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Photo Evidence Tells of Grisly Torture in China (Oct 27, 2005)

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Photo Evidence Tells of Grisly Torture in China

Abuse of Falun Gong Woman, Mutilated Breasts, “Too Disturbing to be Adequately Described in Words”

Wang Yunjie with her husband and child before she was abducted by Chinese police.
NEW YORK (FDI) — The Falun Dafa Information Center recently obtained photographs that provide startling evidence of torture in China at the hands of authorities. The photos reveals horrific mutilation of the breasts of Falun Gong adherent Ms. Wang Yunjie, of Dalian city, Liaoning province, and bespeak of the continued violence perpetrated in China against practitioners of Falun Gong. (photos)

Wang became a prisoner of conscience on May 14, 2002, when she was taken from her workplace by police. Police gave no cause for arrest, only stating that Wang was part of the Falun Gong.

In an account of Wang’s time in captivity provided by eyewitnesses and persons close to Wang in China, guards at the Masanjia Labor Camp reportedly deprived Wang of sleep, subjected her to the elements, bound and hung her, locked her in a bathroom for over a month, and physically beat her. She was also forced to perform labor, including some 300 hours in one month. On one occasion Wang was beaten and kicked by camp guards for six hours.

In early 2003, two male guards, exasperated at not being able to extract a statement of “repentance” from Wang for her beliefs, tore open Wang’s shirt and shocked her breasts with high-voltage electric batons. The torture is said to have lasted for over 30 minutes.

The perpetrators, part of a special team from the Liaoning Province Public Security Division (Benxi Camp) sent to the camp to “reform” Wang and other Falun Gong believers, allegedly yelled at Wang, before the mutilation, “We’ll see who is tougher!” Following the torture Wang was denied sleep and made to stand through the night. Wang’s wounds were not attended to, and soon began to fester.

One prominent U.S. attorney, upon seeing the photos, called the violence done to Wang, “Too disturbing to be adequately described in words.”

The following morning two additional guards bound Wang’s limbs in a contorted position and hung her up, looking “like a ball,” with handcuffs for seven hours. The pain reportedly left Wang crippled. Wang was photographed after having been sent home to die; camp staff believed she had but two months to live.

“This is utterly outrageous,” said FDI spokesperson Erping Zhang. “This is some of the most disturbing evidence received in recent months that Chinese authorities are continuing to brutalize practitioners of the Falun Gong and disregard Chinese and international law. We continue to see zero accountability and instead culpability at every level of the system”

Chinese officials continue to deny the torture and abuse of members of the Falun Gong, despite documentation by FDI, Amnesty International, the U.N., and other groups of a combined 40,000 some cases of maltreatment and 2,747 wrongful deaths. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, are said to be held in China’s massive gulag system.

Accounts of sexual violence at the hands of Chinese authorities in Dalian city’s labor camps are growing more common. Female adherents of Falun Gong are known to have had bundled toothbrushes shoved into their vaginas, followed by dousing of the wounds with chili pepper juice. Men in Dalian’s camps report shocking of genitals with electric batons.

Information of Wang’s torment comes on the heels of an official Chinese Government white paper, Building of Political Democracy in China, in which the regime lauds its “socialist democracy” for having “scored tremendous achievements.” The paper, while claiming “citizens’ basic rights are respected and guaranteed,” appears to fly in the face of state-sanctioned torture of apolitical persons of faith such as Wang.

The Falun Dafa Information Center is calling on all international organizations and foreign governments to help bring the perpetrators of Wang’s mutilation to justice and hasten the release of all Falun Gong prisoners of conscience in China.

Details of Wang’s ordeal in the Masanjia camp, including specific dates, details of abuses, and the names of figures and penal system bodies reportedly responsible, can be found at:

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NEWS - Oct. 27, 2005
Falun Dafa Information Center,


Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa (about), is a Buddhist practice of meditation and exercises, with teachings that emphasize living by three principles: truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Originating in China, Falun Gong is now practiced in over 70 countries. With Chinese government estimates of 100 million practicing Falun Gong in China, in July 1999 the Chinese Communist Party-state launched a nationwide, violent campaign to “eradicate” the practice. The Falun Dafa Information Center has verified details of 2,747 deaths and over 44,000 cases of torture (reports / sources). Millions have been detained or sent to forced labor camps.

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Facts of the Persecution

  • The Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City, Part 1
  • 610 Office Has Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured at Shengli Oil Field Hospital's Mental Illness Department
  • Severe Persecution Cases of Several Women Practitioners in the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province
  • Husband and Wife Imprisoned, Mother-in-Law Passes Away, and Children Are Alone at Home

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    Facts of the Persecution

    The Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City, Part 1

    ( Chaoyangou Forced Labor Camp was originally under the jurisdiction of the Changchun City Judicial Bureau. Since July 20, 1999, when the persecution started, the labor camp has closely followed the CCP and Jiang Zemin's political regime and has brutally persecuted Falun Gong practitioners using all kinds of methods.

    In December 2000, the Jilin Province CCP Committee and the provincial government designated the Chaoyangou forced Labor Camp as a "brainwashing base" to detain Falun Gong practitioners who were sentenced to forced labor. All male practitioners from the whole province (except the Baicheng and Yanbian regions) were sent there. Led by the provincial 610 Office, the labor camp has conducted comprehensive persecution of the detained practitioners. This so-called "transformation" base tramples on human rights. An investigation shows that at least 18 practitioners died there due to the persecution and many practitioners have been injured or disabled.

    Falun Gong practitioners keep clarifying the truth to help to rescue the Chinese people who are deceived by the CCP's lies. To destroy people's will, the Chaoyangou Forced Labor Camp has tortured kind people in the most vicious ways, making it the chief place in the province for the violation of human rights. Details of methods of abuse and mistreatment include inciting prisoners by means of rewards and promises of reduction of their prison terms if they openly beat practitioners. They also include using torture, recklessly maltreating practitioners, forcing practitioners to work beyond their capacities, long-term sleep deprivation and forcing practitioners to write a guarantee statement to give up their belief. The mental torment, economic ruin and ruthless physical torture in the labor camp are unprecedented in their terror and cruelty.

    Here we expose some of these crimes committed in the labor camp.

    I. Mental Torment

    Since July 20, 1999, all Falun Gong practitioners have been under mental oppression. The Party has used its control of all media, including TV and newspapers, to slander Falun Dafa and Teacher. Practitioners are followed by the police and have their activities limited; they are called to local police stations to be questioned; police harass them at their homes; their homes are searched, their property is confiscated and they are detained for long periods.

    Led by Wang Yanwei and Wang Jiangang, the heads of the Chaoyangou Forced Labor Camp, the labor camp has adopted brutal measures to forcibly brainwash about a thousand detained practitioners; these methods include group attacking, designating inmates as "personal monitors" to closely supervise practitioners, sleep deprivation and forcing them to write the Three Statements (a guarantee letter, a repentance letter and a dissociation statement). They try to force practitioners to give up their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and to acknowledge and feel grateful for this persecution against their conscience.

    Forced Indoctrination

    In order to obtain the "Three Statements" the camp police force practitioners to watch TV programs and over ten kinds of video materials that slander and frame Falun Gong. Then they force them to discuss their "feelings." Those who do not say what the prison police want to hear are tortured. In creating the video programs, the screenwriters fabricate many facts and smear practitioners using an artistic format to deceive and poison the minds of the world's people. Every day at a fixed time, practitioners are forced to listen to or read out loud books that slander Falun Dafa. If they refuse, they are beaten. Many practitioners have suffered brutal beatings because they would not cooperate. Once the police designated twenty inmates in the Xinsheng Division to brutally beat countless practitioners. They also regularly play VCDs that slander Falun Dafa and they try to force practitioners to write reviews. They then use these to determine what specific brainwashing and torture methods they will use on the practitioner.

    Zhu Shenlin is a police officer in the No.2 Division who has edited many songs and created rhymed patterns that slander Falun Dafa. They forced practitioners to learn and to sing those songs. The No.7 Division detains mainly practitioners who have yielded to the torture and brainwashing. Early every morning, the head of the division demands that these practitioners recite an article entitled, "Ten Criticisms" ("Ten Criticisms" viciously attacks Falun Dafa, Teacher Li and practitioners). Then they read books that slander Dafa in the morning and give "in-depth" speeches (that is, criticisms) that are recorded.

    Degeneration Education

    The labor camp specifically established the No.7 Division for brainwashing practitioners. All other divisions send those practitioners in their division who have yielded to the persecution to the No.7 Division. In the No.7 Division, practitioners are forced to watch videos that slander and frame Falun Gong, to read all kinds of books that are against Falun Gong, and to attend classes opposing Falun Gong. They are encouraged to scold others, to fight and to smoke. Once they develop such bad behavior they are considered successfully "transformed." What they call success is to transform a person who believes in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" into a person who has bad habits and does bad things.

    The objective of the No.7 Division is to divert practitioners' minds from "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" for a long time. Everyone there is required to write two reports about their thoughts every month, each containing at least one sentence that slanders Falun Dafa and Teacher. If such "education" fails, the practitioner is transferred to another division to suffer more intense persecution.

    Inducements and Threats

    Gao Zhilu is one of the prison guards in the labor camp who targets practitioners during brainwashing. During the "storming of heavily fortified positions" in April 2002, he yelled again and again at newly arrived practitioners, "Let me see who can still persist once you are assigned to a division for a few days. You will all taste what is called 'the dictatorship of the proletariat.' The Party gives me money; therefore I will do whatever it wants me to do and in whatever way it asks me to do it. Otherwise who will give me money? What is Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? The Party doesn't want you to practice; you should then give it up. There is only one way for you to go - to give up and be transformed. Listen to this!" ( He referred to the painful scrams of the practitioners suffering brutal beatings.)

    The practitioners then spoke righteously, to refute what the police officer said. This left Gao Zhilu speechless.

    Using torture methods to transform practitioners

    Before the UN Human Rights Commission meeting in 2000, the prison guards from each division in the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp gathered Falun Gong practitioners and told them, "At present, a nation-wide campaign against Falun Gong has been launched by the CCP and we are required to achieve a goal of an over 95% "transformation rate." Thus, all you Falun Gong practitioners need to write the "three statements," regardless of circumstances, even if it is against your conscience, because it is an order from the upper management. If you don't cooperate, we will lose our jobs, so we are allowed to use any method we want on you. We will not bear any responsibility even if we beat you to death. Now is the time to have you experience 'totalitarianism.'"

    As a result, prison guard Wang Tao from the No.1 Team in the No. 6 Division violently beat Falun Gong practitioner Jiao Shoutong with electric batons, batons, bamboo sticks, metal wires and other items, making his face swollen and disfigured. He was full of bruises and was bleeding. Because Mr. Jiao refused to write the "three statements," the next day when his wounds were about to stop bleeding, they dragged him out to be beaten again, causing all the cuts to re-open and blood to drip down his face.

    Falun Gong practitioner Xing Yueshan suffered the same torture methods as well. He has been beaten savagely each time his wounds were about to heal.

    Falun Gong practitioner Ma Shengbo was jailed at the No. 3 Team of the No. 6 Division. On a snowy day, division head Li Zhongbo and prison guard Liu Yan stripped Mr. Ma, opened all the doors and windows and poured cold water, straight from the cold well outside, all over him, chilling him to the bone. Mr. Ma started to shiver, developed cramps and then crouched on the icy cold floor. He soon lost consciousness and had spasms. Yet, the police still shouted at him, "Are you going to write the statement or not?"

    Seeing no response, since he was unconscious, the police started to beat Mr. Ma with a bamboo stick, chopping him and leaving traces of long bloody cuts on his exposed body. In addition, the police ordered inmates to spread salt on his body and pour spicy water into his mouth They awakened him. Then they pulled his legs and dragged him back and forth on the ground with his face pointing downward and his open wounds rubbing against the floor.

    Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhong Xi protested this atrocity. He was hoping to call on the guards' consciences and make them stop their inhuman treatment of practitioners. The guards simply ignored him and even increased the abuse. They tortured Mr. Zhong again. His cuts were just stitched up and there was still wet blood on his body. However, the police still tortured him. They handcuffed him and hung him up high. They poured cold water on him before shocking him with electric batons and beating him with police batons. When one felt tired, the other took a turn beating him. Later, the camp head Wang Wei came. He not only didn't stop them, he urged them to continue saying, "Beat him! Beat him until he agrees to write the 'three statements'!"

    Police officer Wang Tao used a triangular belt to lash Mr. Zhong. As a result, a big bump appeared on his face and his mouth became distorted. Others hardly recognized him and he had great difficulty eating.

    For a whole day, five guards violently beat Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yu Chunbo with police batons and electric batons. After he returned from the beating, his whole body looked purplish blue and he could not walk.

    Humiliate Falun Gong practitioners

    The police verbally abused Falun Gong practitioners in front of others and demanded that they curse Teacher and Falun Dafa and write articles to criticize Falun Dafa. Because practitioners were steadfast in their belief and would not give in, even in the face of torture, the guards sneered at them while tormenting them, "Didn't you say that you had your Teacher's protection? Why don't you hurry up and ask your Teacher for help?"

    On April 6, 2002, the police hung signs on firm practitioners' chests and paraded them around in the cells. They ordered the inmates to shout criticism at them. Those who did not shout at them were beaten. They called it, "The Second Cultural Revolution." On April 9, they had a "mobilization meeting," during which the police publicly humiliated a steadfast practitioner. They forcibly hung a sign with slanderous words on his neck.

    Police and gangsters worked together as one

    In other countries, a criminal is someone who has harmed society, committing such acts as stealing, robbery, swindling others, taking drugs or other illegal acts. However, people who have committed such crimes receive favorable treatment in the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp and have even become key management personnel. The supervisory police appoint them as the "person on duty" or the "team leader" and they all work together to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

    Once the practitioners are sent to the forced labor camp, two inmates, called "personal monitors," closely watch them at all times. From then on, the practitioners' every word and action are monitored, even during mealtime and when using the toilet. The team leaders are usually the worst criminals; yet, the labor camp authorities often give them face-to-face training on how to intensely persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Once at a meeting with the "person-on-duty," the management section head said, "Why do Falun Gong practitioners dare to go on a hunger strike? It is because we haven't applied enough pressure on them!" Such sayings as, "not enough pressure" and the training "beating as normal management" demonstrate that the law is not enforced in the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp.

    For the "freshman class" in the No. 5 Division, the police have selected those most wicked and fiercest criminals in advance to carry out the persecution. They shave all the hair from newly arrived practitioners' heads, remove all their clothes, pour 30 basins of cold water on them from head to toe (more on those who protest), and then open up all windows and doors to expose the practitioners to the cold. After that, practitioners are forced to stand still, facing the wall or stoop down for long hours without lifting up their heads. If they resist even a little, the guards or inmates slap them in the face or kick and punch their bodies. After several hours' torment, they force the practitioners to sit on a small stool, with their backs straight, with two monitors closely watching them.

    (To be continued)

    September 6, 2005

    610 Office Has Falun Gong Practitioners Tortured at Shengli Oil Field Hospital's Mental Illness Department

    ( At the Shengli Hospital of the Shengli Oil Field Eighth Division in Shandong Province, some staff members have used the mental illness department to torture Falun Gong practitioners over the past six years.

    Based on the incomplete statistics on Falun Gong practitioners at Shengli Oil Field, five Falun Gong practitioners have been sent to the mental illness department of Shengli hospital by the 610 Office, communist party officials and Shengli Oil Field management. Those practitioners include Jiang Haishong and Li Xiaodong.

    The medical staff at the mental illness department falsely diagnosed practitioners as having mental problems, and then put them together with real mental patients and subjected them to "treatment." Using medication to torture practitioners, they hope to "transform" them into real mental patients.

    These doctors forced practitioners to wear white clothes and white hats while some nurses forced them to take drugs and receive injections every day. They wanted to destroy practitioners' bodies with the unidentified drugs. One practitioner was tortured there for one month, during which time he suffered severe swelling of the head. Over one month later he still had not recovered.

    The officials at Shengli hospital of Shengli oil field:

    Sheng Chengdong 86-546-8811981 (Office) 86-546-8721558 (Home)
    Dong Jijun 86-546-8811585 (Office) 86-546-8812260 (Home)
    Wang Mingjian 86-546-8811286 (Office) 86-546-8554268 (Home)
    Dong Yutang 86-546-8811168 (Office) 86-546-8774983 (Home)
    Li Xiangru 86-546-8811057 (Office) 86-546-8812430 (Home)
    Lei Shengli 86-546-8632908 (Office) 86-546-8522519 (Home)
    Zhao Jinlu 86-546-8811688 (Office) 86-546-8812132 (Home)
    Wang Penglei 86-546-8811365 (Office) 86-546-8812623 (Home)
    Kang Xinli 86-546-8811638 (Office) 86-546-8812451 (Home)
    Gao Mingxiang 86-546-8811582 (Office) 86-546-8812898 (Home)
    Zhang Shuhan 86-546-8811572 (Office) 86-546-8836366 (Home)
    The director's office of the psychiatric ward: 86-546-8811012
    Zhai Jie: 86-546-8812466 (Home)
    The office of the assistant director of the psychiatric ward: 86-546-8811280
    Miao Xingfang: 86-546-8812145 (Home)
    Mental illness department (1): 86-546-8811292
    Mental illness department (2): 86-546-8811013
    Nurse office of 2nd division of the mental illness department: 86-546-8811273
    Doctor's office: 86-546-8811520
    Nurse's office of 3rd division of the mental department: 86-546-8811373
    Doctor's office: 86-546-8811320
    Nurse's office of 4th division of the mental department: 86-546-8811473
    Doctor's office: 86-546-8811420

    On September 26, 2005

    Severe Persecution Cases of Several Women Practitioners in the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Shandong Province

    ( Several women practitioners were illegally detained at the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp and suffered inhuman tortures.

    Ms. Li Ping is over 50 years old and is from Lingyi City, Shandong Province. She was sentenced to forced labor on September 30, 2004. She suffered unimaginable tortures at that camp for assertively refusing to give up Falun Dafa. In a one-month period, Ms. Li was permitted only three nights' sleep. During the daytime she was forced to sit on a small backless stool and at night she was punished by having to stand for long hours. Because of long-term lack of sleep she frequently fell down while standing, often injuring her face and head.

    Late one night, when Ms. Li Ping hadn't slept for many days, police officer Yan Yan and the collaborators Zhu Ling and An Dehua attacked her.

    On November 14, 2004, police officer Wang Hua and others tied Li Ping with ropes and put her into a corner of a restroom the size of only several square meters. For six months she was not allowed to leave the restroom even half a step and was completely isolated from the outside world. During that period she was unable to take a shower or wash her hair.

    On May 20, 2005 when everyone in the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp moved to a new building, Li Ping finally left that small restroom and was then detained in the library. She was still not allowed to leave that room and was guarded by several people specifically assigned to monitor her. She had to relieve herself in a bucket.

    After long-term physical torture and extreme pressure and mental torment from threats and intimidation, Li Ping suffered a mental collapse. Now she keeps saying, "What crime have I committed? All I did is just practice qigong."

    Ms. Gao Mingxia, over 40 years old, is from Qingdao City, Shandong Province. She was sentenced to forced labor in May 2004. At the end of October the authorities detained her in a single cell for one month. Police officers Li Ying and Li Yuan tied Ms. Gao with a special belt and did not give her any food for four days. They claimed that if she died from hunger it would be noted as her own fault from being on a hunger strike. She was not allowed to sleep at night and was handcuffed and not allowed to go to the restroom. Since being sent to Wangcun, Ms. Gao has slept on the floor the whole time. For several months she was not allowed to take a shower and change her clothes. She had to relieve herself in a bucket in the cell.

    Ms. Wang Chuanlian, over 20 years old, is from Muping, Yantai City, Shandong Province. She was sentenced to forced labor in June 2004. Between the end of June and early August, for a period of more than one month, Ms. Wang was not allowed to lie down to sleep, even just once. Deputy Division Head Sun and police officer Wu Xiuli took turns to torture her day and night. Collaborators Liu Guangxia (from Binzhou), Miao Yuxiang (from Jiaozhou), Yu Ruiying (from Haiyang) and others surrounded her in groups of three shifts to slander Dafa. Wang Chuanlian was punished by being forced to stand or squat for a long time and was not allowed to go to the restroom. As a result, she had to urinate in her pants on cold winter days. When she sat on the ground when being forced to stand, police officer Wu Xiuli ordered collaborator Wang Yuping to dump water on the ground. On January 1, 2005, a window blind was put on Wang Chunlian's cell. Ms. Wang was tied up and was not allowed to sleep or go to the restroom. She suffered all kinds of torture, instigated by the division deputy surnamed Sun. The window blind was closed for over half a month.

    Ms. Jiang Cui, in her twenties, is from Weihai City, Shandong Province. She was sentenced to forced labor on March 6, 2005. Because she refused to cooperate with the unreasonable demands of the authorities, although she was very weak and unable to walk normally, the police still brought her to the forced labor camp. She was deprived of the basic rights of a normal existence, including sleeping, taking a shower, changing her clothes or even going to the restroom. Police officer Fang Niafeng and the collaborator Gao Jianxin (from Binzhou) punched her on her chest. Ms. Jiang was threatened with having her term extended, with not being given permission to go home and with torture. Although the police played all kinds of tricks and implemented all kinds of persecution methods, they still failed to brainwash Jiang Cui. Early in August 2005, Jiang Cui publicly called out loud, "Falun Dafa is great!" She was immediately sent to an isolation cell where there was a low, death bed with handcuffs on the four corners of the bed. Details of the abuses Ms. Jiang suffered there are unknown.

    Ms. Jiang Cuie, 63 years old, is from Rushan, Weihai City, Shandong Province. She was sentenced to forced labor on April 6, 2005. Although the police and collaborators in the labor camp kept spreading lies and slandering Dafa for nearly 20 hours a day, Ms. Jiang refused to listen to them, much less to believe them. On July 1, 2005 she was detained in an isolation cell and kept there for one month and was not allowed to sleep. Currently, Jiang Cuie is still being detained in the police office. She has to relieve herself in a bucket and is only allowed to sleep very little every day.

    Ms. Zhu Lixin, over thirty years old, is from Laixi, Shandong Province. She was sentenced to forced labor on September 30, 2002. She suffered long-term persecution and was forbidden to sleep. She was only allowed to move within a circle in the corner of her cell, eating and relieving herself in the same space. The perpetrators took three shifts to barrage her with slandering words and verbally abuse her. On November 21, 2003, with the assistance from Qingdao Forced Labor Camp, the camp started another wave of persecution against Ms. Zhu. The Party head from Qingdao Forced Labor Camp, Jiang Hongxing, brought Division Heads Yao and Wang, and two collaborators, Sun (from Jimo) and Wang Yuxing (from Pingdu). Led by Section Head Xiao and Division Head Wang Huiying, five people from the Qingdao camp plus four from Wangcun, including police officers Zhang Guirong, Yan Yan, Huang Bo, collaborators Pan Shujie (from Weifang), Zhang Jiamei (from Mupin) started to abuse, torment and mistreat Zhu Lixin. This round of persecution lasted nearly one month.

    They set up in a large room on the second floor of the Wangcun Forced Labor Camp building. There was no heating system in the room and it was freezing cold. Initially, Division Head Yao, the police and the collaborators pretended to be kind and very warmhearted. Once they found out that their hypocritical ways didn't work to "transform" Ms. Zhu, they changed their tactics and started to slander Dafa to force Zhu Lixin to give up the practice. Six days later, on November 27, having failed to achieve their goal, they started to deprive Zhu Lixin of sleep, and did not allow her to sleep for 20 days. During that period, for over several hundred hours, she was not allowed to sit down, to eat, to wash her face or brush her teeth. For over ten days she was not permitted regular toilet use and could only go once, at 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. If police officer Wang was in a good mood, Zhu Lixin might be allowed to sleep for five minutes each day. One day, after sleeping for five minutes, Zhu Lixin was still unable to wake up. Collaborators Wang Yuxing (male) and Pan Shujie (female) held Ms. Zhu and bumped her head against a wall, then threw her on the ground and even dragged her across the ground while running. It is not known how long it took to finally wake her up.

    Because of long-term sleep deprivation, Zhu Lixin's legs swelled severely until they looked like a water bucket. Since she was not allowed to sit, she had to move her swollen legs slowly, step by step. Police officer Huang Bo still tugged on her to make her run, in spite of her condition. Because Ms. Zhu's hands were down at her sides for so long, her hands eventually turned dark red and the blood vessels in the hands seemed as if they were going to break.

    Zhu Lixin was unable to move round. The following perpetrators, nevertheless, continued to torment her: police officer Yan Yan, Zhang Guirong, Huang Bo, the head of the division Chen (from Qingdao Forced Labor Camp, the replacement for the former division head Yao after he left), and a person surnamed Wang. They punished Ms. Zhu by forcing her to squat and threatened to shock her with an electric baton, use poisonous snakes to attack her, and other atrocities. When Zhu Lixin was unable to hold on and had to sit on the ground, police officer Wang put her on the torture tool called the tiger bench. She was held on the ground; her legs were raised up and put onto a high stool. Wang stomped hard on her legs, making Zhu's whole body shake from the pain. When she refused to squat down and sat on the ground, police officer Zhang Guirong and Division Head Chen raised her clothes up and wrote words that slandered Dafa on her back.

    Through continuous lack of sleep, no sitting, no restroom use and being extremely cold and hungry, Zhu Lixin was tortured to the edge of death. She even had difficulty breathing. The wicked people, though, still didn't give up. Every night after midnight, police officer Wang beat Zhu Lixin on the face and head with a hard plastic stick or the leg from a stool, making her mouth bleed and bumps the size of an egg to develop all over her head.

    Collaborator Zhang Jiamei in particular kicked Zhu Lixin on her calf and battered her fiercely on her lower back with dozens of blows every day for more than ten days. The collaborator Sun hit Zhu Lixin's shoulder every day, causing her right shoulder to appear lower than the other side. The December weather was extremely cold. When Zhu Lixin was dozing off while being forced to stand for a long time, police officer Wang poured cold water on her head and threw her on the ground. Police officers Yan and Wang even said, "We will inject you with drugs to make you addicted to them. Let's see whether you still want to practice Falun Gong when your addiction increases."

    For three years, Zhu Lixin was not permitted any calls home. Police officers Liu Qing and Wu Xiuli didn't allow anyone to talk to her. She was not permitted to buy fruit or other foods. Zhu Lixin once questioned the police, "You say we [Falun Gong practitioners] are bad, but we practitioners never treat any of you in such vicious ways. Who is righteous and who is evil?"

    We call on all kind people to help us stop the persecution!

    September 29, 2005

    Husband and Wife Imprisoned, Mother-in-Law Passes Away, and Children Are Alone at Home

    ( Mr. Wang Fengcai and his wife, Ms. Shao Yuzhi, are Dafa practitioners from Zhennanshan Village, Tianyi Town, Ningcheng County, Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia. Because of practicing Falun Gong, Mr. Wang has been illegally incarcerated in the Fourth Jail of Chifeng City, and Ms. Shao is imprisoned in a forced labor camp in Inner Mongolia. Unable to withstand such a blow to her family, Mr. Wang's mother passed away, leaving the couple's 20-year-old son to take care of his 14-year-old younger sister at home in difficult circumstances.

    On April 24, 2001, Ms. Shao Yuzhi was illegally arrested for making Falun Gong truth-clarification materials. Police officers from the National Security Brigade of the Ningcheng County Police Station sent her to the Tumuji Forced Labor Camp for a year. She was released in April 2002.

    After Ms. Shao was arrested, her mother-in-law was so frightened that she suddenly had a cerebral hemorrhage and became completely paralyzed. Since Ms. Shao's husband, Mr. Wang Fengcai, was working out of town at that time and no one else could take care of his mother, their 17-year-old son, Wang Jie, had to quit school to look after his grandmother.

    In June 2002, Ms. Shao Yuzhi was arrested again for reading a Falun Dafa book on a train to Yebaishou, Liaoning Province. She was first detained in a Ningcheng Detention Center and then was sent to a brainwashing program. Coerced by the 610 Office officials, she compromised and paid a 200-yuan fine. Later she stated that her written "guarantee statement" promising not to practice Falun Gong was invalid. As a result the police started to search for her again and she was compelled to become destitute and homeless.

    In May 2003, Ms. Shao Yuzhi returned home to take care of her mother-in-law. Two months later, someone who didn't know the truth about the persecution discovered that Ms. Shao was at home and reported her to the authorities. On July 4, 2003, she was arrested for the third time and detained in the Ningcheng County Detention Center. She was later sentenced to three years in the Inner Mongolia Forced Labor Camp.

    While Ms. Shao Yuzhi was in the forced labor camp, the police discovered her husband, Mr. Wang Fengcai, making Falun Gong truth-clarification materials. Mr. Wang fled. He became destitute and homeless and dared not return home, thus leaving his paralyzed mother and two children at home. His mother was sick in bed for a long time. Her grandson, Wang Jie, had to manage her food and drink and use of the toilet. When his mother passed away, Mr. Wang's brother took care of the funeral.

    On November 27, 2004, Wang Fengcai returned to Ningcheng County's Yikenzhong Area to distribute Falun Gong truth-clarification materials and was arrested after being reported. His motorcycle was taken away. Mr. Wang was detained at the Ningcheng County Detention Center until June 25, 2005, when he was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in the Fourth Prison of Chifeng City. His motorcycle has still not been returned.

    The couple's two children, their 20-year-old son Wang Jie and 14-year-old Wang Fang, are left at home on their own. Wang Jie has not returned to school and has taken on the family responsibilities, helping his sister to go to school and borrowing all their living expenses from his uncle, Shao Xiaofeng. Now, according to Wang Jie, his uncle can no longer lend them any more money, and their situation is very difficult.

    Recently Reported Deaths in the Persecution

    A Mother Dies Alone While Her Son is in Prison

    ( We heard in April 2005 that Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Huzhe from Yanji City, Jilin Province was tortured until he was very weak and could not take care of himself. In the middle of September, Mr. Li's over seventy year old mother died in her home. Her decomposed body was found many days later, with her fists clenched tight. It was a tragic scene, as it was obvious that she died in great pain.

    Mr. Li Huzhe was abducted in November 2002 by state security agents in Yanji City. When they were trying to arrest him, the Yanbian Prefecture 610 Office/Police Department, Yanji City 610 Office/Police Department, and Yilan Station sent out several dozen vehicles and several dozen officers to cast a dragnet.

    Mr. Li was interrogated for three whole days, was not allowed to use the toilet, and was not allowed to drink or eat or sleep. He was later sentenced to three years in prison, and sent to Jilin Prison. After being tortured to the point that he could not take care of himself, he was transferred to a Jilin Labor Camp Apartment (see

    Mr. Li Huzhe's mother was blind, so she could not go visit him. She called the authorities demanding to talk to her son, but the nurses and prison guards refused to transfer the calls. Mr. Li Huzhe's mother had diabetes, and had difficulty taking care of herself. She wept a lot because she missed her son, and died in the middle of September 2005.

    Phone number of nurses at Jilin Labor Camp Apartment: 86-13904433711.

    Mr. Wang Shaoqing from Wucheng County, Shandong Province Died After Being Tortured in Mental Hospital

    ( Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Shaoqing lived in Wucheng County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province. He was tortured in the Wangcun Labor Camp for two years. He was arrested again and tortured in a mental hospital for a year. It caused him to have a nervous breakdown, and he died in July 2005. The details are under investigation.

    Mr. Wang Shaoqing, 42, was an Office Director in the Wucheng Second Cotton Factory in Dezhou City. He obtained the Fa in 1996, and was arrested in 2001 for validating Falun Dafa. He was sent to Wangcun Labor Camp (also known as the Shandong Province Second Labor Camp). Inside the camp, Falun Dafa practitioners were forced to get up early in the morning at around 5:30 a.m., and had to labor until 10 p.m., except for meal times, which were as short as a little over ten minutes. The steamed buns they ate were of poor quality, and the vegetable and corn soups were very thin. Their meals had little oil or salt. They only had one piece of preserved radish at breakfast, or ate salt sprinkled on radish greens as dishes. Ten people had to share one little bowl. This life was extremely difficult. Mr. Wang Shaoqing protested and requested the authorities to reduce the labor time and improve the living conditions. As a result, he was placed under "strict control." Prison guards handcuffed him, hung him up by the handcuffs, and tried to force him to "admit his mistakes." He was placed under "strict control" many times because he kept doing the Falun Dafa exercises. During periods of "strict control," he could only have one small corn flour bun and two pieces of preserved vegetable per meal. He was also locked in solitary confinement.

    Mr. Wang Shaoqing was released from the labor camp in 2003. He continued clarifying the truth to people and wrote banners to validate Falun Dafa. He was once again arrested after that. He was locked up in a mental hospital for one year, and it made him suffer a nervous breakdown. He died in July 2005.

    Three Falun Dafa Practitioners in Jilin and Liaoning Provinces Die as a Result of Persecution

    ( Ms. Liu Zhenxia, in her 50s, was an employee of the Yushu City Liquor Factory in Jilin Province. In 1998, she started cultivating Falun Dafa, and her brain tumor was significantly improved without undergoing an operation. Since Jiang and his regime started persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, she could not study the Fa or practice the exercises normally. She was frightened and remained under constant mental pressure. As a result her condition worsened severely, and she died in 2002.

    Mr. Liu Xuefeng, 42, was an employee in the Liuhe County State Taxation Office in Jilin Province. He obtained the Fa before 1996. He had severe uremia before and could not find a cure. But practicing Falun Dafa made his ailments disappear, and he went back to work. After July 20, 1999, the county police department and subordinate stations and his employer kept sending people to harass him at home. As a result of the duress he was put under, Mr. Liu died on February 21, 2004.

    Ms. Zhao Shufen, 55, was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Gabatun Village, Dongguan Town, Kangping County, Liaoning Province. She obtained the Fa in 1997. She used to have high blood pressure and could not take care of herself, but was cured after cultivating Falun Dafa. She went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong after the illegal persecution started in 1999. She was detained in the Shenyang City Detention Center, and later was detained in the Dongguan Township Police Station. She was constantly harassed by the authorities, placing huge mental pressure on her. She died on September 10, 2005.

    Four Falun Dafa Practitioners in Hunan, Hebei, and Shandong Provinces Died Due to Persecution


    Ms. Li Shuqiu, 48, was a Falun Gong practitioner from Tianzidi in Zhishan District, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. In June 2000, she went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa, but the police sent her back to Tianzidi and kept her in a detention center for fifteen days. Police arrested her again on several subsequent occasions. In November 2000, the authorities held her in a detention center for over a month for distributing truth-clarifying materials. In 2001, she was sentenced to eighteen months of forced labor. She developed symptoms of breast cancer while in the labor camp. Her family members brought her home and forced her to submit to an operation. Ms. Li died in April 2002.

    Ms. An Guiying, 69, was a Falun Dafa practitioner in the Baoding area of Hebei Province. After obtaining the Fa in 1996, many of her illnesses disappeared without medical treatment. Once the suppression of Falun Gong began in 1999, she appealed for the right to practice Falun Gong and clarified the truth. In May 2001, the local police and officials from her residential committee forcibly removed her from her home and took her to a brainwashing center. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Officials from the facility dragged her to the courtyard and left her exposed to the sun, which caused her blood pressure to rise. The authorities coerced her husband, in his seventies, into writing a statement guaranteeing that she would stop practicing Falun Gong. They also forced him to pay them 2,500 yuan. Ms. An was forced to live with constant harassment. In 2005, she began experiencing bodily discomfort, and she died on May 30 as a result of the persecution.

    Mr. Zhu Zhisheng, 66, was a Falun Gong practitioner in Raoyang County, Hebei Province. In 2000, county police officers searched his home and extorted 6,000 yuan from him. Mr. Zhu died on the first day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar in 2000 following 22 days of continuous persecution.

    Mr. Liu Chunqing, 66, was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Xiaozheng Village in Huimin County, Shandong Province. On the third day of the eleventh month of the lunar calendar in 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong and to clarify the truth. The authorities detained him for a month and subjected him to various methods of torture, knocking his teeth out in the process. They extorted 2,000 yuan from him before releasing him on bail. The police arrested Mr. Liu on many subsequent occasions and ransacked his home. He was forced to endure constant humiliation and eventually died as a result of the persecution on July 12, 2003.

    September 28, 2005

    News and Activities from Around the World

    Falun Gong News Bulletin
    Weekly news about Falun Gong in China and around the world


    NEW YORK (EPOCH TIMES)--Photos showing festering burns on a female [Falun Gong] practitioner's breast, made by shocks from electric batons, have aroused attention internationally. Some scholars commented that the reason why such terrible things could happen in China is because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)'s gangster-style party culture has destroyed their humanity and devastated the most basic respect towards human beings.
    Full story (WARNING: Graphic photo):

    NEW YORK (FDI)--Forty-four torture and persecution-related deaths of people who practice Falun Gong in China were reported during September. Over half occurred in 2005, while the rest are older cases that are only now coming to light. Chinese authorities continue to tightly control information related to Falun Gong practitioners in custody and sweepingly deny any maltreatment of detainees.
    Full story:

    NEW YORK (FDI)--Eight Falun Gong practitioners at the Daqing Detention Center have been on hunger strike for two weeks. They were among at least 30 practitioners abducted by police on September 23 without a warrant or due legal process as part of a series of mass arrests throughout China that were first reported on September 7 from Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province. Days before the October 1 National Day celebrations, what locals described as a "manhunt for Falun Gong practitioners" took place in Qingdao city. Police first arrested individuals who had previously been "reeducated" during forced conversion through brainwashing and torture, and then forced them to assist the police in arresting other Falun Gong practitioners in the area.
    Full more information:

    LONDON (FDI)--Over the past year, an art exhibition of paintings done by artists who practice Falun Gong has been on tour around the world, including in Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, Canada and the several cities throughout the U.S. The exhibit, titled "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance," features paintings depicting peaceful scenes of meditation and quiet reflection, often decorated with flying cherubs and Buddhas. Other paintings depict scenes of torture, murder and imprisonment of Falun Gong adherents in the dark caverns and cells of labor camps and detention centers in China. The exhibits have been well-received, drawing thousands of visitors, including government leaders and local art connoisseurs.
    Full more information:

    Contacts: Gail Rachlin (+1 917-757-9780), Levi Browde (+1 646-415-0998), Erping Zhang (+1 646-533-6147), or Christina Chai (+1 917-386-5068).
    Fax: 646-792-3916 Email: , Website:

    Malaysia: Practitioners Read "Falun Dafa Association Announcement" in Front of Chinese Embassy (Photo)

    ( At 10:00 a.m. on October 24, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners in Malaysia gathered in front of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia to read the "Falun Dafa Association Announcement" ( so as to sternly warn perpetrators who follow the CCP to immediately stop participating in the persecution.

    Falun Gong practitioners read announcement in both Chinese and English

    Representatives of Falun Gong practitioners read the announcement in both Chinese and English: From today on, overseas Falun Gong practitioners will file civil or criminal lawsuits against all important government or CCP officials who participate in or continue to implement the persecution of Falun Gong and as a result, commit new crimes in addition to those they have already perpetrated against Falun Gong.

    While the announcement was being read, two embassy cars drove out of the embassy, and embassy staff in one car stopped the car and looked at practitioners' reading the announcement.

    After finishing reading the announcement, the practitioners delivered it to the embassy, but the staff refused to accept it. Finally, the practitioners decided to deliver the announcement by fax and express delivery.

    Los Angeles: Falun Gong Practitioners Gather at Chinese Consulate, Call for Officials to Abandon Their Evil Path and Choose to be Good (Photos)

    ( At 11:00 a.m. on October 21, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners in Los Angeles gathered in front of the Chinese Consulate to read the Falun Dafa Association Announcement published on October 9, 2005 in both Chinese and English. ( Practitioners then delivered the announcement to the consulate.

    High Resolution Picture High Resolution Picture

    Los Angeles practitioners read "Falun Dafa Association Announcement" in front of Chinese Consulate

    The Falun Dafa Association pointed out in the announcement: "From today on, overseas Falun Gong practitioners will file civil or criminal lawsuits against all important government or CCP officials who participate in or continue to implement the persecution of Falun Gong and as a result, commit new crimes in addition to those they have already perpetrated against Falun Gong."

    The announcement also stated, "The CCP regime is against heaven's will, and is about to collapse. It is now having difficulty sustaining the persecution. Heaven's final judgment of these evil criminals is imminent. However, one of the purposes of the sacred FA of Falun Gong is to save people, including people in all social statuses. Even for those who have committed wrongdoings, there is still an opportunity for them to abandon the evil path and choose to be good. For all those who have committed crimes against Falun Gong but want now to correct their mistakes, they can submit, under safe circumstances, a guarantee statement or regret letter to Minghui (Clearwisdom Net) or to any regional Falun Dafa Association to be archived. We will not investigate the various crimes of those who are determined to correct their mistakes. However we will continue to monitor their actions."

    Practitioners in Los Angeles expressed that the brutal persecution of millions of innocent Falun Gong practitioners, and the suppression of the principle of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" have exhausted astronomical amounts of money, manpower and material resources in China, have trampled upon the dignity of the law, harmed every Chinese citizen and also tested everyone's conscience. Helping to stop the persecution is the responsibility of everyone, government officials in particular. The practitioners hope that those CCP officials who have committed wrongdoings before will take the opportunity of the announcement being published to stop assisting those who are involved in the persecution, abandon the evil path and choose to be good. Falun Gong practitioners called for the consulate to transmit this announcement to officials inside China, and stop the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners overseas.

    High Resolution Picture
    Representatives of Falun Gong practitioners deliver the Falun Dafa Association Announcement to Chinese Consulate

    After the announcement was read, three representatives of Falun Gong practitioners delivered it to the counter of the consulate. The desk clerk refused to accept the letter, giving various excuses. Practitioners expressed that the delivery of letter is for their own benefit, and hoped that they would take the opportunity to learn about its contents or read the Falun Dafa Association Announcement on the internet. The practitioners left the letter on the counter before leaving. It was also reported that Falun Gong practitioners have faxed the announcement to Chinese consulates in different areas.

    Holland: Anti-Torture Exhibition at City Hall Square in The Hague (Photos)

    ( On October 1, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners from Holland and Belgium held an anti-torture exhibition at City Hall Square in The Hague. They collected petition signatures from people who wanted to express support for Holland's Falun Gong practitioners' lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, who is the prime culprit behind the systematic persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

    Demonstrating the exercises

    Reenactment of torture methods

    People stop and watch

    Gentle sunshine shone down and it was a pleasant autumn day. In the centre of the square were rows of beautiful fountains. In front of the fountains stood Falun Gong practitioners dressed in yellow and demonstrating the five sets of Falun Gong exercises. On their left, two ladies were locked up in a cage and tied onto a torture instrument called a "tiger-bench". On their white clothes were bloodstains and on their faces were scars. Actually, they were simulating methods of torture which are used against Falun Gong practitioners in China's prisons. Behind them was someone dressed as a policeman and waving a baton.

    While passing by the square, people stopped and looked. Simple and clear banners and vivid demonstrations of simulated torture helped people to easily understand the persecution happening in China. Many people immediately asked, "Why?" Practitioners explained: "The reason why the persecution happened is because Jiang Zemin was jealous of Falun Gong's popularity and the evil nature of the CCP cannot stand the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" initiated by Falun Gong." People felt shocked at what they believed to be inconceivable.

    People sign the petition one after another calling for an end to the persecution

    After understanding that signing the petition would help to end the persecution, people signed one after another to express their support. Among them were many foreign tourists. Some said, "Well done!" "I wish you success!" and "Thank you very much!"


    United Kingdom: Introducing Falun Gong and Exposing the Persecution in the City of Cardiff (Photos)

    ( On October 15, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners from the UK held activities at a busy business center in the Welsh Capital, Cardiff, to let people know about Falun Gong and to expose the persecution taking place in China.

    Many people came to the activity site to ask for more information about Falun Gong and the persecution. They also signed the petition prepared by practitioners, calling for an end to the persecution. In addition to giving away a large amount of English-language leaflets, pamphlets and other materials, all the Chinese-language pamphlets that the practitioners brought were also handed out, which indicates that Chinese people outside of China are also awakening and have fewer obstacles in their minds to accepting Falun Gong truth-clarification materials.

    High Resolution Picture
    Passers-by sign to support the appeal against the persecution

    High Resolution Picture
    A practitioner explains the facts about Falun Gong to a passer-by

    High Resolution Picture
    Passers-by sign to support the appeal against the persecution

    High Resolution Picture
    People read the informational leaflets attentively


    France: Clarifying the Truth at Place Gambetta (Photos)

    ( On October 15, 2005, French Falun Gong practitioners held an activity at Place Gambetta, outside the civic centre in Paris's 20th district.

    People sign the petition one by one to oppose the persecution

    People sign the petition one by one to oppose the persecution

    The peaceful music and a demonstration of the five sets of Falun Gong exercises attracted the attention of many passers-by who stopped to watch. The practitioners gave out many flyers describing the practice of Falun Gong and exposing the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) cruel persecution of practitioners. In the six years that this persecution has lasted, how many innocent Falun Gong practitioners have been inhumanely murdered by the CCP just because they do exercises to keep fit and strive to improve their moral character? Their partners were separated from them, their children scattered, their families broken and their friends and relatives forced to suffer. After understanding the truth, many kind-hearted French citizens condemned this heartless suppression.

    Practitioners demonstrate the exercise

    After finding out about the wicked persecution in China, one gentleman immediately signed the petition to oppose the persecution. He said that this suppression is too shocking to hear about. He also said, "I originally planned to take a holiday in China, but now I'm going somewhere else." Indeed, no one would be interested in traveling to a country which violates basic human rights and where good people are being cruelly persecuted.

    Another gentleman was clearly infuriated by the CCP's human rights abuses. He frowned and said, "This persecution is simply too shameful." He expressed his appreciation for the practitioners' activity because only this way can people see through the CCP's lies and no longer be deceived.

    Leaflets tell people about the persecution happening in China

    In actuality, even children know that victimizing good people is definitely wrong. A primary school pupil with his bag on his back said, while signing the petition to call for an end to the persecution: "We all know that in China there have always been all kinds of persecution. We learned that in school!" After signing his name, he lifted his face and said to the practitioners, "But don't you worry, China will become better some day. I like China a lot!"

    Indeed, we all like China. The suppression will eventually end, and justice will reign in the world.


    Denmark: People Learn About Falun Gong at Health Fair in Copenhagen (Photos)

    ( In order to allow more people to learn about Falun Gong, practitioners in Denmark participated in a huge health expo that was held on October 7-9, 2005 in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. They displayed posters at their booth and held two workshops to introduce Falun Gong. During the three-day event, many people had the opportunity to learn about Falun Dafa.

    Falun Gong practitioners' booth

    Many practitioners rescheduled their work in order to take part in these activities. Practitioners from other cities also came to participate. Several western practitioners who had just learned Falun Dafa also took the initiative to participate. Some practitioners meticulously made hundreds of beautiful paper lotus flowers, on which were written the Falun Gong website address and "Falun Gong is good!"

    When people passed by the exhibition stand, they were often attracted by practitioners' exercise demonstration, and they happily accepted Falun Gong leaflets as well as paper lotus flowers. The harmonious energy field left people with a deep impression.

    Practitioners' hand-made paper lotus flower

    Learning about Falun Gong

    Falun Gong is known to a lot of people, and many of them exclaim, "Oh, Falun Gong!" upon seeing the practice.

    More than a month ago, Falun Gong practitioners in Denmark filed a lawsuit with the Prosecutor General against Jia Chunwang on the charge of genocide. Jia, one of the heads of the infamous 610 Office, came to participate in an international conference in Denmark. In this country that respects human rights and freedom of belief and tradition, the lawsuit received popular support. Major media provided positive coverage about the persecution of Falun Gong. Many letters from readers expressed their righteous indignation and condemnation of this persecution.

    People attentively listen to the presentation given at the workshop

    The practitioners also held two workshops during the expo. From the exercises to the persecution, the speakers and audience exchanged views and interacted in a lively way. A lot of people left with smiles and went to purchase a copy of the practice's introductory book, Falun Gong, in the Danish language at once. Some started learning the exercises right away and experienced the profundity of the exercises. More people asked for detailed information in order to learn the exercises in the future.


    Practitioners Exchange Insights and Experiences

    My Thoughts After Reading "The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be"

    ( For some time, daily trivia and qing have caused me to become a little depressed. My Fa-study time was often occupied with other things, and my truth clarification work was postponed again and again. Subconsciously, I felt I had done a lot of Dafa work already and could relax a bit. I began to do less and less, until finally, I stopped doing any Dafa work for a long time.

    Upon reading Teacher's new article "The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be," and grasping the merciful edification of our Teacher, I looked at my own behavior and felt very ashamed. Compared with those diligent practitioners, am I still a cultivator? How many of my thoughts are on Dafa work, compared with ordinary people's issues? Why can I always find excuses for not being diligent? Is it because my faith is lacking, or have I been taken advantage of by the evil? It is so difficult for a person to step out of human notions. We can always find some reason for our negligence. As Teacher pointed out: it is caused by the attachment to the time of Fa rectification and incorrect post-natal concepts, thinking, "now is the final stage of Fa rectification and I can take it easy. I have done a lot of things for Dafa and I feel entitled to a break." Teacher has been telling us that as Dafa disciples during the Fa rectification, it is not enough to disentangle ourselves, we have an important duty. Sentient beings have expectations of us, and are waiting to be saved. Now we have a very good environment to tell people the truth of Dafa, isn't it our duty to save more people? What reason do we have to waste our time in despondency and not step out of human attachment?

    Teacher said in "The Closer to the End, the More Diligent You Should Be,"

    "the cultivators of the past didn't dare to slack off for even a second, and that was when it took an entire lifetime to complete the journey. So how can Dafa disciples--who are to achieve the Attainment Status of a being who is saved by Dafa and who have the most convenient cultivation way--not be even more diligent when they are given this most glorious honor of Fa-validating cultivation in a brief cultivation period that passes in the blink of an eye?"

    Now I understand Teacher's immense grace and I know my direction in the future.

    October 14, 2005

    Some Understandings Gained after Participating in Group Fa Study

    ( After reading the article titled "Resuming Group Fa-study Not to be Overlooked" on October 7, 2005 on (, I compared it with group Fa-study in our area recently. I would like to share some of my understandings after attending group Fa-study. Please correct me if there's anything improper.

    1. We Must Calm Our Minds During Group Fa-study

    Everyone realizes the importance of group Fa-study. However, practitioners all shoulder various tasks related to saving sentient beings. So their thoughts center on saving people. It seems they still have a vague understanding of group Fa-study. Consequently, they cannot quiet their minds during group Fa-study. Some practitioners drink water in the middle and some go to the restroom (corrected after being pointed out). Things like these are often manifestations of not having a calm mind. It doesn't matter how busy we are, we all have to calm our minds to study the Fa. Even if it's only half an hour, as long as we can calm our minds the effect will be good. Therefore, when we have group Fa-study we must calm our minds. It is when we study the Fa well that we are able to save more sentient beings.

    2. We Should Share Our Understandings After Group Fa-study

    I noticed that after group Fa-study practitioners started discussing specifics. For instance, how to rescue and who is supposed to do what, and so on. There was no sharing of people's understanding of the Fa, nor was there sharing on people's understanding related to Fa-validation (including personal cultivation, exposing the persecution and saving sentient beings). Experience sharing is a form Teacher has left for us. Dafa practitioners' cultivation path is meant to be left behind for people in the future.

    In China, the old forces' persecution initially forced us to lose our environment for group Fa-study, and even more so, it created gaps among us Dafa practitioners. This makes it more necessary than ever that we share our understandings when we are together, especially, when it comes to doing the three things well. We should find gaps among and inside ourselves, improve and elevate ourselves together, and form one harmonious and unshakable body. By doing so, we are also completely rejecting the old forces' arrangements and walking the path arranged by Teacher.

    Shouldering the Same Task All Over the World

    ( In order to clarify the truth, we invited an old friend for dinner whom we had not seen for more than ten years. She knew that my husband and I both practice Falun Dafa, so the topic at the dinner table naturally started with Falun Gong.

    Before we started, she told us, "I know the truth. My colleague sitting across from me at work practices Falun Gong as well. He often clarifies the truth to me. I now can log on your websites, and I have withdrawn from the Young Pioneers on the Internet [website set up for helping people withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its organizations]. I truly believe the CCP is a real cult. It persecutes good people who practice Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance, which shows that it promotes falsehood, viciousness and violence! Now, black market, fake brand-name products are all over China, but the government's law protects those cheaters. If a student who cheated in an exam were dismissed, the School Administration would be punished by the law. What kind of justice is this! If everyone follows Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance, ours would be such a nice world!"

    We talked for a long time that evening. We talked about the staged Tiananmen Self-immolation, the wide spread of Falun Dafa in the world, etc. Our friend took a copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the Real Story of Jiang Zemin. She said she would definitely pass the books on to her friends and family after she finished reading them.

    I am so happy for a life that has been saved, and deeply grateful to Master. He taught us patiently, so that we can never stray on our path to save sentient beings. A hundred million fellow practitioners are doing the same sacred task, although we do not know each other most of the time.

    I want to thank our fellow practitioner who clarified the truth to my friend! Let us diligently advance more!

    The People Are Awakening to the Truth

    A Young Girl Starts a New Life After Meeting Falun Gong Practitioners in a Detention Center


    In May 2000, I was illegally imprisoned in the Chenzhou First Detention Center in Hunan Province. One of the inmates there was a small, thin girl about 15 years old. She was always crying and acting peevishly. She refused to work: we were forced to string together colored light bulbs for Christmas decorations. All of the inmates there disliked her. They beat her, cursed her and even forced her to kneel down on broken pieces of light bulbs, causing her knees to bleed , but nothing could make the girl behave better.

    Later on, many other practitioners were imprisoned there. They clarified the truth about Falun Gong and taught the inmates how to be good people by following the principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance. After learning about Dafa, this young girl changed very quickly. When practitioners were doing the exercises, she would try to follow along on the side. She also showed deep regret for all of the mistakes she had made before.

    This girl had lost her natural mother when she was very small. She could not get along with her stepmother, so she left home at the age of 12 and set out to make her own way. She became very wild and learned many bad habits including smoking, drinking, fighting and even using drugs.

    She was in jail this time for selling the infant that she was baby-sitting for a family in Chenzhou to another family in other city, because the seven-month-old baby cried too much and became difficult for the girl to handle. However, after observing the worry and anxiety of the baby's parents, this girl's conscience was moved. She then took the police to help to get the baby back and was detained as a consequence. She had been imprisoned for more than four months and nobody had ever looked into her case.

    On one fine and sunny day, the girl asked a practitioner to teach her to read and write. After a few days of hard work she laboriously wrote a sentence with the words she had learned: "I want to practice Falun Dafa." The practitioners who were present were all moved to tears.

    Before long Tang Xiaohong, the prison guard in charge of the female cells, learned about this and called the girl to her office. "You are not allowed to practice Falun Gong! If you continue I will handcuff you!" For the first time in years, the girl spoke very politely and sincerely, "Officer Tang, you know very well what kind of attitude I used to have and how bad a person I was before. You can see with your own eyes that I am really a different and much better person now. Why don't you let me practice?"

    When the girl was doing the exercises again, Tang Xiaohong and two other guards came and really did put the girl in handcuffs. Tang said, "When you promise not to do the exercises, then you then can ask to have the handcuffs removed." On that day when the girl closed her eyes, she saw Master in his yellow kasaya sitting in the double lotus position, watching her with a smile. She also saw that colorful Faluns were flying around her.

    The girl repeatedly requested to have the handcuffs removed but the guards ignored her. She then went on a hunger strike to protest and to uphold her rights. Everybody in the cell was shocked that this girl, who was so young and had been so cynical, could have so much courage and determination.

    The next day, the girl felt very uncomfortable and vomited a lot of yellow liquid. She told us that Master was even much more uncomfortable because she saw our Master in his yellow kasaya sitting in the double lotus position on both sides of her. (One of Master's law bodies sat on one side and another sat on her other side.) The difference was that Master's body was densely covered by many nails of different sizes. On the third day, she sweated intensely and her heart beat so fast it seemed it would jump out of her body. She saw that there seemed to be fewer nails in Master's body. On the fourth day, she felt very cold, chilled to bone. She was totally exhausted, so we held her tightly. She said in a very weak voice that there were only a few nails left in Master's body. We strongly demanded that the guard unlock the handcuffs from this girl. But Tang Xiaohong was not moved at all.

    On the fifth day, Liu, the chief of the prison, came to visit the girl and told the guards, "Let this girl go immediately. She is very lucky!" (According to the gravity of the crime that this girl had committed, she could have been sentenced to a forced labor camp.) Everybody in the cell was very happy for her. After the girl finished checking out, she came back to say good-bye to us. She asked us not to worry about her because she said she would be steadfast in her cultivation and would be a really good person!

    October 13, 2005

    Garbage Recycler Receives a Flyer, Helps Clarify the Truth


    Garbage Recycler Spreads the Truth

    A Falun Dafa practitioner clarified the truth to a garbage recycler and gave him a flyer. A month later, this recycler returned to the practitioner's home and expressed his gratitude because his hernia was almost cured.

    The garbage recycler, an older man, told a moving story. After he learned the truth about Falun Dafa, he wanted more people to know the truth. He spent 15 yuan to copy 30 flyers to give out to people. The copy shop owner reported him to the police. After several days, the police found him and asked where he had gotten the flyer. He said that he had picked it up somewhere. The police threatened him, but he replied, "I am not afraid."

    Members of a Certain County's 610 Office All Know Falun Dafa Is Good

    One county 610 Office director asked a Falun Dafa practitioner, "You pass out so many truth clarifying materials everyday, how come you never send some to me?"

    Another 610 Office official said, "We who work for the county 610 Office all know that Falun Gong is a good practice and that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people. When higher authorities pressure us, we pretend to do something, but normally no one would commit those wrongdoings that damage our conscience."

    Another female 610 official from the same county said, "When someone else is present, we don't talk about clarifying the truth. But when you and I are alone, you can clarify the truth individually as much as you want."

    Police Officer Who Reported Righteous Colleague Met Retribution

    In December 2004, a practitioner went back to her hometown. A police director told her, "Do you remember that police officer that cursed your Master and reported me to his superiors? He has met with retribution."

    A long time before the practitioner clarified the truth to this police director many times. Because he knew the facts, he once withdrew a poster display slandering Falun Dafa. Another police officer reported him to their superiors. This officer became very sick at the end of last year. He could not talk and was in a vegetative state. His family spent two hundred thousand "yuan" at a hospital in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, but to no avail. He died in July 2005.

    News from China

    Summary of Other Articles and News - October 18, 2005


    Facts of the Persecution

    1. Crimes Committed by the Policeman Li Xiejiang of Jinzhou City

    Police officer Li Xiejiang (male) is 52 years old, and is employed by the 610 Office of the Jinzhou City Police Department. In the past six years, he gave numerous orders to force each city department to hold activities slandering Falun Gong. He has participated in ransacking Falun Dafa practitioners' homes, arresting them, fining them, sending them to forced labor and brainwashing sessions, and sending them to prison. He ignored the law in carrying out the persecution. On August 8, 2002, Li Xiejiang arrested 28 Falun Dafa practitioners, and he and the City 610 Office workers decided each practitioner's family had to pay at least 5,000 yuan before the practitioner is released. Li Xiejiang often beat practitioners brutally or tortured them during interrogations. One day in 2001, he stripped a female Falun Dafa practitioner, cuffed her to a chair, and then shocked her with electric batons all over her body.

    2. Brutal Torture Is Still Happening to Falun Dafa Practitioners in the Harbin Women's Prison

    Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wu Yulan refused to accept brainwashing from the authorities. The prison guards encouraged prisoners to curse her, throw snot on her, pull her hair, beat her, handcuff her, tie her to a cross, and force her to sit on a tiny stool for long periods of time. Ms. Huang Yanzhen is also refusing to cooperate with the evil, and she was often beaten until she was covered with injuries. Ms. Huang has passed out many times as a result of the beatings. She was locked in a small cell with handcuffs, forced to squat on the floor, and not allowed to sleep. Some practitioners have been injected with Chlorpromazine, which caused nervous breakdowns, and some have been tortured to the point where they are reduced to a vegetative state.

    117 People Declare that their Words and Deeds Under Forced Brainwashing are Null and Void
    A Total of 295442 Declarations Have Been Published To Date

    ( A "solemn declaration" is a person's public statement declaring to the world that whatever he or she has done or said under duress or deception that was against Falun Dafa is null and void. Most of these statements have come from Falun Dafa practitioners in China who wished to express regret that, in the face of physical torture and brainwashing, they had signed documents renouncing Dafa and guaranteeing not to practice again. Also, as more and more people in China learn the truth about how they have been deceived and lied to by the Jiang regime, many non-practitioners are also submitting "solemn declarations."

    Here are some examples of the Solemn Declarations:

    Please click here for more Solemn Declarations.

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    Our Mission:
    Pure Heart, Clear Mind is dedicated to displaying the beauty and truth of Falun Gong. By showing its beauty, we hope to let more people learn about the practice and understand what Falun Gong is. We also provide information that exposes the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong in China, and how practitioners are speaking out and taking action in an effort to end it. We are dedicated to producing a show that is both rich in content and enjoyable to watch--one that will help the world better understand and benefit from the principles and exercises of Falun Gong

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    Traditional Chinese Culture

    Respecting A Teacher As A Father


    "A teacher is one who lectures on principles, teaches skills, and dispels confusion." This is the explanation given by Han Yu of the Tang Dynasty. One's life is given by his or her parents. How to live one's life and how to conduct oneself mostly depends on teachers. In Chinese, "teacher" (Shi) and "father" (Fu) are combined into the phrase "master" (Shi Fu). Since ancient times, there has been a saying that goes "He who teaches me for a day, is my father for life." That is to say, one should treat one's teacher with respect and humility.

    In traditional Chinese culture, respect for teachers was emphasized. Divine plaques were set up in a traditional family, which included heaven, earth, king, ancestors and teachers. This also shows how much respect people directed toward teachers.

    The following story is taken from Zizhi Tongjian, an archive of history.

    Wei Zhao was an accomplished scholar in the Eastern Han Dynasty. When he was young, Wei admired Guo Tai and requested to serve Guo by cleaning Guo's rooms and yard. Guo agreed.

    One day, Guo was not feeling well. He ordered Wei to cook some porridge. When it was done, Wei served the porridge to Guo. Guo yelled at him, "When cooking for an elderly person, you didn't show enough respect. I have thus lost my appetite completely." Guo threw the bowl on the ground.

    Wei went back to cook again and tried to served Guo again. However, he was scolded again. This happened three times. Wei never changed his attitude or showed even the slightest displeasure.

    Guo then said, "Before, I knew you only on the surface. Now, I know your heart!"

    September 19, 2005