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Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp: Hung by the Wrists from Steel Wires that Cut to the Bone

Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp: Practitioners Hung by the Wrists from Steel Wires that Cut to the Bone

By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Hebei Province

( In the middle of April 2001, authorities at the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp brutally persecuted and attempted to violently "transform" all the Dafa practitioners in their custody, and many of them were maimed. In the Number 201 Group, the wardens covered Dafa practitioners' heads with cotton quilts and beat them continuously with wooden clubs and stools. They slashed Dafa practitioners' faces with shoe heels, causing serious injuries to their faces and ears; many practitioners suffered hearing loss. The wardens shocked practitioners on their necks with electron batons, until their necks were so full of holes they looked like hornet's nests. The wardens forcibly tied up the practitioners' arms using steel wire.

Even more appalling, Dafa practitioners were forced to stand on stools, wearing handcuffs and steel wire wrapped around their arms and secured to the ceiling, and then the stools were kicked out from under them. As they hung from the ceiling, the steel wires quickly cut into their arms to the bone, and blood flowed down the wire. If they still refused the so-called "transformation," the wardens would grab the Dafa practitioners and yank them downward with all their strength; many of the practitioners' arms were permanently damaged.

Another torture method they use is to hang Dafa practitioners up so they can barely touch the floor, and cruelly beat and kick them. Their socks are removed, and if they try to stand up, the wardens burn their toes with cigarettes, which immediately begin to blister.

In the Number 204 Group, the wardens handcuffed Dafa practitioners by either one or both hands to the security grills on the windows, where they hung with their feet off the floor for several days. There were two or three people for each Dafa practitioner, keeping watch to make sure they didn't sleep. Many of the Dafa practitioners' legs became swollen, and their fingers were numb.

Many groups at the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp brutally force-feed Dafa practitioners who go on hunger strikes. Criminals hold practitioners down on their beds and shove common plastic tubing into their noses. When they insert a tube they push very hard, after they put the tube in they abruptly yank it out again, revealing the bloody tube. They repeat the process several times. Even worse, they often push the tube in more than 40 centimeters, until it comes out the mouth. After the tube is inserted, they force-feed the practitioners with cold, high-density salt water. The practitioners who've been subjected to these force-feedings have suffered diarrhea for many days.

In the women's group, the wardens use electric batons to shock Dafa practitioners who refuse to be "transformed." Some weren't allowed to sleep for a month after this torture.

The Number 202 Group leaders mainly persecute Dafa practitioners using psychological methods, but sometimes they use violence. Once, a perpetrator used a wooden club to strike Dafa practitioners in the back of the head. Liu Lei is the division leader of the Number 2 Group at the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp, and Wei Mingxi was the group leader. Wei Mingxi mainly used torture to persecute Dafa practitioners.

Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp

Telephone: 86-311-7752350, 86-311-7753569, 86-311-7776422, 86-311-7763488, 86-311-7776421, 86-311-7752749

Director Zhao Yunlong

Second Group address: Beijiao north Zhaolingpu Village; postal code 050061
Telephone Exchange: 86-311-7776345, 86-311-7777689
Group leader Zhao Zhiqian: extension 628, 663
Division 2 Leader Bian Shuqiang (very vicious): 13603113288 (Cell), ext. division 2
Warden: Zhang Li 86-13932199787 (Cell)
Warden: Dong Xingguo 86-311-7777689 extension 633
Director of Administration, Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp, Cao Jun: 86-311-7754007 extension 207, 203

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