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Laogai or Forced Labor Camps Very Much Alive in China

Don't be fooled by the Chinese government's denial of the existence of forced labor camps in China.

There is ample proof in this document . Scroll down to about paragraph seven and you will find that forced labor is a major economic vector in China. You could even say that the Chinese gov relies on forced labor as a driver for it's so called, 'growing economic power'.

when you have essentially free labor it is easy to outperform economically.

People who do business with China should keep this in mind. By fueling the Chinese economy with money in exchange for goods produced this way, people are in effect, supporting and encouraging the Chinese government to push more and more people into forced labor situations.

If you do a search for Lao Gai, you will find ample information about these forced labor camps. If you do a search for the term "laogai" you will find even more.

People like Bobby Fletcher need to understand what they are supporting when they try to say that forced labor camps don't exist. The evidence is out there and it is overwhelming in size and scope.

The Chinese government does its best hide the truth but when something like this is being done on such a mass scale for such a long time, the truth slips out even from behind an iron curtain.

Please be aware that supporting the import of inexpensive Chinese goods is pretty much aiding and abetting the Chinese government's crimes against humanity.

I understand the wish to procure cheap, inexpensive goods to resell. However, when it comes at the expense of untold suffering of innocent and / or helpless victims, there are certain humane obligations that push themselves to the forefront of the consience.

I hope you can read the above report and others like it, then forward it / them on to other people, especially business people that need to be aware.

I'm not clamoring for a boycott, I'm just pointing out that support for the market is helping to fuel the abuse of human rights in China.

I hope it can stop soon.

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Here is an additional link on this topic:

Exposing Slave Labor Practices Inside Chinese Labor Camps - Part I

Here are pictures of products made from force labor. ( you might recognize some of them)

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Anonymous Jane Huang said...

This is very good article. I hope there are more American people who can read it. Since Wamark spreads its branches everywhere of middlewest areas, most of them are not aware of buying the cheapest goods which producted in China.
How to bring up this issue to the public, it is the part of our job, I guess.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Thanks Jane.

You bring up an interesting point. Why doesn't more of the public know about these atrocities?

It's hard to believe, given the depth and scope of the issue, that more people don't know.

it seems that the CCP has done a good job of covering up the truth.

Still I think there are those around the world who do know the truth but do not act, probably out of economic interests.

Never-the-less as this information comes more into the public eye, the CCP will be further exposed for what it is.

I hope more people can know the truth about what is happening.

Maybe when everyone knows, things will change.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

What I'm interested in knowing is why the media don't jump on this kind of thing. People often say to me " China is not free, journalsm is against the law under communism" stuff like that. But foreign reposters are not under the communist party are they? Do they "have to" the CCP follery if they want to find out about the Laogai or something?

I think that if a reporter frm the BBC can walk into a hospital and get a tape of doctors casually discussing the fact that organ transplants are made possible by the CCPs crackdonws on "dissidents"

or if Falun Gong invesatigators can call China and get truth so easily like this:

....Then where are the reporters on this stuff? Maybe people just don't feel ready for such intensity. Thats wrong though because we (and the Chinese people trapped in propaganda land) should not be denied knowing whats really happening in a place as important as China.

Thanks for being the reporter, I am grteful for the people who take it upon themselves to let people know the facts.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Wow Snow,

Thanks for the two links, the picture on the first link is very powerful.

I agree that reporters can help, and they have in the past.

People like Ian Johnson who wrote 'Wild Grass' showed significant evidence that the Tiananmen Square self immolation was a set up staged by the CCP to discredit Falun Gong practitioners.

There have been other cases of reporters getting information to the world about the atrocities of the CCP. but it seems that the world has a very short memory.

I think it is important to keep in mind that every day there are innocent people in China, whether they be Falun Gong practitioners or other Chinese citizens, that are being tortured, killed and exploited for free labor in laogai all across China.

The evidence is abundant, but somehow the world seems to overlook it repetatively.

Well, this blog is about making more people aware of the atrocities in China perpetrated by the CCP.

We will keep talking about it until the CCP stops persecuting innocent people.

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

I have been documenting the labor camps in China for several years now, and have followed the flow of cheap goods into local markets around the world. The stuff is called "zhing zhong" in Africa, and puts the local manufacturers out of business there too.

It is not only consumer goods like clothing, jewelry and christmas lights, but also heavy goods, such as car parts, industrial components, and also pharmaceuticals and chemicals that are produced in labor camps.

I ask myself how long it will be until the economies of markets around the world are so skewed that governments and manufacturers in concert begin to compete in self-defense, by legalizing their own vast slave labor enterprizes.

How else can a company compete with literally free labor? How can governments survive when their own industries are dead?


4:45 PM  
Blogger Dave said...


Well said.

That is a very scary scenario you raise.

I hope that world leaders and business people will self regulate themselves.

I guess as long as there is profit in it, business, corporations and then governments will continue to turn a blind eye.

But there has to be people out there in leadership and business positions that have some conscience left.

I don't want to give up hope to soon. I hope they will not turn away from the sufferings of people in China.

I hope things can change.

Thanks for telling us what you know about the situation ,it is far worse than I thought now that I have been looking into it.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Adam said...

Hi to all of you. I think this issue is very important to all of us...

We need to be aware of what is happening in our world, as it reflects back to us who we are as a collective whole...

I don't want the future world to page through history books and think that I and my fellow humans were people who accepted and chose behaviors that the communist party has acted out all these years--such as deception, slave labor, killing, hate, inhumanity, etc...

thanks for listening.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Hi Adam,

That's a good point.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of people, particular in the Chinese Communist Party, that don't care about the future.

They only care about now. And that kind of shortsightedness does have an impact on their future.

Seems like there are always consequences to our actions. But they don't stop to think about that.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous snow said...


I thought of another possible reason why this kind of terribleness is continuing...

I spoke to my friend and I brought up what little is being concretely accomplished by Amnesty International. She disagreed and we eventually comprimised our understandings. They do what they feel they can do and I dont fully know their circumstance...

What bugs me is the focus on the death penalty or such cases as that guy who was a wanted criminal in China and now hes a Canadian citizen so Canada wont send him back...

The problem I have with that is that they totally miss the fact that the people who China is most into persecuting are actually very good people!

Yes, China executes a lot of people, but isn't it more important to focus on the fact that thay outlaw Truth Compassion Tolerance Falun Gong stuff and the fact that such a healthy thing as journalism and news reporting and telling facts is absolutely against what the ruling party insists on?!

I mean these are the fundamentals, jail is for dangerous people, bad people, the death penalty is for murderers.

The CCP uses such propaganda as the truthfullness will destabilize the country and cracking down on rights advocates and just lawyers and peaceful meditators is what the country somehow requires to function.

I dont get that, that is the opposite of everything that I would think....

So I want people to know that in China the good people are in jail and the bad people are the ones who run the show. Yes in every country there is some amount of this kind of corruption or injustice but...In China... You would be truly shocked to find out to what extent the leaders are shameless criminals, murderers, theives...

Anyone who asks the CCP to control some situation or to improve the way people in jails are treated, to crackdown on corruption or any of that is being made a fool of by the CCP who is behind all of the badness.

For the CCP to get rid of corruption and enforce the rule of law would be for it to destroy itslef.

Thank sDave ( :
My spelling should be better now....( :

12:22 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Hello. My name is Peter Ninneman and I'm a student of the University of Notre Dame. I am in a seminar taught by Dr. Lionel Jensen, a scholar of Chinese religions, about Falun Gong and Chinese popular religion. I run a blog for the class here: . I was wondering if there is some I can get in contact with whoever runs this blog, as I have a few questions. Thanks.


12:02 PM  
Anonymous snow said...

These videos are crazy. I just wish people would get to feeling concerned about what these crazy communist are hiding exactly, I think we can guess its not normal everyday life that they are hiding.

What they are hiding is torture, their means of keeping people scared to the point that theyll do anything and foolow whateve the party says to avoid what torture they know will face them and their families. I'm sure if people just would all inquire and insist on knowing what they are hiding, Chines and North koreans could be freed from this evil terror.

You might want to check out Blog: blocked in China, its very good.

12:53 AM  

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