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Falun Dafa, Saturday, June 07, 2008


News and Events Around the World


  • The CCP Attacks Falun Gong, Members of US Congress Call for
    Expulsion of the Criminals (Photos)


  • New York Police Department: Assaults in Flushing Cannot


  • AFP - US lawmakers blame Chinese government for Falun Gong
    attack (excerpts)


  • People in Spain Express Support for 37 Million Withdrawals from
    the Chinese Communist Party (Photos)


  • Germany: Falun Gong "Information Day" in Freiburg to Raise
    Awareness about the Persecution (Photos)


    Facts of the Persecution


  • Two Brothers and a Sister Arrested and Tortured


  • 15 Practitioners and Family Members Arrested in Beijing


  • Following Years of Persecution, His Wife Already in a Labor
    Camp, Disabled Man in His 60's is Arrested (Mengyin County, Shandong Province)


  • Ms. Zhong Fangqiong Tortured in National Security Division of
    the Wuhou District Police Department in Chengdu City, Sichuan Provence


  • Police in Huai'an City Arrest a Head Nurse


  • I Saw Shenyang Police Openly and Illegally Arrest Three


    Practitioners Exchange Insights and Experiences


  • My Understanding of Passing the Test of Sickness Karma


  • I Found My Fundamental Attachment


  • Reflections on Attending the Parade in Manhattan


  • Sharing from a Practitioner Who First Learned Falun Gong in a
    Detention Center


  • To Be a Dafa Disciple and Truly Cultivate Myself


    People's Hearts Determine Their Futures


  • Falun Dafa Saved My Grandpa


  • Several Cases of Karmic Retribution


  • 69 People Declare that their Words
    and Deeds Under Forced Brainwashing are Null and Void


    Clearwisdom Materials


  • Clearwisdom Review (Volume 3, Issue 18, May 2008)

    News and Events Around the World



    The CCP Attacks Falun Gong, Members of US Congress Call for
    Expulsion of the Criminals (Photos)


    ( Representatives of the World Organization to
    Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WIPFG), Epoch Times, and "Quit
    the CCP" Service Centers held a forum and press conference in Washington, D.C.,
    on June 5, 2008. Spokespersons from the different organizations reported on the
    recent CCP-instigated incidents in New York in which mobsters attacked Falun
    Gong practitioners and the CCP-controlled Chinese language media misled the
    Chinese community, spreading lies to slander Falun Gong around the world through
    the Internet, video, and other channels in attempts to shift attention away from
    its own imminent collapse. Congressmen at the forum strongly condemned the CCP
    and asked the American government to expel the criminals involved.



    Forum to discuss violence and mayhem in Flushing incited by the Chinese
    Communist Party.


    Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo


    Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher


    Mr. Li Dayong, representative of the Quit the CCP Service Center

    A video of the CCP-instigated mobsters attacking Falun Gong practitioners in
    Flushing was screened at the forum.

    Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) strongly protested the CCP's
    involvement in these activities. He said the case would be submitted to the
    United Nations Security Council and hoped that the American government would

    "I believe that the Chinese consulate and others were responsible for
    organizing these thugs and attacking people who were peacefully going about
    their business," he said. "The government of the United States should
    investigate this and, if I am accurate in my assumption about the cause, should
    lodge a protest to the government of China and take as strong an action as
    possible, including the request for the removal of the offending parties.

    "We cannot have in this country violations of citizens' basic rights being
    perpetrated by people who did not respect them in their own country and who try
    to impose these kinds of 'values,' if you will, on dissidents in our country."

    Referring to the Chinese Consul General for New York, Mr. Peng Keyu, who was
    caught on tape about his involvement, Tancredo said, "This guy who organized
    this thing--who even admits it--he should be ousted. He should be thrown out of
    the country--and a strong protest following that to the government of China.
    That's what we should do." Congressman Tancredo said he would contact the White
    House and the State Department.

    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) said, "Falun Gong is standing up
    as a symbol of what the true heart and soul of China could be if it wasn't
    polluted and tainted with Communist tyranny. The soul of China could be
    benevolent and spiritual in nature. They would not trample on the rights of
    anyone in the world, and they would be part of the human family.

    "And that message of Falun Gong is something that tyrants fear more than
    guns, more than weapons. What tyrants fear is the facts. What they fear is the
    exposure of their evildoings. There is a good and positive alternative to that
    evil--and that is virtue. I admire Falun Gong, and I'm proud to stand up here
    with Falun Gong, not just in China, but especially with the Falun Gong
    practitioners active here in the United States and facing intimidation."

    Congressman Rohrabacher said, "What we have to do is be very diligent, that
    in the United States, at least here, we protect the rights of people who are
    struggling for freedom. I know in the past we have had our own shortcomings, but
    the fact is, today, if the Statue of Liberty means anything, it means that here
    in United States, those people who would like to bring liberty and justice to
    different parts of the world will be protected... I call on this administration
    to make a stand. If we're not going to make a stand anywhere else in the world
    against this horribly repressive regime, it should be at least in the United
    States that we make that stand."

    Mr. Wang Zhiyuan, representative of the World Organization to Investigate the
    Persecution of Falun Gong, said that, a few days before the Flushing incident,
    his organization released an "Investigative Report on the CCP's Control of
    Overseas Chinese and Global United Front Work Strategy." The report, released on
    the WIPFG website on May 15, was quickly reprinted by websites and BBS not
    controlled by the CCP. It covers the CCP's global united front strategy,
    overseas forces in action, major tactics used by the CCP to control overseas
    Chinese, and how it seeks and gains worldwide resources through an Open Door
    Policy. The CCP has established a Chinese immigrant political strategy and
    procedures that specifically target the overseas Chinese. They have conducted
    systematic, long-term deceptive propaganda and indoctrination of Chinese
    Communist ideological concepts. The regime has worked on exploiting Chinese
    immigrants' sentimental emotions towards their homeland, confusing them and
    lumping together the notion that China and the CCP are the same, and instigating
    them to believe that it is legitimate to act loyally to the Chinese Communist

    The report revealed that the CCP controls most of the overseas Chinese media
    at different levels and has periodically trained overseas Chinese community
    leaders. Mr. Wang said, "It is no secret in the Chinese community. I hope
    governments of all countries pay attention to this."

    Mr. Li Dayong, a representative of the Quit the CCP Service Centers,
    announced that 37,950,000 people had quit the CCP and its affiliated
    organizations as of June 5.


    New York Police Department: Assaults in Flushing Cannot


    ( The Service Center for Quitting the Party recently
    returned to its original site in front of the Flushing Library, and set up four
    more service spots in the neighborhood. The New York Police Department (NYPD) is
    concerned about the assaults experienced by volunteers at the Service Center.
    Andrew Schaffer, NYPD's Deputy Commissioner for Legal Affairs, flanked by two
    NYPD legal affairs colleagues, said that the assaults cannot continue, and that
    NYPD will protect practitioners from attack.

    In the morning of June 5, Schaffer met with the Falun Gong spokesman Erping
    Zhang and Norman Siegel, attorney for Falun Gong. Siegel said the meeting was
    serious and positive; the NYPD heard the complaints that the rights of Falun
    Gong practitioners were not well protected and they promised to improve the
    situation. Siegel said his understanding is that the NYPD will have enough
    manpower to protect Falun Gong practitioners in future activities.

    Mr. Zhang also reported that the meeting was positive. "We planned to meet
    with the police from 109 Police Station in Flushing, but the assaults were very
    serious and the media has gotten involved, so NYPD is concerned about it too.
    Thus we met at NYPD headquarters," Zhang said. "The Deputy Commissioner for
    Legal Affairs and two colleagues met with us. They promised to take action
    against those who attack and harass Falun Gong practitioners."

    Siegel said the focus of the meeting was Falun Gong practitioners' rights
    protected by the Constitution. Siegel said they were glad to see that NYPD is
    paying attention. "We will see how NYPD carries out their promises in Flushing,
    Chinatown and other places in New York," Siegel said.

    "Passing out materials and having rallies are rights protected by the
    Constitution. Those who attacked them will be punished by the law," said Siegel,
    who is a famous human rights lawyer and the chair of the New York Chamber of
    American Civil Liberties Union.

    Siegel said that freedom of speech is protected by the Constitution.

    Siegel said NYPD promised that those who violate this principle and attack
    others will be tried as criminals. At the meeting, a five-minute video was
    played to show the violent attacks in Flushing. The record of a phone call
    conversation between an investigator and the Chinese Consul General Peng Keyu
    was also played.

    Siegel said everybody at the meeting agreed what happened in the video should
    not be allowed to happen again.

    Siegel mentioned that violent attacks and damaging practitioners' materials
    are not tolerable. He suggested that every practitioner bring a small camera and
    take photos of any future incidents, and to report them to the police


    AFP - US lawmakers blame Chinese government for Falun Gong
    attack (excerpts)


    ( An AFP report June 5 discussed the recent attacks on Falun
    Gong practitioners in New York. Here are some excerpts:

    "Two US lawmakers accused the Chinese government Thursday of instigating
    attacks on practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual group in New York and
    called on Washington to lodge a protest with Beijing."

    The practitioners were attacked last month in Flushing, in the New York City
    borough of Queens, when they were passing out fliers urging people to join the
    36 million who have already quit the Chinese Communist Party.

    "Six people were arrested -- three charged with assault and others with
    disorderly conduct, the New York Times reported at the weekend, quoting local

    The practitioners "circulated what they said was a recording of a telephone
    conversation in Mandarin between an investigator working on their behalf and a
    high-ranking official in the Chinese Consulate in New York in which the official
    was heard approving of the scuffles in Flushing, the newspaper said.

    "Republican lawmakers Tom Tancredo and Dana Rohrabacher charged Thursday that
    the Chinese government were behind the attacks and called on President George W.
    Bush's administration to lodge a protest with Beijing and seek an immediate

    ""I believe that the Chinese consulate and others who were responsible for
    organizing these thugs and attacking people who were peacefully going about
    their business," Tancredo, the representative from Colorado, told a forum on
    Capitol Hill.

    ""The government of the United States should investigate this and, if I am
    accurate in my assumption about the cause, should lodge a protest to the
    government of China, and take a strong an action as possible, including the
    request for the removal of the offending parties," he said.

    "Judy Chen, 48, a Chinese-American mother of two sons serving in Iraq with
    the US military, said she was among those assaulted.

    ""Am I in China or America?" asked Chen, who said she emigrated to the United
    States after her family members were victimized during the Cultural Revolution."

    "The two lawmakers said the attacks on the Falun Gong practitioners were a
    clear violation of the right of religious freedom in the United States.

    ""We may not be able to help the people of China directly but we can help the
    people who live here directly," Rohrabacher said, adding that the US Congress
    would push the authorities to get to the bottom of the issue.


    People in Spain Express Support for 37 Million Withdrawals
    from the Chinese Communist Party (Photos)


    (Clearwisdom) On May 31, 2008, the Spanish "Quit the CCP Service
    Center" and the Falun Gong Association held a rally in Madrid's Phoenix Square
    to condemn the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong and
    express support for the 37 million that have withdrawn from the CCP and its
    affiliated organizations.

    Though it had been raining for quite a few days in Madrid, the people were
    not deterred at all, and popular Phoenix Square was bustling and noisy.


    People crowded together to read
    the posters

    People lined up to sign the
    petition to support the over 37 million Chinese that have quit the CCP

    People lined up to sign

    Three generations expressed
    their support

    People sign the petition

    People signing the petition

    Rain can't keep people from
    coming and reading

    Raining didn't keep people away

    Volunteers put up umbrellas for
    people signing the petition

    Volunteers put up umbrellas for
    people signing the petition

    Volunteers put up umbrellas

    Volunteers put up umbrellas for

    Passersby helped to support the

    When the volunteers from the Service Center were setting out pictures
    depicting the CCP persecution of Falun Gong, people immediately gathered to
    look. When they saw pictures of the Chinese police beating unarmed elderly
    women, electric shocking them, and other kinds of torture, they were indignant
    and sad. After viewing the pictures an elderly gentleman repeatedly shook his
    head and sighed, "Wherever it goes, the Communist Party will bring disaster. It
    is a really human disaster " After seeing the pictures, many people came up
    without hesitation to sign the petition to oppose the persecution and support
    the 37 million people that have quit the Chinese Communists Party, the Youth
    League, and the Young Pioneers. People continued to come up and sign their
    names. Sometimes a long queue formed in front of the signature collection table.

    Soon after the rally started, it started to rain, but the warmhearted
    townspeople, students, and travelers from different countries continued signing
    to support Falun Gong and the Chinese people that have quit the CCP. A gale came
    up and blew down the picture banner, but the pedestrians soon came and helped to
    set it up again. A middle-aged man from Eastern Europe was eager to help
    reinforce the banner. He said, "I lived under a communist regime for more than
    30 years. I quite understand the evil of the Communist Party, and I support you
    guys. You will win in the end."

    The people who signed were from different countries and of different ethnic
    groups, including Chinese. Chinese people were quitting the CCP on the spot
    after learning the truth. A young Chinese man said his grandfather was killed in
    the Cultural Revolution, and his father was persecuted as well. Many Chinese
    people took copies of the

    Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
    as well as VCDs about Falun



    Germany: Falun Gong "Information Day" in Freiburg to Raise
    Awareness about the Persecution (Photos)


    ( Falun Gong practitioners from Germany and
    Switzerland held a Falun Gong "Information Day" in Freiburg to disclose the
    Chinese Communists' brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners and demand
    the immediate cessation of the persecution.

    It was Saturday, and the weather was fine in Freiburg, so there were many
    people out shopping and drinking coffee. The information booth was set up on
    Emperor Joseph Street in the city center near the cathedral. Posters were
    displayed on the sidewalk so that people could see them easily as they passed
    by. A variety of leaflets and other handouts were spread over the exhibition
    table so that people could select them easily.


    The information day activity started at 9 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. Many
    pedestrians who passed the exhibition stopped and stood before the display. They
    read the evidence of the CCP's crimes of cruelly persecuting Falun Gong
    practitioners and were very surprised. Some requested further information, and
    others came to the booth to sign in support of bringing the persecution to an
    end. Although some pedestrians did not see the leaflets, once they heard about
    the situation, they immediately asked for information. Some asked for several
    copies to bring home to their families and friends to let them know that such
    horrendous crimes are still occurring in the world today.


    At a taxi station at the other end of the street, there was a long queue for
    information. On the benches along both sides of Emperor Joseph Street, people
    sat, reading practitioners' leaflets. Even in the open area outside the coffee
    shops, people were reading truth clarification materials.

    Recently, the German people have expressed particular concern about China's
    human rights issues. At the exhibition table, many were actively discussing
    these issues, such as how the CCP had acted was so different from its decades of
    propaganda, and so on.


    Facts of the Persecution



    Two Brothers and a Sister Arrested and Tortured


    ( Mr. Fu Hongru is over 50 years old and lives in
    Tonghua City, Jilin Province. On April 23, 2008, he was arrested by the Tuanjie
    police and for the next two days was shocked with electric batons and beaten.
    When he was taken to the Changliu Detention Center on April 25, he was covered
    with cuts and bruises. To cover up the truth, the police officers wrote on the
    arrest warrant that he was arrested on April 25.

    Fu Hongru's brother, Fu Hongjian, 46, and sister, Fu Lisa, were also

    Mr. Fu Hongjian was also arrested by the Tuanjie police. At the police
    station, he was so brutally tortured that he was unable to walk. He had to be
    carried to Changliu Detention Center. Results of a physical examination showed
    that all of his injuries were caused by the Tuanjie police. Just 12 hours after
    arriving at the detention center, he was taken to the central hospital of
    Tonghua City for medical treatment. After nine days in the hospital, he was
    allowed to go home. But the cuts and bruises had not healed and his left eye was
    so severely injured that it is permanently damaged.

    Seven or eight police officers from Tuanjie Police Station moved Mr. Fu out
    of the hospital, telling family members that he could be released on bail for
    further medical treatment. When his family arrived to collect him, he was lying
    on a stretcher, his left eye was covered by a cloth, and he was very pale. The
    hospital staff said they could do nothing more to help him, but his family did
    not want to take him home, as he looked so sick. The Tuanjie Police Station
    chief lied and said, "All his injuries were incurred when Fu Hongjian tried to
    beat up the police." But when the hospital requested a medical fee of four
    the police chief said, "The police station will pay the cost."

    At present, Mr. Fu Hongru is still in Changliu Detention Center; the
    whereabouts and condition of Mr. Fu Hongjian are unknown. Their sister, Ms. Fu
    Lisa, was arrested on April 27, and has since been detained at Tonghua Detention

    When the Tuanjie police arrested Fu Hongru, Fu Hongjian, and Fu Lisa, they
    confiscated pictures of Fu Hongru and Fu Hongjian with Master in 1993 and 1994
    and a bag containing Dafa books.

    Yu Huilai, Chief of the Tuanjie Police Station


    15 Practitioners and Family Members Arrested in Beijing


    ( On May 13 and 14, 2008, the National Security
    Brigade from the Beijing Public Security Bureau arrested 15 Dafa practitioners
    and members of their families.

    At approximately 10:00 p.m. on May 14, 2008, three police officers broke into
    Liu Baoguo's home in Haidian District, Beijing. The police ransacked his home
    and then arrested him and tenant Jingjing (Dafa practitioner Chen Manxin's
    niece). Their whereabouts is unknown. Liu Baoguo's home is in a mess because of
    the police ransacking. Since Liu Baoguo is a well-known honest fellow, his
    bitter experience has raised public anger.

    After experiencing constant harassment, Liu Guifu, wife of Liu Baoguo, moved
    abroad in forced exile. Liu Baoguo stopped practicing Falun Gong when the
    Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999 because he
    was afraid of what the CCP would do to him and his family. He suffered a relapse
    in his health and has struggled with daily pain ever since.

    Around 9:00 p.m. on May 13 or 14, 2008, several police officers from the
    Third Policing Area, Shunyi Shengli Police Station, Beijing, broke into Liu
    Guijin's home (Liu Guifu's older sister). The police ransacked her house, and
    arrested Liu Guijin, who has been persecuted by police so much she has become
    disabled. She is currently detained at Nihe Detention Center, Shunyi District. A
    police officer said to her: "We will send you directly to a forced labor camp in
    a few days." In other words, no formal charges would be laid and there would be
    no trial to determine her guilt or innocence.

    Ms. Chen Manxin of Yanqing District, Beijing, approximately 38, was arrested
    on May 13. Her sister, Chen Manping, over 40, who lives in Badaling, Yanqing
    District, was arrested on May 14. They are both being held at Yanqing Detention
    Center. Their arrests left two elderly, paralyzed relatives at home with no one
    to take care of them.

    Ms. Tang Liangyou (the fourth sister) is about 55, and lives at Shuangyushu,
    Haidian District, Beijing. It is said that she was also arrested on May 13 or
    14. Her detention location is unknown.

    Ms. Zhang Xiaoli, who lives in Haidian District, Beijing, is over 40. She
    recently returned from Guangzhou after visiting relatives. She was arrested by
    police after they followed her home.

    Husband and wife Jia Shouxin and Xue Weiwei, employees of the Electrical
    Engineering Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, were also arrested
    by the Beijing National Security Brigade on May 13. Their current situation is

    The situations of the other Falun Gong practitioners who were arrested around
    this same time are unknown.

    Phone numbers:

    Shuangyushu Police Station, Haidian District, Beijing: 86-10-62550406.

    Third Policing Area, Shunyi Shengli Police Station, Beijing: 86-10-81481010.


    Following Years of Persecution, His Wife Already in a Labor
    Camp, Disabled Man in His 60's is Arrested (Mengyin County, Shandong Province)


    ( On May 9, 2008, Falun Gong practitioner Li Zongping,
    a disabled senior from Mengyin County, Shandong Province was arrested by police
    officers from the local
    and Jushan Police Station. Before this happened, his wife Wang Fafeng
    had been sentenced to eighteen months in a labor camp. She was sent to the No.1
    Women´s Labor Camp in Shandong Province on January 28, 2008.

    Mr. Li Zongping, in his 60s, is from Zhoujiagouzi village in Mengyin Town.
    His right arm is disabled, one leg is disabled and he is blind in one eye.
    Basically he is unable to work. Before his wife started to practice Falun Gong,
    she suffered asthma all year round. When her illness was in a serious state, she
    had to lay in bed all the time and could not work either. Their economic
    condition was very bad. However, her health improved a lot after she started to
    practice Falun Gong.

    During the nine years of persecution of Falun Gong, the couple has been
    arrested several times. Their home was searched by police. Authorities have
    extorted a total of 9260 Yuan from them in so-called "fines." There home was
    used as a practice site for local practitioners before the persecution began.
    Because of this, Jushan Township officials (now as a part of Mengyin Town) took
    500 Yuan from them.

    On February 20, 2000, Jiao Yuxiang, Jiang Liangjun and several other
    Communist party members established a brainwashing center in Jushan. They
    captured more than 30 practitioners including Li Zongping, Gong Weijing, Gong
    Fangjian and confined them in the brainwashing center. The practitioners were
    forced to watch videos that slander Falun Gong. They were also forced to make
    statements that they would not practice Falun Gong anymore. At the same time,
    they were forced to curse the founder of Falun Gong. Among all the
    practitioners, Li Zongping, Gong Weijing, Gong Fangjian, Du Xiangzhong, Cao
    Jinfu and Lu Chuanjiang were persecuted the most severely. They were watched by
    guards every night. Any food sent by their family members was taken by the

    Jiao Yuxiang and Jiang Liangjun asked some guards to get drunk and beat Li
    Zongping, Gong Weijing, Gong Fangjian, Du Xiangzhong, Cao Jinfu and Lu
    Chuanjiang. After being detained for nine days, the authorities of Yushan County
    extorted 5000 Yuan from Li Zongping. He was forced to stay in the brainwashing
    center for three months. He was also asked to pay 200 Yuan there.

    On Febuary 20, 2000, Li Zongping's wife Wang Fafeng was arrested and taken to
    Jushan Township Brainwashing Center. She was extorted of 3000 Yuan. She was
    forced to stay in the brainwashing center for three months.

    The couple are typical victims of this persecution. Even after being
    released, because Li Zongping refuses to give up his belief in
    Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance, he is not allowed to live in peace. Jiao
    Yuxiang and Jiang Liangjun often order their subordinates to harass them.

    In January 2001, Li was arrested for appealing to the Beijing authorities.
    Several days after that, he was released as he refused to reveal his name and
    address. On his way back home, he was arrested again at the train station in
    Jinan City. Police escorted him back to his hometown of Mengyin. There he was
    detained at the local 610 office for more than three months and was asked to pay
    260 Yuan for the detention there.

    In the beginning of March 2001, the CCP authorities in Jushan Township held a
    brainwashing session again to persecute more then thirty local practitioners,
    including Gong Weijing, Gong Fangjian, Du Xiangzhong, Li Zongping, Cao Jinfu,
    and Ju Chuanjiang. Jiao Yuxiang slandered Falun Dafa and forced the
    practitioners to do the same. Anyone who did not obey was locked in a dark room.
    Later Li Zongping was detained at Chapengling in Mengyin County for more than a

    In December 2001, the 610 Office people tried to capture Li Zongping and his
    wife. The couple left home in order to escape capture. Someone else took care of
    their teenage child.

    In February 2004, the police arrested the couple at their home. Police
    smashed their door, pots and pans and other property.

    Before the national holiday in Oct 2005, Li Zongping was arrested by the
    agents from the 610 Office. He was detained there for 22 days.

    In Fall 2006, the 610 Office agents came to search their home and took a DVD
    player and three audio players.

    At 5 P.M. on December 20, 2007, Wang Fafeng and her fellow practitioner from
    Tangjiazhuangzi Village, Jiuzhai County, Wang Zifeng, were reported to the
    police when they were clarifying the facts to the villagers in Xiezhuang
    Village. Policemen from Jiuzhai Township Police Station came to arrest them.

    After Wang Fafeng was arrested, Jiuzhai Township Police Station transferred
    her to Mengyin Town that night. Policemen from Mengyin Town searched her home.
    They took away Dafa books, identity cards, certificates for disabled people,
    welfare card and resident registration book. After the search was done, the
    policemen also arrested Li Zongping and detained him at Mengyin County Detention
    Center. Finally they set him free after one month. Wang Fafeng was detained at
    Yinan County Detention Center. She was sentenced to eighteen months at the labor
    camp after one month. Currently she is detained at the No.1 Women´s Labor Camp
    in Shandong Province.

    After his wife was taken to the labor camp, it became hard for Li Zongping to
    have any peace. His life became more and more difficult. He has recently been
    arrested again.

    Departments and individuals who participated in this persecution

    Mengyin County Police Department Head's Office, Zhang Yuanxue, 86-539-4818801,
    86-13705397128(Cell), 86-539-4818901

    Mengyin County 610 Office

    Office head, Li Baoyuan, 86-539-4811681, 86-13953958936(Cell)

    Deputy office head, Sun Shuai, 86-539-4811681, 86-13173095056(Cell)

    Mengyin County Police Department 610 Office member, Wang Wei,

    Mengyin County Supervision Division, Xing Xianqin, 86-539-4818919,
    86-13805397876(Cell), 86-539-4818709

    Jushan Police Station

    Head Liu Yong, 86-539-4818991 (Home), 86-1395396019(Cell)

    Ji Zhenhua, 86-539-4810510 (Home), 86-13853939168(Cell)


    Ms. Zhong Fangqiong Tortured in National Security Division of
    the Wuhou District Police Department in Chengdu City, Sichuan Provence


    ( Chengdu practitioner Ms. Zhong Fangqiong was
    arrested on August 1, 2007. Her family was unable to locate her, later
    discovering that she had first been "illegally detained" at the Jinhua
    Brainwashing Center in Wuhou District and had then taken to the Chengdu City
    Detention Center. In November 2007, Ms. Zhong was

    illegally arrested
    under orders from the Wuhou

    . About two weeks ago, her case was transferred to the Wuhou
    District Court. In the National Security Division of the Wuhou District Police
    Department, CCP members beat Ms. Zhong and then smeared some sort of hot
    mustard-like chemical on her face that stung very badly. Every part of her skin
    in contact with the chemical developed a rash and peeled.

    More than ten practitioners were arrested by the Wuhou Procuratorate
    including Ms. Mao Kun, Mr. Liu Bangcheng, Mr. Jiang Zonglin, Ms. Liu Jia, Mr.
    Ding Zeyang, and also Ms. Zhou Huimin, who has been tortured to death. These
    arrests were all ordered by Wang Pengfei (male), head of the National Security
    Division of the Wuhou District Police Department.

    Around 4 p.m. on August 1, 2007, Ms. Zhong Fangqiong was riding her electric
    bike after leaving Ms. Fu's home. Within three minutes after she drove away, she
    was forced off her bike by one car and then surrounded by five or six others.
    She was then arrested. (It was later learned that those that arrested her had
    been waiting in a tea shop below her apartment since 11 a.m. that day). They
    then ransacked her home and arrested practitioners who were making flyers in her
    home. In fact, the police had already been monitoring her contacts with other

    On August 3, Wang Pengfei secretly tok Ms. Zhong Fangqiong, Ms. Liu Jia, Ms.
    Xu Xiaorong, and Mr. Li to the second floor of Yuanyuan Hotel in Jitou Town.
    After placing them in separate holding areas, they handcuffed Ms. Zhong to a
    chair and directed a very bright bulb into her eyes. Police officers took shifts
    torturing her in different ways over 24 hours and did not let her sleep.

    Because Ms. Zhong did not cooperate with them, around August 13, her "case
    manager," Yuan (first name unknown, a police officer in charge of persecuting
    Falun Gong, First Division), had already tortured her for ten days. When he
    didn't get any results, at around 2 a.m. that night he used police equipment to
    stab Ms. Zhong's lower back and thighs in front of the security guard, each time
    for about an hour. When she fainted, he would apply the stinging chemical on her
    upper and lower eyelids, temples, inside her nose and even in her mouth. Every
    inch of her skin touched by the chemical developed a rash, swelling, and peeling

    After depriving Ms. Zhong of sleep for half a month, her feet became swollen
    from sitting; the skin on the bottoms of her feet was peeling; her hands had
    swollen and started to fester, especially in the wrist area because of the
    handcuffs; she became humpbacked due to the handcuffs being affixed to the
    ground; and her lower back was intolerably painful. Then, on August 17 from 1
    p.m. to around 5 p.m., Pengfei Wang, police officer Yuan (first name unknown)
    from the First Division, officer Zeng Tao (male) from another police station,
    and a security guard beat her as they drank beer. They shouted, "If we beat you
    to death, then we will fill out some random name on the cremation form and
    cremate you."

    They beat her with their fists and a spindle-shaped rod. Blood poured from
    her lips, she saw stars, her head ached, and she felt like fainting. They still
    ordered police officer Yuan to apply the stinging chemicals to Ms. Zhong's
    already-disfigured face. A strong odor of ammonia overcame Ms. Zhong, and fluids
    from her nose, mouth, and eyes all came pouring out. Ms. Zhong was in shock, her
    entire face in severe, stinging pain, and she fainted immediately.

    Persons and organizations responsible:

    Wang Pengfei, Head of the National Security Division, Wuhou District, Chengdu
    City Police Department

    Yuan, Officer in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, Sub-department, First

    Zeng Tao

    First Division, Wuhou District, Chengdu City Police Department (National
    Security): 86-28-86406628

    Wuhou District, Chengdu City Police Department

    Yang Chongyou (male), Head of the District Police Department 86-28-85091188
    (Office), 86-28-87350825 (Home), 86-13808007318 (Cell)

    Wang Feng (male), Political Director: 86-28-85050088 (Office), 86-28-85137996
    (Home), 86-13808173926 (Cell)

    Liao Guangren (male), Deputy head of the District Police Department
    86-28-85050099 (Office), 86-28-87320808 (Home), 86-13438367858 (Cell)

    related article:


    Police in Huai'an City Arrest a Head Nurse


    ( Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Hu Yunqin, 45, is the
    head nurse at the Chinese Medicine Hospital in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province.
    On April 15, 2008, she was taken by police from her workplace and detained for
    15 days. During her detention, she was subjected to physical and mental torture.

    After her release, Ms. Hu was still in a lot of pain, according to reports.
    Her left eye still has blurred vision. She had been beaten, her eyes left
    bleeding. She sees black dots in front of eyes. The wound around her wrist has
    not healed. More details follow:

    Ms. Hu Yunqin is very dedicated to her work and never complains. Around 9am
    on April 15, 2008, Qinghe District "610" office policemen Zhang Shulin,Wang
    Jianhuai, and two other policemen came look for Hu with the help of Wei Yujie,
    the head of the security department at the hospital. They wanted to search Hu's
    home. Ms. Hu refused to cooperate with them and continued to work.

    The police surrounded Hu and took away her keys, cell phone, ID card, a few
    pens, and other items related to her work. The officers handcuffed Ms. Hu and
    dragged her toward the police vehicle. The handcuffs cut into her wrist and left
    a blood stain on her clothing.

    Once Ms. Hu was forced into the police vehicle, policeman Wang Jianhuai
    started beating her, grabbing her hair and slapping her face. Several police
    took Ms. Hu's key and went to her home led by Wei Yujie. They took away a
    computer, a MP3 player, two U-discs, a picture of Teacher, Dafa books, CDs, and
    personal items.

    Ms. Hu Yunqin was detained at Huai'an Detention Center. Because she refused
    to cooperate with police at the detention center, a policeman named Wang beat
    her so badly that her left eye had hyperemia, and she lost control of her
    bladder. The next day, she still had blood in her mouth and nose, and her face
    was covered with bruises.

    During her detainment, policemen Wang Jianhuai and Zhang Shuling went to the
    detention center several times to torture her. Ms. Hu's family was not allowed
    to visit her.

    After being detained for 15 days, Ms. Hu Yunqin was released on April 30.
    None of the articles the police had taken from her was returned.


    I Saw Shenyang Police Openly and Illegally Arrest Three


    ( At around 9 a.m., May 23, 2008, I passed by the
    Street Neighborhood Council of Fengyutan in Shenhe District, Shenyang City,
    Liaoning Province. I witnessed six policemen arrest three practitioners.

    There were many people surrounding the neighborhood council. I approached
    them to see what was happening. I saw a young man pushed into a police car and a
    policeman guarding him. A young policeman grabbed an old lady by the arms and
    dragged her around. The old lady pointed to the young man in the police car and
    said, "Let my son get out of the car. My son does not practice Falun Gong. Why
    did you arrest him?" The officer said, "As long as your son is with you, we will
    arrest him."

    After a couple of minutes, another police car came by and stopped near the
    old lady. The policeman pushed her roughly towards the car. She resisted getting
    into the car and asked, "Why are you arresting me?" He answered, "To ask you
    some questions." She said, "What kind of law did I break? I practice Falun Gong,
    but I did not do anything wrong. How can you arrest me? Whatever you want to
    ask, just ask me here, in front of all these people." The policeman said, "I
    will ask you after you get into the car." The old lady said, "There is no need
    for me to get into the car, just ask me here."

    The old lady turned around and saw two policemen pushing another old lady,
    her relative, into a police car. "Why are you arresting my relative? Leave her
    alone!" The policemen said, "She was with you. Whoever is with you, we will
    arrest them as well." They lifted her relative into the car. The old lady asked,
    "You are arresting people so casually. Do you have ID?" One policeman showed her
    his police ID and said, "We are from the Shenhe Branch of the Police

    The police pushed and dragged the old lady into the police car and took her
    away. We don't know where they went.

    After the police left, I heard people around me saying, "That practitioner
    lives nearby. She had just left her home with her son to do some business, then
    she got arrested. These policemen are crazy! They not only

    illegally arrest
    Falun Gong practitioners, but also arrest anyone with

    Others said, "The Chinese Communist Party only exercises its power over
    common people. This kind of suppression will definitely make many people


    Practitioners Exchange Insights and Experiences



    My Understanding of Passing the Test of Sickness Karma


    ( I've experienced sickness karma again. While
    enduring the suffering this time, I thought, "But recently I have felt that I
    have been diligent in my cultivation." Actually I was not strict with myself and
    was not meeting the requirements of a Dafa practitioner. That night when I fell
    asleep, a loud voice woke me up. I clearly remembered the scene in the dream. In
    the dream I was very busy, just like I was in ordinary society. I had been busy
    all day and my mind was not on the
    I was allowing myself to be affected by everything in ordinary society and was
    horrified when I realized this. And then it seemed that Master asked the old
    forces and rotten demons to stop persecuting me. However, they shouted, "Look at
    her, shouldn't we persecute her?" Hearing this, I woke up.

    I came to understand that Master had arranged for me to hear this, to
    enlighten me so that I could rectify myself.

    Although I intended to be diligent, I was not always diligent. Before I
    obtained the Fa, I was on the verge of death health-wise. Then I started
    practicing Falun Gong. After I became a practitioner in 1996, I was in the state
    of perceptually understanding the Fa. Sometimes I was diligent and sometimes I
    would slack off. Each time when I read other practitioners' experience sharing,
    I felt I should be diligent. However, after interacting with ordinary society, I
    could not hold myself to a practitioner's standard, and I would act just like an
    everyday person. Sometimes I repented for not cherishing the Fa and not being
    diligent. I was often affected by false appearances and did not genuinely
    cultivate. In addition, I did not treat cultivation seriously and instead
    cultivated on the basis of living a good life in ordinary society. In regards to
    Fa study, Master told us the importance of Fa study again and again. Every day I
    studied the Fa, but I treated Fa study as just accomplishing a task. Sometimes I
    was drowsy as I read, and sometimes a lot of impure thoughts would emerge.
    Master told us, "When your mind isn't at peace, studying the Fa is not
    effective. You should study it with a peaceful mind." ("A Heavy Blow" in
    Essentials for Further Advancement

    During the past few years, although I had been studying the Fa, my mind was
    not on the Fa and I did not solidly cultivate myself. Therefore, when I met with
    the sickness karma, I did not understand it with righteous thoughts. I simply
    thought that I had not cultivated well and still had some karma to eliminate. As
    a result of this thought, the sickness karma became more severe. My child said,
    "You've this issue several times." He reminded me, "Master told us that veteran
    practitioners will no longer have sickness karma."

    I studied very few lectures in which Master addressed this issue after July
    20, 1999. I always looked outward instead of inward and felt that I didn't have
    enough time and that I was too busy working. But as soon as I would experience
    sickness karma again, I would make time to be diligent; the rest of the time, I
    relaxed my righteous thoughts. A few days ago I dreamed that when I bought rice,
    there was a hole in the plastic bag and rice fell out, so I covered up the hole
    and continued walking. I even tried to conceal the hole from others. I came to
    understand that Master was enlightening me to this: that I do not cultivate
    steadfastly and I only cultivate to amend the loopholes. My basis of cultivation
    is not righteous. As a being, I should assimilate to the Fa diligently;
    otherwise, even though I appear to cultivate perfectly on the surface, my

    does not meet the requirement of the Fa, so I am not
    genuinely cultivating, which will be harmful to others, including myself. I hope
    that through my experience sharing, other practitioners who are in the same
    state can rectify themselves immediately. I hope they can learn a lesson from me
    and treat cultivation seriously and not let Master down.

    Previously I did not intend to send this article to the Minghui/Clearwisdom
    website. I felt so embarrassed and was afraid that nobody else cultivated as
    poorly as me. After reading the articles that were posted on the "Minghui
    ," I learned that when fellow practitioners were persecuted by
    sickness karma, practitioners around them helped them compassionately. I should
    look within. At the same time, I hope my experience will be helpful to other

    Please kindly point out anything improper.


    I Found My Fundamental Attachment


    ( I have always considered myself very diligent in my
    cultivation. Aside from the

    three things
    Teacher asked us to do, I was extremely reluctant to do
    ordinary work. In addition, whenever I did not finish the goal I set for myself
    every day, I would feel bad. I was nervous and did not dare to stop. I felt as
    if I would lose something if I stopped. But I did not dig deep to find the
    reason. Rather, I thought that this could force me to be diligent. A fellow
    practitioner once reminded me that I was too attached to my personal cultivation
    and tried to hide my attachment. I did not pay attention and thought that "there
    was nothing wrong with being diligent."

    Several days later, I shared experiences with this fellow practitioner again.
    He mentioned that people who will be left behind will have to bear lots of
    hardship before they can enter the new universe. I looked into his eyes and
    said, "I must cultivate to reach consummation. I will never be left behind." I
    was frightened by my strong attachment. He said immediately, "You must have an
    attachment. It is the fundamental attachment that made you start cultivation."

    I recalled my cultivation path. Before I started practicing Falun Gong, I
    suffered hardships in ordinary society and often felt that life was hard. With
    the mindset of getting away from bitter ordinary society, I started practicing
    Falun Gong. In 2000, after I unfurled a banner in Tiananmen Square, I was taken
    to a detention center for several days and was tortured. When I saw the torture
    other practitioners had suffered, my heart of not being willing to bear hardship
    surfaced. I hid and studied the
    at home after that. Because I did not keep up with the pace of Fa-rectification,
    I quickly dropped down to the level of ordinary people.

    In 2006, I was shocked by the death of my mother-in-law. Witnessing her
    suffer miserably for three months, I was moved. I started to think, "Although I
    need to bear hardship if I practice Dafa, I can ultimately escape from the pain.
    To remain human, however, I must bear hardship endlessly because of accumulated
    karma." I then made up my mind to become resolute in my conviction to practice
    Falun Dafa. and to never be shaken. In the past two years, I was indeed very
    diligent. Fearing that it would interfere with my doing the three things, I was
    unwilling or dared not to work in ordinary society. Now I realize that this is
    not true cultivation. It is instead pursuing my own personal interests from
    within Dafa. In other words, I still have not given up my fundamental attachment
    to this day.

    I am ashamed of myself, as fellow practitioners are whole-heartedly saving
    sentient beings in the Fa-rectification period. Many practitioners completely
    let go of their own selves and make Fa validation and saving sentient beings
    their priority. But I am still here with my filthy selfish thought.

    Letting go of my fundamental attachment is a breakthrough on my cultivation
    path. I will eliminate my selfishness and truly melt into Dafa and become a Dafa
    particle. With a pure heart, I will do the three things well and live up to
    Teacher's compassionate salvation.


    Reflections on Attending the Parade in Manhattan


    ( On May 25, 2008, over 2000 practitioners attended a
    grand parade through the streets of New York in Manhattan Chinatown. I felt a
    true war between righteous and evil during the parade. The evil was wiped out by
    a soul-shaking power so strong that I couldn't calm down long time after I went

    The Divine Land Marching Band led the parade, followed by sections dedicated
    to "the beauty of Falun Dafa," the "truth of the persecution," and "quitting the
    Chinese Communist Party (CCP)." It was the first time I heard the Divine Land
    Marching Band play so close to me. Magnificent energy radiated outward, imbued
    with compassion and inviolable dignity. I was thrilled and felt there was a
    stream of energy coming from inside of me. This made me think that Dafa offers
    salvation with compassion, which coexists with dignity. When a being is offered
    choices but refuses to do the right thing, the only choice that is left will be

    The parade set off at noon, following a couple of hours of getting ready, and
    sending righteous thoughts. The procession stretched out along on the narrow
    streets in Chinatown. When I used to parade in California, most people simply
    clapped when they knew that it was a Falun Gong parade. This time was different.
    Passersby read every word on the banners carefully, and some even out loud. A
    group instigated by the CCP to make trouble during the parade hid under the
    shadow of an overpass and yelled at us. I figured some of them had been involved
    in beating practitioners at the "quitting the CCP booth" in front of the
    Flushing Library. The banner I held said "the CCP is being eradicated." People
    reacted differently in front of me, the CCP supporters cursed me and those who
    knew the truth gave loud applause and cheered.

    Before we got to the underpass where the troublemakers were gathered, my
    heartbeat rose and my legs felt fatigue. I didn't know why. Suddenly a
    practitioner next to me said, "quickly send righteous thoughts." I knew Teacher
    was giving me a hint and I did so immediately. The second I said "mie
    (eliminate)," I saw a golden screen as wide as the street come out and in no
    time swept through every corner in front of me and cleaned all the evil. I was
    suddenly energized. I realized no matter how a person is on the surface, Teacher
    wants to save him/her. Buddha's grace is immense. Teacher gave the CCP's
    followers another chance by cleaning the evil behind them in another dimension.
    As long as the last moment hasn't yet arrived, they still have a chance to be
    saved and see the grace of Dafa. Practitioners can do very little on the
    surface, Teacher is the one who can truly save people, and he will not give up
    on anyone. We need to keep our righteous thoughts and one thing in mind, "saving
    people." Teacher saved the CCP's followers by cleaning their demonic side, to
    lay a foundation for their future salvation.

    When I walked under the overpass, I felt as though I was infinitely big, as
    if nothing exists anymore besides one thought, "save people quickly." As we
    walked by the overpass, I heard applause and cheering from a group of passersby
    in front of us. One of them shouted "Falun Dafa is good!" I almost cried. I knew
    that Teacher was encouraging us. Teacher omits nothing and thinks about us in
    every detail. How lucky we are to be practitioners, there is no reason for not
    doing the three things well.

    My fellow practitioners, let us work together and walk every step well during
    the Fa rectification. No matter whether we receive cheers or curses on the way,
    we have Teacher and the Fa. We should not be conceited or discouraged; we should
    walk to the end openly and nobly.


    Sharing from a Practitioner Who First Learned Falun Gong in a
    Detention Center


    ( I first learned Falun Gong in a detention center in
    April 2001, during a time when the persecution against the practice was very
    rampant. I have been practicing and studying the
    consistently for just over two years. Although I haven't done well, I would like
    to write down my experience to share with fellow practitioners and also to
    encourage myself.

    I relied on studying the Fa to maintain righteous thoughts. On the Minghui
    website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom), I read a lot of sharing articles
    written by fellow practitioners and learned about the

    three things
    we should do. To

    clarify the facts
    , I made brochures and weekly publications from information
    on the Internet and distributed them myself. I found that the process of making
    brochures was also a process of cultivation. I was able to eliminate a lot of
    attachments, such as the attachment to doing projects.

    In residential areas with security guards, it was relatively easy to
    distribute truth-clarification materials, because for each building, there was a
    mailbox for each unit at the bottom of the stairs. However, many advertisements
    were also distributed there, and people often threw them away immediately. In
    order to help those with predestined relationships learn the facts, I put the
    materials in envelopes and sometimes printed pictures on the envelopes as well.
    I complemented the brochures with the weekly publications. When I made a
    brochure, I would ask myself if I would want to read it myself if I were an
    ordinary person and what types of materials would interest me. I started with
    where I lived. The first time I did it, I prepared the material the night before
    and waited until the evening. Because my husband returned home late, I told my
    child that I was going to be out for a little and left. But even before I
    reached the bottom of the stairs, my legs started shaking and my heart was
    pounding. I reminded myself that what I was doing was the most righteous thing
    in the universe and that I was looked after by Master. Still, I was afraid of
    people seeing me, as though I was a thief. Actually, nobody saw me. It was only
    that I lacked righteous thoughts. Although Master was protecting me, I was still
    scared. Distributing the materials didn't take very long, and I didn't have any
    trouble at all. I was delighted. I only hoped that people with predestined
    relationships could learn the truth and be awakened.

    Gradually my fears went away. I thought it was better to hand out information
    during the day. I started with my own residential area and expanded my coverage.
    Once I was handing out materials in a residential area with a great many
    security guards. When I saw that there was no security guard near me, I
    distributed a few more brochures in one particular building. As I turned around
    to walk towards another building, a security guard stopped me and asked what I
    was doing. At first, I didn't remember to use righteous thoughts to eliminate
    the evil elements behind the security guard and was a bit flustered. I told him
    that I had an appointment to sell insurance. The security guard asked which unit
    I was visiting. I didn't know what to say. He asked me to open my bag. I said he
    didn't have the right to check my bag. We debated for a while and I didn't know
    how to escape. Suddenly, my compassion emerged. I thought, "I can't just let him
    be destroyed like this." As my thoughts changed, he signaled for me to leave and
    escorted me to the gate. My only regret was that I failed to clarify the facts
    to him. When I returned home, I looked inward and saw that I had attachments to
    fear and to doing projects. Actually, human beings are very weak. If they
    weren't controlled by other elements, they couldn't do anything to cultivators.
    If my first thought had been to eliminate the evil factors that controlled him
    and then I clarified the facts, wouldn't that have been great! Aren't we here to
    save people? Otherwise, why are we handing out truth-clarification materials?
    All of this is about saving people. I didn't do well because I hadn't studied
    the Fa well, and my one thought led to my failure to clarify the truth to him.

    Some fellow practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts close to
    different targets. I followed a route near a prison to send forth righteous
    thoughts. Along the way, there was a lot of interference, and I felt very
    afraid. I learned from other practitioners' experiences and repeated to myself,
    "Falun Dafa is great, 'Truth-Compassion-Tolerance' is great." Shortly after, my
    hands stopped sweating profusely, and my heart stopped pounding. The bus
    transfer also went very smoothly. After one hour of sending righteous thoughts,
    I returned home safely.

    I also write facts about the persecution on
    bills and use them to clarify the truth. The first time I did it, I walked
    around three times in the supermarket to observe how vegetable vendors collect
    money. I saw that they didn't check the bills at all, so I spent the marked
    bills in a hurry. Later I realized that if people didn't look at the bills, my
    efforts would be in vain. I began sending forth righteous thoughts when I wrote
    on the bills to help those with predestined relationships learn the facts. As my
    righteous thoughts became stronger, my heart also calmed down. Now, everyday, if
    I don't spent some bills with persecution facts on them, I feel that I have
    failed to complete an important task.

    I once dreamed that I followed Master to the human world, but I did not do
    well to meet Master's requirements. In the last few months, I have lagged
    behind. Even when I realized this, I had a hard time correcting myself. From now
    on, I will continue to improve through Fa study and continue to be diligent. I
    will do even better in the three things Master asked of us.

    Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

    Thank you, Master. Thank you, fellow practitioners.


    To Be a Dafa Disciple and Truly Cultivate Myself


    ( You will find the true meaning of life as long as
    you have the predestined relationship to obtain the
    Whenever you truly cultivate Dafa, you will understand the hardship of
    cultivation and the bitterness and happiness involved in improving your
    character and letting go of your attachments. I would like to share some of my
    cultivation experiences in the hope of inspiring people to learn the truth and
    obtain the Fa. I also hope that it may provide some help to fellow

    Return to Dafa

    I obtained the Fa in 1996 and almost immediately I could feel the Law Wheel
    spinning in my body. The constipation and migraine headaches that I had suffered
    from for years disappeared, and both my mind and body were purified. But my
    understanding of Dafa remained at the level of perceptual knowledge and I didn't
    cultivate myself truly and diligently.

    During July 1999, the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spread lies about
    Master and Dafa, and the cruel persecution of Dafa disciples began. I stopped
    cultivating for three years. I walked along the path arranged by the old forces
    because of my attachment to laziness and a longing for comfort. I didn't study
    the Fa diligently, and I behaved just like an ordinary person. I accompanied the
    guests of our company to go out eating and drinking, and I played cards during
    the day and danced at night. On the surface, it appeared that I was having fun,
    but I felt very hollow inside. The pressure of work, family disharmony, and
    getting ill tired me out both mentally and physically.

    In July 2002, when my husband announced that he wanted to divorce me, I
    suddenly got a fever as high as 40 C. I stayed in the hospital for two weeks,
    but the fever persisted. At that time I just didn't want to live anymore. Then I
    thought about the injustice of the persecution against Dafa disciples and how
    Master and Dafa were being slandered. Even I, no longer diligent, was always
    under the surveillance of the police station, the government, and my company,
    and I couldn't do as I pleased. At the moment I had one thought: "My death would
    be of no value. I must validate the Fa and live for Dafa."

    I took down the case from attic and held

    Zhuan Falun
    in my hands. At that time, I hadn't read the book for
    three years. When I re-read the First Lecture, I felt a Falun rotating from my
    left arm to my whole body. Suddenly, I felt relaxed and energetic.

    At that moment, I held the picture of Master, and, kneeling down before His
    picture, I swore, "Master, I give you my life and will walk the path you
    arranged. I will cultivate diligently and doubly compensate for the losses I
    brought to Dafa and Master. I will cultivate in Dafa until the end."

    The Miracle of Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

    When I returned to cultivation practice, the interference I experienced was
    very strong at the beginning. When I learned that we could send forth righteous
    thoughts to eliminate them, I sat on my bed and sent forth righteous thoughts to
    the police station, the government, and
    to clear out their records containing my information and pictures. At
    first when I held my hand up to send forth righteous thoughts, my hand would
    involuntarily wobble and I knew that this was the fight between justice and
    evil. I kept on doing it until I had cleared them out. In the end I heard people
    from the government saying that they didn't have any records of me and nobody
    watched me any longer.

    In August 2002, when my husband saw that I had resumed my cultivation
    practice again, he was both happy and worried. He was happy because I no longer
    quarreled with him, I treated him very well, and I looked healthy. But he was
    worried that if my company knew that I had started to cultivate again, they
    might fire me.

    When I saw his mood, I just had the thought that, "I must save you." One
    night, I used my finger to write the character "eliminate" on his back while he
    was asleep. I sent out righteous thoughts towards him all night. The next day,
    he read the

    truth clarification
    materials and even Zhuan Falun.

    When my daughter saw this, she also entered cultivation practice. Three of us
    in our family cultivated Dafa together under the compassionate arrangement of

    "But in spite of this, Master only looks at the fact that they came down to
    obtain the Fa initially. So regardless of who it is, as long as he develops the
    thought of wanting to cultivate today and enters the practice, Master will offer
    him salvation." ("Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia")

    Distributing Truth Clarification Materials

    After Master's new article "Hurry Up And Tell Them" was published, I worked
    during the daytime and went out to distribute truth clarification materials to
    different villages at night. Soon, we began to run out of truth clarification
    materials, so we bought some red paper and made signs saying, "Falun Dafa Is
    Good," "Falun Dafa Is the Righteous Fa," "Restore Our Master's Good Name" "Falun
    Gong Is Wronged." We posted these on the telegraph poles in different villages.
    The first time I posted the signs, I walked for more than eight hours in my high
    heeled shoes and there were big blisters on my toes. I used a needle to open and
    drain them. The next morning when I got up, there were no marks on my feet at
    all. I felt as light as gossamer and it was wonderful.

    In the summer of 2003, I made more than one thousand copies of Dafa truth
    materials and distributed several hundred on the first day. The next day I
    wanted to distribute the remaining ones. (I used to distribute the materials on
    a rotation of five or seven days so that the CCP could not figure out my
    distribution schedule.)

    Some practitioners heard about my ideas, and they went with me to very far
    away villages to distribute the materials. Five of us, all women, took the bus
    to a village at 8:00 p.m. The moon was full and bright, lighting up the village.
    The farmers there were enjoying the cool night air, and we found a place to send
    righteous thoughts to make all of them go back home to sleep. Because there were
    so many of us and we might be easily discovered, we divided ourselves into two
    groups to distribute the materials. But fellow practitioners were not familiar
    with the surroundings and didn't cooperate with each other well. One
    practitioner kept worrying that she forgot to bring her house key with her and
    she might not be able to get in if she returned late, so she was distracted by
    this human attachment. When we got to the second village, the CCP cadres there
    found us out. When we were distributing materials at the third village, the
    police came by in a police wagon and found us.

    As I saw a police wagon driving toward me I thought, "They all know me, but I
    need to go to work tomorrow and I can't let them find me." When the other four
    practitioners saw the police wagon, they ran toward me. The police didn't see me
    and just ran after the other four. The four practitioners ran straight ahead,
    far away from me. I could hear the sounds of the the police arresting them. I
    felt very pained. I thought, "How can I rescue my fellow practitioners?" But I
    drew a blank. A police officer was standing opposite of me, just a meter away,
    and he couldn't see me even in such bright moonlight--I knew that Master was
    protecting me.

    The police tried to force the practitioners to tell them where "the person in
    white clothes" was (they were told that one of us dressed in white). My fellow
    practitioners knew that I had escaped by the skin of my teeth and were very
    happy. I stood there in stillness, sending righteous thoughts the whole time.
    Then I suddenly heard somebody say, "It is very dangerous here. Run away fast!"
    But I had gone there together with my fellow practitioners, and I thought that
    we should go back together. I wanted to ask practitioners at home to send
    righteous thoughts to rescue the four practitioners being held by the police. I
    entered a restroom and called them on my cell phone, but there was no signal for
    my cell phone. I left and connected with my family and other practitioners at
    home. I told them, "We had an incident. I escaped but the other four
    practitioners need to be rescued."

    On my way back, I thought that it was all my fault and that I had made fellow
    practitioners suffer. I had taken them out, and so I was responsible, therefore
    I must suffer, too. (Actually, if I did suffer for them, wouldn't I be
    acknowledging the persecution of the old forces? I was not clear about this
    principle of the Fa.) I lost my way as I walked back. I then saw a
    one-meter-wide ditch in front of me. I tried to jump over it but fell in.
    Usually I could easily jump over such a ditch. There was a little water on top
    but full of slime at the bottom. I couldn't stand up. I thought then, "Even if I
    drown, I must protect the materials. I still need to save people." Suddenly
    there was a kind of power sending me upward. When I got out of the ditch, I
    found that the materials were not wet at all. I thought, "Thank you, Master!"
    However, with all the mud on my shoes, I was sliding instead of walking. I took
    off my shoes and walked along the dirt road in my bare feet. There were some
    bricks and glass on the ground. I didn't notice them and stepped on them,
    gashing my foot. I didn't pay much attention to it and went on walking toward
    home. I walked for more than two hours and came to another village. I
    distributed materials until all of them were gone.

    On my way back, I saw three more police wagons driving around searching for
    me. I arrived home in my bare feet at 2:00 a.m. and found my husband sitting on
    the floor sending forth righteous thoughts. I couldn't fall sleep and sent out
    righteous thoughts until quarter past seven in the morning. I had just gotten
    up, when the young woman practitioner that had been with us the night before
    came to my home. She told me what had happened to her. She said that when she
    ran into a farmer's vegetable field, the police caught her. At first, they
    wanted to put her into the wagon. An old practitioner told her not to move. She
    thought herself, "As solid as diamond." Three policemen couldn't lift her and
    they called another two policemen to come and help. But they still couldn't
    carry her away. At last they had no other choice but to let the young
    practitioner go home. They took the three older practitioners to the police

    In the morning when I went to work, I kept on sending forth righteous
    thoughts. I was focused on the thought that the other practitioners would return
    home before noon. At noon, when I got off work and went home, the three
    practitioners really had come back. They told me that when they arrived at the
    police station, the chief (who strangely became insane the next day) and the
    other officers beat them. The practitioners stretched out their arms to show me,
    and I saw that their arms were all black and blue. They told me that then they
    kept on sending righteous thoughts and clarifying the truth to the police. The
    chief saw that nothing was to be gained and released them at 10 the next

    Threatened with Being Sent to a Brainwashing Center Twice

    Right after the 2003 New Year, I went to a village secretary's home with two
    town cadres to arrange some work. I saw that the deputy head of the village was
    painting over phrases such as "Falun Dafa Is Good,"
    "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Is Good" on a telegraph pole with a bucket
    of oil paint. Some practitioner had risked his life to write those messages on
    New Year's eve. I said quickly, "Don't paint those over! They are for saving
    people! You will receive retribution for doing that."

    Then I clarified the truth to all of them and told them the truth about the
    staged "Tiananmen Self-immolation incident." However, when I got home, I didn't
    send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil manipulating them. When one of the
    cadres I spoke to went home, he met the head of the 610 Office and told him
    about my truth clarification that day.

    The head of the village's 610 Office told my company leader that I had
    clarified the truth in the village and ordered my company head to deal with me
    thoroughly. My company head went at once to my husband's company and threatened
    to stop his salary. She also told my husband that she would come to our home.

    That night my company leader came to my home. She tried to persuade me to
    give up my cultivation by using the stick and the carrot method and also asked
    me to hand over all my Dafa books and relative materials. She asked me which one
    I chose: keeping my job or practicing Falun Gong. I said, "I will not give up my
    cultivation and Falun Gong is being persecuted. There are only these few copies
    of truth clarification materials. Please take them home to read." Then I handed
    her the materials. She stood up and said as she walked out, "You even want to
    persuade me! I will give you one week to reconsider. You cannot go to work until
    you promise not to practice Falun Gong." I talked with my husband and we sat
    down to send forth righteous thoughts to deny all the old forces' persecution.

    The next morning I went to work as usual. I went to the leader's office and
    said, "I don't need a week to consider. I want to answer you today. The words
    'Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance' are in my every cell and it is
    impossible for me to give my practice up." She turned quite green and said,
    "Let's go to the head of 610 Office and tell him clearly. You will be sent to
    brainwashing center." I said, "It is not wrong to be a good person." I thought,
    "I am in no fear. I walk on the right path and nobody can harm me as Master will
    protect me."

    We went to the government office and they were having a meeting. I started to
    send righteous thoughts to clear out all the evil factors that persecute Dafa
    and Dafa disciples in the government officials and eliminate all of the evil
    factors immediately. I said to Master from bottom of my heart, "Master! Your
    disciple will only walk the road you arranged. Whether I do well or not on my
    path of cultivation, I will walk it to the end." Half an hour later, my company
    leader asked me to go to 610 Office with her. As soon as she saw the head of 610
    Office, she pointed to me and said, "Send her to brainwashing center to punish
    her." I smiled and said, "I have done nothing wrong. Why do you want to
    brainwash me?" The head of 610 Office said, "Somebody reported that you told the
    truth about Falun Gong to town cadres and they also said that you clarified the
    truth at another village in 2002 and broadcast Falun Gong music at a
    broadcasting studio. People from several villages heard it. You are a state
    cadre and now Falun Gong is forbidden by the government. You should be a little
    bit cautious. This time it is OK, but I hope next time I will not hear such
    kinds of things about you. Go back to work. I will feel sorry for you if you
    lose your job." Thus I returned to my company to continue my truth clarification
    efforts under Master's compassionate care and protection.

    In October 2003, officials from 610 Office came to our town to find young
    practitioners to send them to be brainwashed. They went to a couple's family and
    told them to be ready to go to a brainwashing center. They also claimed that I,
    too, would be taken there. The couple asked another practitioner to tell me
    quickly and said that they would stay away from home to avoid the persecution.
    They suggested that I also do this.

    When my husband told me about it, he was scared and worried. I was surprised
    to hear this, but I quickly calmed down and said, "Don't be afraid. Master said,
    'Our Law Wheel protects you if you're a true cultivator. My roots are all deeply
    planted in the universe, and if someone could affect you, he could affect me,
    and to put it directly, he'd be able to affect the universe.' (Zhuan Falun,
    2003 translation version) I refuse to go anywhere. We should send righteous
    thoughts tonight and make them fail to have the brainwashing session."

    The next morning other practitioner tried to persuade me to stay away from
    trouble. I said firmly, "Thanks for your concern. I will not live away from home
    and that is not the way I will deal with this. I will face it confidently. I am
    not afraid of anything now and I will see who will win. As for the older
    practitioners going out of their way to avoid trouble, I think that it is better
    not to. There are still two days for them to have the brainwashing session. The
    main thing we should do now is to study the Fa and send righteous thoughts
    frequently, making them unable to do it."

    After the practitioner returned, he shared my thoughts with the older
    practitioners and talked to them. The couple decided to live away from home. All
    the other practitioners calmed down. In the end, they didn't hold the
    brainwashing session after all.

    That's it. I went through the tribulation twice about the brainwashing
    sessions. It is true, "Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master." (Zhuan
    ) Without Master's compassionate care and protection, we might stumble
    at every step! How vast and mighty Master's benevolence is!


    People's Hearts Determine Their Futures



    Falun Dafa Saved My Grandpa


    ( My grandpa, who has had high blood pressure for the
    past 50 years, was diagnosed with another major problem - tumors in several
    sections of an artery in his abdomen, the biggest being 50mm x 30mm. They are
    like time bombs. Hearing this, my 78-year-old grandpa just collapsed mentally.
    He did not want to eat or move around - not even to go to the washroom.

    To prevent the "bombs" from exploding, he went through surgery. He was given
    general anesthesia and when he woke up 12 hours later, he could not think
    clearly and half of his body was numb. He had a stroke on the right side of his
    brain, for which there were no effective cure. He was in grave danger and could
    have died at any time.

    My grandma practices Falun Gong. She whispered "Falun Dafa is good" and
    "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" to him all the time. Two weeks
    later, Grandpa was fine and could walk on his own. Everything seemed fine and he
    was getting ready to go home for the Lunar New Year.

    However, walking down the hospital hallway, he had an excruciating pain in
    his right leg. When he got back to his ward, he found his right leg pale and
    cold. The doctor found that the artery in his right leg did not work any more.
    They would have to amputate his leg. So his family agreed to the operation to
    save his leg. On the day before New Year's eve, Grandpa had five hours of
    surgery while his family waited outside. On the following day, he had another
    stroke in his brain. He was sent to the intensive care on New Year's eve. Family
    members took turns sitting on the bench outside his ward and spent an
    unforgettable Chinese New Year.

    On the seventh day of the New Year, he got better and was moved out of
    intensive care. But then he started to pass blood. The doctors used all
    medicines available to stop the blood from coming, but it did not help. For the
    third time, we received notice from the hospital that Grandpa was dying.

    Grandma said to all those attending, "At this point, only Falun Dafa can save
    Grandpa's life. Everyone please say silently "Falun Dafa is good.
    Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." Grandpa followed along. On the
    third day, he held my grandma's hand and said, "I saw Teacher. Teacher came to
    save me. I have suffered so much and I am safe now because Teacher came to
    protect me."He also said to me and my mom, "When I go home, I will burn incense
    to worship Buddha. Dafa is magnificent." Many people heard him then. Grandpa got
    better day by day ever since.

    On the tenth of March, Grandpa came home and is recovering well. He can look
    after himself now. Although I have not started practicing Falun Gong, I am
    trying to help out any way I can for Falun Dafa.


    Several Cases of Karmic Retribution



    Editors' note: In both Western and Chinese cultures, the principle of
    karmic retribution, that is, being held ultimately accountable for one's own
    actions, is widely accepted. The fundamental teaching of Falun Gong is the
    characteristic of the universe, "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance." The
    universe will reward acts that are in harmony with this principle, while doing
    things such as beating, torturing and murdering people will incur karmic
    retribution. Stated another way, good deeds will be rewarded with good, while
    evildoings will meet due retribution. Articles such as this one are meant as a
    compassionate reminder of this principle to those who would commit wrongdoing.
    While many of those who persecute Falun Gong are merely "following orders," the
    universal law requires that they, too, be held responsible for their actions,
    and that only by reversing their course of wrongdoing may they escape

    Cao Youzhen, a policewoman from Wuhan Police Sub-bureau, died of cancer

    Cao Youzhen was a police officer from Yijiadun Police Station, Qiaokou Police
    Bureau, Wuhan City. After the Chinese government began to persecute Falun Gong
    on July 20, 1999, Cao Youzhen participated in the persecution many times. During
    the first half of 2000, she went to Etouwan Brainwashing Center in Qiaokou to
    use all her strength to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. In order to earn
    more money, anytime someone was needed to cover the night shift in the
    brainwashing center, she always volunteered. Later on she was transferred to
    Zhipingshe District, Chenjiadun, Qiaokou District. She confiscated
    practitioners' books, tapes, and so on, but she never provided a list of
    confiscated items or showed a search warrant. Practitioners

    clarified the truth
    to her, but she did not listen. In September 2007,
    during the the 17th CCP Central Committee meeting, Cao Youzhen
    illegally searched and tried to take practitioner Xiao Yingxue into custody.
    Because the practitioner resisted and the neighbors had righteous thoughts, her
    attempt failed.

    After that, Cao Youzhen developed cancer. Less than half a year later, she
    met died on April 3, 2008. She was just over forty years old.

    Villagers hostile toward Dafa from Xincheng, Han Dian Town, Shuangcheng
    City, Heilongjiang Province, experience karmic retribution


    1. Qiao Zhiguo, a villager from Xincheng Village, followed Jiang's regime to
      persecute Falun Gong ever since July 20, 1999. In order to make more money, he
      monitored what practitioners did every day, abused them, took down truth
      clarification banners, scratched out truth-clarification messages, and tore up
      flyers. He also threw copies of the

      Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party
      into a toilet. Dafa
      disciples told him the truth many times, but he did not listen to them. In the
      spring of 2005, he had cerebral thrombus and was confined to a hospital. He
      spent several thousand

      but did not recover.


    2. A villager, Sun Chengzhi, always acted as a CCP accomplice, tore up Dafa
      flyers, and scolded Dafa disciples on the street many times. In the winter of
      2001, he and his sons chased down several practitioners and beat and abused
      them. In a short time, one of his two sons was arrested and the other one was
      sentenced. They are both still detained. At the beginning of 2008, he saw
      several practitioners and said to them, "In 2008 during the Olympic Games, the
      CCP will persecute you to death." Only a few days later, he died suddenly.


    3. Brothers Wang Yongguo and Wang Yongbang suffered much persecution during
      the Great Cultivation Revolution because their family were landlords. They
      unfortunately forgot the pain of their own experience. When the CCP began its
      persecution of Falun Gong, both of them followed along. Wang Yongbang took
      down banners, tore up flyers, and abused Dafa disciples. Later on, he had a
      serious disease, which cost him almost 10,000 "yuan". Wang Yongguo did not
      listen when practitioners went to his home to clarify the truth to him many
      times. Each time, he threw them out and heaped abuse on them. Not long after,
      Wang Yongguo drove a horse-drawn vehicle to handle matters in town. The
      vehicle turned over in a ditch and he broke his leg. After this, he had a
      quarrel with another person who stabbed him with a knife. On April 27, 2008,
      the brothers Wang Yongguo and Wang Yongbang had a dispute over money. Wang
      Yongguo's nephew hit him in the head with an iron tool. He is still confined
      to a hospital. Wang Yongbang was detained.


    Yu Guanghong, a policeman from Changchun Road Police Station, Chuanying
    District, Jilin City, accidentally shot himself and died

    Yu Guanghong is 54 years old. Since July 20, 1999, he followed Jiang Zemin to
    act as a vanguard to persecute Dafa disciples. Up until last year, over 20 Dafa
    disciples had been

    illegally arrested
    , persecuted, sent to forced labor camps, imprisoned, and
    sent to brainwashing centers due to his actions.(He was on the list of evil
    people in 2005.) On the evening of April 24, 2008, when Yu Guanghong was on-duty
    and trying to stop a fight, he fired a shot in the air. In the confusion, he
    fired a bullet through his own neck and died instantly. We hope more police
    officers become clearheaded, cease doing evil, and quit the CCP and its
    associated organizations as soon as possible to be saved.

    Zhang Yumei from Duolun County, Inner Mongolia, persecuted Dafa and
    practitioners and met with retribution for her evildoing

    Zhang Yumei was from Duolun County, Inner Mongolia, was already retired. She
    once worked at the town resident committee of Duolun County. Since Jiang's evil
    regime began to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, she closely cooperated
    with the local
    and police station to illegally monitor practitioners and participate
    in the brainwashing sessions. In order to gain fame and self-interest, she did
    not listen to good advice and acted willfully to persecute practitioners. In
    July 2007, she was diagnosesd with leukemia. On January 24, 2008, she died at 49
    years old. Before her death, she said she was guilty and that she should not
    have participated in persecuting Dafa and practitioners.


    69 People Declare that their Words
    and Deeds Under Forced Brainwashing are Null and Void

    A Total of 391741 Declarations Have Been Published To Date


    ( A "solemn declaration" is a person's public
    statement declaring to the world that whatever he or she has done or said under
    duress or deception that was against Falun Dafa is null and void. Most of these
    statements have come from Falun Dafa practitioners in China who wished to
    express regret that, in the face of physical torture and brainwashing, they had
    signed documents renouncing Dafa and guaranteeing not to practice again. Also,
    as more and more people in China learn the truth about how they have been
    deceived and lied to by the Jiang regime, many non-practitioners are also
    submitting "solemn declarations."

    Here are some examples of the Solemn Declarations:

    Please click here for more
    Solemn Declarations


    Clearwisdom Materials



    Clearwisdom Review (Volume 3, Issue 18, May 2008)



    The Clearwisdom Review is a weekly newsletter, which highlights current
    information about the persecution, practitioners' activities worldwide, and the
    benefits of Falun Dafa. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide current and
    updated information about Falun Dafa in a brief and easily accessible format.
    Through new articles each week, the newsletter will strive to provide a balance
    of coverage on a range of topics relevant to Falun Gong. The newsletter can be
    downloaded in PDF format for viewing or distribution.


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    • Edmonton: Woman Travels 1,200 Miles to See Spectacular, Brings 23 Family

    • Police Torture Ms. Wang Weiyue (Qian'an City, Hebei Province)

    • French magazine Stunned Interviews a Falun Gong Practitioner

    • Introduction to Falun Dafa

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