Friday, May 20, 2005

Letter to Mr. Giuliano Berretta - Eutelsat CEO

Mr. Giuliano Berretta

Chairman and CEO

Eutelsat S.A.

70, rue Balard

F-75502 Paris Cedex 15


Mr. Chairman,

My name is Diana. I am writing from Richmond, British
Columbia, Canada.

As a viewer of NTDTV in Canada, I am much concerned about
the issue that you may terminate the contract with NTDTV on
21 May, 2005, that means about 300 million Chinese can't see
the uncensored news anymore, which is the worst news to
people worldwide who value the freedom of expression and

It is well-known that, during the 56-year governing by
Chinese communist party(CCP), Chinese people could never
obtain the true information from the state controlled media
in China. But last year, Eutelsat's transmission of NTDTV
to Asia and China gave great hope of the viewers of NTDTV in
China. This is historic to Chinese people who never had the
chance to listen and see the different voices and true
information. The Chinese communities outside of China are so
happy to know that our families can also enjoy true news,
for the free information is like the light in the darkness,
like the sunshine to the blind.

People living in free countries must understand how precious
the free information is to human. Chinese people should have
the basic rights to obtain the true information, like SARS
crisis, HK Article 23 issue, and mass human rights violation
in China( Internation human rights lawyers in 22 countries
are suing former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin for genocide
crime against Falun Gong group, persecution on home churches
etc.) , different opinions on economy and politics and
everything happened in this world.

What CCP fears most is the truth, since lies and violence
are its arms to brainwash and govern Chinese people. Last
November, the largest newspaper the Epoch times published
nine commentaries (9ping) on Communist Party, which led to
the big wave of withdrawal from CCP in China(over 1.5
million quit CCP until now). NTDTV made the documentary of
9ping, which the oversea Chinese communities thought to be
the important reason why CCP tried to block NTDTV's
transmission into China. Now the whole world is watching the
great change in China, the huge crisis that CCP ever
encountered in history. Currently there is one person
quitting from CCP per 5 seconds and nearly 640,000 people
quit from CCP until now. It is believed that there will be
larger wave in the near future. The Berlin wall in China is
breaking down. The whole world is looking forward to seeing
CCP quit the stage of history like other communist parties
in Europe, so that one fifth of the world's population could
enjoy the democracy, freedom and human rights like us.

The whole world is watching this historic moment and also
watching you, Eutelsat. Will you bend to the CCP which will
soon be washed out by the historic wheel or stand by the
side of the righteousness. Just imagine what you would do in
the second world war, would you help the dictator and
genocide criminal Hitler to hide his crime or would you be
the historic hero to help the world know the truth?

I believe, as the big satellite company in the civilized
country, you must have the wisdom to make the right choice
when facing the temporary "benefit" and good fame in the
long run. You must have the courage to stand up for the
bright future of human being.

We look forward to hearing good news from you.

Sincerely Yours,

Diana Chu

Richmond BC, Canada


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