Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Spoken Truth

Mr. Cheng Yonglin, a consul from the Chinese Consulate in Sydney spoke to reporters today, on the 16th anniversay of the Tiananmen Square Massscre.

He expressed that he supported the democratic movement whole-heartedly and declared his determination to disassociate from the CCP. In his interview with reporters he also revealed his job duties :
1. To persecute Falun Gong practitioners in New York , to closely monitor them, and to hire others to collect information about their activites.
2. To execute policies from the Chinese government toward Falun Gong practitoners in Australia, namely, to confront practioners face to face, to attack them openly, to secure the support of the Australian government , and to win the sympathy of the Australian citizens.

We know the CCP has been doing these things and more all along, but it's nice to hear it from an insider to confirm the true nature of the CCP to the whole world.

Incidentally, the officials from the Chinese security bureau are looking all over for Mr. Cheng who had left the Chinese Consulate seven days ago. His wife and six year old daughter are also in hiding.

Why is this Chinese Official Scared of His Own Government?

This is getting a glimpse of the truth straight from the horse's mouth.
Pay attention! Beware of the Chinese Communist Party.
They are like a cancer on the body of humanity.
I guess we could hope that will change and they will morph back into
normal human beings, but that doesn't seem likely, does it?

Chinese Science Leader’s Hidden Agenda: Brainwashing, Genocide, Torture

It is a shame when officials don't live up to their
duties and promote acts of torture, rape and killing.

I think if an official engages in this type of behavior,
it is really time for society to remove him from his post.

After all, he is disrupting the society that he is supposed
to protect.

It is kind of like a parent that hurts his or her kids, instead
of loving and protecting them.

You can read the whole story here:

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Two million people have quit the Chinese Communist Party so Far!

Two million party members have quit the Chinese
Communist Party so far and the number is growing.

More than ten thousand people add their names to
the list every day.

Western society has started to become aware of
this trend.

China has one fifth of the worlds’ population.
Things going on in China now will affect China’s
economy and worlds’ economy!

Before you make investments in China, please read
“The 9 Commentaries about the Chinese Communist

The website is:


In Need of a Miracle

A Personal Story

Cat R.

In 2000, I was in desperate need of a miracle. I was losing
an eight year battle with a chronic illness which was later
compounded by complications from a reaction to a medication.

A miracle was truly in order as there were no other options
for getting better. I had already explored the best
therapies and healers’ alternatives that Chinese and western
medicine had to offer but to no avail.

My overall chronic condition was never detected or named.
The symptoms looked similar to those associated with thyroid
and adrenal dysfunctions with severe allergies, chronic
yeast infections, inability to sleep and chronic fatigue.

The medication reaction disrupted my digestive and nervous
systems and left me weak and with unbelievable pain and
discomfort. I was so sick that I could no longer support or
care for myself, and had to move to my parents' home.

In May 2001, a friend e-mailed me about the Falun Dafa web
site : . She was doing the Falun Gong
exercises and reading the book Zhuan Falun and feeling better.

She thought it might do the same for me. Over an 18 month
period, it was so unbelievably liberating as one by one all
of the physical and emotional symptoms related to my health
conditions completely disappeared.

In addition, I have had severe allergies all my life and was
shocked to discover six months after starting the practice
that I was totally allergy free. I am most blessed to be
without any type of illness, pain, or fatigue and I sleep
soundly every night with all the sleep cycles. I truly found
the miracle, I so desperately needed, through practicing
Falun Gong.

Cat R.

Funny in a strange sort of way

It is funny in a strange sort of way.

All the evidence is in plain view. Yet, it seems
as if people just can't seem to find it.

It is kind of like when you are in a hurry, on your
way out of the door and you suddenly realize
you can't find your wallet. You spend about
10 to 15 minutes looking but you don't see it

Now you are really going to be late to where you
were going. You sit down in frustration and give
up. Then as you look up you suddenly see your
wallet sitting on the table in plain view.

I met a lady a few years ago who was dying
of cancer. She was seemingly on her last leg.

But she found a miracle. And you know, a lot
of other very sick people have too.

The curious thing is that the healing power
of a certain exercise has been well documented
for a long time.

You would think that this information would
spread around the world like a wild fire.

Yet, it sits there in plain view, unnoticed.
Interesting, isn't it?

Here it is.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

After the Nine Commentaries...

One month after the publishing of the nine commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party, people in China started to break away from the Chinese Communist Party(CCP). That was in January, 2005. The first month, there was an average of 150 resignations per day.

By April 23, 2005, that number passed the one million mark. Currently, there are about 30,000 withdrawals per day. Withdrawing on this large scale is unprecedented.
This morning, another million has been added , right now, there are over two million party members who have withdrawn.

This is very exciting news for the people who are engaged in the democractic movement, as well as people within China who has suffered so much after the recent land and housing reform.. The tidal wave of withdrawals from the Party brings hope for people from different levels.

China actually has crises in many areas.
On the economic front: the stock market , real estate market, the banking system and embezzlement.
On the social front: poverty, hunger , high unemployment rate (over 21%) and violent protests.
On the environmental front: desertification, contamination of the earth, water and air.
On the political front: Party members withdraw in droves, all that conveys their despair toward the CCP.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Yesterday's Practice

Yesterday I went to Mill Creek Park on
the Plaza topractice. (Kansas City)

I was joined by two other practitioners
and we all practicedthe exercises together.

Since it was a holiday, a lot of people
were out and many ofthem took literature
from the sign board that silentlywaited while
we all practiced.

At the end - a man from Iran who knew
some of the exercises came by. We decided
that even though we had all done the exercises
already, that we would do them again with this man.

None of us hesitated, we all enjoy doing the
exercises andwe were all happy to help
someone who hadn't quite learnedthem all yet.

In the future, I suspect this type of scenario
will beplayed out all over the world.

More and more people willwant to practice
and because many of us receive so much joy and
happiness from the practice of Falun Dafa, we will
be glad to help them to learn - for free -!

The Story of a Pussy Willow

I planted a pussy willow two years ago outside the basement widow. I like the pussy willow for its uniqueness and its elegance.

The tree grew rapidly, in two years time, it added about seven or eight feet to its height. I realized then this tree had a vast root system, when I talked the man in the nursury. He frowned and told me it was not a good idea to have a tree that close to the house. He advised me to cut it down.

"Cut it down!" I had a hard time to imagine that. The tree had so many branches and was so well balanced. I knew that I could not afford to keep the tree and let it grow contiunally. It would eventually damage the foundation of the house and the concrete patio if I didn't take care of it soon.

I felt uneasy and asked the fellows who take care of the yard to save it, but they said the tree was simply too big to be dug up and transplanted.

I told my husband to cut it as low as he could, because it was a little too big for me to cut it. He did. The tree was down and on the patio for few days. I lost sleep over the tree and was filled with remorse. I did not know how I could save the tree, especially after it had been cut.

Finally, I decided that I wanted to try something; I put it in the ground farther away from the house and put in stakes to hold it in place. I talked to the tree and wanted it to be strong and fight for its survival. I promised the tree plenty of water everyday and plenty of space to grow...

In just a few days, the bare branches started to have tiny leaves slowly coming out. Wow, there was hope! I thought. A month later, the tree made it quite nicely. It had leaves on all its branches, and it had also grown a bit. I felt such a relief and joy.

Looking back, I was surprised how I felt about the tree. I never had that much compassion for trees before. A tree is just a tree. After further reflection, I noticed that I had changed since I started to practice Falun Gong. Falun Gong's three principles, truthfulness, compassion,and tolerence, look simple and easy enough,and they, however, are quite difficult in practice. It's particularly hard for me to grasp how to replace the sentimentality in my heart with compassion.

Right now, I may still behave the same, but my heart does not feel the same way any more. It is like the pupa of a butterfly, on the surface it may not look like it has made any changes,but the metamorphosis is going on inside and continuously.