Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another Example of Persecution for Doing the Right Thing

Seems like the commies in China never give up on their ruthless supression of individuals who want to tell the truth and let the world know what is happening over there.

This is the story of Mr. Cao Dong

He had the courage to tell Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, Vice President of the European Parliament about how practitioners were persecuted by the Communists in China.

Because he had the courage to speak out he was then persecuted by the commies.

Then they had the audacity to create an 'arrest warrant' four months after they had been holding him.

Real justice in China ? I don't think so. However there are some really bad people running the show over there. They appear to be nothing more than a huge mafia organization masquerading as a government.

When he reads stories like this one, I wonder if Mr. Bobby Fletcher (an alias he uses for blogging) can look in the mirror and feel good about his support of the Chinese Communist Party.

He claims to be from Taiwan, which makes one wonder even more why he supports the commies. I hope he can wake up and understand what he is doing and stop giving support to the Communists.

Even more importantly, it is time for the communist party to give up their evil ways and give people the freedom to believe in and do what they want so long as they don't hurt others.

This is how it should be in a civilized country, but apparently China isn't quite there yet. They appear to be stuck in the dark ages where torture, brainwashing and coercion are the order of the day.

Without giving freedom to their people, they will never be able to become a first rate power with a first rate economy.

People who torture others are mentally ill. They need to wake up and understand that they will ultimately hurt themselves as they lose more and more of their humanity and become more and more degenerate.

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

China Persecutes Roman Catholics as Well

I read this statement placed on the website of the Congressional - Executive Commission on China.

If you took a few moments to read it, you'll realize that the Chinese government is fearful of all religions and many qigongs for no apparent rational reason

And they are willing to torture and harm the followers of religions
and Qigongs to achieve ...... What? What are they trying to
do? What have they succeeded in doing? Religions and qigongs have
been around and will continue to be around far longer than the Chinese
Communist Party has been or will be........ You can bank on that fact.

Besides the persecution of Falun Gong in China, you also have
the persecution of innocent Catholics, Protestants and many other

Again, here is the statement on a government website about the persecution
of Roman Catholics and Cardinal Kung in China:

I wonder if those who support the Chinese government understand what exactly they are supporting? Some seem to be proud of their support of the Chinese government and its many CRIMES against Humanity?

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Concerned People Telling the World about Falun Gong and the Persecution in China

Concerned People Telling the World about Falun Gong and the Persecution in China

Imagine that your belief system teaches you to follow three principles: to be True, Good, and Endure. In every aspect of society—your home, work, social life—you’re required to be honest, kind, and tolerant.

Consequently, you’re benefiting every aspect of society, and everyone—your family, friends, coworkers—can see that you are a good person even under the most difficult circumstances.

Through practicing this system, your health has improved, you’re doing a better job at your work, you’ve found new meaning to life, and you’re creating an environment of harmony for yourself and those closest to you.

Now, imagine that because of the popularity of this belief system, the government, fearing a lack of control, labels it an illegal cult. If you continue to practice it, you may be harassed, fired, arrested, sentenced to forced labor, beaten, tortured, raped, possibly even harvested for your organs—while you live—and/or then killed.

You don’t really have to use your imagination, however; this is the life of a Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) practitioner under the tyrannical rule of the Chinese Communist Party.

You can help: tell others, contact elected officials, ask the media to report on this.

Please go to: