Friday, June 09, 2006

Many people have been shocked by the information revealed by the Epoch Times and Clearwisdom websites. The reality is that you can go to China and get an organ in three days.

Here in the United States the wait time can be over a year.

Why can China offer organs to people in only 3 days?

The reason is that they have a plentiful supply of prisoners of conscience (people who have done nothing wrong but are being held against their will for political purposes or because the Chinese Communist Party does not like their free thoughts and ideas and does not want other people to have them either)

These prisoners, many of whom are Falun Gong practitioners are held in labor camps and/or hospitals and are being used for their organs. The organs are taken while they are still alive.

Read this story:

Organ harvesting - witnesses

Now this is very sick and perverse. The Chinese Communist Party is pure evil. You can read their history. You can read the 9 Ping or commentaries in both English and Chinese and you will see for yourself what has been going on in China for the last sixty years since the Communist Party took over.

Resources : English Epoch Times


Falun Info site

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