Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Organ Harvesting - additional investigations

Seems that people are starting to take notice of the organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. These organ harvesting from live victims are one of the grossest violations of human decency that have ever been committed.

I hope you will call your government representative and ask them what they are doing about it.


Edmonton Member of Parliament David Kilgour “is investigating allegations that an underground network of Chinese surgeons, nurses, and hospital administration staff are harvesting organs for sale.

‘Falun Gong members are (allegedly) being held in pens, waiting to be butchered for the highest bidder in need of a cornea, a kidney, or a heart…This is becoming an export business for China, and the world is doing nothing about it’…‘I’ve heard of things being done to the Falun Gong prisoners so horrifying I can’t repeat them,’ Kilgour said, adding China recently admitted to the international community that its government executes Falun Gong prisoners…

International human rights lawyer David Matas of Winnipeg hopes to travel to China with Kilgour… Matas and Kilgour will release a preliminary report exposing the organ harvesting network July 6.”See:

TAIWAN COUNTY COUNCIL CALLS UPON UN TO INVESTIGATE ORGAN HARVESTINGOn June 23, 2006 Taiwan’s Pingtong County Council passed a resolution condemning the organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in China. The council called upon the United Nations and international human rights organizations to investigate organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. The resolution also urged Taiwanese not to get transplants in mainland China.See:

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT THE FALUN DAFA INFORMATION CENTER- Contacts: Gail Rachlin 917-757-9780, Levi Browde 646-415-0998, Erping Zhang 646-533-6147, or Christina Chai 917-386-5068. Email:, Website:

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Blogger bobby fletcher said...

IMHO Falun Gong have done themselves a disservice by taking the Holocaust suffering in vain.

The report is one-sided and Kilgour’s claim of impartiality is entirely questionable:

- Kilgour can not divorce himself from the fact his investigation is sponsored by a Falun Gong group in Washington DC that is evidently POLITICAL.

As the vilification Falun Gong heaped on the Chinese government unrelated to this allegation demonstrates (such as The Nine [POLITICAL] Commentaries and “10 million quit the CCP” propaganda, in anticipation of Chinese leader’s stateside visit).

- The report failed to account for many contrarian facts that have brought question to Falun Gong’s claim, which are freely available outside China. Not able to go to China does not absolve him of his duty to critically examine ALL evidence:

* Two US government investigation started 2nd week of March/06 independently found the allegation not credible;

* Other media investigations, including Hong Kong newspaper Takunpao with circulation in Canada also found the allegation not credible. FYI Takunpao lost their government subsidies after they reported critically on Tiananmen Square Massacre.

* Other experts have doubted Falun Gong’s claim, including Harry Wu of Laogai Research Foundation;

* Malaysian government’s prior year visit to the alleged camp, which is a joint-venture and has been open to the public for years;

* Epoch Times’ rehashing of old, unrelated stories and mis-representing autopsy photo that do not prove torture or vivisection. The fact the photo show autopsy being performed and murder investigation held by the Chinese government proves the opposite.

Clear Wisdom’s original report on Wang Bin and Liu Yufeng had no mention of organ harvesting, yet years later these stories are rehashed in Epoch Times’ 2006 story.

By ignoring these facts, Kilgour demonstrated his agenda and LACK OF impartiality.

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