Sunday, October 29, 2006

Laogai or Forced Labor Camps Very Much Alive in China

Don't be fooled by the Chinese government's denial of the existence of forced labor camps in China.

There is ample proof in this document . Scroll down to about paragraph seven and you will find that forced labor is a major economic vector in China. You could even say that the Chinese gov relies on forced labor as a driver for it's so called, 'growing economic power'.

when you have essentially free labor it is easy to outperform economically.

People who do business with China should keep this in mind. By fueling the Chinese economy with money in exchange for goods produced this way, people are in effect, supporting and encouraging the Chinese government to push more and more people into forced labor situations.

If you do a search for Lao Gai, you will find ample information about these forced labor camps. If you do a search for the term "laogai" you will find even more.

People like Bobby Fletcher need to understand what they are supporting when they try to say that forced labor camps don't exist. The evidence is out there and it is overwhelming in size and scope.

The Chinese government does its best hide the truth but when something like this is being done on such a mass scale for such a long time, the truth slips out even from behind an iron curtain.

Please be aware that supporting the import of inexpensive Chinese goods is pretty much aiding and abetting the Chinese government's crimes against humanity.

I understand the wish to procure cheap, inexpensive goods to resell. However, when it comes at the expense of untold suffering of innocent and / or helpless victims, there are certain humane obligations that push themselves to the forefront of the consience.

I hope you can read the above report and others like it, then forward it / them on to other people, especially business people that need to be aware.

I'm not clamoring for a boycott, I'm just pointing out that support for the market is helping to fuel the abuse of human rights in China.

I hope it can stop soon.

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