Dafa practitioners

    The former Jilin City NSB Retirement Center located on the east bank of the Songhua River, currently being used to persecute Dafa practitioners

    The other office was built with a tremendous investment from the Central National Security Bureau and investments from the Jilin Province Department of National Security. The Jilin City National Security Bureau is located on the west bank of the Songhua River. This is the main office for training spies and persecuting Dafa practitioners.

    Panorama of the Jilin City National Security Bureau's secret office on the west bank of the Songhua River

    Close up of the Jilin City National Security Bureau's secret office on the west bank of the Songhua River

    Exterior of Jilin City NSB Family Dormitory in Jiangnan, the Fengman District, Jilin City

    The Jilin City National Security Bureau has closely followed the CCP in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. They secretly arrest Dafa practitioners in order to persecute them, and some practitioners have simply "disappeared." The following is a recent update on how the Jilin City National Security Bureau persecutes Dafa practitioners.

    After NSB police failed to arrest a Dafa practitioner, they tricked the practitioner's mother into opening the door and ransacked her home

    On July 15, 2005, perpetrators from the Jilin City National Security Bureau tried to arrest Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Yin, an employee of the Jilin City Radiation Chemistry Industry Company. At around 2:00 p.m., NSB officers went to Ms. Wang's workplace in an attempt to arrest her. She was at her mother's home, so the officers forced her superior to phone her and ask her to return to work to discuss work-related issues. Ms. Wang recognized the trap and didn't return to work. The NSB officers thus failed to arrest her, so they arrested Zhang Liping, the department manager, claiming she leaked their plan to Ms. Wang.

    At around 3:00 p.m., the NSB officers took Zhang Liping and surrounded Ms. Wang's mother's home. They were afraid of exposing their activities, so they made up an excuse and asked Ms. Wang to open the door, which she refused. The officers then forced Wang Yujiang, the board director at Ms. Wang's workplace to knock on the door, but she still refused to open it. The officers called a "110" police van (similar to a USA "911" response team). Zhu, an officer from the Xiangyang Police Department from

    the Jilin City Shipping Bureau and others came and said they would break in and take Ms. Wang away. Ms. Wang firmly refused to cooperate with them, and the NSB officers had to give up their arrest plans. Ms. Wang Yin escaped later that evening with the power of her righteous thoughts.

    On the afternoon of July 17, NSB officers tricked Ms. Wang's mother into opening the door, claiming they were collecting for the water bill. Wang Yin's mother, in her 70s, was the only one home at the time. The NSB officers ransacked her home and took some truth clarification materials. To avoid being arrested, Ms. Wang was forced to leave home.

    The Jilin City National Security Bureau arrests Dafa practitioners, extorts money and ransacks homes

    On the afternoon of July 15, 2005, Jilin City NSB officers arrested Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Jianhua, 38 years old, an employee of Division 9 at the Jilin City Business Bank and his wife, practitioner Ms. Qian Lijun, 36 years old, an employee of the Nanning Branch of the Jilin City Business Bank at work. They later ransacked their home. They also ransacked the home of Mr. Wang's mother-in-law. They turned both homes upside down. They didn't find anything they wanted, but they still arrested the two practitioners and took Mr. Wang's personal computer.

    Mr. Wang Jianhua and Ms. Qian Lijun's home, after the Jilin City National Security Bureau ransacked it

    After officers from the Jilin City National Security Bureau confiscated Mr. Wang's personal computer

    After NSB officers arrested Mr. Wang and Ms. Qian, their mothers went to various authorities and asked for their release. Because the NSB officers couldn't find anything to justify the confiscation of their property and the arrest, several days later they reluctantly returned the computer and released Ms. Qian. Mr. Wang's family went to the NSB and asked for his release, but the NSB authorities refused, claiming, "Wang Jianhua had a bad attitude." After a period of persecuting Mr. Wang, they still failed to find any incriminating evidence, so they released him, but not before threatening him, "We'll let you go for now, but we can have you any time we want because we know your work unit. The reason we are releasing you is so we can get back to you big time in the future." After extorting a 5,000 Yuan "food fee during detention" from Mr. Wang's mother, the NSB officers released him.

    Since the NSB officers didn't have any evidence to arrest Mr. Wang and Ms. Qian, they made up the allegation that Mr. Wang bought an MP3 players for other practitioners so they could contact people in foreign countries.

    Jilin City NSB officers use arrest, lies and brainwashing

    Practitioner Mr. Bai He, 39 years old, was a cadre with the rank of deputy lieutenant at the 47th Army Division in Jilin City, Jilin Province. On July 22, 1999, people from his work unit arrested him because he appealed for the right to practice Falun Gong. He was forced to resign and was later sent to a forced labor camp. In October 2000, Mr. Bai went to Beijing to appeal for the second time and the local police department arrested him. He was held in a labor camp for two years and was then transferred to the Jilin City Forced Labor Camp where he was brutally tortured.

    On July 15, 2005, Jilin City NSB officers went to Mr. Bai's residence in Jiangnan. They arrested him again along with another practitioner named Ms. Li Yuemei, a woman in her 50s. They took a computer and other personal belongings from Mr. Bai's home. Ms. Li was sent to the No. 3 Detention Center of Jilin City and was later sent home.

    The NSB perpetrators held Mr. Bai at a secret NSB office on the west bank of the Songhua River. They cuffed his hands and deprived him of sleep for a very long time. At the same time they otherwise mentally tortured him. Mr. Bai resisted with righteous thoughts. After more than ten days, the NSB officers secretly sent him to the Fushun Brainwashing Center and tried to "reform" him. Before his arrest, the NSB officers had been following Mr. Bai for a long time and had also monitored his home. His mother went to Jilin City's National Security Bureau and asked for his release, but the officers lied and said Mr. Bai was still in Jilin City.

    When Mr. Bai He was sent to Fushun City Brainwashing Center in Liaoning Province, two officers from Jilin City closely followed him. He escaped from the brainwashing center with the power of righteous thoughts.

    In July 2005, the Jilin City NSB officers arrested four Dafa practitioners: Mr. Wang Jianhua, Ms. Qian Lijun, Ms. Li Yuemei and Mr. Bai He again. Other practitioners in the area actively rescued these four practitioners.

    In late July 2005, the practitioners worked together and made three banners, each one measuring two to three meters. They read, "The NSB persecutes good people; heavenly principles will not tolerate such crimes," "NSB: immediately end all persecution of Dafa practitioners" and "NSB: immediately release all detained Dafa practitioners." They also posted dozens of messages on self-adhesive tape that read, "Jilin City NSB officers arrest good people and commit robberies."

    They posted these banners and tapes near the NSB office building at No. 59 East Songjiang Road, which shocked and suppressed the NSB.

    Sample of tape posted near the office building at No. 59 East Songjiang Road

    The family members of the four arrested Dafa practitioners also went to the NSB and related government departments and asked for their release. With their efforts, three practitioners have returned home and Mr. Bai escaped with the power of righteous thoughts.

    The Jilin City National Security Bureau: 86-432-3501131, 86-432-2503114

    The Jilin City NSB Retirement Center: Badong, Fengman District, Jilin City
    Zip code: 132011
    Telephone: 86-432-4796598

    Li: head of the Jilin City National Security Bureau

    Liu Xiaofeng: officer at the Jilin City National Security Bureau who ransacked Mr. Wang Jianhua's home, 86-13844299583 (Cell)

    The Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioner Zhu Xianzhi from Henan Province

    ( Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Zhu Xianzhi is from Yanshi City, Henan Province. Ms. Zhu was illegally sentenced to a seven-year jail term on March 1, 2005. She started a hunger strike to protest the persecution and was brutally force-fed through a tube, causing her tremendous suffering and a 4 cm hole in her lungs. At present, Zhu Xianzhi is still illegally detained in Huaxia Hotel, Yanshi City. Her weight has dropped from over 50 kg to a little over 30 kg. She has difficulty breathing and is on the verge of death.

    Ms Zhu Xianzhi is 45 years old and a practitioner from Tangsengsi Village, Goushi Town, Yanshi City, Henan Province. Because she believes in "Truthfulness- Compassion--Tolerance" and practices Falun Gong, she was sent to a brainwashing class many times by the 610 Office of the Yanshi Politics and Law Committee. Once she was sent to a forced labor camp. On January 20, 2003, she was released from the forced labor camp.

    On March 6, 2003, Zhu Xianzhi was arrested from her home and sent to a brainwashing class held in the Yanshi Hotel and administered by the Yanshi City 610 Office. The following people were involved in her arrest: Han Guoqing, the head of the municipal 610 Office, Zhang Baomin, a police officer from the political security section of the city's police department, Ma Xianwu, the head of the town 610 Office, two staff members from the General Administration Office and police officers from the town police station. With powerful righteous thoughts and the help of Master, Zhu Xianzhi escaped and became homeless.

    On September 28, 2004, when she was on her way home from work, Zhu Xianzhi was arrested by plain-clothed police and sent to the Heizhuang Detention Center in Zhengzhou City. During her two weeks of detention, Zhu Xianzhi sustained a hunger strike. Finally she was sent back to the Yanshi Detention Center.

    1. Leather whips, shackles and handcuffs

    On October 12, 2004, when Zhu Xianzhi was sent to the Yanshi Detention Center, she was immediately put in big shackles and some specially made handcuffs (made of a flat steel bar that forms a circle to fit the wrist and is then locked by twisting a steel wire pin). The cuffs prevented her hands from moving at all.

    On the afternoon that she was first sent to the cell, the guard, Zhu Guizhi, gathered all the inmates together and told them that no one was allowed to talk to Ms. Zhu, not to have pity for her, and that if she talked to others, they should beat or kick her.

    At some point, Zhu Xianzhi's family sent her a warm bed cover, but until then, she only wore a light shirt and a pair of light trousers. In addition, because she was on a hunger strike, she was put into shackles and handcuffs that were chained together, which made her unable to move her four limbs. She was only able to sit, freezing, with her whole body trembling. On the night of October 13, Zhu Xianzhi was unable to sleep at all due to the cold. She told the patrol people about her situation but they did not help her. On October 15, four male inmates, including Mou Xiaolei and Mou Shaomin, carried Zhu Xianzhi to the open field inside the detention center and held her to the ground. They lashed her six times with a leather whip. The next day, she was whipped five more times. Every time after she was whipped, under the watch of the inmate Shi Yina, she would be forced to stand up straight, and was not allowed to sit or lean against a wall. Because of being on a hunger strike, wearing shackles and handcuffs, and being freezing cold, Zhu Xianzhi was trembling and unable to stand stable. Even in such a situation, she was still forced to do two night shifts like that.

    Around 8 a.m. on October 18, the political head Xu gathered all the people for a meeting and claimed that Zhu Xianzhi did not follow the prison rules and refused to do counting when being called. He ordered four prisoners to carry Zhu Xianzhi outside and give her ten whippings. The next day when the policewoman, Zhu Guizhi, found out that Zhu Xianzhi still refused to do counting when being called, she ordered another six whippings.

    Zhu Xianzhi was forced to wear handcuffs and shackles from the time she was sent to the detention center. Half a month later, the torture had caused her four limbs to be numb. She also suffered from a fever and extreme pain. She couldn't sleep at night and was still forced to do two night shifts.

    Zhu Xianzhi started to resume eating because of her poor health condition. Then they forced her to work and do night shifts. She had to get up at 6 a.m. and work until 10 p.m. or midnight. Because of her poor health condition, Zhu fainted several times and felt pain on her lower back, feet, hands and arms. She had several fevers, coughed and experienced dizziness. The head of the detention center, Guan Jinxiang, said to her: "You are sick and can't work. Many others are sick as well. What are we to do if they all refuse to work? We have a rule that if one can't work, one has to wear shackles." Therefore, on December 13, Zhu Xianzhi was put in shackles weighing over 5 kg.

    One week later, Zhu Xianzhi's condition worsened, and she asked that the shackles be removed. Guan Jinxiang asked her whether she wanted to work. She said she was unable to. Guan immediately turned around and left. Half a month later, Zhu Xianzhi felt dizzy and vomited, and her cough became worse. She asked that the shackles be removed. Guan asked her again whether she would work. Zhu Xianzhi said, "My health is so poor. I am indeed unable to work." Guan said, "Then keep wearing them," and left. Zhu Xianzhi's condition worsened day-by-day. She was not able to walk straight and kept falling down. She had difficulty going to the toilet. Her feet were swelling. They finally removed the shackles from her.

    2. Brutal force-feeding

    Because of the persecution, Zhu Xianzhi's body was out of balance. She felt oppression in her chest and had intense pain in her head. She couldn't eat for consecutive days, so they started force-feeding her again, once a day. On the first day, they filled her with flour soup. Later they filled her with very salty flour soup, which made her vomit, and feel dizzy and weak. Two times after being force-fed, Zhu Xianzhi had to go to the bathroom from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. with diarrhea. She also started to vomit blood. Every time when she was force-fed, four or five people plus a doctor were involved. They would hold her down to the ground in the open field outside. One held her legs; one held her feet; one held her arms; and one covered her mouth with a wet towel. They would fill her with salty flour soup from two half-full troughs that are approximately 20 cm in diameter. Zhu would convulse on the ground and would choke out almost everything. They kept doing this, and even used an inflated air bag, which made Zhu feel as though her heart and lungs were going to explode. Only after spitting out the food did she feel better. The force-feeding would last ten to twenty minutes. Afterwards, they would leave and Zhu would be vomiting and having diarrhea. The next day they would perform the same procedure again. Zhu Xianzhi kept vomiting blood and coughing for three or four nights afterwards. Later, they gave her infusions, which lasted about three days, until they couldn't inject the needle into her body any longer.

    Since then, Zhu Xianzhi would cough every night and was unable to sleep. She asked for a medical examination and it was refused. The evil ruffians forced her to work every day. The head of the detention center and police would scold her if she refused to work. They would assign the work to others in the same cell if she could not work, which triggered the inmates to bully and scold her. These evil people would not allow her to close her eyes or cough. When she closed her eyes, they would throw something on her head. Zhu Xianzhi suffered such maltreatment every day until she was sentenced and sent to the Xinxiang Women Prison on March 24, 2005. She was diagnosed with severe infectious pulmonary tuberculosis and had a 4 cm hole in her lungs which was caused by the forced-feeding.

    3. Illegally sentenced to jail

    Zhu Xianzhi was extremely weak due to the persecution in the Yanshi Detention Center. However, the Yansi Detention Center not only refused to give her a medical examination but also rushed the court to sentence her.

    On March 1, 2005, the court held a hearing. There was neither evidence nor a witness to support the so-called crimes claimed by the prosecutor. Zhu Xianzhi didn't acknowledge any of the charges. Even the defendant lawyer said that there was not enough evidence to convict her. However, the Xanshi People's Court sentenced her on March 2, 2005, to seven years in jail.

    4. Force-feeding medicine

    On March 24, 2005, when Zhu Xianzhi was sent to Xinxiang City for a physical exam, she was found to have infectious pulmonary tuberculosis. The detention center was told to take her back immediately, but they did not pick her up until March 27. Zhu Xianzhi was held for another 10 days in the detention center. Her condition worsened daily. She kept coughing up saliva and phlegm, day and night, unceasingly. She was unable to sleep and had difficulty breathing. She was on the verge of death. Her weight dropped from over 50 kg to a little over 30 kg.

    The Yanshi Detention Center refused to send her home. On April 8, Zhu Xianzhi was sent to the Huaxia Hotel where many brainwashing classes were held. The hotel had television monitors even in the restroom, and every day there were 14 to 15 people guarding her around-the-clock. Ms. Zhu's room would be locked tightly at night with a stick against the door.

    Zhu Xianzhi protested being put in this hotel. They forcefully pulled her up to the third floor. Zhu yelled out loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" (At that time, Zhu's throat was swelled so much that she almost couldn't speak). The director of the Politics and Law Committee, Zhang Qinghua, promptly pushed her into the room. He slammed her against the wall and tried to stop her from yelling out because he was afraid that others might hear. He said, "Why don't you hit the wall and kill yourself?" Because it was midnight and they were afraid of being heard, they let her go.

    On the second and third days, the authorities force-fed medicine into Ms. Zhu with the intention of improving her health slightly and returning her to jail. The cost for the medicine was between 200 to 300 yuan per day. The hotel room was 50 yuan per day. The total cost for 15 people's accommodation and food would be over 1000 yuan per day.

    August 12, 2005

    Exposing the Atrocities at Changsha City Detention Center in Hunan Province, China


    Changsha City Detention Center at Changqiao, Changsha County, Hunan Province was established around 2003. With the most up-to-date equipment, it is claimed to be the largest detention center in Changsha City. When relatives come to visit the detainees, they are all monitored tightly under closed-circuit-television. They say the surveillance system is "air-tight."

    Information about this detention center's persecution of illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners is virtually unknown to the outside world, but those practitioners are suffering extremely brutal persecution while resisting the evil and denying the persecution. Below is a brief description of some of the atrocities that we know about.

    Police brutally beat detained practitioner Ms. Shu Bilan

    In August 2004, Ms. Shu Bilan, a retiree from Changsha Telecommunications Company and a Falun Gong practitioner, was detained due to her distributing Falun Dafa truth clarification materials. Later, she was sent to Baima Women's Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou for further persecution. She wasn't released until April 2005 after being tortured to near-death. During the first 20-some days at the Changsha Detention Center, Ms. Shu was tortured in many ways, mentally and physically. Ms. Shu, who was more than 50 years old, was cuffed and shackled continuously for up to three weeks, brutally force-fed, and beaten because she went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. She was force fed with pungent hot soup that burned her eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. Female guards, Peng and Yan Jiao (both about 30 years old), instigated other detainees to hit and beat Ms. Shu while slapping her.

    With the support and knowledge of the guards, cell leader Liu Yuan and other detainees hit and beat Ms. Shu Bilan. They hit her head with their fists or kicked her body. Some restrained her with their hands and feet, sitting or stepping on her. One abuser was a 19 year old drug addict. Peng also slandered Dafa while scolding Ms. Shu Bilan.

    Practitioner Ms. Tan Xiangyu forced to do slave labor

    In mid October 2004, having been illegally detained for 14 months at the Changsha City Detention Center, practitioner Ms. Tan Xiangyu went on a hunger strike to resist the unlawful sentence of three and a half years. When she became critically ill, her family members requested to see her, but the center lied, saying that Ms. Tan refused their visit. Ms. Tan's Family members went to the center many times to see her, but every attempt failed, as the center continually evaded the issue by saying that they needed approval from the local court. On November 1, 2004, Ms. Tan was transferred to the Hunan Province Women's Prison but was refused on account of her illness-ridden health condition. So, on the same day, Ms. Tan had to go back to the detention center. At first the center said that, if she could not pass the physical exam, Ms. Tan would be released for probation outside the jail. But when the relatives arrived to pick her up, the center did not release Ms. Tan and still provided no help to her. Later, the guards got in by the back door and succeeded in transferring Ms. Tan to the Hunan Province Women's Prison. Now, the 58 year old Ms. Tan Xiangyu is forced to do slave labor more than 20 hours every day in the prison. She has become skin and bones.

    Practitioner Ms. Xu Jingxian chained to a door plank

    In April 2005, as a retiree from Changsha City Construction Engineering Co. and a Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Xu Jingxian, along with her husband and son, were illegally arrested by the Xinhe Police Station of Kaifu District. All three of them were detained at the Changsha Detention Center. Ms. Xu is suffering severe persecution after going on a hunger strike to protest against the illegal detention. Ms. Xu was cruelly chained to a door plank. There is no rest, even at meal time when she is force-fed by other detainees. Ms. Xu continues to suffer from torture at the Changsha City Detention Center.

    Unreasonable refusal of relative's visits

    The center police have always prevented family members from visiting the detained practitioners. They do that particularly during the practitioner's hunger strikes. Their usual excuse is that the practitioner does not want the visit. The truth is that they are afraid of the repercussions after the relative's see the mental and physical torment forced on the detainee. Also, the center likes to create misunderstandings or barriers between the practitioner and their relatives so as to cut off support from the family. The center has succeeded in creating false impressions for many visiting relatives who were unexpectedly disappointed. Many became miserably bitter after failing to see their relative.

    Four practitioners still being illegally detained

    There are still four practitioners illegally detained at the Changsha City Detention Center. They are, Ms. Xu Jingxian (arrested on 4/5/2005), Ms. Zhang Xinyi (arrested on 4/28/2005), Ms. He Yingqing (arrested on 6/29/2005), and Ms. Xia from Wangcheng County (arrested on 6/10/2005, details to be checked). The evil police are trying to arrange for illegal sentences against them, while Ms. Xu and Ms. Zhang are on hunger strikes to resist the persecution.

    Changsha City Detention Center

    Address: Changqiao, Changsha County, Changsha City
    Zip Code: : 410100

    Telephone: : 86-731-4074801, 86-731-4074802, 86-731-4074803, 86-731-4074830, 86-731-4074900, 86-731-4074928, 86-731-4074980

    Women Instructing Police: Wang Yuhong, Yan Jiao, and others

    Practitioners Worldwide Share How They Found Dafa

    Australian Practitioner: My Spiritual Journey to "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance"

    ( My spiritual journey began back in 1973 in Australia after leaving an upper middle class private school education system the previous year and feeling quite disillusioned with life. My girlfriend at the time took me to the only vegetarian restaurant in Sydney. I ended up working there and my life took a dramatic change for the better. The owner of the restaurant introduced me to the I-Ching (Book of Changes) and I instantly had a rapport with the ancient Chinese text and used the book for decades. I also studied under an Indian Yogi and did several years of intense yoga.

    In 1974 I went overseas with a pair of chopsticks to Israel and met my Japanese wife-to-be and we had four beautiful children back in Australia. In 1975 I studied Tai-Chi Chuan and after ten years began to teach. Many years went by, and one day a few years ago I met a practitioner of Falun Dafa and I knew immediately there was something very special about this person. Instantly we became friends. He gave me a book to read: Zhuan Falun by Master Li Hongzhi. I told him I would give it my undivided attention but I was reading other books and so I did not look at it for a while.

    A few months later he invited me to a practice site. I accepted, and we did the four Falun Dafa standing exercises and the fifth, the sitting exercise. During the practice I could not believe what was going on inside my body. Everything I had previously learned spiritually was like having been attending kindergarten compared to this incredibly simple yet extremely powerful set of five exercises created by Master Li Hongzhi. The practitioner asked me when I would like to practice again. I said "tomorrow."

    I could not wait to get home and start reading the book that was so patiently waiting for me. When I started reading Zhuan Falun I could not believe that everything I had ever thought about or questioned was here in this very special book. Straight away I stopped my Yoga and teaching Tai-Chi and diligently practiced Falun Dafa every day. I noticed that past injuries which I had sustained over the years had disappeared, and I felt a peaceful benevolence that I had not experienced to this degree before.

    After practicing for a few months I rang my eldest son overseas and told him about Master Li's great practice, and he said that made sense and started practicing. A year later my second son died and I had to dig deep within myself and bear this hardship but I was fortunate to have my cultivation practice. Now my daughter and other son practice and I am forever grateful to Master Li, who led me to return to where my life originally began by living according to the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

    A Mother of Three Tells "How Dafa Totally Changed My Life"

    ( There is no doubt in my mind that what Master Li says about predestined relationships is true, due to the fact that I searched endlessly for the Fa since I was around 7 years old. At this young age I started reading books on Atlantis, the great pyramids, astral projection, and books by Erich von Daniken. I watched and read everything I could about the universe, aliens and our solar system. I read the Bible through and through and felt close to God, and knew deep within that I must become a better person.

    At eight years old I stepped forward in church and received Baptism. Still I knew there was something more, and I always felt like there was something I needed to do, but what it was exactly, I did not know.

    As I grew up, my family split apart, and eventually my parents divorced. I fell away from Christianity and started following along with society and materialism. I am from eastern Kentucky and have only a ninth grade education due to a rebellious and angry temperament. I always blamed my parents for all my downfalls and tribulations. I tumbled and lost myself in self-pity, drugs and negative associations. My teenage years were chaotic at best, but inside I still had a little Buddha nature left.

    At 20 I joined an ancient mystical society, and through its teaching learned many things about the world and felt better grounded. I belonged to this mystery school for many years, but it did not keep me from sliding down even further, and it never emphasized virtue or how to be a better person. So while still clinging to it for protection, I continued my search to find the truth, but everywhere I looked it was not there. Once I felt drawn toward learning something about eastern thought and read a book on Zen Buddhism. As I read, it came to a part that talked about meditating and sitting in silence and enlightening on your own. I remember my frustration with what I read and thinking, "Enlighten to what? I put the book down and sadly never picked up another book of eastern thought again because I figured that they were all the same.

    At age 28 I was still doing drugs, and by this time I was developing severe allergies and chronic bronchitis which led me to the hospital, sometimes three times a year, with pneumonia. I was still a member of the secret order, the ancient mystical society I spoke of earlier, yet my life had become deplorable. I was depressed and lost. I gave up on finding the way and plunged full force into the big dye vat of society.

    By this time I had three children. My family life was very strained. I was not an ideal mother. I always lost my temper and always thought of myself first before anyone else. If anyone wronged me, I would surely wrong them much worse to get back at them. I had many enemies. I had an affair to get back at my husband's having an affair, and our marriage never fully recovered.

    My mother had lived in Saudi Arabia for many years and never knew her grandchildren. She moved back to the US in 1998. She moved to Texas and asked me to move there with her. It took two years for me to agree because my relationship with my mother had always been rocky in the past. Looking back now I know that Master had arranged everything.

    We moved in with my mother in July of 2000. My husband and I thought we were leaving our problems behind. We got good jobs working in the telecommunications industry. By September we moved out and got our own place. Then suddenly everyone was laid off and we lost our jobs. We moved back in with my mother. Terrible fights started between me and my husband and this made things with my mother very bad. I was still involved with the secret order in Texas and would travel to Austin once a month to attend a meeting.

    I became very close with the regional monitor of the group. I was looking to him to maybe answer some of the questions I had as to the truth of why was I here. He just wanted to have a physical relationship. I totally lost faith in the order and quit. Something inside of me was waking up. I suddenly had a strange desire to learn Chinese. I started thinking about cultivation practices that I had heard about. I knew that affairs were wrong and wanted to be moral. I wanted to go to China and find a master! Where was I going to find one? I couldn't just leave my family and go away. I went to the highest hill in Canyon Lake and just sat there and spoke to whoever was there to possibly listen to my plea. It was a silent prayer to the universe for a way to cultivate back. Little did I know that someone was listening.

    A few days later my husband, my mother and I all got into a big argument which resulted in her throwing us all out and we had nowhere to go but to a homeless shelter. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. My husband found another job and while he was gone from the shelter to work, the children and I would walk to the local public library. We had access to a VCR and I owned a computer but had no Internet access. We would borrow videos and books and CD's. On my second visit to the library, I came across a video entitled The True Story of Falun Gong. I had never heard of Falun Gong, but for some unknown reason at that time, I borrowed it and felt an urgency to watch it.

    I can remember putting it into the recorder and pressing play and seeing the Falun and hearing the music. It dumbfounded me. I was speechless and could think of nothing else but watching the story. I knew I had found what I had been searching for all of my life in that single instant. I went back to the library the next day to use their computer and look up I downloaded each exercise onto a disk, took it back to the shelter, put it into my computer and practiced the movements and read the book.

    After a week I woke up at night with what felt like an electrical current going into my abdomen. This was not unpleasant, it just woke me up. I feel like that is when I acquired the Falun. From using the website I found a group practice site in my area and went there for the first time and met some practitioners. I finally purchased a copy of Zhuan Falun and went home and read it all in one day. As I started through it again my lips swelled up like I had collagen injections in both of my lips. It did not hurt but my lips felt very thick and it was annoying. The whole thing lasted about a week. I called a practitioner in Austin and asked him about it. We decided it was a Xinxing issue and soon after it started to come down, and has never been back.

    We started looking at houses so that we could move out of the shelter. One evening we went to look at a house. We stopped by a gas station to fill up our car and get something to drink. As I was coming out of the store and walking toward the car a girl I never met before walked up to me and asked me to open my hand. She seemed harmless, so I obliged and she put a huge bug into my hand. I screamed and she started to laugh. The bug flew up into the air and landed on the sidewalk. I picked it up as she was going into the store. I looked at it and realized it was one of those fake, trick bugs and this made me furious. I got into the car and was waiting for my husband to get back in with the kids, and I was thinking to myself, I must forbear. Isn't this the kind of thing Master talks about in the book? I was still so angry. How dare that girl do that to me? I yelled at her as we drove away and I failed my first big Xinxing test. I felt very bad afterward.

    A week later we moved into that house and I continued to go to group practice and read. Every day, after I came home from the group practice I would sleep for a long time and have loose stools. I coughed up stuff out of my lungs, but I noticed I no longer needed my rescue inhaler and I bravely quit taking the antihistamine medication for a day to see what would happen. I had taken it for ten years and could not breathe well without it. I also had a nebulizer because sometimes I had to have a deep treatment for my lungs. I went off of it and I couldn't' believe my surprise! I didn't need it anymore. So I quit taking everything. My allergies all went away. I am still practicing to this day. Falun Dafa totally changed my life, and I am a different person now. I can hardly believe what I used to be. I owe my life and everything in it to the Fa!

    News From China

    Latest News from China - August 22, 2005


    1. [Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province] Supplemental Information About the Death of Practitioner Kang Yunling
    2. [Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Qi Fengchen Hospitalized After Cruel Torture at Hulan Prison
    3. [Hong'an City, Hubei Province] Peng Lihua Has Been Held at Several Locations and Tortured
    4. [Loudi City, Hunan Province] Four Practitioners Sentenced for Making Falun Dafa Truth-Clarifying Materials
    5. [Guizhou Province] Police Arrest Practitioner Dr. Yao Junjing Who is Currently in Critical Condition
    6. [Dujun City, Guizhou Province] Wu Jingzhen and Jiang Yulian Arrested for Clarifying the Truth of Falun Dafa
    7. [Luzhou City, Sichuan Province] Three Practitioners Sentenced to Three Years of Imprisonment for Posting Stickers Reading "Falun Dafa is Great"
    8. [Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province] Gao Xiaotong and Wang Guangfen Arrested While Distributing Truth-Clarifying Materials
    9. [Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province] Information About Several Practitioners Under Persecution
    10. [Weifang City, Shandong Province] Practitioner Li Peicai Arrested

    1. [Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province] Supplemental Information About the Death of Practitioner Kang Yunling

    Mr. Kang Yunling, 36 years old, lives in the No. 3 Group, No. 11 Xining Street, the Longshan District. Kang Yunling began practicing Falun Gong in 1993. After the persecution started, he persisted in clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to people. On July 5, 2005 he took a bus from Liaoyuan City to Dongfeng County and brought some truth-clarifying material with him. After he got off the bus, two people from the county police station, Wei Dong and another person by the last name of Yu, arrested and beat him. Later, Mr. Kang was held at the Dongfeng County Detention Center, where he staged a hunger strike in protest.

    After 20 days, for fear of taking responsibility, personnel at the detention center released Mr. Kang after forcing his family to hand in 2,000 yuan for bail. Kang Yunling was extremely weak and was close to death. After he returned home, the police harassed him numerous times. Kang Yunling was compelled to leave home and live a homeless life. At around 12:00 a.m. on August 18, 2005, Kang Yunling passed away.

    2. [Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province] Qi Fengchen Hospitalized After Cruel Torture at Hulan Prison

    According to reliable sources, four practitioners from Yuquan Town, including Mr. Qi Fengchen and Zhang Guangli, are now being held at the No. 7 Ward, Hulan Prison. Altogether 25 practitioners are being held in this ward. Qi Fengchen is presently suffering cruel torture. The detailed situation is unknown. It is only known at present that he has been sent to a hospital.

    Relevant telephone numbers:

    (Country code: 86, area code: 451)

    Hulan Prison: 57304738
    Deputy Warden, Hulan Prison: 57304313

    Mailing address for the Hulan Prison: Mailbox 803, Yaobao Township, Hulan District, Harbin City, P. R. China. Postal code: 150521

    3. [Hong'an City, Hubei Province] Peng Lihua Has Been Held at Several Locations and Tortured

    At 3:30 p.m. on April 4, 2005, special agents from the National Security Bureau, together with police from the Qiaokou District Police Vice Squad and Liji Street Police Station, arrested five practitioners including Ms. Peng Lihua from No. 4 Changjiang Lane, Hanzheng Street, the Qiaokou District.

    Peng Lihua staged an eight-day hunger strike to protest the unlawful detention. Her life was in jeopardy. The police forced her family to hand in money to send Peng Lihua for emergency medical treatment, but forbade her family to see her. Ms. Peng was sent to an unknown hospital; however, even before she recovered, she was sent to the Tangxunhu Brainwashing Class. After that, Ms. Peng was sent to the Hongshan District No. 1 Women's Prison. To date, her family has been forbidden to visit her.

    4. [Loudi City, Hunan Province] Four Practitioners Sentenced for Making Falun Dafa Truth-Clarifying Materials

    Around July 2005, local police in Loudi City, Hunan Province arrested practitioner Ms. Peng Dongmei when she was passing truth-clarification materials to another practitioner at her shop. The arrest came after lengthy round-the-clock surveillance and tracking of Ms. Peng Dongmei and the truth-clarifying materials production site she ran. Three practitioners were arrested with her at the same time, including a professor from Loudi Normal College. The Loudi City Court sentenced the four practitioners from four to seven years of imprisonment.

    5. [Guizhou Province] Police Arrest Practitioner Dr. Yao Junjing Who is Currently in Critical Condition

    Practitioner Dr. Yao Junjing is an employee of the Liyang Factory in Pingba. In October 2004, special agents from the Anshun State Security Department arrested and inhumanly tortured Dr. Yao. As he had severe health problems, his work unit bailed him out; however, shortly after, police arrested him again and his life is in peril now.

    Dr. Yao Junjing was released on bail for medical reasons because the Party wanted to use his expertise to complete an important scientific aeronautics project, which is now completed. As a result, on July 20, 2005, the police imprisoned him again with the excuse that he refused to write the Three Statements. Yao Junjing has been on a hunger strike in protest of the unlawful detention. At present, he is in critical condition and is undergoing emergency care in the No. 303 Hospital affiliated with the Guizhou City Aeronautic Company.

    6. [Dujun City, Guizhou Province] Wu Jingzhen and Jiang Yulian Arrested for Clarifying the Truth of Falun Dafa

    Practitioner Wu Jingzhen, an employee of the Railway System Service Company, and Jiang Yulian, a self-employed tailor, were clarifying the truth of Falun Dafa in Muochong. Personnel from the Muochong Police Station arrested them. Wu Jingzhen's home was ransacked. Both practitioners are presently being held at Dujun City Detention Center.

    7. [Luzhou City, Sichuan Province] Three Practitioners Sentenced to Three Years of Imprisonment for Posting Stickers Reading "Falun Dafa is Great"

    On April 10, 2005, when practitioners Zhao Derong, Zhou Honglan and Ms. Liang Yufeng from the Jiangyang District, Luzhou City went to post stickers reading "Falun Dafa is Great" at a mine, personnel from the State Security Department in the Jiangyang District arrested and put them in the Naxi Detention Center. On August 18, the Jiangyang District Procurator's Office and Court sentenced the practitioners to three years.

    8. [Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province] Gao Xiaotong and Wang Guangfen Arrested While Distributing Truth-Clarifying Materials

    On July 7, 2005, plainclothes officers arrested practitioners Ms. Gao Xiaotong, in her 60s, and Ms. Wang Guangfen, in her 40s, from the Laoying Mountain area when the two practitioners were distributing Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. Their whereabouts are unknown so far. The local people saw that Gao Xiaotong's home was ransacked, as was Wang Guangfen's home on the same day. Jiang Xianpan, Gao Xiaotong's husband, is also a practitioner and works at the Laoying Mountain Mine. Rumor has it that her husband has been arrested as well.

    9. [Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province] Information About Several Practitioners Under Persecution

    Ms. Liu Wei, 30 years old, is from Lalin Town, Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province. She was sentenced to four years of imprisonment for practicing Falun Gong and is currently being detained at the Xinxiang City Women's Prison in Henan Province. On April 25, 1999, Ms. Liu and all her family members went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. Afterwards, personnel from the local government, the 610 Office and from the police department fined them over 20,000 yuan more than once, which brought the family severe financial problems. Liu Wei was pregnant at the time, but the local police monitored her nonetheless. She did not receive proper prenatal care during this time. In addition, her family members were also persecuted, which worried Ms. Liu a lot. The baby was delivered prematurely, by Cesarean section, but died just 12 hours after birth.

    Mr. Yin Bo, 29 years old, is from Anjia Town, Wuchang City. In December 2001 he was sentenced to three years of imprisonment at the Jianxi District Court in Luoyang City, Henan Province because of his practice of Falun Gong. Mr. Yin is currently detained at the Zhengzhou City Prison.

    Mr. Liu Xiaozhong, 60 years old, is from Lalin Town, Wuchang City. He is a senior mechanical engineer employed at the 8233 factory. Mr. Liu was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment, and is currently incarcerated at the Zhengzhou City Prison.

    Ms. Xu Shukun, 60 years old, is from Lalin Town, Wuchang City. She is a teacher at Lalin Town's No. 5 Secondary School. Personnel in the city police department put her into a forced labor camp for one year. Later, the Jianxi District Court sentenced her to seven years in prison. Ms. Xu is presently being held at the Xinxiang City Women's Prison.

    10. [Weifang City, Shandong Province] Practitioner Li Peicai Arrested

    At about 1:00 p.m. on August 15, 2005, Teng Zuwei, the principal of Changle County's No. 4 Secondary School, led three people and broke into practitioner Mr. Li Peicai's house. They asked, "Are you a Communist Party member?" Li replied, "I used to be, but now I am not. I have quit the Communist Party." Immediately a man beat him and forcibly took him away. They also searched his house and confiscated Dafa books and his salary card.

    Several days ago, the school organized activities to reinforce the leadership of the evil Party, but Li Peicai saw through the evil essence of the Communist party and handed over his declaration to quit the Communist party. Thus, he was arrested.

    Teng Zuwei, the principal of Changle County's No. 4 Secondary School: 86-536-6921737

    August 21, 2005

    162 People Declare that their Words and Deeds Under Forced Brainwashing are Null and Void
    A Total of 285626 Declarations Have Been Published To Date

    ( A "solemn declaration" is a person's public statement declaring to the world that whatever he or she has done or said under duress or deception that was against Falun Dafa is null and void. Most of these statements have come from Falun Dafa practitioners in China who wished to express regret that, in the face of physical torture and brainwashing, they had signed documents renouncing Dafa and guaranteeing not to practice again. Also, as more and more people in China learn the truth about how they have been deceived and lied to by the Jiang regime, many non-practitioners are also submitting "solemn declarations."

    Here are some examples of the Solemn Declarations:

    Please click here for more Solemn Declarations.

    Traditional Chinese Culture

    Transferring Illness--Cultivation Story of Buddha Milarepa


    When practitioners are directly persecuted by evildoers, they can use supernormal powers to stop the persecution while punishing and warning the evildoers. In this way practitioners can clearly distinguish themselves from other people, and it is also a form of mercy to awaken the foolish evildoer. Below is an excerpt from the cultivation story of Buddha Milarepa that talks about the issue of transferring illness.


    Master Milarepa appeared to be seriously ill. At that time, the doctor Caopu brought many fine wines and meats to pretend to provide him with support. When he went before Master Milarepa, he laughed at Master Milarepa, "Ha! Such an accomplished person like you should not get seriously ill! How did you get sick? If the illness can be divided and given to others, you can distribute it to your disciples. If the illness can be transferred, please transfer your illness to me! You are in such a quandary--what are you going to do?"

    Master Milarepa smiled serenely, "Actually, I do not have to have the illness. You should be very clear about why I am ill right now. The reasons for an ordinary person's illness and a Yoga master's illness are different. The natures of their illnesses are different as well. Right now my appearance of being ill is actually a display of the solemn nature of the Buddha Fa."

    Caopu thought that it was quite unlikely that illnesses could be transferred, like Milarepa said they could. How could illnesses be transferred to others? So he said, "I am uncertain about the cause of Master's illness. If it's caused by evil possession, you should exercise the power of expelling the evil. If it is caused by the disharmony of the Four Elements (i.e., Earth, Fire, Water and Wind), you should adjust your body and take medicine. If the illness can really be transferred to others, then please transfer it to me."

    Master Milarepa said, "There is a person with great sins, and the evil in his heart came to harm me. It caused the Four Elements within me to fall into disharmony and for me to fall ill. I don't think you can eliminate it. Although I can transfer this illness to you, you won't be able to withstand it even for a moment. So it's better not to transfer it to you."

    Caopu thought, "He can't transfer the illness to others at all, and that's why he's coming up with so many excuses. I'll indeed make a fool of him!" So he repeatedly insisted on Master Milarepa transferring the illness to him.

    Master Milarepa said, "Since you insist on it, I will temporarily transfer the illness to that door over there. If I transfer it to you, you cannot withstand it. Watch!" Then Master Milarepa used supernormal power to transfer the illness to the door. The door creaked at first, as if it was going to break, and after a while, the door really did crack into many pieces. At this moment, Master Milarepa indeed looked healthy again.

    Caopu thought, "This is just an illusion that he conjured up! It cannot fool me." Then he said, "Great! This is really extraordinary. But please transfer the illness to me, Master."

    Master Milarepa said, "Since you insist on it, I will transfer half of the illness to you. If I transfer all of it to you, you definitely cannot withstand it!" Then he transferred half of the illness to Caopu. Caopu immediately suffered from great pain and he nearly fainted. He could not even tremble or breathe. When he nearly died, Master Milarepa took back most of the illness and asked him, "How do you feel after I transferred less than half of the illness to you? Can you withstand it?"

    After going through the great pain, Caopu started to feel genuine remorse. He knelt down, bowed under Master Milarepa's feet and cried, "Master! Master! Sage! Sage! I sincerely repent! Please forgive me. I want to use all of my wealth to pay homage to you. Master, please help me with my sins and debt!" Caopu cried from deep within.

    Master Milarepa saw that Caopu was sincerely repenting, and he was very pleased. He took back the remaining illness and then said to Caopu, "In my whole life, I have never wanted any wealth, much less now, when I am going to die soon. You can keep it for yourself. After this, please never do evil things again, even at the peril of your life. I promise to eliminate the karmic retribution caused by your sin this time. "

    Caopu said to Master Milarepa, "The root cause of my evildoing before was mostly my pursuit of wealth. Now I don't need it anymore. Although Master doesn't need it, your disciples at least need money and food for cultivation practice. Please accept my wealth for your disciples." Even though he begged like this, Master Milarepa still didn't accept his wealth. Later his disciples finally accepted the wealth and used it to provide support for their congregation. Even now, it is still a tradition to support the assembly meeting in Quba, Tibet. Thereafter, Caopu really gave up his lifelong attachment to wealth and became a very good cultivator.

    (Selected from "Buddha Milarepa's cultivation practice story"

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