Thursday, November 30, 2006

China Persecutes Roman Catholics as Well

I read this statement placed on the website of the Congressional - Executive Commission on China.

If you took a few moments to read it, you'll realize that the Chinese government is fearful of all religions and many qigongs for no apparent rational reason

And they are willing to torture and harm the followers of religions
and Qigongs to achieve ...... What? What are they trying to
do? What have they succeeded in doing? Religions and qigongs have
been around and will continue to be around far longer than the Chinese
Communist Party has been or will be........ You can bank on that fact.

Besides the persecution of Falun Gong in China, you also have
the persecution of innocent Catholics, Protestants and many other

Again, here is the statement on a government website about the persecution
of Roman Catholics and Cardinal Kung in China:

I wonder if those who support the Chinese government understand what exactly they are supporting? Some seem to be proud of their support of the Chinese government and its many CRIMES against Humanity?

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