Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Who Should Read the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party

I have just finished reading the nine commentaires on the Chinese Communist Party for the second time.

It's not easy to digest all the facts and events that happened in China. I gave it some thought about who should read these nine articles. I believe these four groups of people should read these articles:

1. People who live in China -- to gain a full understanding of what the Chinese Communist Party really is and not harbor any hope it would change for the better someday in the future.
2. People who live outside China-- to understand what the Chinese Communist Party is and not be fooled by it.
3. People who are insterested in politics -- to fully appreciate your own political system. If it's not perfect, you can do something to improve it.
4. People who are not interested in politics-- to know what the Chinese Communist Party is and not unwittingly become a supporter.

In essence, everyone should read the nine commentaries, even if you were a hermit. In that case, you should move fast and far away from such a political system, so your right to be a hermit will not be forfeited.


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