Saturday, May 21, 2005

Uncompromising Courage

It has been reported today that Mr. Guo Guoding has safely arrived in Canada and he was invited to give a speech at an international conference.

Mr.Guo is one of the top ten lawyers in China, and he is also well known for his courage to defend Falun Gong practitoners and political dissidents.

In early February, his law license was suspended by the governemt, and soon he was detained. He was later released and placed under house arrest.

Lawyers and congressmen from Canada were calling for help on his behalf. Under the watchful eyes of media in China and abroad, Mr. Guo was released from house arrest at the end of March.

During this period, Mr. Guo was recognized for his uncompromising courage and his moral standards as well as his achivements as a lawyer.

How true it is! It takes extreme circustances to bring forth one's true character.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's quite inspiring to hear about people with great courage. I don't know how many people could do that, and I find it amazing when I hear about individuals who have such inner strength and integrity.

12:47 PM  

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