Friday, May 20, 2005

Letter to Eutelsat's CFO

May 19, 2005

Mr. Giuliano Berretta Chairman & CEO Eutelsat, S.A.

Dear Mr. Berretta

My name is Michael Mahonen and I am writing to ask that you
provide support for the fair renewal of the contract between
Eutelsat and New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV). If the NTDTV
beam is stopped this will cut off a source of outside information
that is of vital importance to the welfare of tens of millions of
people in China.

NTDTV is the only Chinese language station that is broadcast
uncensored into China. They have been reporting truthfully about
China regarding human rights, freedoms and other information
deemed "sensitive" by the CCP, information that many people in
China otherwise have no way of knowing due to the fact that all
media in China is controlled by the state.

This is the only source of truthful information that the Chinese
people have been able to receive on television in regards to the
situation in their own country as well as around the world. This
is precisely why the Chinese government has been pressuring
Eutelsat to cut off the NTDTV beam into China.

The CCP has been buying up satellite contracts internationally in
order to effectively control the global satellite system and
prevent NTDTV from securing a satellite beam into China. As
reported by international media watchdog, "Reporters Without
Borders: "CCTV (China state TV) is available in more than 30
satellite multichannel packages although six would suffice to
reach 99 per cent of the world's population. This massive
presence enables the Chinese government to blackmail satellite
operators." (Reporters Without Borders Article)
This is why the Eutelsat contract is of vital importance. Please
do not allow Eutelsat to ignore the plight of tens of millions of
Chinese citizens.

The information broadcast by NTDTV is vital to the Chinese people
and has the capacity to help save lives through truthful
information. Issues such as the persecution of Falun Gong
practitioners have been so warped and falsely reported by the CCP
propaganda, that citizens in China have been turning in their
neighbors who practice Falun Gong, resulting in state sanctioned
torture and murder of Falun Gong practitioners. This is very
similar to the situation in Germany during the time of the Nazis.
These atrocities have been investigated, verified and condemned
by Human Rights groups such as Amnesty International. Please do
not allow Eutelsat to work in league with the CCP's totalitarian
regime, which has the blood of so many citizens of China on its

This is not merely a matter of television broadcasts and
contracts, or even politics. This is a matter of basic human
rights. It is a matter of maintaining a lifeline of truthful
information for people who otherwise live in a world where they
are completely saturated with and controlled by state propaganda
while they are prevented from knowing what is truly happening
even within their own country. Propaganda exists in all countries
to varying degrees, but the situation in China is extreme, severe
and of great harm to the people of China. Over the past year of
broadcasts via Eutelsat, NTDTV has been the only source of truth
for millions of people in China. It is vital that the NTDTV
broadcast continue.

All people have the basic human responsibility to not knowingly
cause harm to their fellow human beings. Eutelsat is aware of the
consequence, on the most basic level of morality, of cutting off
this lifeline of information into China. Eutelsat is also aware
that the CCP is doing all in its power to cut off the Eutelsat
broadcast of NTDTV in order to support the CCP's absolute control
over the thoughts of the people in China. I ask Eutelsat to
please not support the CCP's extremely harmful and deceitful
propaganda by cutting off the broadcast of NTDTV and preventing
Chinese people from receiving their only source of televised

Wishing you the best in all regards,

Michael Mahonen

Information regarding my knowledge of and concern for this

I have written and directed a multi-award winning movie called
"Sandstorm" that documents the brutal persecution of everyday
people in China who engage in the mind/body practice of Falun
Gong ( In my extensive research, I have
learned much about the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) well oiled
propaganda machine and their infamous information blockade,
including the enormous "Fire Wall of China" which is a massive
undertaking to block information on the internet and prevent
Chinese people from seeing what the CCP does not want them to
see, and this includes all information from outside China that
shows objective perspectives of China and the CCP. The CCP has
always exercised an absolute form of thought control in an
attempt to remain in power at any cost. This in itself is an
enormous crime against the people of China among the CCP's
numerous other ongoing, extensive and barbaric Human Rights
violations against the Chinese people.


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This is wonderful....I hope the film brings a LOT of exposure to the whole situation.

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