Thursday, February 01, 2007

Organ Harvesting Details Disclosed

A new post on the immoral organ harvesting in China has been made.

It's really time for this nonsense to stop, don't you agree?

Why does the Chinese Communist Party continue to committ these dastardly deeds?

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It's time that the Chinese governement ends these crimes. They are making a profit and killing off the people they don't agree with at the same time. That is pure evil.

Tell them to stop. Write, make telephone calls, send faxes to these bad guys from all over the world. Let's remind them everyday that what they are doing is wrong, so that they don't forget and so that the issue is never forgotten. Let's keep it in the limelight 24X7 until it stops!

Here is a detailed 69 page report on the organ harvesting in China.

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