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Clear Wisdom [Saturday, September 10, 2005 ]

Falun Dafa, Saturday, September 10, 2005

News and Events from Around the World

  • Canada: Prime Minister Raises Falun Gong Issue with Hu; Leader of the Official Opposition Supports Practitioners (Photos)
  • Photo Report: Practitioners' Banners during Hu's Visit to Canada
  • Canada: Hu Arrives without Bo Xilai; Practitioners Call for Severe Punishment of Persecutors (Photos)
  • Ottawa: Anti-torture Exhibitions at Capitol Hill (Photos)
  • Criminal Complaint Filed in U.S. Against Bo Xilai for Torture of Falun Gong Practitioners
  • Italy: Practitioners Participate in the Virgin Mary Ascension Day and the Mayor Personally Expresses Thanks (Photos)
  • Sweden: Practitioners Invited to Demonstrate the Exercises at a Health Seminar in Lerum (Photos)

    Media Coverage

  • Ottawa Citizen: Talk tough with China
  • Windsor Star (Ontario): Martin told to confront Jintao: Falun Gong rally to focus on abuse
  • Toronto Sun: Falun Gong Rally Against Prez Visit

    Open Forum

  • Carefully Listen to Words of Kindness; Exercise Prudence When Choosing Your Future

    Facts of the Persecution

  • Zhang Bin Persecuted in Suihua Forced Labor Camp - His 10-Year-Old Son's Life is at Risk (Photos)
  • Family Members of 461 Falun Gong Practitioners Endorse Letter Exposing the Atrocities at Baimalong (Photos)
  • The Persecution Wu Chunlong Experienced Before His Death
  • Jilin Prison Attempts to Destroy Evidence of Their Crime By Murdering Yang Guang
  • Zhang Zhagen's Wife Describes the Process of her Husband Being Persecuted and Tortured to Death and How the Chinese Authorities Shirked the Responsibility
  • Mr. Zhang Siyou and Ms. Zhang Meishan from Shouguang City, Shandong Province, Died from Repeated Persecution
  • Juancheng County, Shandong Province: Police Persecute People Who Receive Truth Clarification Materials
  • No One Is Taking Care of Children Whose Parents Are Being Persecuted in Junan City, Shandong Province
  • Male Prison Guards at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp Persecute and Humiliate Practitioner Ms. Zhao Shuyun
  • Tianxin District Court of Changsha City Secretly Started an Illegal Trial of Practitioner Zhang Xinyi Abducted from Cambodia

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    News and Events from Around the World

    Canada: Prime Minister Raises Falun Gong Issue with Hu; Leader of the Official Opposition Supports Practitioners (Photos)

    (, September 10, 2005) On September 9, 2005, Canada Prime Minster Martin raised the issue of Falun Gong during his meeting with Hu Jintao. On the evening of September 8, Stephen Harper, leader of the Official Opposition, shook hands and talked with practitioners appealing in front of the Governor General's Office. He encouraged the practitioners to "Keep up all the good work."

    High Resolution Picture
    Practitioners appealing in front of Parliament
    High Resolution Picture
    Appealing in front of Parliament
    High Resolution Picture
    Appealing in front of Canadian Museum of Civilization
    High Resolution Picture
    Appealing in front of the hotel Hu stayed in

    Canadian government and the public pay attention to Falun Gong during Hu Jintao's visit

    On the morning of September 9, during the joint press conference of the two leaders, Prime Minster Martin said he had a thorough discussion with Hu on human rights and governance of a country and raised the Falun Gong issue. He believed that better governance of a country needs better understanding of human rights.

    At 6 p.m. on September 8, Stephen Harper, leader of the Official Opposition, stopped at the practitioners' appeal site on his way to attend dinner in the Governor General's Office. He shook hands with each practitioner on site and said "Keep up all the good work."

    On the morning of September 9, Roger Clavet, the critic of Asia-Pacific of Bloc Québécois and Member of Parliament (MP), showed up at practitioners' appeal site in front of Parliament and had a group photo with practitioners. He said that he would meet Hu Jintao in a while and would raise the issue of Falun Gong. MP David Kilgour went to Parliament to support the practitioners.

    Hu Jintao evades the issue of the persecution of Falun Gong, but Canadian media focuses on it

    During the press conference on September 9, the first question that reporters asked was China's human rights issue including the persecution of Falun Gong. Hu Jintao replied to other questions but did not address the issue of the persecution of Falun Gong.

    The editorial of Ottawa Citizen on September 9 stated that Prime Minister "should speak about the ongoing persecution of the practitioners of Falun Gong."

    The editorial stated that "Human rights, not trade and investment, should dominate the agenda when Prime Minister Paul Martin meets Chinese President Hu Jintao today."

    The editorial stated that Canadian's attitude towards China's human rights "isn't hard enough or sharp enough to make an impact on the Chinese regime. Mr. Hu's visit gives Mr. Martin an opportunity to speak loudly, firmly and publicly about specific violations."

    The editorial stated that the Prime Minister "should speak about China's embrace of 21st-century forms of restriction on freedom of speech, including the monitoring of online dissidents and journalists and the creation of selective Internet search software that serves as anti-democracy censorship."

    The editorial stated that the Prime Minister "should, instead, see this visit as a chance to put human rights front and centre. Canada's trade relationship with China should not stop Mr. Martin from frank and public criticism of the Chinese regime."

    In addition, Globe and Mail, 24 Hours Vancouver, Vancouver Sun, and CTV also focused on China's human rights issues including the persecution of Falun Gong in covering Hu Jintao's visit of Canada.

    Photo Report: Practitioners' Banners during Hu's Visit to Canada


    September 10, 2005

    High Resolution Picture
    Banner beside the road to the airport
    High Resolution Picture
    Banners beside the road to the airport worded "Bring to justice ruthless police and others who persecute Falun Gong" and "Hu Jintao: The time that God and people give you is limited"
    High Resolution Picture
    Hotel Hu stayed at during the visit
    High Resolution Picture
    Practitioners kindly inform Hu Jintao: "The time that God and people give to you is limited"
    High Resolution Picture
    "Bring to justice Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Liu Jing and Zhou Yongkang"
    High Resolution Picture
    Hu's motorcade passes by the practitioners' appeal site

    Canada: Hu Arrives without Bo Xilai; Practitioners Call for Severe Punishment of Persecutors (Photos)

    ( In the morning of September 8, Chinese President Hu Jintao and his delegation arrived in Ottawa in a thunderstorm. Practitioners from all over Canada and several U.S. cities held public appeals at the Ottawa Airport, the hotel where Hu is to stay and the Governor General's office (Rideau Hall). Taking this opportunity, practitioners urged Hu to end the persecution. To let their voices be heard and raise awareness of the persecution, they displayed banners such as "Bring Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Liu Jing and Zhou Yongkang to Justice," "Bring Policemen and Thugs Responsible for the Persecution of Falun Gong to Justice," "Chinese Communist Party: Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong," "Hu Jintao: The Time Given to You by Heaven's and the People's Mandate is Limited." Bo Xilai, one of the chief culprits responsible for the persecution and thus monitored by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), was seen in Hu's delegation.

    Hu landed at Ottawa in a thunderstorm
    Hu's car passed by practitioners' banners

    Bo Xilai, who is on the List of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, was not found in Hu's Delegation

    The morning of September 8 in Ottawa was exceptionally gloomy and cold. When Hu and his delegation landed at Ottawa Airport in heavy rain, people didn't see the face of Bo Xilai, the Minister of Commerce. Bo is on the list of 45 perpetrators of torture and other crimes against humanity against Falun Gong practitioners in China, submitted to the Canadian War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Program in September 2003 and January, 2004. Reportedly, Bo's name was included in the list of Hu's delegation. However, his name disappeared from that list on September 8 and he was not seen during Hu's activities on the same day.

    Bo Xilai was former Vice Secretary of the Liaoning Party Committee, Governor of Liaoning Province, Secretary of the Dalian City Party Committee and Mayor of Dalian City. Since the initiation of the persecution of Falun Gong, Bo has managed and directed the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Liaoning Province and made Liaoning one of the provinces that persecute Falun Gong the most rampantly. Considering the severity of Bo's crimes, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) added his name to a watch list of 45 Chinese officials guilty of persecution of Falun Gong.

    Human rights lawyer David Matas wrote to the relevant Canadian officials on August 25 to ask the Canadian Government to deny Bo Xilai and another Chinese official Xia Deren visas. Mr. Matas pointed out that based on Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Program, one would be denied entry to Canada if he were found guilty of crimes against humanity. He said that if such officials were allowed to enter Canada, it's sending a message that Canada condones genocide and human rights persecution. He said that Canada must act according to the international human rights agreement and Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Program. Victims of such crimes should not be left to fend for themselves.

    Practitioner Xueye Zhu said, Bo's absence tells the world that he can't defend himself against the mounting evidence of his crimes.

    Hu Jintao Has to Make a Choice

    Practitioners' appeal in front of the Governor General's office (Rideau Hall)

    No matter where Hu's motorcade went, it faced practitioners who were holding banners in the rain.

    It was reported that Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Liu Jing and Zhou Yongkang are also on the RCMP's list, which includes Chinese officials from each level of Party Committees, "610 Offices," local governments and forced labor camps that are responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong. According to Canada's Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Program - CAHWCP, if anyone on the list attempts to enter Canada, a prompt investigation could take place, potentially resulting in refusal of visas to Canada, deportation, charges and punishment based on Canada's laws governing crimes against humanity and war crimes.

    Practitioner Shigong Wang said: "Hu Jintao, who is now the top leader of the Chinese Communist party, is facing a choice. If he chooses to violate people's wishes and the will of heaven to continue the persecution, he will not only face disgrace but also grave punishment and a tragic future. If he can grasp the opportunity to end the persecution and completely break from the evil party, he may become a positive historic figure. However, his time is running out."

    Ottawa: Anti-torture Exhibitions at Capitol Hill (Photos)

    ( On September 7, Canadian practitioners continued their anti-torture exhibition at Capitol Hill to expose the Chinese Communist Party's brutal persecution of Falun Gong.

    A reporter from Global National videotape the exhibition site
    A reporter from City News
    Reporters interviewing a practitioner who was persecuted in China
    A reporter took close shots of the exhibition
    Many tourists received information about the persecution
    A 74-year-old lady demonstrated a torture method (Tiger bench) used against practitioners in China


    What inspired them? They weren't tired after an all-day exhibition. The lady in the yellow shirt is 70 years old.

    Criminal Complaint Filed in U.S. Against Bo Xilai for Torture of Falun Gong Practitioners

    USA: Bo Xilai (Criminal)

    On September 8, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners filed a criminal complaint with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York against BoXilai, former Governor of Liaoning Province of China for torture of Falun Gong practitioners in Liaoning Province in violation of U.S. criminal law. The complaint calls for a prompt criminal investigation and indictment of Bo Xilai.

    The criminal complaint was filed under 18 U.S.C. Section 2340 that requires the prosecution of those who engage in acts of torture in foreign countries, as well as those who incite such acts by others. The legal bases also include UN Convention against Torture.

    The complaint was filed by Terri Marsh, Esq., Executive Director of Human Rights Law Project based in Washington D.C. and Lana Han, Esq., Executive Director of International Advocates for Justice based in New York.

    Italy: Practitioners Participate in the Virgin Mary Ascension Day and the Mayor Personally Expresses Thanks (Photos)

    ( On Sunday August 14, Falun Gong practitioners participated in the San Rocco celebration activity held in Magnano. Every year, the Virgin Mary Ascension Day is held in this medieval city.

    Falun Gong exercises demonstration

    One day before the activity, two Chinese Falun Gong practitioners wrote down "Falun Dafa" in Chinese and Italian on top of yellow umbrellas. In front of the banner with the words "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" were petition signature collection tables and Falun Gong leaflets in various languages.

    When practitioners were setting up display boards exposing the persecution and cruel torture happening in China, owners of the stores in the neighborhood could not wait to ask questions. When they saw the photos of how practitioners are cruelly tortured by Chinese Communist Party officials (CCP), they were all shocked and could hardly believe that such things still happen in the world today. A great number of people signed their names on the petition calling for an end to the persecution without hesitation and gave their best wishes to us. The storeowners came to the stand one after another. Almost all of the store owners came to ask questions and get Falun Gong flyers.

    Peaceful practice in the face of brutal persecution: Many people stopped to learn more

    More and more people came in the afternoon, and practitioners told them about Falun Gong and the human rights abuses against practitioners in China. People expressed their sympathy and sincere sorrow. The cruel torture and the beauty of Falun Gong cast a vivid contrast. Fellow practitioners gave balloons reading, "Falun Gong is Good" in different colors to little children.

    When the activity ended, the city's Mayor came to the display stand to personally express thanks to the Falun Gong practitioners.

    Originally published in Italian at


    Sweden: Practitioners Invited to Demonstrate the Exercises at a Health Seminar in Lerum (Photos)

    ( Between the 31st of August and the 3rd of September were Health Days in Lerum. On Wednesday the 31st of August, a seminar by the famous Swedish Fitness Trainer Blossom Tainton was held in the Lerum Derg Theatre. Falun Gong practitioners were invited to demonstrate the five sets of exercises and inform the participants about the practice of Falun Gong outside the theatre before the seminar and during the breaks.

    There were about 350 people attending the seminar. Almost everybody was given a pamphlet introducing the practice of Falun Gong and explaining why this peaceful method is so brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party. There were many people who stopped to watch when the Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises.

    Media Coverage

    Ottawa Citizen: Talk tough with China

    Friday, September 09, 2005

    Human rights, not trade and investment, should dominate the agenda when Prime Minister Paul Martin meets Chinese President Hu Jintao today.

    For too long, Canadian politicians have had it backwards in their dealings with China: They have pushed for more trade, hoping economic development would lead to improved human rights there. What they have spectacularly failed to understand is that trade will take care of itself, while human rights need champions.

    Sino-Canadian trade is growing so quickly it's hard to see what more Mr. Martin needs to do. Two-way trade has grown to about $31 billion a year, making China our second-largest trading partner after the United States. This growing relationship with China is lopsided, with Canadian imports accounting for $24 billion of that $31 billion figure.

    While a trade deficit between two countries isn't necessarily harmful, trade dependence can be. A greater diversity of trading partners would keep Canada from making its foreign policy subservient to its trade requirements.

    China is an authoritarian superpower. Mr. Hu's resistance to democratic reform and his country's blatant threats against democratic Taiwan should be Mr. Martin's main concerns.

    Whenever Canadian politicians meet Chinese politicians, some mention of human rights is par for the course. But that mention is often a footnote to panegyrics about strengthening dialogue and strategic partnership. Even the token mention of human rights is often crafted to avoid giving offence, as in: Human rights in China are improving, but there is still some work to do.

    That kind of statement isn't hard enough or sharp enough to make an impact on the Chinese regime. Mr. Hu's visit gives Mr. Martin an opportunity to speak loudly, firmly and publicly about specific violations.

    He should speak about the ongoing persecution of the practitioners of Falun Gong.

    He should speak about China's embrace of 21st-century forms of restriction on freedom of speech, including the monitoring of online dissidents and journalists and the creation of selective Internet search software that serves as anti-democracy censorship.

    He should speak about Tibet, where Mr. Hu was the party secretary when China imposed violent martial law in 1989 and from where foreigners were barred as China marks 40 years of Tibetan "autonomy."

    Yes, there is a lot Mr. Martin could say to Mr. Hu before the president heads to Toronto, Niagara Falls, New York, Mexico and Vancouver. The prime minister's office has said today's agenda will include discussions not just about trade and human rights, but also about tourism, investment, science and technology, energy and the environment. Such a broad agenda would make it easy for Mr. Martin to pay human rights the standard lip service.

    He should, instead, see this visit as a chance to put human rights front and centre. Canada's trade relationship with China should not stop Mr. Martin from frank and public criticism of the Chinese regime.

    Windsor Star (Ontario): Martin told to confront Jintao: Falun Gong rally to focus on abuse

    September 2, 2005 Friday

    OTTAWA - Pressure is building on Prime Minister Paul Martin to put the issue of human rights in China at the top of his priority list when he welcomes Chinese President Hu Jintao to Ottawa next week.

    In advance of Hu's private introduction to Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, a state dinner at Rideau Hall and a meeting with Martin, members of the Falun Gong spiritual movement and members of Parliament held a rally in Ottawa on Thursday, calling on the prime minister to discuss with Jintao the torture and deaths of Falun Gong practitioners - what organizers called the single most persecuted group in China.

    "It seems to me the prime minister should raise this as one of the very first issues he discusses with President Hu and make it clear to everybody, including his entourage, that this is a priority," former Liberal MP David Kilgour, now an Independent, said at a Falun Gong news conference.

    "If we learn afterward that the prime minister raised it late in the conversation, then President Hu will know perfectly well that Canada doesn't give a darn about this."

    It will be Hu's first visit to Canada since succeeding Jiang Zemin as president in March 2003.

    Hu will likely face several protests as he visits Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls and Vancouver between Sept. 8 and 17, especially from Tibetans, Falun Gong and democracy groups.

    "This visit is an opportunity to strengthen our personal relationship and our commitment to forming strategic partnerships between our two countries," said Prime Minister Martin in a statement.

    On the agenda for the prime minister's meeting, along with human rights, is climate change, energy, science and technology, tourism and trade.

    China's human rights abuses have worsened over the last six months, while becoming more secretive, said Carole Channer, a specialist on China at Amnesty International Canada.

    Along with the persecution of the Falun Gong, Channer said the Chinese government has renewed a Strike Hard anti-terrorism campaign that has repressed Muslims and Uighurs in China's Xinjiang province; there is an increased crackdown on Internet communication and freedom of expression; and the government has not taken a single step to reduce routine criminal executions.

    Toronto Sun: Falun Gong Rally Against Prez Visit

    September 8, 2005 Thursday

    FALUN GONG protesters rallied yesterday in advance of Chinese President Hu Jintao's arrival in Ontario.

    About 150 movement supporters were at Queen's Park where Premier Dalton McGuinty will host a lunch for the Chinese leader on Saturday.

    The Chinese government has banned Falun Gong [...] and its followers complain of persecution at the hands of officials in that country.

    Falun Gong spokesman Joel Chipkar said they want McGuinty to urge the federal government to speak out against human rights abuses in China.

    "When they remain silent, when they continue with these closed-door talks, it just sends a strong message to China that Canadian people do not care about the atrocities that are happening," Chipkar said.

    Eighteen family members of Canadians are being tortured in Chinese jails for their beliefs, he said.

    Protesters also gathered on Parliament Hill in Ottawa yesterday and plan to rally at a Toronto hotel waiting for Jintao's arrival later today, he said.

    Open Forum

    Carefully Listen to Words of Kindness; Exercise Prudence When Choosing Your Future

    ( In the past six years, Falun Gong practitioners have been calling for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong. Before Hu Jintao and his delegation's visit to the USA and Canada, Falun Gong practitioners have been asking to "bring Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan, Liu Jing and Zhou Yongkang to justice;" "prosecute police officers and other perpetrators guilty of persecuting Falun Gong." They have clarified the truth about the persecution with cultivators' compassion, but the time for people to choose between good and evil is running out. Some people have misinterpreted Falun Gong practitioners' appeals and think the practitioners have unrealistic expectations for the Chinese rulers, or they are creating dilemmas for them and getting involved in politics. In fact, those are all not true. Falun Gong practitioners are clearheadedly, steadfastly opposing the persecution and pointing out the way to self-salvation for precious sentient beings. They are again displaying the immense benevolence of Falun Dafa cultivators.

    In the difficult period of the past six years, Falun Gong practitioners endured the brutal persecution and vicious slander by the CCP and Jiang's group; they made tremendous sacrifices in order to clarify the truth to people and disseminated Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to all corners of the world. The Falun Gong practitioners' kindness and compassion have been acknowledged and respected by more and more governments, media and people. Through their sacrifices, people have learned about the facts of the persecution in China, the wonders of Falun Dafa and the characters of Falun Gong practitioners.

    Falun Gong practitioners have no enemies and have no intention to antagonize anyone or to create dilemmas for anyone. Exposure of the evil persecution is not about politics, nor are they fighting for anyone's power. Falun Gong practitioners bear no hatred; they do everything out of benevolence and concern for people deceived by lies. They try their best to help all people who are deceived and their minds poisoned by the lies and blocked from the truth, including individuals among the ranks of CCP officials and CCP members, because Falun Gong practitioners cherish all lives.

    As followers of a righteous belief, Falun Gong practitioners are convinced that goodness will be rewarded and evildoing will reap its own peril. It's only a matter of time before karmic retribution takes place. No matter of who you are, anyone who participates in the persecution of the innocent is creating boundless karma, for which the person will have to pay. Falun Gong practitioners are following heavenly principles in asking for severe punishment for the head perpetrator and his diehard followers, who stop at no evil in brutalizing the innocent. The practitioners' action is legal, reasonable and rational. As for other government officials, CCP members and the general public, Falun Gong practitioners have made unimaginable sacrifices, sometimes at the cost of their own lives, to clarify the truth to these people who are also victims of this cruel persecution. Their actions reflect the magnificence of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and the immense compassion of the cultivators.

    As a result of the evil persecution that was started by Jiang and carried out by the CCP, the evil CCP will be destroyed by the Heavens for their immense crimes. This is Heaven's law, not a scare tactic. How can we help people within the CCP escape from this fate? Falun Gong practitioners tell them to stop the persecution, make up for their past mistakes, withdraw from the evildoing CCP, cleanse themselves, so they can escape from this dire danger. Isn't this the greatest benevolence? Clearheaded people know that the biggest beneficiaries of the Nine Commentaries and withdrawing from the CCP are those CCP officials and members.

    Despite the dark and insidious nature of the CCP's rule, and no matter how many people have come to understand the truth, the Falun Gong practitioners have persistently clarified the truth with compassion amidst hatred, contempt and suspicion from those who don't yet know the truth. In the past six years, Falun Gong practitioners saw opposing the persecution, clarifying the truth and spreading Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance as their mission and unconditionally created opportunities for all precious lives to hear about Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and to have a bright future. What grand compassion!

    In the past few years, natural and manmade disasters have struck China at an increasing frequency, including desert storms, the SARS epidemic, the bird flu, typhoons, hail storms, floods and snow in summer. Occurrences of karmic retribution against those who persecuted Falun Gong are repeatedly warning people about the crime of starting and tolerating this persecution. The longer the evil persecution lasts, the greater the crime. Human beings will never win a fight against heaven. The evildoers will not escape punishment no matter how unscrupulous they are. There are ample historical precedents.

    There is an end to everything. As disciples of an upright belief, Falun Gong practitioners know that this time is approaching. People who took part in this persecution have diminishing chances to save themselves, and time is also limited for all the stubborn ones who could possibly see the truth, choose kindness and give up doing evil. Falun Gong practitioners sincerely call on all precious beings, including Hu Jintao, who is in a position to face this historical chance and grasp this fleeting opportunity. We call on them to learn more of the facts about Falun Gong, listen to the practitioners' kind words, think with a rational mind and make a responsible decision for their own lives. Hu Jintao, his delegation, all other government officials, CCP members and the general public will find the most fortunate results if they can recognize the Falun Gong practitioners' kindness and make the correct decision that will determine their own fate.

    Regardless of people's attitude, it is exceedingly difficult to sustain this persecution, and the end of the persecution is only a matter of time. As the situation becomes ever more clear, people will embrace the great moment when good overcomes evil and light dispels darkness.

    Facts of the Persecution

    Zhang Bin Persecuted in Suihua Forced Labor Camp - His 10-Year-Old Son's Life is at Risk (Photos)

    ( Zhang Bin, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, is suffering severe persecution for refusing to renounce Falun Gong. The main factory of the Daqing Petroleum Chemical Industry revoked his work contract. Given the continued harassment by police and to avoid the continued persecution, he was forced to become homeless with his 5-year-old son. In December 2004, he was again arrested and is currently detained at Suihua Forced Labor Camp, where he suffers inhuman persecution. His 10-year-old son Zhang Jiarui's life is at risk. The little boy is calling for help for the rescue of his father. More details follow:

    Zhang Jiarui's appeal to rescue his father
    Zhang Bin suffers inhuman persecution at Suihua Forced Labor Camp

    Mr. Zhang Bin, 38, was an employee of the Chemical Factory No. 3 (polypropylene), the main factory of the Daqing Petro-Chemical Industry. Before he became a practitioner, he smoked, drank and was depressed, given his unhealthy habits. He was extremely weak physically. In November 1997, his wife Cheng Qinglan divorced him, and custody of their one and a half year old son Zhang Jiarui was given to Zhang Bin.

    In early 1998, Zhang Bin began to practice Falun Gong and experienced great physical and mental changes from living by the principles "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." He gave up his unhealthy habits, attained physical and mental health, and considered others first with whatever he did or said. His son lived with him.

    After the persecution of Falun Gong started in July 1999, Zhang Bin refused to renounce Falun Gong despite the pressure. He went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. Staff from the local police station detained him at Longfeng Detention Center for nearly three months. During that time, the mother took care of the child.

    At the end of 2000, while Zhang Bin was unlawfully held in detention, the Daqing Petroleum Chemical Industry forced him to end his work contract. They threatened that they would dismiss him otherwise. Zhang Bin's family acted as his agent for the termination of the contract. Cheng Qinglan, Zhang Jiarui's mother, had her work contract terminated in October 2000 due to health problems. When she heard that Zhang Bin's contract was also terminated, she fainted and still suffers from the effects the shock.

    Zhang Bin was released in 2001, but he and his son no longer had any peace. The local police kept harassing them. Zhang Bin didn't open the door for them, so the police broke it down and forced Zhang Bin to become homeless. He and his 5-year-old son had to live a miserable life. During that time, the child was sometimes in childcare, sometimes at Zhang Bin's younger sister's home, and sometimes looked after by friends. Because Zhang Bin and his son could not live a normal life, when the child reached school age, Zhang kept him out of school another year. The child's aunt worried that his schoolwork would be affected. Therefore, she told the child's mother Cheng Qinglan, who took over the child rearing and enrolled him in school.

    In December 2004, Zhang Bin, who was destitute at the time, visited a fellow practitioner's home. Daqing City and Honggang District criminal division police team arrested him. He was detained at Sa District Detention Center. In Sa District Detention Center, Zhang Bin went on an eight-week hunger strike to protest his illegal detention. He suffered brutal force-feeding, beatings, and was forced to sit on a metal chair for the entire 56 days. When he was close to death from the torture, he was transferred to Daqing Forced Labor Camp. Because he did not pass the health test, Daqing Forced Labor Camp refused to accept him. However, the evildoers of Daqing City 610 Office pressured Daqing Forced Labor Camp: "Whether you want him or not, you have to accept Zhang Bin." Therefore, Zhang Bin was confined at Daqing Forced Labor Camp for further persecution.

    Zhang Bin was unable to walk and had to be carried into the camp. On March 15, 2005, Zhang Bin, Zhan Yinge and An Senbiao were transferred from Daqing Forced Labor Camp to Suihua Forced Labor Camp.

    Suihua Forced Labor Camp is the center for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in Heilongjiang Province. There is a special basement for persecuting practitioners. Zhang Bin and many practitioners from other areas were detained there. Suihua Forced Labor Camp cruelly tortures Dafa practitioners with electric batons, pour chili water into the eyes, and stuff hot chili powder into the anus. They brutally force-feed practitioners and force them to watch videos that defame Dafa. The police assault practitioners continuously for three to four days at a time. Every night after prisoners go to sleep, the guards take the practitioners from their cells and force them to watch defamatory videos. Daqing practitioner Zhan Yinge was burned with an electric baton. Zhang Bin was tortured. His hands and feet were burned from the electric shocks.

    Zhang Jiarui is in his third year of primary school. His mother Cheng Qinglan said: "It has been such a long time since the child was under the loving care of his father. He is harassed by his classmates and teachers, and everywhere else. He has developed an inferiority complex. He is depressed and not doing well academically. This situation affects the child's physical and mental health. Because of the several years of persecution suffered by Zhang Bin, Zhang Jiarui has not had a steady home environment for a long time. He is scared and often cries."

    Cheng Qinglan has developed heart disease, kidney stones, dizziness, low blood sugar and other illnesses. Also, she does not have a job. The school expenses are high. Cheng Qinglan is unable to take care of the child, given her present financial and physical conditions. She urges that Zhang Bin be released so the child can return to his father and get proper care.

    We call on human rights organizations and the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong. We ask women and children rights groups, "Please help! Help rescue Zhang Bin, and help Cheng Qinglan and their 10-year-old son Zhang Jiarui. Please appeal for an immediate release of the unlawfully detained Zhang Bin and other Dafa practitioners."

    Relevant telephone numbers:
    Suihua Forced Labor Camp: No. 192 Zhibei Road, Suihua City, Heilongjiang Province
    postcode: 152054
    Suihua Forced Labor Camp switchboard: 86-455-8353860, 86-455-8355907
    Manager's extension: 8001
    Deputy manager and vice commissar's extension: 8002 8003 8004 8005
    Brigade No. 2 extension: 8043 8004
    Political section: 8008 8009
    Disciplinary inspection section: 8007
    Suihua Forced Labor Camp cadres:
    Xu Jiansheng: 86-13945503188 (Cell), 86-455-8359618
    Zhang Zhihui: 86-13704551999 (Cell), 86-455-8313718
    Meng Yan: 86-13804868771 (Cell), 86-455-8221861
    Ji Feng: 86-13359911117 (Cell), 86-455-8322498
    Zhang Zhongshan: 86-13199002602 (Cell), 86-455-8221861
    Hu Sheng: 86-13504552418 (Cell), 86-455-8221861
    Police officers:
    Yang Bo: the main evildoers in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in
    Heilongjiang Province 86-13089960004 (Cell)
    Gao Zhonghai: current instructor of the Falun Gong persecution team in Suihua Forced
    Labor Camp: 86-455-8323562
    Chen Xinlong: current head of a squadron; 86-455-8221587
    Fan Xiaodong: vice brigade chief; 86-455-8261026
    Zeng Lingjun: chief of squadron; 86-455-8262904
    Diao Xuesong: chief of squadron; 86-13845540772 (Cell)
    Long Kuibin: chief of squadron; 86-13836411082 (Cell)
    Liu Wei: chief of squadron; 86-455-8322484
    Jin Qingfu: 86-455-8866278
    Jiao Wangpeng: 86-13836434820 (Cell), 86-455-8354764

    Family Members of 461 Falun Gong Practitioners Endorse Letter Exposing the Atrocities at Baimalong (Photos)



    International Human Rights Organizations
    International Mental Health Organizations, and

    All People of the World:

    We are family members of Falun Gong practitioners who are unlawfully held at the Baimalong Women's Re-Education Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province. Our innocent family members are suffering from inhuman and brutal torture because of the Chinese regime's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. We have suffered alongside our loved ones, watching them being tortured and imprisoned countless times. We can no longer keep silent. We filed charges against the guards of Baimalong Women's Re-Education Labor Camp, managed by Huang Yongliang and Zhao Guibao, through all channels of the Chinese justice system. Our purpose was to instill ethics in law enforcement officials and to have them return to using legal precedence; logic; their true conscience; and positive, true, and honest thoughts. However, we achieved just the opposite. The persecution has continued unabated and the ripple effect has involved many family members. Many families have been broken up. The only hope we have now is to ask for help from the international community.

    We call on the world's people and the international community to condemn and stop the atrocities at Baimalong Women's Re-Education Labor Camp, which operates under the tyranny of the evil CCP, and to request the unconditional release of all illegally held Falun Gong practitioners.

    Please see below selected examples of the persecution that have occurred since 2001 and have been verified at great difficulty:

    Ms. Zuo Shuchun, 46 years old, conducted a hunger strike to protest the persecution in March 2001. The guards suffocated her by covering her mouth and nose so they could force-feed her. After she died, the guards refused to let others leave the area and forbade them from talking. They took her body from the area and told her family that she had died from heart disease.

    Ms. Chen Ouxiang was 43 years old in November 2002 when her hands were cuffed behind her back around the clock in a "strictly controlled environment." She was forced to watch slanderous videos and was cruelly beaten the minute she moved. On November 26, drug addicts forced her to kneel on the floor and violently beat her. The "inmate in charge" and drug addict Liu Xiaoyu, who wore a red emblem on her sleeve, pressed down on Ms. Chen's neck until she stopped breathing and died.

    Ms. Cao Jianzhen was 52 years old. Because she was steadfast in practicing Falun Gong, she was handcuffed and hung up for several days. Then she was put into a confinement cell. Four guards tortured her at the same time. As a result, three of her ribs were broken, and she vomited blood continuously. The hospital diagnosed her with stomach cancer. Although she could not eat due to the torture, the guards force-fed her. She died shortly after her family brought her home.

    When Ms. Hu Zhengxi, who was over 60 years old, refused to write the Three Statements, she was handcuffed and hung up for a long time. She went on an 80-day hunger strike to protest the persecution. In May 2005, the labor camp notified her family that she had died and that they had cremated her body.

    Ms. Liu Caiyun was 34 years old. The guards, the inmates in charge, and collaborators tortured her over a long period of time. Her face was swollen and full of bruises. She went on an eight-month hunger strike and was injected with drugs that damaged her central nervous system. As a result, her feet became numb and she could not take care of herself for a time. The guards also cursed at her for not taking showers and polluting the environment. They ordered drug addicts to hit her forehead. She bled so severely that she was taken to the hospital for stitches on her forehead. In March 2002, her family was notified to pick her up. She died on the way home.

    Ms. Xia Ting, 30 years old, an attractive girl from Suzhou, worked in Shenzhen after she graduated from the university. In September 2001, she was taken to the upstairs infirmary for isolation and injected with an unknown drug. At the end of September, when she came downstairs, she had lost her memory, could not walk, and could not longer take care of herself. Her term was extended for a year. When she was released on April 12, 2003, she had become non-responsive, was in a vegetative state, and needed to be cared for by her family. The forced labor camp also forced her family to pay 2000 yuan in medical expenses.

    Ms. Zou Ruxiang is 46 years old. The labor camp staff beat, handcuffed, and cursed her for an entire day. She went on many hunger strikes. She was injected with unknown drugs. When her family picked her up in March of 2002, her entire body was numb and she had lost her eyesight.

    Ms. Yang Youyuan, 62, was a good, virtuous, vigorous and healthy woman from the countryside. Although she is illiterate, she can recite many of Teacher's articles. One day in September 2000, the evildoers arrested her. After three days, brigade chief Ding Cailan announced at a meeting that Ms. Yang had had a mental collapse and had been sent to a hospital in Zhuzhou for treatment. More than ten days later, when people saw her again, she was barely recognizable. She had been cruelly tortured, her face was pale and without expression, and she was unable to walk like a normal person. Mental patients at the hospital had stolen her clothes and belongings. This incident resulted in strong protests from Dafa practitioners. If she were really a mental patient, she should have been released, even under the evil CCP regulations. Just the opposite happened. Her term was extended for a year. Since October 2000, doctors at the labor camp infirmary have injected damaging drugs into glucose bottles to hide their true intent. They injected that concoction into Falun Dafa practitioners.

    Because Ms. Hu Yuehui refused to wear the detainees' labor camp identity tag, she was handcuffed to the bars of a window for more than 20 days. Her feet became so swollen that she no longer could wear shoes. The male guards who wore leather shoes stepped on her feet, and pushed the leg of a chair down on her feet. On a morning in March 2001, she was dragged to a dark room in the mountain. Six to seven special police agents took turns torturing her entire body with high volts electric batons. When she was brought back to the cell at midnight, she was unconscious. The inmates in charge helped her take off her clothes. Her entire body was swollen, her eyebrows and nose were blue and purple, and the lower part of her body was bloody. They had to cut off her underwear and peel it bit by bit away from her body. Even the drug addicts in the cell burst into tears when they saw that. The following day, Ms. Hu was taken for an injection of drugs. She lost her memory and could only say one sentence, "It is a right to practice." When she was critically ill, her family went to pick her up. The labor camp extorted 10,000 yuan from her family. On the receipt, the "unknown" drugs were described as "albumin." Three years have passed and Ms. Hu still does not have a clear mind.

    ¸ß¾«¶ÈͼƬ ¸ß¾«¶ÈͼƬ
    Ms. Chen Xingtao before the persecution Even on crutches, Ms. Chen Xingtao exposes the persecution to people in her hometown

    Ms. Chen Xingtao, 30 years old, was tortured until she became paralyzed from the waist down of his. Police officer Zhu Rong handcuffed her to a metal iron bed, did not give her water or food, and covered her eyes and nose with toothpaste. When she was close to death, the forced labor camp was afraid of being held responsible and hastily sent her to the local government at her ancestral home. The local people refused to accept her because of her terrible physical condition. The forced labor camp then told her family to come, gave them 2,000 yuan, and left immediately. Ms. Chen died soon after.

    ¸ß¾«¶ÈͼƬ ¸ß¾«¶ÈͼƬ
    Ms. Chen Xingtao had blisters all over her body from being tortured with electric batons. Her body turned black, and the scars could still be seen two months later. Ms. Chen had serious ulcer at her buttock

    Ms. He Yingqing was an associate professor at the Hunan Province Biological, Mechanical, and Electrical Professional Technology Institute. In the summer of 2003, the police handcuffed her and hung her in the postures similar to "hanging in the air," "five horses splitting a body," and "postures in the air" for days at a time. They brutally tortured her for more than 40 days and did not allow her to wash herself. Her body was covered with scabies. She suffered continuous pain and itching everywhere, yet she was not allowed to move. She had no other choice but to go on a hunger strike. Her neck and nose were badly injured from the torture.

    Ms. Zhang Yunlan, who was 50 years old, was forced to remain standing for some 25 days. Her feet became very swollen. She was forced to stand barefoot on a four-inch small stool. When the guards burned her eyebrows because she closed her eyes, she lost consciousness and fell down. A police officer then ordered the inmates in charge to hit her with stools and kick her. When the prisoners' shoes came apart while kicking her, he demanded that she replace the shoes. She suffered a mental collapse in April 2005. After her family took her home, the village people all said, "A good person became mad after being detained for a year? The Communist Party can truly turn a person into a ghost!"

    In our families, many had suffered from illnesses and diseases before practicing Falun Gong. After they practiced Falun Gong, most of them became healthy in mind and body. The CCP wants to "educate and transform" them and take them to forced labor camps.

    Despite the inhuman persecution, practitioners don't fight back or curse back. They tell the facts to the bad people with great kindness and are tolerant beyond ordinary people's imagination. Consequently, the authorities beat them with sticks, slap their faces and ears, and smash their heads against the wall by grabbing their hair. They are tortured until their skin is broken and their faces and heads purple and distorted. They are burned with fire and tortured with electric batons until their skin is burnt. They stick steel needles into their fingernails. They force them to sit on t-shaped chairs, cuff them to a tiger bench, and make them sit on four-inch tall stools. They handcuff them and hang them up for many days in many different positions. This goes on for weeks without stopping. They are exposed to the baking sun in the hot summer, with temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius. They stand in their bare feet on the concrete floor in the restroom during winter. They are barbarically force-fed, with their teeth pried apart and pulled out and their mouths torn. Their throats and lungs are injured from the tube during force-feeding. The guards set up hidden backrooms, full of macabre things meant to intimate. There are too many horrible activities. They are too numerous to mention, given the space in this appeal letter.

    The forced labor camp has become the place to cruelly kill kindness and justice. Inmates who wear a red emblem on their sleeves have been given the power to kill Falun Gong practitioners. Basic rights accorded to every Chinese citizen under existing Chinese law are being blatantly ignored.

    Since 2001, Baimalong Women's Re-Education Labor Camp has been the "advanced civilized work unit" in persecuting Falun Gong. Li Lanqing, the head of 610 Office, is the evil person in charge of the forced labor camp. Jiang Zemin, the former party leader of the wicked CCP, allocated several tens of millions of yuan to this labor camp to build a few office buildings and lodgings for the guards, who have become like animals. The labor camp is awarded 10,000 yuan for "transforming" each Falun Gong practitioner. The labor camp then gives 1,000 yuan as encouragement to the cruelest guard for persecuting practitioners. Guards are given promotions based on practitioners' blood on their hands. The party also offers an overseas trip to the most ruthless evildoer. In order to satisfy their selfish desires, the guards have become barbaric and can no longer be considered human beings. They have completely lost their human nature.

    This blindly obedient group of people can exist only in the so-called "harmonious society" established under today's CCP that is purportedly "managing state affairs with virtue and managing state affairs with law."


    1. Names of 41 guards who participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners at Baimalong Women's Re-Education Forced Labor Camp:

    Huang Yongliang, Zhao Guibao, Zhao Jinyue (transferred), Yi Jine (transferred), Ding Cailan, Yuan Lihua, Lu Yongquan, Gong Chaolian, Peng Zhenpin, Fu Jun, Fang Hui, Wang Nianhua, Chen Dongxia, Wan Wei, Tan Xiangqian, Wang Huanxin, Zhu Zhiguang, Sun Jin, Huang Wenmin, Yuan Jiahui, He Xiaolian, Zheng Xia, Ouyang Xiu, Yi Zhiqi, Zhang Yanping, Yin Bin, Pan Xiangdong, Fan Yingqiao, Chen Wei, Xiong Yanxiang, Tan Meilan, Yuan Jia, Tang Luyun, Zhu Rong, Lu Chunming, Liu Jie, Liu Lin, Fang Fang, Xu Qiaoli, Wang Yulan, Xu Duanhui

    2. Contact information for Baimalong Women's Re-Education Forced Labor Camp:
    Baimalong, Baifeng District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province
    Postcode: 412000
    Telephone: area code 0733

    Office: 8634800
    Administration Section: 8634811
    Management Section: 8634601
    Education Section: 8634602
    Disciplinary Inspection Office: 8634819
    Huang Yongliang, secretary of the Party Committee and manager of the forced labor camp: 13908439030
    Zhao Guibao, assistant manager of the forced labor camp: 13607332316
    Ding Cailan, former chief of the Falun Gong brigade: 13873335268
    Wang Nianhua, chief of the management section: 13707338135
    Wang Huanxin, deputy chief of the management section: 13973340139
    Tan Xiangqian, chief of the special police brigade: 13607332306
    Fu Jun, office chief: 13873332868
    Gong Chaolian, chief of the education section: 13807335201
    Yuan Lihua, chief of the brigade persecuting Falun Gong: 13873336595
    Lu Yongquan, chief of the health section and the wife of Zhao Guibao: 13873332866
    Peng Zhenpin, chief of the education section and present chief of the policy research office: 13607332300

    Signatures of family members of 461 persecuted Falun Gong practitioners:

    Yu Yongxiu, Xu Miao, Yi huijuan, Chen Fengming, Liu Wenxiang, Zhang Meng, Liu wenjun, Liu Jun, Zhou Guiliang, Fang Yuping, Wen Fang, Yang Ying, Zhang Lei, Xu Wei, Tu Juxiang, Zhou Daimeng, Tang Fengying, Zhou Aixing, Zhou Aihong, Zhou Zhibing, Zhou Xiangbo, Zhou Yanxiang, He Qingzhen, Zhou Shigen, Zhou Chunmei, Xiao Xuekun, An Zhanru, Meng Zujiang, Wei Jinyuan, Yao Haiqin, Xie Mi, Liu Feifei, Liu Yangxia, Liu Wenqiang, Li Jiaoxiu, Jiang Yongjun, Lu Weijiao, Fang Minzhi, Huang Gai, Fang Yue, Fang Xiaohong, Fu Rurong, Su Qingyun, Tan Juan, Yue Lin, Zhang Junjie, Wang Rihui, Huang Peiling, Lin Guoxiang, Guo Yongnian, Li Jian, Huang Demin, Shen Qiaoxiu, Zhou Wei, Zhang Jianjun, Wang Qingting, Wang Qingsheng, Peng Shiqing, Deng Changgen, Liu Guoqing, Cao Hongshao, Xing Shuchen, Chen Zimin, Wang Xiaojun, Xiong Fan, Xing Lingxia, Li Chengping, Xie Yinzhi, Xie Jinzhi, Xie Chengshi, Li Jingqiang, Li Xiaofang, Li Xiaohong, Yu Xiaolei, Xie Mei, Lu Xiu, Liu Jinhui, Lai Lixin, Cui Jing, Li Yuejin, Li Xianbin, Wang Qunyi, Tang Long, Li Qingchun, Han Shufang, Ma Jun, Zou Jingshu, Wu Ming, Wu Ziwu, Su Bing, Liang Jinli, Lin Ziru, Wang Hao, Wang Zhu, Li Mingjian, Lai Yujun, Yao Qishun, Wei Guangmin, She Zhengyou, Zheng Wanggao, Liu Fang, Yang Yan, Li Xiyun, Zhou Ying, Liu Qin, Liu Qiushan, Tang Mei, Jin Qiaoren, Liu Shishun, Zhou Shouyuan, Huang Shujun, Huang Shuren, Huang Qingren, Liu Zhibang, Huang Shuping, Zhou Jingliang, Zhou Xianglian, Zhou Guangquan, Zhao Xiuzhen, Luo Wenqing, Zhou Jingcheng, Wang Lihua, Song Fangming, Zou Guihua, Li Juxiu, Wang Chaohui, Wang Chaoyang, Liu Shuguang, Liu Yibing, Zhu Xiaoqin, Zeng Fuqiang, Zeng Zihong, Zeng Hongchuan, Zeng Hongxia, Wang Qian, He Yawen, Qi Deyi, Qu Lijuan, Xu Weiwen, Liu Jia, Li Jun, Liu Cheng, Liu Chong, Guo Guangwang, Wu Xuejun, Guo Xingyue, Xu Liping, Lu Weiping, Hou Jianjun, Lu Zhihong, Fan Liqun, Lu Zhixiang, Fan Zhengbing, Lu Pei, Lu Tao, Hou Peng, Xu Jinzi, Xu Xiuyuan, Luo Wei, Hu Shan, Luo Hao, Liu Lijun, Liu Yajun, Guo Zhende, Li Yunna, Qu Haiqing, Li Jiatong, Li Heping, Xu Xinqiang, Li Liumei, Luo Zhiwen, Luo Feiyan, Zhu Keting, Luo Jiulong, Li Fulan, Luo Aijuan, Luo Xinqiu, Li Lufei, Liu Hualian, Zhou Lian, Li Muduo, Li Changjiang, Li Xiuying, Li Xiaoying, Tan Yue'e, Liang Changxing, Lan Yanjuan, Wang Decai, Duan Nianxiu, Lan Lijuan, Wang Fuping, Lan Jun, Wang Xihua, Li Yugang, Tang Yaqi, Guo Suixin, Cui Huanming, Long Duyuan, Guo Huisheng, Li Guilin, Zhou Huizhen, Xiao Juanhua, Lan Yubi, Huang Liying, Fan Liying, Peng Jianmei, Chen Liwen, Yang Xiaoming, Li Jiaju, Zhang Tinglan, Li Guanghui, Li Meifang, Wang Guizhen, Jiang Meiyun, Cao Jinxiu, Li Jumei, Chen Yanfang, Hou Fengxiu, Deng Lingmin, Guo Yanping, Jiang Meilan, Zhao Chunping, Cao Pingqin, Duan Xiaoying, Xiao Juanhua, Yan Jingwen, Lei Yanli, Li Hualin, Chen Shunying, Liu Chunhui, Mao Xiangtao, Yang Jinsu, Wang Youshan, Chuan Liang, Wang Hua, Jiang Fei, Kuang Yunhua, Xie Xianyou, Deng Xuejun, Yi Chune, Zhao Mei, Cai Sanhua, Li Zuolong, Liu Ming, Zhou Wangying, Xu Changsheng, Yin Wanglin, Li Lang, Guan Zhenxi, Xu Sanxi, Mao Lingling, Xu Lei, Deng Lei, Li Sheng, Wang Xiaocai, Yi Yuying, Zhang Zhonghui, Guo Fangfang, Lin Cunxiang, Zhou Aimin, Cao Menghai, Pi Changfu, Liu Yougen, Zhao Shengyuan, Deng Zhilan, Guan Huijuan, Liu Boxiao, Liu Zixiao, Tang Guoren, Tang Liqiong, Xu Jianqiu, Xu Ying, Xu Zhigang, Li Hong, Yang Yumei, Xie Yuanhui, Xu Yahui, Xu Xiaohan, Xu Wen, Sun Chunyan, Zhou Jianjun, Xu Jing, Tang Wei, Xu Jianguo, Zhou Xiaohua, Li Yan, Fu Xiangxiang, Yuan Yi, Chen Jia, Yang Meng, Yang Biao, Li Peng, Wu Wangliang, Li Simin, Wu Tianchang, Li Jia, Chen Lu, Xu Qian, Zhou Xuan, Peng Ying, Gu Lin, Wang Bin, Yang Fan, Xu Kai, Wu Taozhe, Liu Xingzong, Gan Xinlin, Tong Yu, Xie Tiantian, Lu Kang, Li Xuan, Chen Li, Huang Jichun, Liao Song, Liu Liu, Liu Dehua, Xia Zheng, Xiao Fei, Xie Shuibo, Guo Zhaodan, Mao Tiemei, Qian Yanbai, Li Meirong, Cheng Pingliang, Mao Xiaoying, Qian Liangshu, Mao Xueliang, Qian Linyan, Wang Shun, Gu Ke, Ren Shengyue, Li Xiliang, Chen Shangsi, Ruan Yaling, Gao Zhujiang, Zheng Jun, Li Tongyu, Zheng Jiansheng, Li Mingxiang, Liu Huashang, Li Duan, Li Man, Su Donghui, Chen Ming, Tang Yusheng, Li Fenyun, Zhou Lina, Luo Ming, Liu Ai, Feng Xianxing, Cheng Meiyun, Chen Yufan, Zhou Luoying, Li Zhong, Li Chena, Li Huanan, Hou Huian, Hou Huiyu, Hou Li, Hou Ling, Hou Yunhui, Zhou Wen, Tan Si, Chen Zaihua, Chen Xinghui, Peng Zhongshan, Li Zhengwu, Liu Shuguang, Liu Yingbing, Zhou Yongan, He Laoda, He Yunbo, Xia Chunlan, Liu Dongxian, Xia Shunchen, Yang Chunlan, Qin Sunan, Fang Guoqing, Fang Weiqing, Fang Weiguo, Zhang Furong, Feng Weimin, Xiong Baoshun, Xiong Zhenghui, Xiang Xinhua, Yi Bo, An Junguang, An Haiyan, Cao Xiaoyan, Li Hongyu, Wang Chunping, Wang Chunxi, Wang Chunyue, Song Xinzi, Li Guoyuan, Wen Huiying, Wang Wei, Li Ming, Li Yang, Li Wei, Li Shuimiao, Li Shunlin, Li Zhi, Huang Binbin, Huang Yuehui, Yang Xiaohong, Yang Ying, Yang Pin, Yang Yong, Gao Yagen, huang Ying, Zhou Xiaoqing, Li Yuan, Meng Mei, Li Shunxiu, Li Yumei, Li Yuanju, Zheng Yuhua, Li Yong, Yao Yao, Li Jinguang, Hu Hua, Zhang Changxiu, Guo Xia, Wu Xiang, Li Pengchun, Yang Xuanli, Wang Jingren, Liu Xinmin, Long Jianhua, Cheng Linghui, Yang Xunying, Huang Duoduo, Chang Nan, Yang Junlian, Quan Huiping, Xu Jinhua, Xiang Hairong, Hu Dongxia, Lu Xiqun, Yin Saimei, Zhang Yanjun, Xing Chunxia, Tan Peihong, Zhou Aihong, Tian Xiaojuan, Wang Fuhua, Lei Baonian, He Mei, Han Fengjiao, Chen Huimin, Ren Shengbao, Li Xisheng, Lu Ye, Xing Bo, Lu Wei, Peng Xiaowei, Zhou Bo, Hu Xia, Feng Jiaoyong, Li Deqiang

    The Persecution Wu Chunlong Experienced Before His Death

    ( Wu Chunlong, a 30-year-old Falun Gong practitioner in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, was tortured to the verge of death and mental disorder. He was sent back home on April 30, 2005 by officials from the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp but was kept under surveillance by local police. He finally died from the lasting effects of the persecution on August 20, 2005. Below is an account of the persecution Mr. Wu experienced before his death as disclosed by an insider.


    At about 9:00 A.M. on March 17, 2005, when we were picking beans, Wu Chunlong was taken out by the policemen. A few minutes later, we heard the loud noise of someone being beaten and Wu Chunlong shouting "Falun Dafa is good." Nearly 20 minutes later, we could not hear anything more.

    Some days later, I heard from policeman Tang Tiemin that the police found some of Master's articles in our room, so Mr. Wu was tortured as punishment. Furthermore, Mr. Wu was locked up in a small cell for further torment and monitored by criminal prisoners designated by the police.

    In the small cell, Mr. Wu was tortured so badly that he could not take care of his bowel movements and urination by himself. The prisoners who monitored him had to wash the bedding for him and sometimes they threw away his dirty pants. They had come to our room to look for his underclothes and pants, and told us what was happening. Wu Chunlong told a prisoner with the family name of Yang that several people, including the head of the group Liu Hongguang, Yang Chunlong, deputy head of the Group Guo Gang, and Zhang Nailin had been involved in torturing him.

    Mr. Wu's ears were beaten so seriously that he could not hear anything. This event can be verified by Dafa practitioners Fu Yu, Ju Zaibin, Ma Guojun, Guo Yuzhu, Shao Dianyin, Ning Xiwen, and Li Changhua, who were locked in the same room with Mr. Wu.

    I later learned that Mr. Wu had not eaten anything for three weeks. I am not sure whether the reason was that he was beaten too seriously to eat anything or whether he was on a hunger strike to protest the inhuman torture. During that period, he demanded to appeal to the local prosecutor and administrative division of the camp, but this was overlooked until a long time later.

    To prevent exposure of this persecution, the camp authorities used all means at their disposal to try to cover up the truth. They had even blocked the peephole of the small cell. One day, when we were on the way to the restroom, we heard shouts of "Falun Dafa is good" coming out of the cell that Mr. Wu was locked up in. Li Changhua came close and found that prisoner Wang Fu was sitting on top of Mr. Wu and was beating him. We reported this to the guards but they responded that Wang Fu was "persuading Mr. Wu to eat." They frequently used this excuse to cover up their persecution.

    Jilin Prison Attempts to Destroy Evidence of Their Crime By Murdering Yang Guang

    ( Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Guang from Changchun City is currently being held in Jilin Prison. He has been tortured to near paralysis and is on the verge of death. Authorities in Jilin Prison have refused to allow Mr. Yang's family to visit him. They even attempted to destroy evidence of their crime by murdering him. As of today, it has been confirmed that five practitioners have been tortured to death in Jilin Prison. They are Liu Chengjun, Zhang Jianhua, Cui Weidong, Wei Xiushan and He Yuanhui.

    1. Section One of the Police Department in Changchun Used Torture to Extort a Confession; Yang Guang Lost Hearing in His Left Ear and His Legs Were Crippled

    In November 2000, Section One of the Police Department in Changchun arrested 55-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Yang Guang. Director Liang of Section One and his subordinates used torture to extort a confession from him. Mr. Yang had already been cruelly tortured on ten separate occasions. The torture methods they used included prolonged electric shock using electric batons, the tiger bench, brutal beatings using metal clubs, hanging with hands cuffed behind the back and beatings while being hung. Mr. Yang was interrogated for over thirty consecutive hours and was not allowed to sleep. They covered his head with a plastic bag and forcibly poured alcohol into his mouth. The police severely beat him and verbally abused him. Every evening, a guard would go to Mr. Yang's cell to hound and mentally torment him. Endless torture caused Mr. Yang, a previously healthy man with a strong build, to lose the hearing in his left ear and crippled both of his legs. He is unable to walk on his own.

    In 2002, when the Nanguang District Court tried Mr. Yang, the public saw a tragic sight. When Mr. Yang came to court, someone had to assist him. During the interrogation, personnel attempted to force Mr. Yang to admit he was "instructed by responsible persons from Beijing," that he was "remotely controlled by the (anti-China forces in the) U.S." to go to Beijing and to admit that he was the "head of the Falun Gong organization in Changchun." One person, who is in charge of interrogation, wrote all of this testimony for Mr. Yang, yet none of it was true. They even expressed the idea of, "Let's pretend to release Yang Guang and let him run away. Then we'll have an excuse to shoot and kill him."

    2. Jilin Prison Authorities Continued to Torture Mr. Yang. He Suffered Tragically While in the "Nudity Section" in the Prison

    Mr. Yang was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was so weak that he was carried into the prison and held in the "Nudity Section" of the "Old and Disabled Prison District."

    Mr. Yang's legs were crippled. His toes had severe infections and were disfigured. He was unable to take care of himself. His hair was gray and he was skinny. Because he firmly refused to follow his persecutors' orders, the inmates and the prison police tortured him to the extent where he was reduced to a mere skeleton.

    In the "Nudity Section," Mr. Yang was not allowed to wear pants or underwear because the lower part of his body was paralyzed and he could not control his body functions. The inmates made something similar to a wheel chair for a disabled person. Mr. Yang could then relieve himself in the small, simple "wheel chair." The "wheel chair" was made by welding several iron tubes together. These iron tubes were then surrounded by wood planks. While sitting he was in fact over a big round hole. Four wheels supported the "chair." When Mr. Yang had to relieve himself, the inmates pushed him to the restroom and left him alone. Because Mr. Yang was confined within the wood planks, he could not reach to clean himself. He thus lived in filth all year long.

    Mr. Yang Guang, along with inmates who were crippled from having been tortured, and those who were psychiatric patients, all lived in the "Nudity Section" day in and day out. Because it is the "Nudity Section," it is a very confined space. The prisoners there don't ever see sunshine. Their living conditions are dreadful. The place provided for them to sleep is less than 60 cm. and their food is terrible. Whenever Mr. Yang needed to take a bath, he was thrown into the bathroom and hosed down. Then a dust cloth with pins on it was used to dry him off. Even so, the prison police euphemistically named such a bath a "beautifying bath." Mr. Yang endured such torture whether it was summer or winter.

    3. Suffering Both Physical and Mental Abuse, Mr. Yang Is Nearly Paralyzed

    In the past five years, during Mr. Yang's detention, the authorities have tried all kinds of measures to try to force him to give up Falun Dafa cultivation. Be it physical torture or brainwashing, Mr. Yang has persisted in Dafa cultivation. In all kinds of environments, he has validated Dafa by awakening those close to him with his compassionate heart. Seeing that all their means failed to "transform" him, they threatened Mr. Yang's wife, demanding that she divorce him and attempting to break his will. Mr. Yang took did not let their threats affect him. He said, "There is nothing wrong about my decision to cultivate Dafa. My heart belongs to Dafa forever."

    In December 2004, Mr. Yang's physical condition deteriorated. His family requested that he be released on medical parole. The Jilin Prison authorities refused to release him, and instead they transferred him to Tiebei Prison in Changchun, where the police continued to torture him. In the hospital at Tiebei Prison, Mr. Yang Guang did not receive any medical treatment. He was extremely thin and weak, and could not hold anything in his hands. He was close to complete paralysis. The police forced Mr. Yang's family to pay a 38 yuan hospitalization fee. His family has no source of income, but they were forced to pay over 1,100 yuan for his so-called "medical care." They live a very hard life.

    4. Jilin Prison Authorities Attempted to Murder Mr. Yang Guang to Destroy Evidence of Torture

    In June 2005, Mr. Yang was sent back to Jilin Prison. The police had been treating him as a primary target of their persecution. Even when his physical situation was extremely weak, the police continued to torture him, attempting to put an end to his life. In front of those who attempted to "transform" him, Mr. Yang yelled out with all his strength, "I am not wrong at all in believing in 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance." His courage awed his persecutors.

    Around August 8, when Mr. Yang was dying, the Jilin Prison authorities sent him to a hospital inside the prison. They refused to allow Mr. Yang's family to see him. Mr. Yang Guang is on the brink of death.

    Jilin Prison authorities are afraid that their crime will be exposed. They have tried their best to block the flow of information. They cover up all crimes unknown to the outside world and deny all crimes that do get exposed to society. When the crime cannot be denied, they blatantly destroy the evidence, be it a physical object or a living human being! According to information we obtained on July 20, several other Falun Dafa practitioners, Wang Fengcai, Yun Qingbin, Wang Qibo and Yang Qingchen, were also inhumanly tortured in Jilin Prison. They are also in dire straits.

    We strongly condemn the heinous crimes happening inside Jilin Prison. We appeal to international human rights organizations and all kind-hearted people to show their concern and help to stop the persecution!

    List of Prison Police of Jilin Prison:

    The Director: Li Qiang
    The New Commissar: Liu Wei
    The Deputy Director: Liu Changjiang
    The Head of the Education Section: Li Zhuang
    The Administrative Cadre in Education Section: includes Li Yongsheng and Wang Yuanchun
    The Head of Politics Section: Liu Xianzhang, Geng
    The Police of Politics Section: Yang Xiaotian
    The Head and Police of the 1st Section: Zhao Jin, Wang Jiankong, Chen Xin
    The Administrative Cadre of the 4th Section: Zhang Guilin
    The Administrative Cadre of the 5th Section: Lin Zhibin
    The Jailors of the 5th Section: Zhang Jianhua, Guo Dongbiao
    The Group Head of the 6th Section: Pang Hongjun
    The Head of the 6th Section: Wei Xianghui
    Policemen from the 9th Section: Zhao Jinbiao, Yue Tong, Li Yujie, Zhang Yong

    Inmates who have been perpetrators:

    Guo Shutie
    Li Baocai (a native of Liaoning Province. He has been released.)
    Li Gang (1st Section)
    Liu Changhai (2nd Section)
    Xu Zhigang, Gao Guoguang (4th Section)
    Jia Yubiao, Zhao Yaolin (5th Section)
    Li Ming, Zhao Guangcun, Liu Gan, Chen Zhiqiang, Li Ming, Wang Cheng (6th Section)
    Han Zhibin, Lu Sizhu, Zheng Lianwen, Kong Qinggang (7th Section)
    Zhang Dehui, Xu Guoming, Feng Zhenying (9th Section)

    Address of Jilin Prison:

    100 Junmin Road, Jilin City 132012

    Mailing Address:

    PO Box 315, Jilin City, 132012

    Telephone: 86-432-4881551
    Fax: 86-432-4881559

    Telephones of departments and individuals:

    Director: 86-432-4885488
    Politics Department: 86-432-2409418
    Prosecution Organ inside the Prison: 86-432-4881515
    6th Section:86-432-4881551-3086
    (Or call 86-432-4881551, and ask to be transferred to a department.)

    The Prison Management Bureau of Jilin Province:

    Address: 1000 Xinfa Road, Changchun City, 130051
    The Director: Li Wencai 86-431-2750002, 86-431-2763556(Home)
    The Deputy Director: Zhang Zhensu 86-431-2750004, 86-431-7919580(Home)
    The Deputy Director: Yu Guangsheng 86-431-2750005, 86-431-8586398(Home)
    The Deputy CCP Secretary: Xu Fumin 86-431-2750006, 86-431-2744928(Home)
    The Deputy Director: Zhao Xiande 86-431-2750007, 86-431-2707063(Home)

    The Police Department of Changchun City:

    Address: 67 Renmin Street, 130000
    Telephone: 86-431-8986842, 86-431-8986830, 86-431-8908000
    1st Section 86-431-8924896, 86-431-8926066, 86-431-8946127, 86-431-8925530, 86-431-8927592
    2nd Section: 86-431-8926031, 86-431-8923327, 86-431-8946397, 86-431-8965939
    3rd Section: 86-431-8926167, 86-431-8924207, 86-431-8926474, 86-431-8924387, 86-431-8926254, 86-431-8925471, 86-431-8985133, 86-431-8921542, 86-431-8924262, 86-431-8922078
    4th Section: 86-431-8966703, 86-431-8966705, 86-431-8924336, 86-431-8961645, 86-431-8926065, 86-431-8924290, 86-431-8922840
    5th Section: 86-431-8921597

    The Department of Politics and Secretary Division of Tiebei Prison:

    86-431-2682768, 86-431-2688880, 86-431-2682863
    The Military Police Brigade: 86-431-8987052

    Zhang Zhagen's Wife Describes the Process of her Husband Being Persecuted and Tortured to Death and How the Chinese Authorities Shirked the Responsibility


    My husband Zhang Zhagen was a 52-year-old veteran. Before his death, he was an employee of the Kaifeng City Bus Team for Foreign Tourists. After he started to practice Falun Gong, he was recognized many times as an outstanding employee and model worker. From his actions, it was obvious that he cared a great deal for others. He loved his children and was respectful toward his parents. However, such a good person believing in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" was illegally detained and tortured to death by the Kaifeng City Forced Labor Camp, for clarifying the facts about Falun Gong to people and speaking out for justice.

    Zhang Zhagen was a bus driver. He suffered from multiple illnesses before 1997, when he luckily started to practice Falun Gong. In a very short period of time after learning Falun Gong, his multiple illnesses were gone, which further strengthened his belief in Falun Dafa. After Jiang's gang started persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. He was illegally sent to detention centers three times, brainwashing centers twice, and forced labor camps twice.

    The first time that Zhang Zhagen was sentenced to forced labor happened on February 5, 2001. He was sent to the labor camp right after he was released from a detention center. In the labor camp, he suffered from all kinds of inhumane treatments. In March, with the intention to force him to accept brainwashing as soon as possible, the labor camp sent him to the Kaifeng City Phosphate Fertilizer Factory, a brainwashing base well known for establishing the No. 4 Division with the sole purpose of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. While there he was forced to work more for than ten hours every day. Each day he was required to bag 45 to 60 tons of phosphate fertilizer with a shovel. That is about 200 to 300 bags of fertilizer. If he failed to finish his work, he would be punished with various means, such as deprivation of food and sleep. The extremely heavy labor led to his hands getting covered with blood blisters. His hands were so swollen that his fingers could not bend to form fists. The pain was hard for him to bear. Because phosphate fertilizer is toxic, the blood blisters on his hands never showed any signs of getting better. The fertilizer also burned both his feet and legs, leaving many red and injured spots. If the skin around or on the sores were scratched, the wound would take a very long time to heal. Each day my husband suffered from this kind of physical torment, while at night he endured mental torture. The factory was near a railroad, and during the night, the rumbling caused by the moving trains made it impossible for him to fall asleep. The labor camp division Chief Liang Hongtao instructed the inmates to rotate every hour to sleep with Zhang in the same bed. These, together with insect and mosquito bites, made him unable to fall asleep at all.

    In May 2001 the labor camp finally allowed us to see him. When I saw him, he was pale, and his eyeballs were sunken deeply into his eye sockets. His beard was half an inch long. He was so skinny that his appearance was disfigured. Even under these conditions, he survived through a cultivator's extraordinary forbearance and strong belief in Dafa. He came out of the labor camp in November 2002.

    On March 6, 2005, several policemen from Daxing Police Station in Kaifeng City arrested him at home and sent him to a detention center. At that time, the police lied to me, saying that he would be sent to a brainwashing class that was being held in a hotel. That evening, my son and I went to Daxing Police Station, only to learn that the perpetrators had already sent him to the detention center. On March 10, when my family members and I went to the detention center to bring Zhagen some clean clothes, we learned that he was on a hunger strike. We firmly insisted on seeing him. In attempts to shirk their responsibility, the guards called in the detention center director. The director accepted our request only because he wanted to use us to persuade Zhagen to give up his hunger strike. After a while, two inmates carried him into the room. The tube for force-feeding was still sticking out of his body. He could only sit crumpled up on the chair. His clothes were messy. Seeing his condition, I felt as if my heart was being pierced by a knife. He staged the hunger strike in order to protest the illegal detention, and he had not done anything wrong, so I did not try to persuade him to give up the hunger strike. But my other family members (who are non-practitioners), tried very hard to persuade him to eat, asking him to care for his own health. As a result, he started eating the next day. After he was detained in the detention center for one month, he was sentenced to two years of forced labor, and the officials did not follow any legal procedures or send a notice to my family. On April 7, he was transferred to the labor camp. From then on, the labor camp refused to allow him to see any visiting family members.

    At around noon on June 24, 2005, the Kaifeng City Labor Camp called me to go to the Henan University Hospital to see him. When I got there, I saw him lying in the emergency room. He appeared to be angry, with his eyes bloodshot red and opened widely, but his face was swollen and showed no signs of consciousness. There was a black and purple wound on his arm. The doctor could not detect his pulse. The doctor said that when he was initially sent there, he already had no heartbeat, pulse, or breath. His pupils were already dilated and he showed no signs of consciousness. The doctor said that even though a patient in such a condition had a possibility of surviving, he could only live in a comatose state. Through the hospital's rescue effort, during which a breathing machine and a defibrillator were used, his heart started to beat very weakly, but it still could not continue without the support of the machine. The next day, he could no longer discharge his urine and he also showed symptoms of internal organ failure. He had a very high fever. When I went into the room to see him, he was wearing an ice pack on his head. There were also ice bags under his armpits. His face was yellow and dark. His hands and feet were cold, swollen and bruised.

    In the subsequent two days, besides the symptoms mentioned above, the electroencephalogram also showed a straight line, his whole body was swollen, his legs and feet were swollen and became very thick, and the skin on his body became so swollen it looked like he could burst open. It was a scary sight. The doctor covered his eyes with a piece of paper, saying that his eyes were so swollen that he could not close them. His eyes never closed. At 7:00 a.m. on the morning of June 28, the doctor declared him dead.

    During the several days when Zhang Zhagen was in the hospital, the labor camp sent policemen to guard the patient's room every day. They did not allow family members or friends to visit. After the hospital declared his death on June 28, the policemen took turns guarding his remains; even his family members were kept away. A very large wound was found in his coccyx area during the process of changing his clothes for viewing the body. When he was transported to the crematory, a large group of police and police vehicles escorted his body.

    The life of a good person was taken away just because he had persevered in following "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." Dafa practitioner Zhang Zhagen used to have a strong and healthy body. But in just two months after April 7, 2005, when he was illegally sent to the labor camp, he was tortured to death. After he was sent to the labor camp, we could not get any information about him. When we learned of his death, the whole family cried miserably.

    My family members talked me into agreeing with the labor camp's suggestion of solving the issue through "mediation." The only conditions that my family members asked for was that the labor camp officials agree to compensate them monetarily for the loss, take care of his memorial services, and provide some mental comfort to the family. However, the labor camp did not show any sincerity, continuously stalling in fulfilling its promises. The labor camp also spread fabricated lies everywhere, saying, "Zhang Zhagen died of an acute illness," as well as "We wanted to send him to the hospital to save his life, but he did not want us to do so. Several people couldn't hold him, and he even fought us." Try to think about it, would a person who had gone on a hunger strike for nine days still have the strength to fight them? Was it possible that several people could not hold him down? The perpetrators spread lies to cover up the truth. Their purpose was to shirk their responsibilities, not to mention paying indemnity for the loss. After hearing them, I was even more convinced that Zhang Zhagen was murdered! My family members and I strongly demanded the related government branches and officials to get to the bottom of his death, uphold justice, and quickly give my family a reasonable answer. However, what the government actually did made us even more disappointed. As the days went on, they constantly covered up for each other and gave my family increasingly unreasonable explanations.

    On July 12, after half a month of "mediation," the Kaifeng City Gongye Police Station held a meeting under the direction of the Kaifeng City Political and Judicial Committee Secretary Wen Songshan. This was also the last meeting to handle the matter of Zhang Zhagen's death. The participating officials included those from Kaifeng City Political and Judicial Committee, Shunhe District Political and Judicial Committee, Gongye Police Station, the Neighborhood Committee, Kaifeng City Labor Camp, and Henan University Hospital, as well as officials from my working unit and my two sons' working units. The meeting room was packed with people, while the yard was packed with policemen numbering even higher than those in the room. Wen Songshan asked the five members of the family that were present to speak first. Then they disregarded the doubts and demands we raised and offered up their pre-determined settlement offer, and tried to force us to accept the plan. They quoted the law out of context and claimed that Zhang Zhagen's death resulted from his resisting the brainwashing through committing suicide. They insisted on their story and refused to give us any compensation or allow the family to hold a mourning event. They said that the body had to be cremated before July 15, and if the family had any disagreements about the decision, the family could request an autopsy before that date. If the family did not agree to this, the body would be cremated on July 15 and all the rights and benefits of a person who died of natural causes would be taken away.

    We have nowhere to appeal to correct the injustice. So on July 14, we had no choice but to agree to the unfair terms, except that the cremation date was changed to July 16 and a mourning room was set up in our home. Persons from the neighborhood committee guarded the door, and both uniformed and plainclothes policemen were everywhere inside and outside the yard. Everybody who came to mourn was questioned, as the lawless persons were afraid of their crimes being exposed to the public.

    On July 16, the Kaifeng City Political and Judicial Committee arranged to have Zhang Zhagen's remains be the first ones to be cremated at the crematory. That morning, policemen and personnel from the neighborhood committee were everywhere in my home, monitoring everyone who went there to mourn. At 8 a.m., Zhang Zhagen's remains, while surrounded by police vehicles, were carried to the strictly guarded crematory. Several dozen police vehicles were parked in the crematory's parking lot. When we arrived at the mourning hall, we noted that many fully armed police stood in the back of the hall. When we came to the room to see Zhang's remains, we noticed that his head looked abnormally large, his lips were dry and cracked, there were two dark black and purple wounds behind his ear and on his cheek. The family members were not allowed to stop in front of his remains and had to pass through quickly. The whole process was under strict surveillance. The perpetrators' fear was so clearly exhibited. However, it is a heavenly principle that good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil. It is for sure that the truth of Zhang Zhagen's death will be made clear to the world one day.

    According to Chinese law, individuals at Kaifeng City Labor Camp and the other government branches involved have committed the following crimes according to the Chinese Criminal Law:

    The crime of physically abusing the detainee (Article 248);
    The crime of intentionally killing others (Article 232);
    The crime of negligently causing the death of another (Article 233);
    The crime of intentionally going against the law for the benefit of the relatives or friends (Article 399);
    The crime of intentionally injuring others (Article 234);
    The crime of openly insulting others and slandering others (Article 246);
    The crime of abusing power or neglecting duties (Article 246);
    The crime of abusing authority by retaliating against or framing others (Article 254);
    The crime of fabricating stories to frame others or in an attempt to subject others to criminal investigation (Article 243);
    The crime of purposely giving false testimony (Article 305);
    The crime of extorting a confession from criminal suspects or defendants by torture, or using force to extract testimony from witnesses, or neglecting their duties, etc. (Article 247).

    Mr. Zhang Siyou and Ms. Zhang Meishan from Shouguang City, Shandong Province, Died from Repeated Persecution


    Mr. Zhang Siyou and Ms. Zhang Meishan, both from Shouguang City, Shandong Province, suffered constant persecution ever since the Communist Party started its campaign against Falun Gong. Mr. Zhang died on August 9, 2001, and Ms. Zhange died on January 8, 2005.

    1. Mr. Zhang Siyou passed away due to repeated persecution

    Mr. Zhang Siyou, 51, lived in Beiguan Village of the Shengcheng Sub-district in Shouguang City. Mr. Zhang's whole family started practicing Falun Gong in 1996. They tried to be good people, following Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance). The whole family benefited physically and mentally and enjoyed a harmonious life. They also used their home as a local practice site. On the evening of July 20, 1999, five or six people from the town and village government suddenly came to Mr. Zhang's home and told them they were no longer allowed to practice Falun Gong. Afterward, Mr. Zhang's family was watched day and night. Police cars parked outside their door and the whole family lost their personal freedom. Two days later, Mr. Zhang Siyou and his second daughter were arrested and forced to attend an "education class" for brainwashing. One hundred yuan for living expenses per day was deducted from their wages. After a few days, they were told to pay 12,000 yuan or they would not be released. By this time, they had been illegally fined a total of 18,000 yuan.

    After this experience, Mr. Zhang's family was often harassed, and Mr. Zhang's body and mind were greatly harmed. In 2000, Mr. Zhang's second daughter was arrested and not released until January 19, 2001. For six months, the town government illegally detained him. One day she was detained in a dark room, where five or six people gave her a severe beating after covering her head with a winter coat. She almost lost consciousness from the beating and her body was covered with bruises. Mr. Zhang witnessed his daughter's arrest and saw how she was beaten. This depressed him even more than when he was arrested and beaten himself. It is hard to count how many times Mr. Zhang's daughter was arrested and beaten like that.

    Mr. Zhang's wife had cerebral thrombus and could not take care of herself. They also have a child who was still middle-school age. Their daughter was arrested many times and their family was often harassed, especially around politically sensitive dates. Due to these physical and mental attacks, Mr. Zhang Siyou developed liver cancer and died on August 9, 2001.

    2. Ms. Zhang Meishan died from harassment

    Ms. Zhang Meishan, 76, lived in Beiguan Village of Shengcheng Sub-district in Shouguang City. She used to have all kinds of diseases before she practiced Falun Dafa, including tracheitis and heart disease from lung disorders, and she was so tortured by these diseases that she had become emaciated. She could not even take care of herself. In the spring of 1998, she learned Falun Dafa. A little over a month after she started cultivating, all of her diseases were completely gone and she didn't need to take medicine anymore.

    On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started to persecute Falun Gong. A year later, Ms. Zhang Meishan and her husband were forced to go to the village office to sign a pledge before every "sensitive date," causing her great mental anguish. The local authorities also often came to her home to harass her and her husband.

    After July 20, Ms. Zhang Meishan's two sons and two daughters and other family members (all practitioners) suffered from the persecution to varying degrees. Ms. Zhang's eldest son and daughter-in-law were forced to leave their home on February 3, 2001 and go from place to place, leaving their daughter (Ms. Zhang's granddaughter) at home alone because of frequent harassment. Ms. Zhang Meishan never got a chance to see her eldest son again before she died, and even now her son is still destitute and homeless. Ms. Zhang's second son and daughter-in-law were arrested in early 2001. Ms. Zhang's second son was forced to become homeless and his wife was arrested and persecuted, leaving two children at home with no one to care for them. No one could help with their farm work, either. In all, two of Ms. Zhang's sons were forced to leave home, leaving three children at home without care.

    Ms. Zhang's second son was arrested in early 2004 when he was homeless. He was escorted to the brainwashing class of Weifang City to be persecuted. He was later released. In the past few years, Ms. Zhang Meishan has been suffering under these intense mental pressures, and she died suddenly on January 8, 2005.

    Since July 20, 1999, Ma Jintao, the former Communist Party Secretary of the town and current Deputy Mayor of Shouguang City; Deputy Secretary Liu Xizhong; and Fu Lingguo, the head of the city building team, schemed to direct thugs to persecute practitioners. They have been illegally arresting and persecuting practitioners on a large-scale for some time. Those responsible for persecuting Mr. Zhang Siyou to death in Shouguang Town did so under Ma and Liu's instructions.

    Juancheng County, Shandong Province: Police Persecute People Who Receive Truth Clarification Materials


    This year right before the wheat harvest, a woman from Fenghuang Township, Juancheng County got a "lucky card" (a card with Falun Dafa truth clarification information on it) when she went to the market. Somebody reported her to the authorities. As a result the police arrested her and took her to the county police department, where she was interrogated before being released. She was so scared that she defecated in her pants.

    In mid-July, 2005, a mental patient reported that non-practitioner Ms. Bao Xiuying from Qishan Township had Falun Dafa truth clarification materials at her home. Police officers searched Bao's home and found several "lucky cards" and stickers that she had picked up in the market. The police arrested her and her husband. Her husband was released the same evening, but police officers Feng Xiucun and Huang Qike tortured Ms. Bao until late at night and then transferred her to a detention center. Later, the guards stomped on her toes and feet, causing her feet to be swollen for many days.

    The police used physical and mental torture to force Bao to say that the cards came from her mother, sister and her sister's husband, who are all Falun Dafa practitioners. Bao was detained for over 20 days and extorted out of 3,000 yuan before she was released. During Bao's detention period, the police went to Bao's home several times and attempted to arrest her mother. Her mother was forced to leave home to avoid the arrest. When Bao was released, the police officers searched her elder sister's home and tried to arrest her brother-in-law, but her brother-in-law escaped and became homeless.

    Around August 11, 2005, police officers searched practitioner Feng Jiaying's home at the Fenghuang Township and detained Feng at the County Detention Center. On August 23, police officers searched practitioner Liu Chaoxian's home and detained Liu at the County Detention Center.

    It's known that the local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officers offered a reward of 500 yuan to whoever reported Falun Gong practitioners. Liu Jitang is the deputy police head of the Yuancheng County Police Department. Since he took charge of the 610 Office at the end of 2004, he has been actively persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He colluded with police officer Chen Baodong. They deceived practitioners, searched their homes, and arrested practitioners at will.

    List of phone numbers and relevant persons involved in the persecution:

    Juancheng County Police Department: 86-530-2421374, 86-530-2420372 (operator), 86-530-2421375 (Office)
    Chen Baodong, head of police brigade: 86-530-2421374-4420 (Office), 86-530-2424367 (Home), 86-13954019986 (Cell)
    Yang Jihua, deputy head of the police brigade: 86-530-2421374-4454 (Office), 86-530-2425460, 86-530-2426766, 86-530-2428149 (Home)
    Li Hong, deputy head of the police brigade: 86-530-2421374-4454 (Office), 86-530-2429083 Home, 8613954095938 (Cell)
    Song Shuqing, head of the police department: 86-530-2413979 (Office), 86-13515302928 (Cell)
    Li Yonghong, CCP political secretary of the police department: 86-530-2420375 (Office), 86-13326212088 (Cell)
    Han Yingdian, deputy head of the police department: 86-530-2420530 (Home), 86-13905307503 (Cell)
    Luo Jitang, deputy head of the police department: 86-530-2423635 (Home), 86-13583091333 (Cell)
    Luo Cuixia, deputy CCP political secretary of the police department: 86-530-2424199 (Home), 86-13953038679 (Cell)
    Li Jiangang, CCP secretary of the County Political and Judicial Committee: 86-530-2420706 (Office), 86-530-2422858 (Home)
    Wu Fuxian, deputy CCP secretary of the County Political and Judicial Committee: 86-530-2421393 (Office), 86-530-2420950 (Home), 86-13954019979 (Cell)
    Zhang Zhaoshun, deputy CCP secretary of the County Political and Judicial Committee: 86-530-2421393 (Office), 86-530-242269 (Home), 86-13561312797 (Cell)
    Liu Tongxian, deputy CCP secretary of the County Political and Judicial Committee: 86-530-2420167 (Home), 86-13954095678 (Cell)
    Zhang Shanxiang, head of the county 610 Office: 86-530-2426297 (Home), 86-13508984978 (Cell)
    Zhang Ming, deputy head of the county 610 Office: 86-530-2421978 (Home)

    No One Is Taking Care of Children Whose Parents Are Being Persecuted in Junan City, Shandong Province

    ( On the night of August 12, 2005, police from the 610 Office in Junan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province, and in police stations in Dadian Town, Yanbing Town, Zhendong, and Zhenxi got together and began a new round of persecution against practitioners. They harassed and rounded up the several dozen practitioners in the county. Several practitioners' homes were ransacked and valuables confiscated.

    Practitioner Ms. Cui Jianai, from Duojuguanzhuang, was arrested, leaving her 10 year-old daughter at home alone. Cui's husband Wang Houling, a 41 year-old practitioner, has been held in Wang Village Forced Labor Camp for over two years.

    Practitioner Mr. Li Baoshan, who was 43 and lived in Shigou Village, Dadian Town, was arrested on August 12 and illegally held in Junan Detention Center. Only his seven-year old daughter and his 82-year old father, who had just recovered from an illness, were at home. His wife Qian Jinhua has been forced to stay away from home for over two years.

    Ms. Qian Jinhua had stomach problems, a gallbladder infection, a gynecological disorder, anemia, low blood pressure, and heart palpitations. She learned Dafa in 1998 and her illnesses went away. She didn't even get common colds anymore. She became healthy, and her family was happy again. But since Jiang Zemin began the bloody persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, the police in Junan County followed Jiang's directions and helped to persecute practitioners, bringing countless troubles to their families. Ms. Qian did not want people to be deceived by the propagandas and lies on TV, so she went out to tell people the facts using her own experiences. Junan County police went to harass her many times. They ransacked her home, put her into a brainwashing class and extorted 9,000 yuan from her. Her child was very frightened and would cry upon seeing any uniformed person. Her mother, close to 80 years old, was so scared that she often would not eat for days. In June 2003, the police tried to arrest her again, forcing her to escape and stay away from her home. The police went to her house to harass the residents there quite often and the elderly relatives were distressed all the time.

    Practitioner Ms. Sun Chongzhen, who lived in the same village as Qian Jinhua, is still held in Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp. It has been two years since she was arrested. She has a teenage son at home, and when her mother-in-law was dying, Ms. Sun was not allowed to say goodbye to her.

    Partial list of the responsible parties:

    Liu Xipeng, head of the Junan 610 Office: 86-13205392801(Cell)
    610 Police: Chen Xin, Zhuang Xuru, Ma Zongtao
    Yangbing Town Police Station: 86-539-7787035
    Dadian Town Police Station: 86-539-7813046

    Male Prison Guards at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp Persecute and Humiliate Practitioner Ms. Zhao Shuyun

    ( Ms. Zhao Shuyun was imprisoned in the First Division of the Second Brigade of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province because she practices Falun Dafa.

    Ms. Zhao felt she should not be detained at the labor camp, as it was not a crime to practice "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," and refused to wear the prison uniform. On July 7, 2005, Ms. Zhao was told to go to Captain Zhang Xiurong's office. Over two and a half hours later, Ms. Zhao left the office wearing a prison uniform and with bruises all over her body. She also had lost a lot of her hair and her regular clothes, including her underwear, were torn.

    Ms. Zhao was severely traumatized both physically and mentally after being violently abused and humiliated. She was at the edge of collapse. She ached badly all over and felt dizzy.

    On July 8, while Ms. Zhao was resting in bed, prisoner Qi Ximin saw her and asked, "Why are you in bed?" Ms. Zhao replied, "Because you tortured and beat me." Prisoner Wu Qiang then walked up to her and ferociously said, "Who beat you? Did anyone see it?" Ms. Zhao got up and said, "You! It is not the first time you beat people." Wu replied, "So what if I beat you? You deserve it." Then Wu slapped Ms. Zhao twice. Next, Wu tried to hit Ms. Zhao in the head, but other people stopped her. Instead, Wu ended up beating whoever tried to stop her. Without orders from the prison guards, Wu wouldn't dare to beat Falun Gong practitioners so blatantly.

    After this incident, Ms. Zhao wrote a letter to Su Jing, Director of the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. Below is the letter.

    "At 8:25 a.m. on July 7, 2005, Captain Zhang Xiurong of the Second Brigade ordered prisoner Zhang Yinghui to tell me to go to her office. Immediately after I walked into the office, Captain Zhang asked why I didn't wear the prison uniform. I told her that I wasn't a prisoner, that I was a Dafa practitioner. Forcing me to wear a prison uniform was equivalent to restraining and stomping on my basic human rights. Captain Zhang wrote down what I said and then told prisoner Wu Qiang to find a prison uniform and gather several other prisoners to come to the office. I told her it didn't matter whether she shut the door or not. She told me, 'Since I am beating you, I am not afraid if you talk. Who doesn't talk and report it on the Internet after he or she gets out of here? So what!'

    "Prisoner Wu Qiang was only able to find the top part of the uniform, a short-sleeve shirt. Captain Zhang called in a prison guard and four prisoners also came in. Wu threw the shirt at me and told me to put it on. I refused. Captain Zhang then ordered Wu to grab my hands while the other prisoners removed my clothes. Captain Zhang covered my mouth and called in a male guard to 'help me get dressed.' After they removed my shirt and ripped my vest and underwear, the male guard forcibly put the prisoner's shirt on me. At the same time, Wu covered my mouth and pulled my hair. Captain Zhang told the other prisoners to pull me up from the ground and handcuff me behind my back. Zhang then ordered the prisoners to leave. The male guard, whose last name is He, 52 years old, left soon after.

    "After 20 minutes, Zhang ordered Wu Qiang to find a pair of prisoner's pants, and several prisoners and a male guard to put the pants on me. Later, Wu covered my mouth with one hand and pulled my hair with the other. Zhang and a female secretary each wrapped tape around my head and covered my mouth and nose. The tape circled around my head, mouth and nose almost 10 times, until I couldn't breathe. Then they hung the two rolls of tape behind my head. While other prisoners were pulling my pants down, a male guard from another division continued to step on my feet and knees. My feet were injured and my shoes came apart. My nose hurt and handfuls of my hair were all over the ground. Captains from the Second, Third and Fifth Divisions and another guard witnessed the persecution. After Yang Kuili came in, they continued the torture for another 20 minutes. Two minutes after Wang Naimin came into the office, they removed the tape and handcuffs.

    "Wang Naimin told me, 'One cannot break a rock with an egg' and that I had to obey the rules once I entered the labor camp. He left before I could tell him what happened. It was 11 a.m. when I was allowed to leave the office.

    "Why was a male guard asked to come to the female section of the labor camp to put a prison uniform on me? This was done to purposely humiliate me.

    "I strongly request the relevant departments to look into and handle this case and give me a reasonable answer.

    "Zhao Shuyun at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp on July 9, 2005"

    This violent abuse against a practitioner happened right inside the captain's office in the "Ideology Education School" that is actually a brainwashing center in Liaoning Province. What Ms. Zhao Shuyun experienced is only a small part of the brutal persecution occurring in the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. More violent physical and mental abuses of Falun Gong practitioners have been uncovered or are still ongoing.

    Tianxin District Court of Changsha City Secretly Started an Illegal Trial of Practitioner Zhang Xinyi Abducted from Cambodia


    We have just been informed that the Tianxin District Court of Changsha City secretly held a trial for Ms. Zhang Xinyi, a Dafa practitioner from Changsha City, Hunan Province, on August 3, 2005. The court was afraid to let other people know about the trial, and therefore didn't even notify Zhang's family. At this point the court hasn't issued any statements on the trial.

    In June of 1998, Ms. Zhang Xinyi left Changsha City of Hunan Province for Cambodia to teach in the Cambodian Phnom Penh Chinese School. Her husband joined her in July of 1998. She applied for asylum to the United Nations Refugee Committee in Cambodia. Her case was under review, but someone reported that she had sent out mail containing Falun Gong truth-clarification materials and that she distributed Falun Gong materials. The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia together with the Cambodia government deported Zhang Xinyi and her husband back to China in August 2002. After that, they were illegally detained for one month.

    On April 28, 2005, the Tianxin District Police Substation of Changsha City and the Xinkaipu Police Substation illegally arrested Zhang Xinyi at her home, claiming that she made Falun Gong truth-clarification materials at her home. Zhang Xinyi has now been illegally detained for about four months. She went on a hunger strike once during the detention.

    Li Guojun, Zhang's husband, was also persecuted after he was deported back to China. He used to be an art teacher at the Changsha Number 22 High School, but he was demoted to receptionist after the deportation.

    Now, Li Guojun and his son, who is a high school student, both live under terror and pressure. They are separated from their wife and mother. Meanwhile, they worry that Zhang might be sentenced to a long imprisonment term. They are also afraid that the Public Security people will follow them and monitor their actions. They are quite anxious, thinking that the next time they visit Zhang, they might not be let in since the Changsha Detention Center often lies and claims that practitioners refuse to see their families.

    The following is some contact information for related people and departments.

    Zhang Xinyi: 86-731-2564076 (H)
    Li Guojun: 86-731-6415712 (C)
    The Xinkaipu Police Substation: 86-731-5572072
    The Tianxin District Police Substation of Changsha City: 86-731-5175620
    (They don't directly work on Zhang Xinyi's case. However, we can call them to clarify the truth.)
    The Changsha Detention Center's phone numbers are: 86-731-4074801, 86-731-4074802, 86-731-4074803, 86-731-4074830, 86-731-4074900, 86-731-4074928, 86-731-4074980
    Mailing address: Changqiao at Changsha County, Changsha City, 410100
    Wang Yuhong and Yan Jiao, two female prison guards

    Practitioners Exchange Experiences and Insights

    Eliminating the Evil Factors in Hu Jintao's Dimension with Righteous Thoughts

    ( Recently in our area, a number of persecution cases of Dafa practitioners took place one after another. We were all in an exhausted and very passive state in dealing with this. Some of us got together and discussed what happened. The following is our understanding:

    Right now, apart from widely distributing The Nine Commentaries in order to eliminate the obstacles, clarify the truth and help save sentient beings, Hu Jintao's upcoming visit to North America also needs our attention. Overseas and North American practitioners in particular took this opportunity to fully clarify the truth to more people, but what happened in our area is a form of interference arranged by the dark minions of the old forces to disperse our focus as a whole, and to interfere with our truth-clarification effort to save all sentient beings to the greatest extent as one body during Hu's visit to North America.

    We should certainly negate this. Seeing the fact that North American practitioners have been doing a wonderful job in clarifying the facts, the dark minions created situations to divert people's attention. This has been the usual method used by the dark minions for the past six years. But we could turn this into a good opportunity to continue clarifying the facts. We could also eliminate the evil factors in Hu's dimension with righteous thoughts and create more opportunities to save sentient beings to the greatest extent.

    >From a cultivator's point of view, Hu Jintao is an everyday person, so we should not have the mentality to expect or rely on any such persons to do anything for us, no matter what positions they hold. Master said in Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A., "As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts." We could help make the society move, with our righteous thoughts, in the direction expected by our Master. This is also a part of our cultivation that "assists Teacher in the human world."

    Being the head of the evil Communist Party and an everyday person that has been heavily poisoned by the Communist culture, Hu's other dimensional fields, as described a few days ago by a young disciple in what he saw, were filled with many dark minions, evil elements and the Communist evil spirit that control him. It is difficult for him to break away from this. What Master wants is to save all sentient beings to the greatest extent, including those sentient beings that are still within the Communist Party and include Hu as well. Our understanding is that this is perhaps the last opportunity for Hu before the Heavens eliminate the CCP.

    According to our previous understanding, we eliminated all the evil beings that controlled the head of the evil, Jiang Zemin, every time he went overseas. This time, when Hu leaves Beijing, where the evil beings congregate, and comes to North America, where there are more overseas practitioners, it would be a very good opportunity for us to eliminate all the evil beings that control Hu Jintao with righteous thoughts so that he might make a decision that is both favorable for him and those who could be saved within the evil Communist Party.

    The above is only a personal understanding. Please kindly correct any inappropriate points.

    Lessons in Cultivation Practice Learned from Interference Experienced in Malaysian Art Exhibition

    ( After the Clearwisdom website published the article regarding the interference to holding art exhibition at Malaysia (, many practitioners involved thought the article did not give the whole story.

    On the morning of the second day of the art exhibition, after several senior members of Chin Woo Stadium had looked at the paintings, they questioned practitioners outside the art gallery. The members said that when the practitioners had rented the art gallery, they had not told the Chin Woo Stadium administrators that this was an art exhibition related to Falun Gong. The practitioners told the administrators only that it was an "international art exhibition." The members even became indignant and said that the practitioners had not abided by "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

    This was a matter that should not have occurred. If the practitioners in charge of this matter had remembered the importance of clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution every time and in every place, and if they had let go of their fear of being rejected, this matter would not have occurred. The practitioners would not have needed to go to the police station to file a case and be on record in case charges ever needed to be brought.

    What is the most important mission of Dafa disciples at the present time? It is to offer salvation to all sentient beings! We have to offer salvation to all the deceived and misled sentient beings by telling them the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution. When encountering conflicts and interference, we did not first search inwardly. Instead we immediately assumed that the evil was obstructing the event and that we had to expose and suffocate it. Why didn't we first search inwards to find out why the evil was obstructing our event and persecuting us? When eliminating evil, shouldn't we look at the big omissions in our own cultivation that allow the evil to pinpoint our attachments and find ways to hinder us?

    This is what we think. First of all, we had some omissions on this area and had the attachment of fear that the art exhibition would be rejected if we identified ourselves and the content of the art exhibition. Therefore, we did not tell them about the facts of the persecution. The evil took advantage of this loophole and interfered with our art exhibition. In Malaysia it is rather common that everyday people have misunderstandings about Falun Gong and Teacher, aside from the fact that the Chinese community has long been poisoned by misinformation from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In the past several years, a couple of pro-CCP Chinese media have often reprinted news items slandering Dafa directly from the Xinhua News Agency, Mainland China's official media, seriously deceiving the Chinese people in Malaysia. People of other ethnic groups have also been affected. The local media never did correct their false reports on Falun Gong to the public. Although practitioners have diligently strived to clarify the truth to the public for several years, the overall environment has not changed significantly. Practitioners who grew up in Malaysia all understand this environment. We need to clarify the truth to the public so that they may understand Falun Gong.

    Many administrators and members of Chin Woo Stadium are public figures in the Chinese communities. Originally they all had misunderstandings about Falun Gong, and our practitioners have never clarified the truth to them. We have not truly clarified the truth to the majority of the Chinese communities either. How could we totally blame everyday people after the interference occurred? The idea of filing a case at the police station in the event that charges might have to be brought against Chin Woo Stadium in the future is trying to win a fight over everyday people. Such conduct would only lead the Chinese communities to develop a bad impression of us. Practitioners did not write and submit the complete story to the Clearwisdom website. They skipped the key points of this entire event: we did not clarify the truth and we did not first search inward afterwards. It would not be a surprise if similar incidents were to happen in the future.

    Since the interference has already occurred, we now have the responsibility to transform this evil interference into an opportunity to offer salvation to all sentient beings. We would like to ask all Dafa disciples in Malaysia to utilize this opportunity to start thoroughly clarifying the truth in Malaysia, to use righteous actions to eliminate the evil, and to clear up the misunderstandings. This way, we can then eradicate the arrangements and destruction deployed by the old forces and the evil spirit of the Communist Party, and let people living in Malaysia benefit from listening to the truth and enjoy a glorious future.

    August 25, 2005



    1. Catastrophe

    In the 1980s, catastrophe befell our happy family of four. I was a healthy 29-year-old. One day I was suddenly, inexplicably unable to speak. No matter who asked me a question, I couldn't reply. Even if a dog were to eat the food from our table, I was unable to react. Flies and mosquitoes landed on my face, yet I did and felt nothing. I was sleepy all day long and I appeared to be catatonic. After meals I'd lay on my bed, motionless. I was in this state for three years and three months, during which time I didn't drink any water or fluids. My family took me everywhere looking for a cure. It cost a lot of money, which they borrowed. However, no one could figure out what was wrong with me, much less offer a remedy. One day, for no apparent reason, I suddenly recovered.

    This sickness came and went; it was a mystery. Even stranger, I would suffer relapses periodically. I was fine for three years, then sick for three years. It recurred three times and I suffered for nine years and nine months. The catastrophes came one after another. The second time I was sick, I suffered severe stomachaches. It was so painful that I couldn't help rolling around and moaning. My family members and a neighbor took me to a hospital, but the doctors weren't able to give me a diagnosis. I was hospitalized for observation. On the fifth day they performed surgery on my stomach, but the doctors still couldn't figure out what was wrong. They operated on me twice more at the hospital. I was treated for a stomach perforation and a duodenal ulcer. I lost conscious during the operations. My family started planning my funeral at one point.

    The operations left three 6-inch long wounds on my midsection. I lived on IVs and was unable to eat. Half a month passed and my surgical wounds had not even begun to heal. My intestines were visible through the wounds. The skin on my belly showed deep bruising. The wounds bled and festered. To keep blood and pus from soiling the bed, a thick layer of paper was tied to my stomach by a belt. The paper had to be changed fifteen or sixteen times a day. Since entering the hospital three months earlier, I'd had nothing to eat or drink. I felt like my mouth was deformed. My tongue was as hard as a piece of wood and I couldn't move it freely. I was very weak and couldn't turn over on the bed by myself. My backside developed deep ulcers. My weight dropped from 143 to only 66 pounds. The people I knew were no longer able to recognize me.

    In order to feed me and speed up my recovery, doctors opened a hole in my duodenum to give me infusions of a mixture of milk and cooked eggs, but my condition did not improve. It was spring again. All my siblings had to go home to plant crops in the field. I spent 6000 yuan which I had borrowed, within four months, and my wounds weren't healing. I couldn't afford to stay in the hospital any more, so I left.

    It was even more painful at home. We had no money and no food. How were we going to survive? My wife sold everything in the house to support me. I couldn't eat anything coarse. I could only stomach the finer grains (wheat flour and rice). In those days, the amount of grain one received was limited. Each person was allotted about 9 pounds of fine food grain and 3.5 ounces soybean oil. Those who had jobs or were students could get 35 pounds of grain total. Those who didn't have jobs received only 31 pounds a month. Children were allotted much less. It was very hard for my wife and two children. Sometimes we didn't have any grain and they had to eat potatoes. Even worse, my wife sometimes had to work on an empty stomach. My children had never even had a popsicle. They were both good students. One day my son was leading all the students at his school on a run. Suddenly he couldn't run any more. His teacher asked him if he'd eaten. He told the teacher he'd had some potatoes, but not enough. The teacher was saddened and told the other teachers about our family's situation. They all sympathized with us. In those days, no one was rich, but the students and teachers donated more than 200 yuan and a cart full of grain to help us. I was suffering from the sickness and was speechless. I was so grateful that I couldn't have spoken if I'd wanted to. I hated myself. I couldn't work because of the sickness. It had brought my family to this situation and brought such trouble to the students and teachers. They had to save their money and grains to help us. I felt really bad.

    2. Reborn

    At the time, I felt there was no hope for me, and I was so lucky to obtain the Fa. One day in September 1998, my wife gave me a book called China Falun Gong (Revised Edition). At first I couldn't read the words, but later I tried harder, and I could see the words clearly. It was so strange. The words were getting bigger. I felt so comfortable and loved to read the book. I continued to read it the next day and finished it on the third day. Later I read it two more times. I became another person. I felt very light and energetic. I didn't want to lie on the bed anymore. I could do house work and didn't feel tired. Later, I finished all the Dafa books and I changed so much. I could do the exercises along with the exercise music.

    One day my wife read me Master's article "Environment" (Falun Dafa Essentials for Further Advancement):

    "The lofty conduct that Dafa disciples have established in this environment--including every word and every deed--can make people recognize their own weaknesses and identify their shortcomings; it can move their hearts, refine their conduct, and enable them to make progress more rapidly. Therefore, new students or self-taught disciples have to go to the practice sites to do the exercises."

    I thought, even though I cannot speak, I am Master's disciple. I should listen to Master and go to the practice site to practice. So my wife and I went to a practice site to study the Fa and do the exercises. The environment at the practice site was very serene and peaceful. I had never felt so happy.

    Everyone read one paragraph of the Fa. When my turn came, all the practitioners encouraged me to give it a try. I was very touched, and I wanted so much to read Master's Fa aloud! I felt a warm energy flow filling my body. Something came out of my throat. I coughed three times. I could produce sound!

    Suddenly tears fell from my eyes. I read it while I was crying. I called in my heart: "Master!" Thirty or forty practitioners witnessed this. We were all moved by Falun Dafa's greatness and Master's benevolence. We all cried. We were so joyful, surrounded by Master's boundless compassion.

    After studying the Fa, we did the exercises. I meditated with crossed legs for 80 minutes. On the second day I could sit in meditation for an hour and a half. These are the manifestations of Falun Dafa's greatness in my body. Dafa gave me a second life and gave hope to our broken family.

    After the persecution started in July 20, 1999, nothing could shake my belief in Falun Dafa, even facing the brutal persecution. I have benefited from Dafa and I know what I'm talking about. I witnessed Dafa's greatness. How can such a wonderful Fa be slandered?

    3. Safeguard the Fa

    I, someone who has been saved by Dafa, want to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and reclaim justice for Falun Dafa. In August 2000 I overcame my difficulties to go to Beijing and appeal justice for Falun Dafa. I wanted to say, "Falun Dafa is the righteous way, restore the reputation of my Master, allow the publishing of Dafa books and release all the detained Falun Gong practitioners unconditionally."

    A police officer at Tiananmen Square asked me why I was there. I told him that I'd come to appeal. I told him Falun Dafa is good, sharing my personal experience. The officer put me in a van and sent me back to my hometown. I was detained for 25 days. I used my personal experience to tell guards and criminals alike that Falun Dafa is good. They all know the truth through my clarification. One of them said, "I want to learn Dafa," and became a good person after he left the detention center.

    4. Clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa

    With the swift progress of Fa rectification, we expose the evil persecution and save sentient beings. I gradually understood my mission. Why do we dare to risk everything to come to this human world? We do it to rectify Dafa and to save sentient beings. I cannot forget my mission. Although I am not well spoken, I want to do well, and I use my personal experiences and actions to rectify Dafa.

    My job is delivering goods. I meet many people every day. I use these opportunities to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and rectify Dafa. One time I pedaled a tricycle into the countryside to deliver goods. I didn't feel tired, even after riding 47 miles each way. My co-workers all say that Falun Gong practitioners are very healthy and good people.

    One time I carried sandbags to the sixth floor. It took me less than a half hour to bring up eight sandbags, each weighing 110 pounds. The customer was very surprised and said, "You're so skinny. How can you do that?" I said, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner." I told him about my health situation before I started practicing and showed him the scars from my surgeries. I told him how I'd sold the house to cure my sickness, but it hadn't worked. Then I told him how I was cured after practicing Falun Gong for a month. Falun Gong gave me a second life. He said that Falun Gong was miraculous. I clarified the truth to him and told him to remember that Falun Dafa is good. He accepted my words happily.

    I did a job for an official from the local Procurator's office. He was very satisfied with my work. After he learned that I practice Falun Gong, he said he would look to hire Falun Gong practitioners from then on and that Falun Gong practitioners are good people.

    I never have conflicts with others at work. I take the heaviest and dirtiest work. I never care how much customers pay me and I work for free sometimes. I remember Master's instruction that we should be good people no matter where we are. I am a Falun Dafa disciple. I should display the image of a Falun Dafa disciple and bring the truth of Falun Gong wherever I go. There were times that I wasn't diligent and fell down on the path of cultivation. When that happens I study the Fa more and continuously correct myself. I rectify the Fa using my words and actions. I will use every opportunity to do well the things that Master requires. That is our mission. I will continue to dissolve all the factors hindering the Fa-rectification, and do well on the path of cultivation, which is arranged by Master.

    Practitioners Worldwide Share How They Found Dafa

    Indian Practitioner: Dafa Changed My Life and Allowed Me to Become a PhD Student in a Renowned U.S. University

    ( After seeing Clearwisdom editors' call for Westerners to share their stories of cultivating in Dafa, and reading the many extraordinary experiences of Western practitioners, I would like to share my story of how Dafa has changed my life.

    Before Obtaining the Fa

    I was born in south India in 1981 and brought up in a strictly religious family. At a young age, I was often very sick and emotionally detached. I was never good at anything other than schoolwork, so I never got along well with other people, including my family. I was atheist, though I did believe that there were higher truths that science could not explain.

    During my undergraduate years in India, I experimented with various new-age, self-improvement and other techniques. Some of them worked, and I became healthier, got more self-confident. But I also hung out with the wrong kind of young people and lost my character and sense of morality. I knew that alcohol and drugs were wrong, but I developed a strong attachment to lust and pornography.

    In early 2001, I realized that I had gone down the wrong path and tried several spiritual techniques. I read as many books and religious texts that I could find. While my state of mind improved, my health became worse - even worse than when I was a child. I realize from reading Zhuan Falun that this might have been the result of cultivating in several different practices at the same time - some of which, I realize now, had the nature of futi (spirit or animal possession).

    When I came to Florida, U.S.A. for my Master's degree in August 2001, I was at the lowest and darkest point in my life. I was very sick. I had no job and had to be supported by my parents who were sending me a lot of money. Having been brought up in a sheltered environment, I had to adjust to a new environment and take care of everything myself. The environment that I lived in then was very morally corrupt as well, just like the people I had spent time with during my undergraduate days.

    Obtaining the Fa and Cultivation

    But around one month later, in September 2001, I obtained the Fa. My life was changed forever - for the better.

    I got a flyer that a practitioner was handing out on my university campus in Florida. I had heard about Falun Gong and the persecution before through news reports, and my interest in spirituality led me to try it.

    On the first day, I felt an energy belt spinning in my lower abdomen and a strong energy field around my hands during the second exercise. I would know later that the energy field in my abdomen was a Falun.

    My only regret now is that I read Zhuan Falun just once in the first 4 months of my practice. I came to realize the importance of studying the Fa only in December 2001 when I stumbled across the rest of Teachers' writings on the website during a holiday at my aunt's place.

    In January 2002, I returned to school for the Spring semester, determined to follow the requirements of the Fa and be a good person. I happily (but with some difficulty) gave up my old bad habits. My grades went up. I got a job and would eventually get a research assistantship.

    The story about how I got the job is interesting: 6 months of searching and I had not found a job. A promising lead was being held up due to complicated reasons. One day, I cried to Teacher in my mind: "Teacher, I don't mind suffering for my karma, but why should my parents have to spend so much money on me and suffer? I wish I could relieve their suffering and be less of a strain on them."

    Two minutes later, I opened my e-mail inbox. My employer (at the job which had run into complications) had sent an e-mail saying that I could start work that day! This incident completely sealed my trust in Teacher and Dafa - from that day on, I completely dedicated myself to Dafa and following the teachings.

    Clarifying the Truth and Balancing Things

    In May 2002, I read Teacher's "Touring North America to Teach the Fa". I had quite a bit of free time during that summer, and the Clearwisdom reports about the persecution shocked me. I cried the first day I read them at work, finally understanding the seriousness of the persecution. After reading Teacher's newer lectures during that summer of 2002, I stepped forward (timidly at first) to clarify the truth.

    In January 2003, I got a research assistantship and started working with a professor. I had less time for cultivation and clarifying the truth, but I did my best at my research and balancing things well. During the later part of that year, I often stumbled both in my everyday work and cultivation due to lack of studying the Fa, but I eventually learnt my lessons, placed emphasis on studying the Fa and was able to balance things well.

    In 2004, a research paper of mine was accepted to a prestigious research conference. In late 2004, having finished my research work in Florida, I applied to other universities for my PhD. While waiting for possible admissions, I moved to Manhattan to help with the truth-clarification efforts there.

    In December 2004, I was admitted to an Ivy League university and am now diligently pursuing my PhD there.

    My Life - Completely Changed

    From a sick, weak and timid individual tired of life just before I obtained the Fa, my life has completely changed. I am now illness-free, healthier, more confident in myself, hard working and honest - and a PhD student in a top university.

    I can honestly say that it is because Dafa has changed my life completely, just as it has changed the lives of millions of people around the world!

    How I Became a Dafa Practitioner

    My name is Joel. I started to practice Falun Dafa just over one year ago. I am here to share some reasons why Falun Dafa has become such an important part of my life.

    I grew up in a hot blooded, short tempered, angry, southern Italian family. I learned to fight with my brothers at a young age. We yelled and screamed and fought with each other or with any one else who crossed our path over the smallest things. Any excuse to vent the powerful destructive feeling of rage that steamed inside us. I have worked with my brothers almost every day for the past 12 years in our family-owned business. I didn't know my anger was a problem until I met Sharon.

    Sharon was my fiancée. We dated for six years. Sharon was a kind person. She never swore or raised her voice. Sharon used to look out for my best interest. She cared for me. I can remember how Sharon liked to have fun, how she laughed all the time.

    I also remember when I would come home after a fight with my family. I would look for any reason to fight with Sharon. My abusive, evil, hurtful words would spit out of my mouth right at her.

    Day after day I vowed to Sharon I would stop getting so angry. But as soon as Sharon did something I didn't agree with or as soon as she didn't agree with something I did, that powerful and uncontrollable feeling of rage would build inside me again and I would lash out. I couldn't stop my anger and unhappiness, and Sharon finally left me.

    My discontent, unhappy and angry life became progressively worse. I became a victim of my own agitated mind. I blamed society and my family for all my unhappiness. Thoughts of blame, self-loathing and negativity stormed in my head in a whirlwind of confusion. I became a slave to my addictions. However, it didn't matter how much marijuana I smoked or how much alcohol I drank or who I slept with or how much money I made or how many trips I took or what books I read or what psychologist I went to see, I couldn't stop my dissatisfaction with life or my anger.

    I wanted answers but I didn't know where to turn. I decided to call my mom who I knew practiced Falun Dafa, for some support. I had witnessed fantastic changes in her attitude towards life since she started practicing Falun Dafa. I told her how I felt, how I was so confused and tired of going around in the same vicious circles of negativity over and over again and that I needed help. My mom smiled and gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. With all her love and compassion she said very simply to me, "Start to read this book. All of your answers are in this book."

    I followed my mom's advice. I started to read the book and do the Falun Gong exercises. I vowed I would dedicate myself to read a little of the book each day and also do the full set of the exercises at least twice a week for the next six months.

    Zhuan Falun is the hardest book I ever tried to read. It pushed all of my buttons. As soon as I started to read, thoughts of judgement and doubt filled my head. I judged and criticized what I read. I doubted the teaching. I found all kinds of things in the book I didn't agree with. I found all kinds of things that went against my beliefs. I found all kinds of things I didn't understand. The more I tried to figure it out with my intellectual mind, the more lost I became. It made no sense to me. However, I was determined to stay true to my six-month goal, so whenever I came across something I didn't understand or didn't agree with, I just put those things aside and continued to read with an open mind.

    Three quarters of the way through the book I felt the power of Zhuan Falun. I became aware of character traits in myself that I had never seen before. I realized I grew up a very insecure, dissatisfied and selfish person. I was never happy with who I was or what I had. I always wanted more. I judged and criticized everyone I met. I looked at people as objects for my own needs. What benefit could they possibly give to me? Were they good enough? Were they smart enough? Were they attractive enough? Could they make me any money?

    My life purpose was to strive and stress to succeed for more money, for bigger and better things, to compete and struggle for my own personal interest and to win at any cost. I constantly tried to win the approval of others as I lived my life according to their expectations, while my relationships ended up in conflict as I harshly judged and criticized those who didn't live up to my approval or expectations.

    I complained about my life and fought with people because I had learned to see others as competitors or as only an audience for my own words and actions, and I had mastered the art of controlling and manipulating people for my own emotional needs and selfish desires.

    Falun Dafa brought all of all my deep-rooted mental and physical defilement's up to the surface and right in my face. It made me aware of who I was and how I lived.

    The basic teaching of Falun Dafa is simple: Keep upgrading myself by living in accordance of the universal characteristics of Zhen Shan Ren, Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance which Falun Dafa teaches are the true characteristics of the entire universe and of every human being. Don't fight with others. View others through the eyes of kindness and compassion. Diminish your attachments. Work hard but don't compete and stress for personal interest. Accept and understand others for who they are and look within to cultivate myself and live a peaceful life. As a practitioner one must follow the characteristics of the universe instead of the standard of ordinary people. If you can follow these characteristics then you are a good person.

    When I first heard these words they sounded so peaceful. This was the answer I had looked for all my life! I was going to live by these guidelines! With this new information I felt like a new person. A kind person, a compassionate person, a tolerant person.

    The next day I walked into my office with my new attitude. Within 5 minutes my brother said something that pushed my buttons. I flew into a rage and yelled and screamed as loud as I could. I left in a rage and slammed the door behind me. I boiled in negativity all the way home. I walked into my living room. The first thing I saw was Zhuan Falun on the coffee table. I sat stunned. "I understand the teachings! I know these teachings are the real truth, the real answer to my peace and happiness! Why can't I do it? Why do I slip back into my old negative and abusive patterns?"

    And then a story came to me. A story I witnessed some years ago of a young boy who throughout his short life had been badly abused by his mother. He had cigarette burns all over his body along with several fractures in various stages of healing. He also suffered from malnutrition.

    In this story a police matron is very gently and very cautiously holding this little boy as the mother is being handcuffed and arrested for child abuse. As the police matron starts to take the child from the room the child begins to lean over the police matrons shoulder, (begins to lean over safety's shoulder) and reaches out to his mother. He screams, "Mommy, Mommy!" He screams out to the torturer, wanting desperately to go back.

    I wondered why this child would want to go back to such a hell. Then I realized this negativity was all this boy had ever known. This abuse was his only familiar thing. He had no concept of what truth was or what kindness was or what compassion was.

    I now understood that I, like that little boy, had become so familiar with my patterns of negativity that the simple and pure traits of kindness, compassion, selflessness actually felt foreign to me. All my life I had chosen the wrong paths. I kept choosing to react to my impulses of anger, greed, lust, and selfishness. I realized my unclean, restless, uncontrollable mind kept me in my old familiar negative patterns. I knew if I wanted to build these new traits of kindness, compassion and forbearance into my life I would need support and I would need a guide. Falun Dafa has given me the support and guidance to create new choices in my life.

    I thought, it's easy to look out into this world and want to stop the violence and the hate and the pain that surrounds us every day of our lives. It's easy to blame our society. It's easy to blame others.

    However, how often do I look at myself and take responsibility for how I act and how I treat people in my everyday life?

    Falun Dafa has taught me the only way I can truly make a difference in this world is to acknowledge my own shortcomings and choose to learn to cultivate my mind and live my life with higher morals and higher virtues so I can make the right choices.

    As I continue to read Zhuan Falun over and over, I find that the teachings incorporate themselves into my everyday life. My old powerful patterns of negativity and fear are slowly decreasing, as new patterns of kindness and compassion and forbearance have become more the norm.

    I am forever thankful for the awareness and wisdom and peace Falun Dafa has helped me build in my life. In less than two years, Falun Dafa has empowered me to break the chains of illusion, ignorance and fear that has controlled my life and dominated my family for many generations.

    Falun Dafa has helped me shift my perspective of my relationships with my family, my friends and with my society. For the first time in my life I feel a genuine peace and happiness with everyone I come in contact with. I also feel more content and happy with myself.

    As a practitioner my new life goal is to bring the characteristics of Zhen Shan Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance) into every relationship I have. With Falun Dafa as my guide I feel fantastic strength because I know my life has a great purpose. I also feel fantastic peace because I now know my future children will learn to live in this new realm of peace and happiness, and for this I am forever grateful.

    News from China

    Latest News from China - August 29, 2005


    1. [Yantai City, Shandong Province] Wang Dejiang Unable to Walk Due to Torture in Police Custody
    2. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Wang Enguo's Life in Peril in Changchun City's No. 1 Detention Center
    3. [Tangshan City, Hebei Province] Chen Suzhen and Xiong Jizhen Arrested for Distributing Truth-Clarifying Materials
    4. [Shanghai] Fan Wanxia Arrested for Distributing Truth-Clarifying Flyers
    5. [Chongqing] Practitioner Tang Bing Suffers Severe Illness Due to Persecution During His Detention
    6. [Xichang City, Sichuan Province] Personnel from the National Security Team Arrest Practitioner Feng Dongmei
    7. [Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province] A Practitioner Suffers Brutal Tortures in a Forced Labor Camp in Jinzhou City
    8. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Practitioners Tortured at the Tiebei Prison
    9. [Yangjiang, Guangdong Province] Yang Jinda Was Arrested; Damage Done to Falun Dafa Truth Clarification Materials Production Sites
    10. [Shandong Province] Qu Benhui and Sun Aimei Were Sentenced to Forced Labor
    11. [Tianjin] Li Yamei Was Sentenced to Two Years and Six Months for Distributing Falun Dafa Truth Clarification Materials
    12. [Beijing] Sha Qiuzhen Is Sentenced to Two Years of Forced Labor for Distributing Truth-clarifying Materials
    13. [Weifang City, Shandong Province] Policeman Zhao Shisheng Brutally Tortures Falun Gong Practitioners
    14. [Chenzhou City, Hunan Province] Zi Daoyu and Wang Manling Are Arrested for Posting Truth-clarifying Materials
    15. [Nanyang City, Henan Province] Several Falun Gong Practitioners were Sentenced to Imprisonment or Forced Labor
    16. [Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] Arrest of Liu Guiqin, Zhang Qingyu and Cui Deli

    1. [Yantai City, Shandong Province] Wang Dejiang Unable to Walk Due to Torture in Police Custody

    Practitioner Mr. Wang Dejiang, an employee from the Yantai City Sea Fishing Company, 50 years old, used to live in the Happiness Residential Area, the Zhifu District. He decided to leave home to avoid persecution and arrest at home, and has been living in exile for over four years, only because he cultivates "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

    On August 16, 2005, personnel from the Yantai City Police Department and from the Muping District 610 Office arrested Wang Dejiang while he was clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to people. He was beaten so badly that around August 24 he was sent to the City Yuhuangding Hospital. His left knee was black and blue and a large area on his right shoulder was blue. It is unknown whether these injuries were caused by electric shock or other excruciating torture means. Mr. Wang is now unable to walk. It is said one of his legs will be amputated. Wang Dejiang has already spent over 20,000 yuan for hospitalization.

    Wang Dejiang is staging a hunger strike to protest the persecution. His family members have demanded his release; however, personnel from the police department and hospital have ignored them. The police officers did not dare to tell their names and telephone numbers when contacted by family members. They instructed personnel from the Sea Fishing Company, who are guarding Wang Dejiang, to prevent his family members from seeing him.

    Relevant telephone numbers:

    (Country code: 86, area code: 535)

    Yantai City Sea Fishing Company: 6606588
    Liu Zhiyi, general manager of the Sea Fishing Company
    Phone number for the general manager's office, Party Committee Office: 6222350
    Fax number for the general manager's office, Party Committee Office: 6611580 and 6216912
    Yuhuangding Hospital: 6256193 and 6691999

    2. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Wang Enguo's Life in Peril in Changchun City's No. 1 Detention Center

    Practitioner Mr. Wang Enguo is 35 years old. In March 2005, personnel from the Changchun City No. 4 National Security Team and from the Changchun City No. 1 Automobile Company's Security Section arrested Wang Enguo at work. They forced him into the basement of the No. 1 Automobile Company's Security Section and beat him severely. Mr. Wang sustained a skull fracture and required over ten stitches. Three days later, he was sent to Changchun City's No. 1 Detention Center, where he is still being held. Wang Enguo has been staging a hunger strike since his arrest. He used to weigh 200 jin (approximately 185 pounds) but now he is skin and bones. Mr. Wang's life is in peril.

    3. [Tangshan City, Hebei Province] Chen Suzhen and Xiong Jizhen Arrested for Distributing Truth-Clarifying Materials

    Practitioners Ms. Chen Suzhen and Ms. Xiong Jizhen live in the Dingfuli Residential Area, the Lunan District. Policemen Ren Ruijun from the Youyili Police Station and Zhang Xiuzhong from the Lunan Police Department in Tangshan City arrested them during the evening of August 20 and August 21 respectively while they were distributing truth-clarifying materials. Their homes were ransacked and some Falun Dafa books, truth-clarifying materials and CDs were confiscated. Ms. Chen and Ms. Xiong are now being held at Tangshan City's No. 1 Detention Center.

    4. [Shanghai] Fan Wanxia Arrested for Distributing Truth-Clarifying Flyers

    Practitioner Ms. Fan Wanxia from Wusong District, in her 40's, lives in Room 503, No. 28, No. 6 Haibin Village. On August 21, 2005, Fan Wanxia was arrested after she distributed some truth-clarifying materials in the Shijilianhua Supermarket. She is now being held in the Baoshan Detention Center (intersection of Yueluo Road and Jixian Road.)

    5. [Chongqing] Practitioner Tang Bing Suffers Severe Illness due to Persecution During His Detention

    In early August 2005, practitioner Tang Bing from Guojiatuo Area, Chongqing, was tortured until he was just skin and bones and suffered from jaundice hepatitis. Later, his family sent him into the Wangjiang Factory Hospital for treatment.

    6. [Xichang City, Sichuan Province] Personnel from the National Security Team Arrest Practitioner Feng Dongmei

    On August 25, 2005, personnel from the Xichang City National Security Team arrested practitioner Ms. Feng Dongmei and ransacked her home. She is currently being held at the Tuohuang City Drug Abuse Rehab Center.

    Tuohuang Drug Abuse Rehab Center: 86-834-3290079

    7. [Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province] A Practitioner Suffers Brutal Tortures in a Forced Labor Camp in Jinzhou City

    A practitioner surnamed Shao, in his/her 50s, was held in the No. 2 Division in the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp. He/she has been held there for over one and a half years in a solitary compartment. The curtain of the compartment has been closed all year. In the compartment, the practitioner is handcuffed to a chair from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The practitioner was forced to sit on that chair for 50 minutes and then walk for ten minutes while handcuffed to the chair.

    Those practitioners who are new detainees and who have not given up Falun Gong in the Jinzhou City Forced Labor Camp are tortured in the following ways:

    1. Forced standing for three consecutive days. Some practitioners' legs became extremely swollen after this torture.

    2. Electric shocks with multiple electric batons at the same time. Six batons were used when they tortured practitioner Yan Laisheng.

    3. Forced sitting on a metal chair for 15 to 20 days.

    4. Being forced to sit in the lotus position while the legs are tied to a chair and the hands are raised up.

    5. Tying practitioner tightly with rope smeared with excrement, while force-feeding the practitioner.

    6. Criminal inmates squeeze male practitioners' testicles.

    Related responsible people:

    No. 2 Division heads: Bai Jinlong, Zhang Jiabin
    Deputy head: Yang Tinglun
    Prisoners: Wang Xinjie, Yan Wei, Zhang Tiejun

    8. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Practitioners Tortured at the Tiebei Prison

    According to inside information, on August 19, 2005, Zhou Zhong, the Tiebei Prison warden and Ge Baozhong, Chief of the Reformation Section, incited Wang Xiaoguang, a team head, and Zhang Lizhou, a political head, to torture Falun Dafa practitioners.

    In the middle of August 2005, practitioner Liang Zhenxing kept studying the Fa and doing the exercises, but was discovered when sending forth righteous thoughts. Wang Xiaoguang and Zhang Lizhou ordered prisoners to torture practitioner Liang Zhenxing. Mr. Liang was cut on the neck with a knife. After ten days of emergency treatment, Mr. Liang was transferred to the Tiebei Hospital where he was still handcuffed and shackled. Liang Zhenxing has started a hunger strike in protest.

    While Liang Zhenxing is protesting the persecution, practitioner Dong Shaohua has been on a hunger strike for six days. He has been force-fed several times. Practitioner Xu Guijun of the same team was transferred to another team because he stopped the prisoners from force-feeding practitioner Dong Shaohua some suspicious food.

    Team head Lai Wenqing and political head Jia Jianmin tortured practitioners and abused inmates, which was reported by practitioner Liu Wentao to the prison leaders. However, after Lai and Jia learned that they had been reported, they ordered prisoners to beat Liu Wentao. Zhang Peiqi from the same cell tried to stop the violence, but got beaten as well. He had to have stitches for a cut on his head.

    Fully aware of all the tortures perpetrated against practitioners, Zhou Zhong, Tiebei Prison Warden, didn't do anything to stop the outrages.

    9. [Yangjiang, Guangdong Province] Yang Jinda Was Arrested; Damage Done to Falun Dafa Truth Clarification Materials Production Sites

    Falun Dafa truth clarification materials production sites in Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province were damaged; practitioner Yang Jinda was arrested.

    10. [Shandong Province] Qu Benhui and Sun Aimei Were Sentenced to Forced Labor

    Falun Dafa practitioner Qu Benhui from Shandong Province, 50 years old, and Sun Aimei, 54 years old, were arrested on May 22 2005 and were sentenced on June 22; are now being held at the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp.

    11. [Tianjin] Li Yamei Was Sentenced to Two Years and Six Months for Distributing Falun Dafa Truth Clarification Materials

    In December of 2004, Falun Dafa practitioner Li Yamei from the Tanggu Distcict in Tianjin, was reported to the "110 Police Hotline" (similar to the "911" system in the USA) by supermarket guards when distributing truth clarification materials at the Jiale Supermarket in the Tanggu District. Afterwards, Li Yamei's home was ransacked; they confiscated a computer, printer, shredder and some truth clarification materials and Dafa books.

    Ms. Li Yamei was taken to the Zhaojiadi Detention Center in the Tanggu District for refusing to give up Dafa, and was sentenced to two years and six months of forced labor. She was first held at Banqiao Women's Forced Labor Camp in the Dagang District, Tianjin.

    12. [Beijing] Sha Qiuzhen Is Sentenced to Two Years of Forced Labor for Distributing Truth-clarifying Materials

    Ms. Sha Qiuzhen is 58 years old. It was heard she was arrested two months ago when she was distributing truth-clarifying materials at the dorm of the Xuanwu District Police Department and was recently sentenced to two years of forced labor.

    13. [Weifang City, Shandong Province] Policeman Zhao Shisheng Brutally Tortures Falun Gong Practitioners

    Zhao Shisheng is an officer at the Changle County Police Department. He was promoted to division chief in 2005. He has been ruthlessly persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in that capacity.

    Yang Mingxiang, an employee of the Changle Dress Factory, has practiced and cultivated Falun Gong for many years. She is recognized as being a good employee who is capable, hard working and kind to people. At the end of July 2005, Zhao Shisheng and others unreasonably took Ms. Yang away and forcibly sent her to the Weifang City Brainwashing Class.

    On August 9, 2005, Zhao Shisheng entrapped Mr. Zhang Juwu, a teacher from Changle County's No.3 Technical Secondary School to Changle County and arrested him. They took him to the Wutu Police Station. The next day, Zhang Juwu was forcibly sent to the Weifang City Brainwashing Class.

    On the afternoon of August 10, 2005, Zhao Shisheng again unreasonably arrested Sun Kexiu, a Falun Gong practitioner from Dengjia Village, Wutu Town, and illegally searched his house. That same day, Zhao Shisheng forcibly sent Sun Kexiu to the brainwashing class held by personnel from the Weifang Police Station and threatened that if Sun refused to be "reformed" he would fire Sun's family members from their jobs.

    Phone number of evildoing policeman Zhao Shisheng: 86-536-6299038 (Office), 6-536-6299255 (Home), 86 -13863629388 (Cell)

    14. [Chenzhou City, Hunan Province] Zi Daoyu and Wang Manling Are Arrested for Posting Truth-clarifying Materials

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zi Daoyu, about 50 years old, and Ms. Wang Manling, about 50 years old, are employees of the Chenzhou Air-conditioning Equipment Factory. On the night on August 2, 2005 they went to the Suxian District to post truth-clarifying materials but were caught by a patrolling security guard. When policemen interrogate Zi Daoyu, she disclosed her name and address. At about 8:00 p.m. on August 3, three policemen arrested her and searched her house and confiscated Dafa books and some truth-clarifying materials as well.

    About ten days later, policeman Chen led four to five persons to search Wang Manling's house and confiscated a silk-screen-printing plate. The practitioners are detained at the Chenzhou City No.2 Detention Center at present.

    Li Heting, chief of the National Security Team at the Chenzhou City Police Department: 86-735-2220811 (Office), 86-735-2220911 (Home), 86-13807358129 (Cell)
    Wu Daiming, associate head and also 610 Office head for the Chenzhou City Police Department: 86-735-2871776 (Office), 86-735-2234620 (Home), 86-13975501668 (Cell)
    Lan Zujiao, chief of the Legal System Section: 86-735-2220816 (Office), 86-735-2259558 (Home), 86-13907352001 (Cell)

    15. [Nanyang City, Henan Province] Several Falun Gong Practitioners were Sentenced to Imprisonment or Forced Labor

    Recently, many practitioners from Nanyang City have been sentenced to imprisonment or forced labor.

    Qiao Lingqin from Qingang Village was sentenced to two years forced labor; he went on a hunger strike on August 20th, 2005 to protest the illegal detention;

    Chen Yiling from the No. 2 Glue Factory in Nanyang City was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor;

    Qiao Mingxi was sentenced to two years forced labor.

    Fan Jinping was sentenced to three years of imprisonment.

    16. [Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] Arrest of Liu Guiqin, Zhang Qingyu and Cui Deli

    Liu Guiqin, Zhang Qinyu and Cui Deli are Falun Gong practitioners from Jiamusi City. When they went to the Haoliang River to clarify the truth of Falun Gong they were arrested and their rented vehicle was impounded. When their family members went to claim the vehicle, the local police station personnel refused their request. The three practitioners are incarcerated at the Baoquanling Detention Center. Zhang Qingyu's life is at stake due to brutal torture, and he/she was sent to a hospital.

    Xu Xiaoguang, Haoliang River 610 Office: 86-13134584110 (Cell)

    Baoquanling Detention Center: 86-468-3762981

    127 People Declare that their Words and Deeds Under Forced Brainwashing are Null and Void
    A Total of 287203 Declarations Have Been Published To Date

    ( A "solemn declaration" is a person's public statement declaring to the world that whatever he or she has done or said under duress or deception that was against Falun Dafa is null and void. Most of these statements have come from Falun Dafa practitioners in China who wished to express regret that, in the face of physical torture and brainwashing, they had signed documents renouncing Dafa and guaranteeing not to practice again. Also, as more and more people in China learn the truth about how they have been deceived and lied to by the Jiang regime, many non-practitioners are also submitting "solemn declarations."

    Here are some examples of the Solemn Declarations:

    Please click here for more Solemn Declarations.